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When money speaks, the truth is silent. (Russian Proverb)

Determining truth does not just depend on what questions we ask, but on what answers we choose to listen to. (Unknown) received from Doug Marker


a) Two statements by Vladimir Vysotskii
First about Ukrainian Academy "embracing" LENR see please paper 5) at News

" I may inform you somewhat more in detail about this financing. The sum is not great
(100.000 gryvnias, 40000 US$) given by the Ukrainian Academy to academician Zelinski  (manager of the Physical-Technical Institute from Harkov) to create a stand (lab) for his own researches that do not belong to the now fashionable line of reactions Ni+p. Li+p. The money will suffice for building some relatively simple setups, the money is not for the salary of the two workers in this research- only for materials and mechanical working,
The amount of money is very small but this IS A GOOD SIGN!

Second statement the opinion of VLADIMIR VYSOTSKII  about  ANDREA ROSSI

I take this opportunity to express my opinion regarding the "bullying" of A. Rossi  that happens now in a targeted mode in the press and on the social Web forums.
I do not agree with such critics, on the contrary I consider that Rossi has done much for the LENR community (possibly not less than F&P) His main merit is that he has demonstrated that LENR can be a very effective source of great power  and that this is attained with simple methods.
He took the brunt from the oil-gas monopolies and gave a very great impulse, boost to LENR. Going far back in time, he can be compared with the ancient hero Prometheus.
In my lectures to students I say jokingly that even if now Rossi has no high COP and he has deceived us all this will not have any effect on the research of this process worldwide.  "The genie is out of his bottle" and will live his life, independently of Rossi. The process got a very great momentum and has involved many highly qualified scientists and this wouldn't happen without Rossi. Yes, it is possible he is not a very pleasant character according to his colleagues) but this has nothing to do with this issue. We must be grateful to him not criticizing him at every corner. Beyond any doubt he will enter history.
Further everybody can demonstrate his/her skills and understanding of the problem.  
In this race will win who better understands the effect's that take place. The stubborn repetition of experiments with burned  tubes is not the best method of research.
 But people do not want to think. A solution is quite simple, and I hope to show it, if we can go to perform  the experiments.

A life lesson my first meeting with corruption

I am thinking much about corruption these days and therefore I dare to remind you this personal story- it is for my newer and younger readers

In 1946 when I was in the third grade at the school, we had a teacher Mme Cristea who was, mildly speaking a sadist monster- she has incessantly punished us, calling us idiots and mentally retarded imbeciles and beating us or giving slaps. The times were confusing the communists were still building their dictatorship, killings peaked in 50-ies, and the bad things from the former fascist regime still living so Mme Cristea could do what she wanted. An old Romanian saying is “Beating is torn from the Heaven”; Google says the equivalent in English is:  “Spare the rod and spoil the child.” Children’s rights were not invented and 9 years old boys raised during the terror of war were very vulnerable and defenseless. I was scared and hated school. I wept and complained a lot; one morning when in way to school I have vomited on the street due to fear, my father told that he will speak with the teacher. And he really did. After this discussion the things have improved and even if I still was called with ugly names, however the teacher had not beaten me more, I was contented
One evening I told my Mom: “Dad is speaking so fine, so persuasive, he has convinced Mme Cristea to not beat me more and she ceased to torment me.”
Mom has smiled put down the Thomas Mann book she was just reading and then told me:

“Peter, listen to me very carefully! I know well you will be selfish,
arrogant, rude, you will waste your time, you are an inborn dictator, lazy and unable to deep feelings, you will lie shamelessly and will make many compromises, you will be a womanizer and you will eat and drink too much, you are a collection of coming sins. However please abstain from the greatest the most dangerous flaw, the worst DO NOT BE STUPID! Try as hard as you can, desperately, learn all the time how to avoid that personal disaster, you are my dear son and the First Commandment for you should be: DO NOT BE STUPID! I can forgive you everything else, but stupidity not! Stupidity is useless and harmful and converts you in a joke.

