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Human intelligence is a pyrogenic product. Please read the 

Catching Fire: How Cooking Made Us Human

Why Fire Makes Us Human
Cooking may be more than just a part of your daily routine, it may be what made your brain as powerful as it is

Learning Fire Management was decisive for Homo sapiens to become the ruling species of Terra- from simply heating caves to palaces to manufacture of bricks  to cement kilns and pyrometalurgy in innumerable variants. Fire was explained first we have believed - as common sense dictates it that some principle-element leaves the burning stuff- it was called phlogiston. Later it was shown than something more trivial happens- the active part of our air, oxygen it was called-  20% as the Pareto Rule imposes it gives very exothermic reactions with many other substances- in practice only already burnt compounds- called ashes do not react. But there are some exceptions, no problem we have accumulated a lot of know-how both positive and very negative- out of control or accelerated beyond limits fire can be very harmful.

Fire is an old source of energy, full of flaws and becoming obsolete. Homo technologicus started to search for better kinds of fire. LENR+ generating masive quantities of excess heat is the New Fire. It is a New Fire movement and recently I had an inspiring exchange of ideas with the promoter of New Fire in Germany, our new friend Uwe Doms from Oldenburg, Germany.

I have learnt a lot from Uwe he is wonderfully open minded, dedicated to scientific preogress and able to see the essential.
He has a blog: and his favorite channel of communication is:

This is a first writing about Uwe's way.

An idea I like very much is to use better our our EQ, emotional intelligence in our pro-LENR activity:
"That is what I want to achieve now, I want to reach people emotionally, not to convey LENR only by scientific facts, but in principle by infotainment. It should be fun to gather LENR information, it should be non-binding, it should be exciting. I want to reach the decision-makers on this bridge, because these do not respond to experts and not on personal approach (even if they are your friends), the decision makers in politics and business respond to their 'audiences', means in our case, voters and customers.
Only when these burp the doors, you can reach and convince the decision-makers, otherwise happens nothing, especially on such a hot iron as LENR!"

Actually Uwe follows Cold Fusion LENR from the start when he was really young, he tells about his 1994 enthusiasm for ccomputer screen watching the NASA live stream of first impacts of Shoemaker-Levy 9, he was a student then...

An almost poetical expression of his revolt for the misunderstanding of LENR:

"As a supporter of evidence-based science, it is really unbearable, how grown men, who claim to have the ability of thinking, behave with regards to LENR. I have long tried to fight this battle, to make factual persuasion and have done that tirelessly for many years, very patient, have spoken to me blue in the face and sent me fingers to the bone."

He has found an explanation- in a  source that was unknown for me- and I HAVE to explore it, fast:

I then long researched why I constantly get in conflict with my basic attitude and found the explanation in the theory of the stages of moral development encountered of Lawrence Kohlberg's. I belong to the 5% of mankind that is capable to think and act based on universal principles, not only able to understand a categorical imperative, but 'live' it, duty bound, which in consequence means that I am basically not driven from lower instincts and motives, as the 95% rest of mankind.

It was a real relief to find out that it is not because of me, or an deficit, or about the subject, that I probably may not be able to understand. It is the exact opposite, not I am 'wrong', it is simply the rest that is intellectually not capable to achieve a certain level of knowledge and understanding, that you need to cross scientific and mental borders, especially in early stages of ground breaking inventions.
Uwe says he also was a fast adopter of the Internet.

How sees Uwe the specific situation of LENR?

All this applies, in principle, to all areas, but it is in particular true for the LENR - Cold Fusion topic. Any research hardly convince easy minded, esoterician, conspiracy theorists, and dilettantes etc. Especially concerning the LENR topic, because this is where are all the 'colorful people' are, all have their own opinion and strangely stick on their opinion, no matter what  the evidence is, everyone knows the 'truth' and I have not read anywhere that someone was convinced to change his mind.

In Rossi's case we have to deal with an additional level of paid lobbyists and interferers such as the under pseudonym working 'Thomas Clarke', who is targeting every discussion, no matter what is the topic, with epic text, so that it is impossible have a real discussion.
That's in short the initial situation, I would like to clarify better, but then I would have to write a book.

I really hope Uwe will write this Book!


1) John Dash: 1933 - 2016
Christy L. Frazier

2) New Fire signals:
Energy generating device and energy generating method and also control arrangement and reactor vessel therefor 
WO 2015040077 A1

3) New publication by Holmlid and Kotzias shows new leads to Airbus LENR research

4) This is the full text of a Romanian language New Energies site- I am trying to get in touch with the author.
Free energy technologies- the results of year 2015, predictions for 2016
Tehnologii de energie liberă – rezultate ale anului 2015; tendinţe pentru 2016

5) Andrea Rossi: strategie discutibili?
Post di Piergiorgio Varrone
Readable with Google Translate advises Rossi to be more peaceful

6) A German language LENR video:
E Cat kalte Fusion für die autonome Energieversorgung

7) By Lou Pagnucco
Possibly relevant recent patent applications- for LENR


With thanks to Ron Kita who sent this:
Engineers create a better way to boil water—with industrial, electronics applications

Sunshine in a bottle
Mimic the dance between carbon, hydrogen and oxygen, and you can tap into clean solar energy and ease climate change by Peter Forbes


  1. Human intelligence has evolved to live in a state of illusion.

    1. Axil,
      One can argue that all of existence is but an illusion. However, if one accepts the precepts of the scientific method, then observation is everything. This includes the apparent dichotomies extant in quantum mechanics. Consequently, I have no patience whatsoever for engendering philosophy in pursuit of LENR.

      However, if one is exploring the raison d'etre behind LENR deniers that's a separate issue that I'm far to familiar with. Let it suffice, as Max Planck had noted over a century ago, science advances one tombstone at a time. Unfortunately, that also is true of those within the LENR community as well.

      As for relying upon "moral development" as a means to understand and embrace scientific truths, I don't buy that either. I live in Southern California, in the heart of the spirtual community. That's fine. However, you don't make technologies out of it. If one wants to treat LENR spiritually or philosophically, go to it. Just leave me out. I've not the time for it.

      By the way, wishful thinking has long been a means to fleece the unwary of their funds. It's very true in the spiritual community, and, the LENR community: for the same reasons.