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I am an incurable optimist and even the rattling of weapons and the dirtiness of the present conflicts in LENR cannot distract my ever recurrent thoughts about the increasingly revealed and recognized beauty and harmony of this amazing scientific technological realm. Consciously and perhaps subliminally I discover associations of LENR with the great arts as architecture ("The Six Pillars of LENR+") painting, classic music, opera, songs, good quality rock music and so on... A source of inspiration- even for scientific ideas and kind of consolation for disappointments, failures, tragedies, blunders, sticky uncertainty and painful waiting of LENR's great final victory.
Now again, I was inspired to think and write about the potential peak performances of LENR - by the spectacular artistic peak performances show yesterday late evening
T the Hungarian Duna TV - the final contest of the virtuosi- young musicians, children and teenagers -it can be watched here:
A wonderful initiative classic European culture (and, alas! not only culture) is in great danger to be replaced with more closed and prohibitive systems due to politicians who misinterpret and mal-apply Human Rights. Classic music and opera are probably the most vulnerable. The virtuosi all were wonderful and the jury (the great soprano Miklosa Erika was here too, see: had an almost impossible task
to establish the winners for 3 categories- and they have chosen my favorites.

About the expected peak performances of LENR we are free to dream and some of them as COP infinite, thermal-electric-light energy generation at will, very high power densities, applications for rocket and airplane engines, absolute eco-friendliness, advancing Energy Revolution becoming more similar to the accomplished Information Revolution...these are natural...(let's hope) 
Andrea Rossi tells about a relatively near perspective: 
"My dream remains the one of the Eve of New Year midnight: towns illuminated, heated and powered by means of networks of QuarkX .
Maybe this dream will become true sooner than expected."

I definitely like this, it is possible I will see how this dream 'dawns'

Peak performances - belong to the 6th Pillar of LENR: Creativity


1) Team Weaver Threatening Sifferkoll with Legal Actions due to Uncovering IH Connections and Inconsistencies?

2) Looking for Heat- a source of Hydrogen for LENR experiments
3) Featured Meetup
Breakthrough Clean Energy: focus groups, guest speaker, next steps and weblinks. 
Guest Speaker, David Firshein, is from Brillouin Energy Corp.: a clean-technology company located in Berkeley California, which is developing ultra-clean, low-cost, renewable energy technologies capable of producing commercially useful amounts of thermal energy (heat). Brillouin’s technologies are based on low energy nuclear reactions (“LENR”), which it generates on a controlled basis in its uniquely designed reactors. There is no(zero) pollution of any kind, generated in Brillouin’s LENR system of outputting its heat. 

4) CCNF-Controlled Cold Nuclear Fusion (in Russian):

5) HP Jet Fusion 3D Printer Could Signal New Stage in Manufacturing


Investment in energy storage vital if renewables to achieve full potential
True only if LENR will be killed or postponed!

In dramatic statement, European leaders call for ‘immediate’ open access to all scientific papers by 2020


7 daily habits of exceptionally successful people:
1. Plan each day with purpose and action.
2. Step outside their comfort zone.
3. Surround themselves with smart people.
4. Focus on the big picture.
5. Get the job done.
6. Refuse to take no for an answer.
7. Never stop learning.


  1. Peter
    I like the story of Ernest and Julio Gallo.
    After there parents murder suicide in the 1930s they took
    the families failing California wine business and turned
    into one of the most succesfull in the world.
    One of there rules was if they argued on any given
    day and each had there own idea on how to do things
    but could not resolve.
    The rule was that next morning they would forget about
    arguing and come up with a third idea and move on.
    I can think of two other people or companies we follow
    that should of had this rule.


    1. Dear Sam,

      there are plenty of good rules- see e.g. my 20 Real Life Problem Solving Rules- the trouble is with their application.


  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Actually the list of insults and threats from Dewey Weaver has grown quite long. I think of it as uncomfortable because it is not giving the best of impressions.

    2. Dear Abd,
      I present a link to a paper not a claim.
      IH and Sifferkoll will settle their conflict and differences in opinion.
      Gary Wright or Steve Krivit are silent thezse days so
      I cannot cite them.
      Please do not try to censor my blog.

    3. My apologies,and, in fact, I'm deleting the post. However, criticism -- even if wrong, as it was in this case -- is not an attempt "to censor." You are the publisher here.

  3. Please have empathy for Dewey, what else could he do?
    See please today (May 29) the situation with IH's paptent for the Rossi process


    1. People attempt to infer much from little. That patent is probably, as it is, worthless, because it keeps the catalyst secret. However, IH will maintain patents until they are *proven* worthless, and they might still be amended.