And now a first lesson, Dad has not convinced Mme Cristea to spare you, he gave money to her. That is called corruption and learn this word because you will meet corruption all time and everywhere and you are very stupid if you don’t realize this!”

Basic Rule for dictators both corruption and terror must be totally unpredictible

Not only for dictators, there are many kinds of oppressors the sine qua non condition is to remain absolutely unpredictable, corrupt or terrorize without any system, randomly; nobody should be able to detect any cause effect relationship in the bad deeds.

One commenter has dared to call Jed Rothwell a "dung beetle" very unpolite! I will not allow the use of such words and I will censor such ugly words. Even if I strongly disagree with Jed in many LENR things, I respect his activity and I well know he is expressing his own ideas- he is not corruptible- financially certainly not. He uses some offensive words too but this is because he belongs to a culture where freedom of expression is the highest value and his language is not constrained as say the German/Russian respect too/fear of authority,and rules or as the French esprit manifest in the "Nose" monologue from Cyrano de Bergerac. Words as idiot, moron, retarded have to be taken more metaphorically.
My guess is that there are some differences even in the great US, a citizen of Boston is more restrained verbally than one of Atlanta. But it's only a guess, so I apologize if not true...
But the essence is CENSORSHIP for such words as dung beetle! Understood?


1) #LENR #ECAT Saga: Jed Rothwell Showing Infinite Lack of Judgment Skill!

3) Breaking News – Andrea Rossi’s Newest Version of the “Rossi Effect” is called the E-PET

4) Updated list of E-Cat sites:

5) See please Vladimir Vysotskii's explanation at NOTES!
The Ukrainian Academy accepts officially Nuclear Cold Fusion and gives money for 


7) DISCUSSION: Why does IH refuse to publish the ERV report?

8) More about the International Conference SpacePropulison 2016 where Russian specialists in aviation have presented a LENR paper 

9) From Andrea Rossi's blog:

Oystein Lande
May 15, 2016 at 3:17 AM

Dear mr. Rossi,

what size of HVAC system did you use to keep the working conditions cool inside the 1MW container?

I assume a few percent of the 1MW was lost as heat inside the container, which you would need to remove.

Andrea Rossi
May 15, 2016 at 10:15 PM

Oystein Lande:
Inside the computer container we had a 3 kW air conditioner. Keeping the doors closed we could work well ( the computer container is m. 9 x 2.5 x 2.5 ).
Of course some heat was lost inside the factory, but the ceiling of the factory had many air exhausts and the warm air, being lighter, goes toward the ceiling and the factory has a good height.
Warm Regards,

10) Mats Lewan Meets Rossi in Sweden, Rossi Bidding on Factory For QuarkX Production
Rossi makes offer on Swedish factory building – plus more updates


  1. Dear Peter,

    my full respect to your mother, that she gave you this valuable lesson! I would like to add one thing:

    "In this world there are only two kinds of people -. Intelligent people without religion and religious people without intelligence"

    Abu'l-Ala-al-Ma'arri (973 - 1057), Arab poets and writers

    In modern times you additional should teach your children that religion today is not inevitably connected to a spiritual god or traditional religion, that kind of religion still exist, but today we have additional 'substitute-religions' like world-destroying consumption, inhuman political ideologies, deadlocked economic systems and last but not least wrongheaded science in the ivory tower, and because of good educational standards it is not that easy to find out if you deal with an intelligent scientist or an insane inmate of an ivory tower.

    Best regards
    Felix Rends

    1. Dear Felix,

      PLEASE excuse me for the delay- writing EGO OUT is incredibly time consuming and i see not well.
      I want to discusssthis and other problems with you in private
      please write to

      thank you,

    2. Dear Peter,

      sorry cant see your contact information no email address visible.

