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I  have a great, sad long-time  experience with political demagogues, dictators, populists who had been injecting huge quantities of madness, social schizophrenia, toxic lies and simple misery in the everyday lives of the authoritarian societies. Just think about the last great one and understand the tsunami of Schadenfreude generated by his punishment I think you all know my rather sadistic meta-paper I handed to Martin Fleischmann at ICCF-2- Como.

Unfortunately there are dangerous demagogues in science too and Cold Fusion LENR was and is one of their preferred targets due to its vulnerability, newness and - what's a radical euphemism to the banned (here) word "anomalous nature? - It is totally unexpected arrival. in a bad place and improper, too early time. Cold Fusion was repeatedly sacrificed on the altar of an idealistic and idealized Nuclear Physics claiming to be a complete, almost finished perfect science. Probably you have observed the many papers given at LENR IN CONTEXT-1 that show there is a plethora of unfinished, open problems in nuclear physics and you could also read here-- for example about the bright ideas of Leonid Urutskoev.  Nuclear Physics is still far from the God-like perfection and sacrificed scientific ideas.

Thanks to many heroic scientists LENR has survived and in 2011 it has appeared an enhanced form of LENR also with a very unexpected history and evolution. In the name of diverse existent and nonexistent ideals it was also attacked all the time so to its pains of growing quite natural, there were added many troubles and problems. However this LENR+ has also survived and an industrial size plant of 1MW   capacity has worked for almost a year continuously.  However just now as you well know the actual results obtained are object of a legal dispute Rossi contra  Industrial Heat.
I wrote a lot about this but now the dispute entered a new stage.
Rossi says the results were excellent COP 50-60, however IH suddenly denies this
and does not want to pay some 89 millions US$.
The present stage while the parts are waiting fir the trial- IH continues a campaign against Rossi and tries to demonstrate that the plant was good for nothing. Very unexpected e.g. after this interview given by Tom Darde IH's CEO after the first report of the ERV in 2015:
Interview with
Darden by Marianne Macy
Here he still does not realized the disastrous results or total lack of them?
As far as I knew the plant was declare unproductive only when Rossi wanted his money and started the trial. But now it is a trend to change this.

The fact is revealed in this thread of discussions at the relatively open Vortex Forum: .

[Vo]:Let's continue to think about passive vs active approach to LENR 's existentil problems


One of our colleagues here who seems to have excellent connection with IH now reveals now says that he knew from them - from months ago- that the !MW plant has never, ever produced a single Watt of excess heat!  He has not said when exactly he got this info, after the 1-st, the 2-nd 3-rd or the final ERV report and it was seemingly a verbal communication- recorded or not. Will there appear a group of similar witnesses , testimonial? What is stated is radical- zero excess heat ll the time!
The 4 reports of the ERV containing - it is said some 12,6000,00 data MUST be ignore therefore the ERV himself is annihilated by a nasty and illogical insult which I will not reproduce- I could not say such things even about my worst enemy. He, the ERV,  was paid by IH. Not everything is permitted even in wartime. I would not bet a farthing on IH's scenario, it lacks plausibility.

Asked how he defends himself against these attacks, Andrea Rossi gives a short answer:
"Making plants and products while they talk"

b)  A short essay on a similar subject by Felix Rends

The story of LENR and ECAT and Andrea Rossi reminds me on Guglielmo Marconi the 'inventor' of long-distance radio transmission.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guglielmo_Marconi

I have set 'inventor' in brackets, because as every important inventor, Marconi was first studying for example the theoretical and experimental work of Heinrich Hertz and others.

As the short history of Marconi's invention at Wikipedia shows, even if it is such an important and disruptive invention like the long-distance radio transmission, the invention itself is worth nothing! 

It needs dozens of other factors, the ability, possibility and freedom of research, a rich family, mental supporters, financial supporters, a good friend, an unexpected helper, a ready market, a catastrophe like the sinking of the Titanic, the personal ability to cope with market rules and so on, and last but not least a lot of luck, to enter the market with a product. 


1) The Dark side of Gravity and LENR 

Frederic Henry-Couannier Universit´e d’Aix-Marseille, 163 Avenue De Luminy 13009 Marseille, France fhenryco@yahoo.fr 

A previous article has paved the way from a dark gravity theory (DG) toward LENR. This article is intended to go beyond the conceptual foundations that will only be briefly summarized and to provide a more technical detailed road map. An important revision of the theory was also made necessary by the recent direct detection of gravitational waves by Ligo. At last, justifications will be given for adopting a slightly modified view of the process that triggers the formation of micro lightning balls, those enigmatic objects being produced in association with (and arguably responsible for) LENR, as we have recently identified the key role being played by a local increase of the density of electrons by various methods including a high luminosity beam (pulse) of electrons on a target. 

Keywords: Anti-gravity, Janus Field, LENR, Negative energies, Time Reversal, Field 

2) The Ultimate Free Energy Technology Cold Fusion Lanr

3) Simple Idea May Explain Cold Fusion and LENR - Simeon Hein

Eventually here are the edited videos of Yuri Bazhutov's demo of the plasma electrolysis device:

Thanks to Sindre Zeiner Gundersen for this interesting paper- from LANL:
Machine learning accelerates the discovery of new materials


  1. You wrote: "One of our colleagues here who seems to have excellent connection with IH now reveals now says that he knew from them - from months ago- that the !MW plant has never, ever produced a single Watt of excess heat!"

