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Larry Forsley in a message of yesterday, remembers:
PdD and electrolysis, doors to labs, Andrea Rossi to a workshop of an inventor, Martin Fleischmann and I discussed this once at his home in Tisbury, UK.  Martin agreed that "that door" was but one of many, and the most accessible to he and Stan Pons.  When I queried him about co-deposition of Pd and D vs bulk, he said that he and Stan Pons had discussed it, and thought it too hard.  Regrettably, the opposite was true.


I have to confess that this information made me really happy; I have a very deep respect and I am indebted indeed to the Founding Fathers of LENR/Cold Fusion.And I am forced to think that they gave us a great dream but a sub-optimal variant of LENR - they have opened a way but other better ways have to be found. I made a hypothesis - Stanley Pons has went in voluntary exile because he was no more convinced that the system he co-discovered cannot progress more and has no future- -
obviously a heretic idea, verifiable in principle despite the restricted access to the author, but possibly never formulated with total clarity beyond awfully difficult experimentally in a poisoned environment.
But now it is obvious that Fleischmann knew that there are many alternatives to their cell. And indeed even in the first weeks after the announcement of Cold Fusion new doors were opened. I will not look in my notes or to other sources- my memory has noticed the first as being the doors of Francesco Scaramuzzi and of Mahadeva Srinivasan- both using titanium plus deuterium. Actually the door toward the system which seems today the first to go commercial- NiH dry  was opened on August `6, 1989 by Francesco Piantelli but it became known only later.

Take a look here and see that DOOR is a powerful rich symbol:

There are many doors and more LENR doors will come. Till recently they all had an inscription; "Come in and see!" Inside were laboratories.
Then, in 2011 Andrea Rossi has opened a new kind of door. It had the inscription: "Come in and do!" and the most visible item inside was an engineering workshop.
Doors to discoveries, now a door to inventions. More...


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Life without design
Constructor theory is a new vision of physics, but it helps to answer a very old question: why is life possible at all? by Chiara Marletto


  1. Peter
    Stanley Pons might have gone into exile
    because he like so many people did not
    like being in the SPOT LIGHT.

  2. Peter, with a friend like you, LENR doesn't need enemies. Your constant ludicrous bitching about how horrible "wet" PdD is and not so thinly veiled criticisms of those who choose to continue to work with that system is doing more damage than Mary Yugo. Add this to the recent garbage about "cults". There are only TWO cults that matter....those trying to stifle LENR and those trying to develop it.

    Stick with reporting news (which you do seem to do a good job of) and quit "philosophizing" (which you do very poorly and are in fact doing more harm than good to the cause you supposedly are in favor of).

  3. Peter
    Can you tell me what is "wet"PdD.

    1. Dear Sam,

      a ssytem of lENR where the metal in contact with hydrogen is immersed in water (wet) as the F&P electrolysis cell.
      Water is dirty, full of solved gases- from air and is liquid only for temperature under 100C so the wet cell cannot work higher.

  4. Hi Peter Gluck ,
    This is my first visit of your blog, I Like your post really, May you please tell me about the LENR , What is LENR ?
    Regard : Kamal Awan

    1. Dear Kamal,
      a very ecologically friendly new source of energy- loe rnrgy nuclear reactions- in full drvrlopmrnt and still with problems. But hopeful.
      Original name Cold Fusion.

      best wishes,