      Best regards

    3. HERE IT IS:

      the simplest gmail adress possible I was the first to have an acccount on Google from all the gpeter gluck's possible


    4. HERE IT IS:

      the simplest gmail adress possible I was the first to have an acccount on Google from all the gpeter gluck's possible


  2. On Mats Lewan's blog he states that 400 m^2 was used for the 1 MW plant, while in Rossi's reply to Oystein Lande, he states that 9 m x 2.5 m (or 30 ft x 8.3 ft) was used for the "computer container". What is the "computer container"? Does he mean the shipping container? If so, it sounds like the entire 1 MW plant was in an area the size of a shipping container or 22.5 m^2. Without exceptionally good thermal transfer efficiency I expect that this would cause severe heating problems. What was going on in the rest of the 400 m^2 area? Was this the sleeping,living, eating quarters?

  3. A note about business, blogging and the lawsuit.
    For some reason, many think that "Rossi says" = "literal truth".

    I personally have not discovered an out and out lie from Rossi... but... I have seen MANY statements that were not literally true either. More often, a Rossi statement of "Yes" would turn into a complete proven product, ready for market and certified as described by some posters!
    For instance, I have over the years read where Rossi stated that he had "robotized" factories that were a "magnificanze". Yet, Lewan now reports that Rossi is only in the early stages of purchasing a building. Was the previous statement false? I do not know, but most likely it was not literally true.
    One thing I can say is that since 2011, I have come to expect to be VERY disappointed with anything "Rossi". Customers are always secret, never to be revealed. Tests are always poor at best and horrid at worst. Testers are not truly independent or they never engage in supporting their results. Certifications are meaningless and not commercially pertinent. Partnerships fail and the most recent ends in legal battle. Remember Seimens, National Lab, Nasa, etc. They ALL seemed to have walked away for some reason.
    My point is that I fully to be very disappointed with Rossi again when both sides of this lawsuit are known, IF they are known. My expectations are that Rossi will settle out of court, with strong NDA's in place as is everything with Rossi. 5 years since 2011 and we really have NO MORE proof than we did when we saw some steam trickle out of a rubber hose. All we have, even now with Mats Lewan interview, is "Rossi says". It is what we always have had, nothing more. Unfortunately. I hope I am wrong on this! :(

  4. I also meant to post above.. just because IH does not daily blog to perhaps 50 - 100 people on a couple of blog sites, does not have ANY bearing on their:
    1) Competence in business
    2) Competence in legal matters
    3) Competence in science / engineering matters

    It actually is the practice that MOST professional organizations take. They do not owe any of us any explanations, validations or even responses. So because they do not blog, does not mean they are guilty, stupid or incompetent. I imagine what it indicates is that they leave the communications to the lawyers and PR professionals. No "snakes" or "puppets" from them! :)

    I personally think Rossi's continual posting does more harm to his credibility than good. But that is just me.

    I post as "Anonymous" but my real name is Bob. I have no stake in this matter other than I REALLY want Rossi to be successful. I was extremely hopeful when IH came on the scene as it appeared Rossi might be a great inventory, it was evident he had terrible business acumen. IH gave Rossi a LOT of credibility. That has taken a serious hit. Darden / IH had a LOT of credibility before while Rossi had almost zero. Where will the credibility be when this all I would have to place my bet on Darden.

  5. @ Bob

    You are right, statements like that in an Inteview made in October 2015:

    "AR: Assuming all goes well, we have, as I said, circa 3 billion U.S. dollars worth of pre-orders. Obviously we have have not accepted a single cent so far. The roughly 600,000 pre-orders we have received will be turned into real orders only when the plants are ready for delivery and the customers confirm acceptance of the proposals we provide at that point. So we are already organizing the manufacture of these systems."

    do not fit with statements made here:

    "During summer 2015, IH offered Rossi to back out from the test and cancel it, with a significant sum of money as compensation. Rossi’s counter offer was to give back the already paid 11.5M and cancel the license agreement, but IH didn’t accept."

