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Gapingvoid today:

 Leadership is the art of creating greatness in other people.

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We have the privilege to know, to understand, to folllow the continuously accelerating - but yet not spectacular ascent of LENR toward its natural and man-made greatness. It is not more the ugly duckling lacking genes of a Swan as it was considered so fast after its birth in 1989- it looks as It just started and has a huge potential of development, of becoming the leading energy source of the near future. And, as Andrea Rossi puts it: "The search of an usable energy from the nucleus fields and not from the electrons fields is comparable to the discovery of fire; it is worth any sacrifice" Especially because it is the first "human way" eco-friendly without the risks of fission and the worth-than-hellish conditions and parameters of Hot fusion.
Greatness of LENR is a multi-faceted issue. 
If we take the third image quotation of the Motto- the real measure of greatness not success attained but the size of obstacles overcome, removed, defeated...and this is in "favor" of our field. It has to be accepted that both successes and errors contribute to greatness- fine!
There are so many measures of the greatness of LENR when you own the insight of its Big picture: vastness, extent, complexity, diversity, otherness, strangeness, dynamics, ability to change and to generate surprises, inherent creativity

Greatness attract enemies like honey attracts flies. There destroyers (see please papers 2) and 4) below- and others who use erosion to diminish LENR's greatness- they are just...rodents.
History will demonstrate that these possess antonyms of greatness- as 
unimportance, insignificance
LENR's growth and development are unstoppable


1) Now  in English, from Uwe Doms- a high class paper
The big picture – The LENR Revolution and Peter Gluck’s Elephant
Why is the LENR revolution more important than the Internet?

2) Underestimating the Evilness of IH & Apco? Are They Planning to Do the F&P 89 Again?

3) An interesting question discussion:
Why met Rossi with the Lugano professors in Sweden?

4) How to Avoid a 1989 Cold Fusion Repeat in 2016

5) Coild fusion, Rossi's generator, LENR, CANR, E-Cat nuclear reactions of the phagocytic type. By Dmitryi Chukichev:

What a fine bisociation- I have to watch this after launching the daily isue!


Regarding the statement:

“The behavior is consistent with creation of nano-cracks, as I have been advocating. This conclusion suggests a single universal NAE is operating in all materials and it supports the same universal mechanism to cause fusion and transmutation. Once this basic conclusion is adopted, a search for methods to improve the amount of this kind of NAE and for better materials becomes possible.” 

We need to read the LUGANO report in great detail to understand that the nickel was melted. Rossi understood that the Lugano reactor got so hot that most if not all the nickel inside its core melted. This observation came about because Rossi picked that melted particle out from the side of the reactor core as described by Dr. Cook. It was the only piece of nickel that he could conveniently free and; subsequently led to a low submission of core ash for analysis. Rossi was surprised by this result but as it is in his way, this observation was used to develop a very high temperature reactor where all nickel is in a liquid state, the Quark. 

Rossi took this new understanding of how the LENR reaction could continue even if nickel was in a melted state into the next design of the quark reactor which runs at very high temperatures beyond the melting point of nickel.

There are other states of matter besides cracks that support the LENR reaction as its operating temperature increases into the vapor stage; those theorists who are fixated on this crack paradigm are stuck in a less meaningful past of LENR evolution. Attention should be drawn into the formation of nanoparticles and how these forms of matter exist when temperatures increase beyond the melting point of the original reactor materials.


The one great disadvantage of the "wet" system is it inability to support COP amplification, One of Rossi's great accomplishments is his discovery of how to amplify the COP of a cluster of reactors using the so called cat/mouse setup. IMHO, this can not be done in a wet system. In a dry system, such a method can be done as EM356 is exploring currently. Without COP amplification, the wet system is non competitive. 


Reality check on reproducibility
A survey of Nature readers revealed a high level of concern about the problem of irreproducible results. Researchers, funders and journals need to work together to make research more reliable
1,500 scientists lift the lid on reproducibility

I like the term Achilles Wheel and I regret that the author is unable to get the otherness of LENR
The Achilles Wheel of the Mars Curiosity Rover (Synopsis)


The Dead Fish Theory Of Problem-Solving

" the dead fish principle — the place where the problem manifests itself is not usually where the problem was created."


  1. Peter
    It is amazing how they are discovering
    new planets.

    I wonder when a friendly civilization finds us
    what will they say about LENR.
    We were the same we didn't think we
    could make it work but one of our prisoners
    studied it in prison and when he got out
    experimented and made a device that works.


  2. Peter
    Interesting comment from Mats Lewan on
    Ecat world regarding Fulvio Fabiani.
    He didn't tell me many new things, and what he told me I cannot report yet. However, there's nothing in what he says that changes what he told me in the interview. He's not backing off.
    He is not working for Rossi, neither for IH. As far as I understand he will not work for any of them in the near future.