    Again you have distorted the facts. I did not say anything like that. I said that during the test, experts from I.H. and elsewhere told me they were not happy with the calorimetry. I said -- repeatedly, very clearly -- that I was hoping the problems would be fixed and that I.H. and Rossi would agree on the results. I was hoping for a positive final report. That is why I agreed to take part in Mats Lewan's symposium, which was predicated on a positive report.

    Unfortunately, as you see in the I.H. March 10 press release, they did not reach agreement:


    Then, in the I.H. response to the lawsuit, I.H. said:

    "Industrial Heat has worked for over three years to substantiate the results claimed by Mr. Rossi from the E-Cat technology – all without success."

    They told that means the 1 MW reactor does not produce excess heat. They disagree with Rossi's conclusions. They think his calorimetry is invalid. I was not aware of this conclusion until this press release was published. I had only heard there were disagreements.

    I know a great deal about both Rossi's work and I.H.'s work. Based on what I know, in my opinion it likely that I.H. is correct and Rossi is wrong. That is all there is to it.

    This is a technical dispute. It has nothing to do with politics or money. If the reactor worked as claimed, I am sure I.H. would be happy to pay for it. As things now stand, if they do not pay, they will not get any intellectual property. Why would they throw away an $11 million investment if they thought the reactor works? That makes no sense.

    You need to wait and read I.H.'s response to the lawsuit before you take sides. Your speculation about politics and I.H.'s motivations are unfounded nonsense. You know nothing about the technical details of the calorimetry or why I.H. does not agree with Rossi's analysis. Until you have a chance to review the technical data, you cannot know what is going on here and you have no reason to think Rossi is right and I.H. is wrong.

    1. Jed,
      The problem I have with IH is that they had 3 years to sort out 1st their purchase of a 1MW plant, then the test using a device it is understood they produced, then the agreement for a one year test.

      It is their poor handling of their 3+ year interaction with Andrea Rossi that IMHO justifiably raises questions as to their motives.

      IH opened the door for the current 'mess'. Beyond what we outsiders see, I have always had good reason to believe they were typical 'gung ho' VCs. IMHP, they have a real value proposition in add to the emergence of LENR, *as long as* a concurrent goal is not to tie up LENR by harvesting patents (always an ugly possibility that can't be swept under the carpet).

      Doug Marker

    2. Question... Has JR seen the ERV report, or is he just a 'pipe' that conducts the IH message?

  2. Jeb
    Thanks for a good common
    sense comment.

  3. When a test is designed, a test paln is generated that defines what the test is going to do and how it is going to do it in detail. Both parties look at the test plan and sign off on that plan.

    This I.H. test plan should had the test procedures defined in detail which included how energy production was to be determined.

    If the test plan was not implemented as documented at the start of the test, any party that has exceptions to the details of the implementation should have resolved that exception before the test was performed.

    It sounds crazy to me... that standard testing signoff procedures were not followed in this case. I have written test plans and managed tests where each step of the test was signed off one excruciating detail at a time. If I.H. did not agree with the test procedure, the test should have been terminated on the first day and redone to the satisfaction of I.H. and restarted.

    This situation comes out of La La land and violates the well established processes of conducting a contractual based test.

    1. Jed,
      While you may well be correct in your opinion, based on your private interactions with IH, that IH is right and Rossi is wrong, I don't understand how you can insist that others may not have the opposite opinion based on their interactions with Rossi, Levi, analysis of the Lugano report etc. at least until they have had a chance to review the ERV report. Also a phrase like "They think his calorimetry is invalid" is strange since it wasn't his calorimetry IH is contesting but rather the calorimetry of the ERV. Referring to it as "his calorimetry" reeks of bias. Furthermore, it's hard to believe that the ERV could make an error by a factor of the order of 50, or even 6! It is for these reasons (among many others which have already been mentioned) that people are suspicious of the claims of IH.

    2. Look who talks about la la land. The master of alternative realities Himself.

  4. How on earth did a Japanese language and literature specialist become IH's go-to guy when it comes to calorimetry??

    Perhaps because,

    "Rothwell spent a few months doing calorimetry, mainly with Mallove and later with Mizuno."

    A few months? big WOW.

    1. And we all know what happened to Mizuno's calorimetry results, don't we?

  5. OUCH!


  6. Question... Has JR seen the ERV report, or is he just a 'pipe' that conducts the IH message?

  7. Axil
    It makes them loo Amateurish.

  8. We must forgive Peter. We is tired and he has a dream.

  9. in regards to daily news item #3...interesting that the "vortex" phenomena is getting some attention. kind of analagous to the cavitation transmutation effects noted by Jeff LeClair--I wonder if anyone has tested any cavitation-damaged materials (such as stainless boiler tubes) for radiation? the steel is so thick on the tubes it would most likely absorb at least part of any emissions. (???)

    1. Mark LeClair, not Jeff--sorry.