    But if there is such an interview and Rossi is already aware that IH tries to 'steal' his IP, then what should he answer in this Interview "Oh, I have big problems with my investors, they try to boat me out and steal my intellectual property"?

    Of course he is forced to play the role and exactly this is from my point of view the main obstacle for the industrial development of the Ecat.

    Rossi needs Partners he can fully trust in, I personally think (and it is more a gut feeling and I had written it already in the LENR-Forum) that Rossi not only has expertise's in his field, but he is basically a honorable man, that is due to the circumstances forced to swim in the shark tank, where he is actually not familiar with, but is able to survive, because he is sufficiently intelligent and definitely much more intelligent than the sharks. But it does not help him with his product development, because the only thing he can do is to hit the sharks and to leave the pool without a positive result.

    But someone needs to stay in the shark tank, because and unfortunately without the sharks no Ecat products. So that what Rossi needs is someone who is honorable like himself, figuratively 'speaks his language', is originally at home in Rossi world, but additionally is like Crocodile Dundee in the shark tank, can naturally and freely move there and beyond, is smart enough to control the sharks and accurately knows what they think, how they react and what they need to be satisfied.

    The sharks in our business system play an important role in the value chain, that is a real pity, but fact. You have to deal with it if you want to be successful in terms of business. (can be changed, but only in the far future and is another more philosophical topic)

    Only when Rossi find such a partner, or partners, and really trust in them and if they are worth the trust and proofed to be 100% loyal and honest and the Ecat really works as described in the indictment, then the Ecat rapidly will be the most valuable product in the world. But for this Rossi have to let go and I doubt that he can do it at the moment and I give him right, that he should not do it in his recent business environment, or better the shark tank!

    1. Felix,

      These points are to me the relevant ones ...

      - Andrea Rossi has a bad track record in partnerships. I can name at least 5 major ones since 2010 that all turned very sour. But all that tells me is he is challenging to partner with.

      - Business is a dog-eat-dog environment and yes it is very well known that valuable inventions get fought over like a rare and meaty bone. The inventor is often peripheral damage in the fight for control of a great new invention.

      - LENR should it emerge rapidly will be a highly disruptive technology. Perhaps one of the most significant in our recent, or even long past, history. For this reason alone there will be controversy around it. (Is it real ?, what is the science ?, how can we block it ?, how can we control it ?, how can we make the greatest money from it ?, can we gain power (political) from it ?, etc, etc )

      - However the bottom line today is "Does Andrea Rossi have a working LENR process ?". That is what intrigues almost all of us no matter side of the debates we claim to be on and in. If he doesn't he sure has managed to tip us all on our heads for a very long time.

      Cheers Doug Marker

  6. Dear Doug Marker

    "However the bottom line today is "Does Andrea Rossi have a working LENR process ?""

    Yes you are right, this is at the moment the most important questions, but the good thing is that the trial at the district court will bring us the answer soon. There is no way around to publish the results of the test made bei Fabio Penon, the ERV-Report is for both sides and the whole case the main and decisive evidence!

    And this is what makes me optimistic that COP>50 is true, because Rossi is far to smart to file a lawsuit where the main evidence would refute his own statement and I see no change for IH to get out of this, because as we heard today from Mats Lewan, Rossi already refused to accepted money and Rossi was ready to pay back the 11,5 Million $US to get out of the contract with IH, and if this is all true (all still just unproved statements), but if it is true (what I think is more likely then the opposite) then Rossi will win the case, but that does not help him to commercialize the ecat technology, because the court ruling will (my prognoses) free him from the license agreement and gives him a high compensation, that unfortunately will not be adequate enough to start his own industry in the necessary scale.

    A court prove that the Ecat is working LENR technology on an industrial scale would of course be an perfect argument for negotiations with new partners, but those will of course arrive with a brigade of lawyers.

    And highly disruptive technology is the other point, I can not believe, that the existing energy industry will sit and wait for their Armageddon, they have to act and as this PDF that is circulating suggests, have three of them in the US and also in the UK the with IH as vehicle already tried to block or control the Ecat-Technology by all means.

    It is a kind of a tragedy, but at least it's not boring

    Best regards

    1. Felix,
      We have no confirming evidence of any offer by Rossi or refusal by IH. Again, only "Rossi says". Rossi also said he would have a QuarkX at a customer by April. He missed that as well. This is the problem, we have nothing but Rossi says and I believe we have to be very cautious on how we interpet what he states.

      Also, the lawsuit very likely will not reveal anything. IH does not care what the few of us on these blog sites think. Rossi may well have gambled on the reverse logic, knowing that he would be publicly exposed, he files a lawsuit. To make a clean and easy break, he now settles out of court with IH, giving back some of the 10 million. BUT ONLY with complete NDA's in place, thus preventing any test results from being published or any proof being released one way or the other.

      It is only speculation and no more far out of logic than many proposed ideas about the lawsuit. IH is embarrassed by not seeing and dealing with issues early on. Settled out of court, NDA's in place, no information released. Both sides "Save face" and we wind up knowing nothing. Not if the eCat works, not if Rossi got his money, not if IH got the money back.

      Who knows? As with everything concerning Rossi, NDA's and "Who knows!"

    2. Dear Bob,

      from my point of view, both sides react unprofessional, but for different reasons, Rossi due to self-induced lack of alternatives in the full knowledge that it could be much better and on the side of IH a whole pack, driven by a very dangerous mixture of lower motives consisting of greed, arroganz and the fear of loss.

      IH has, as I have said before, in my view already lost and is burned, because no matter what comes at the court hearing, they have shown with their arrogant, uncoordinated and dishonest behavior which brainchild they really are, where that is not the most disgusting case, such behavior is in the circles of IH practically required and expected, but they get caught because of unprofessionalism and had to drop their masks and that is a mistake of these circles with is punished with exclusion, with such individuals no one wants be associated.

      Best regards

  7. It is possible Rossi is not a very pleasant character according to his colleagues)

    Rossi seems like a pleasent person but
    with a short fuse if things are getting on
    his nerves

  8. The bankruptcy strategy seems to be a tried and true way that successful money management makes money today among the moneyed elite bean counters.

    It is a form of pump and dump but instead of stock, the attraction is IP, businesses, or real estate.

    A front company is used to acquirer an attractive property to attract a large amount of capital.

    The front company is then bankrupted after the capital has been redirected to the holding company.

    D. Trump has used bankruptcy and casinos to divert capital to his parent company.

    Mit Romney and his money management fund suched the lifeblood from an acquired company then placed the hulk of the company into bankruptcy.

    And according to Matts a similar capital skimming strategy is being used in the LENR marketplace: "IH/Cherokee, as has been suggested, has a track record of putting up companies based on emerging technologies or remediation projects, collecting public and private funding (or also this link), making the funds disappear and then closing down the companies with reasonable explanations for unsuccessful development of the technology or of the project."

    There is a ton of money in the environmental sector that can be skimmed and corporate vultures are springing up to take full advantage.

  9. Peter, yoyu say you are censoring the words "dung beetle"
    but then you use them twice {:].

    Where is the paper by Mats Lewan? I only saw a news item
    under no. 10.


  10. I'm not following the popular vison on that affair. I analyse the motives.

    IH if E-cat is working and if they have the technology as said in the contract with LC, would gain much more than 1Bn$.
    Not paying 89Mn$ is stupid, and with a working technology, borowing the money is trivial, even as love money from rich friends. the theory IH is shor of cash is stupid. People are short of cash only when their business model does not convince.

    Assuming Rossi is right in his claim(and thus transfered the technology, making it work for IH) by not paying IH not only lose 1Bn$ of benefits, but lose all hope to have a good relationship with Rossi.

    You don't break a partnership, dump a business plan without a good reason.

    now things are so clear I have to take my sunglases.
    Useful also for people not to see my tears, tears of rage.

    Anyway, I hope more rational people will do the job, with another technology.

    PS: to be clear I have no idea (I have contradicting rumors) if E-cat work, but I am convinced the IP is not transfered to IH, thus the contract is broken.

  11. Dear Alain,

    "now things are so clear I have to take my sunglases.
    Useful also for people not to see my tears, tears of rage."

    Are you not a little bit overreacting? Your own personal effort for the LENR Field and the LENR Community is without any doubt outstanding and you are deeply involved emotionally, but why you are in rage? If you objectively analyze the situation then nothing has happend at all, what you see are the normal birth pangs that every big invention have had in the past.

    As you can see in the LENR-Forum there is a some chaos and it is nearly impossible to discuss topics on a rational manner, but this will end soon, because those who like to produce chaos are easily bored and do not have staying power and remember as we started the old forum over 4 years ago 18-02-2012 with 12 members (Apostels? just jocking ;), some were wondering if there would be any discussion at all in the future and I have predicted that will be major LENR discussion platform in the future and today their are 1,654 Members, including Nobel price winners, who have written 19,078 Posts and nearly all who have expertise in the LENR field are writing their, and this is not at least because of your work.

    So please heads up and try to stay above the things.

    Best regards

    1. Ok, you are right.
      I am both sad an happy , depending on what I focus on.
      From public data, after DGT catastrophe, IH catastrope make me furious.

      From other data, I know we have won. Someone, but who, will do the job. The money will came. Is it today, decided in a secret meeting between people who count on this planet, or in 6 month between small business bosses in a pizzeria in Milano ?
      I only have some hints.

      You have seen my position move with the data, on DGT, on rossi, on Parkhomov, on Songsheng... I am reacting to data, not only scientific (few have that level of quality), but also human, business...

      I trusted Rossi-says more than usual when it seemed backed by IH... today I have reevaluated all... total failure is hard to swallow, but restarting from the beginning of the story, a picture start to be clear.

      anyway we don't have all the data.
      I remember DGT story, when I trusted them based on their wide shareholder basis (which finally was only 1, who bought all shares), on incomplete reports (later I found it could be more complete but this was rejected, not so differently from what Rossi have rejected himself)...

      whar remaisn solid is the wide collection of observation of LENR behaviors, not individually (as skeptics love to do, as horace vs curiace, you can reject any experiment individually, even good one), but a a collective and coherent body of evidence.

      People who think about investing into LENR today, look at IH and LC with the same disdain as fashion journalist looking at top model cat-fighting on stage.

      But even if there is some clownery, or some greedy stupidity, behind that story, they have been sensibilized to the reality of the said science. Maybe they will be ready for hard work, many years, but they know the fairy tale of wikipedia and APS is not a reality.

    2. Alain,
      I don't understand why you are so certain that Rossi has no valid IP, even if (a) it was not fully transferred to IH or (b) IH for its own reasons may be unfairly discounting Rossi's technology. While it is certainly possible that this is the case (e.g his IP is not valid or does not work) there are other indications (Focardi, 2013 test, other tests, forthcoming Quark X, lawsuit against IH) that this technology is indeed valid. Certainly, Rossi's contract with IH was very strongly weighted against the inventor in terms of IP and distribution rights. I think that we still need to wait 3-6 months to see what will happen. Also, during this time other work may appear.

    3. I don't say he have no valid IP.
      I say that IH behavior show they have no sufficient E-cat IP...

      Either Rossi have nothing, or at least not enough to be valuable for IH given what he said in public (E-cat X, SSM, COP 50).

      Or Rossi have good IP, and keep it has his precious secret.