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We would be in a nasty position indeed if empirical science were the only kind of science possible. (Edmund Husserl)


My dear Friends,

Today we will focus on the differences between passive and active approach to the basic LENR problems. Please take in account that the boarders between these are somewhat fluid, consider that this dichotomy is partially superposed with others but not coincidental with them- as scientific vs technological, theoretical vs practical, stagnant vs progressive, tradition vs change, discovery vs invention...

a) Andrea Rossi answers to this question:

Q: What has determined you to choose an active approach-radical change- invention to build your generators?

A: My philosophical studies,. I made my doctorate upon Husserls phenomenology based on the 
epoché. I came from those studies in the work world with that attitude. I have chosen the energy field, because those were times of energy crisis and I have chosen  the LENR field exactly because everybody was saying it is impossible. If they say that based on science as it is aprioristically accepted, LENR's are impossible, means they are possible if I make an epoché on what is known already.
Why I tried other ways instead of the PdD2O electrolysis? Because tried it and it did not work. Besides, I had a strong experience of the use of Ni in my fuel from wastes tech. 

b) Uwe Doms about the LENR Expert Forum and about Change Management

I was working today setting up the LENR Expert Forum and formulate the topics for the different discussion areas it comes to my mind, that what really is missing developing the LENR topic is a kind of change management.

The scientist on the one hand side and the commentators/journalists on the other have over the last two decades developed a kind of trench warfare mentality. A lot of scientists that have interest in LENR/Cold Fusion are very much afraid to lose reputation if they came out of their trench and this is for good reason, because on the other side are the journalist, commentators and the rest of the scientific crowd, and most of them are not interested in scientific evidence or 'truth' (whatever that means), they have discovered that bulling LENR/Cold Fusion is the story that sells.

Both sides have created a very large no man's land between their trench lines and at the end of the day everybody is happy having survived without casujalities. 
Now something very interesting happened. While the trench war continues unexpected an fearless Andrea Rossi suddenly walked in the middle of the no man's land and placed directly in the middle his Ecat device. Now you might as sapient man expect there will be a truce to have a closer look at this device, at least temporarily, but no, the war between the two sides unchanged continues and not only that, both trenches even find a new common target and that is the intruder in 'their' no man's land.

This has nothing to do with science this is pure psychology.

I have in my career conducted and organized a merger (mergers tend to end up in trench wars) and used a brilliant source of information .I think that beside the scientific, economic, environmental and social aspects of LENR, we additional have to analyze and work on the psychological aspects.

You are right, dear Uwe- however you can find appeals to  the use of change management in my blog too. Not very effective - it is a VUCA state in the field plus what you describe so well. The German language site you gave has indeed a high idea density but there are excellent change management papers in English to for example at MIT Harvard Business Review etc. etc.


1) Second Bay Area Cold Fusion meeting--progress updates
Sunday, May 15, 2016

- Alan Goldwater (MFMP): Summary of Glowstick 5 experiments and plans for Glowstick 6
- Mark Jurich (MFMP): Improvements to radiation detection systems and findings
- Jeff Morriss: Progress report; anomalous radiation detected and later found to be radon decay
If time permits:
- Summary of meeting with Congressman Jerry McNerney re: Cold Fusion funding
Workshop: what can be done to speed up progress making LENR a reality 
2) A contribution of Jack Cole and Jones Beene
A New Type of Glow Stick: Holmlid Alternatives Update

3) In Spanish- VEBIDOO 35 Resultados encontrados para
Andrea Rossi


Light dawns
Light travels at around 300,000 km per second. Why not faster? Why not slower? A new theory inches us closer to an answer
by Sidney Perkowitz                                                           


  1. Peter
    On a crisp, clear morning in 1914 thousands of British, Belgian and French soldiers put down their rifles, stepped out of their trenches and spent Christmas mingling with their German enemies along the Western front. In the hundred years since, the event has been seen as a kind of miracle.
    When his LENR gift to the world I hope both sides
    come out of the trenches and declare PEACE and get on with
    making a better world.

    1. Yes, dear Sam miracles happen. Let's hope it will happen in LENR too.
      Thanksfor the idea/analogy


  2. I watched a two hour documentary on the Branch Davidians in Waco Texas and was stunned by the parallels to the Rossi drama.
    David Koresh was a self-styled Messiah and he had dozens of loyal followers.

    He lied every day of the 51 day standoff. He finally took all the loyal followers with him and inspired a generation of conspiracy dupes> They believe that the government conspired against an admirable character. The Waco incident inspired Timothy McVeigh to bomd the federal building in Oklahoma.

    Similarly, Rossi's followers blindly follow his trials and tribulations. Let us hope that this charismatic leader (Rossi) is not followed by another McVeigh.

    1. Dear Brian,

      I have the impression you are exaggerating beyond reason. Lennart has answered to you.


  3. two things, a comment about change management and a comment on Brian Ahern's comment.
    The problem with LENR is not poor scientific knowledge. It is poor utilization of the resources. That is because it is not thought of as a problem that requires change management strategies. It is pushed into a war between believers and skeptics and nothing good can come out of that.
    We need to work together.
    Brian, this is not a sect, Rossi's claim is Rossi's claims. I think most people and my self included think that he has something. It is hard to understand what, I give you that. However, it is many more factors that point that way,that he has something rather than he is a scam artist. I understand why he does not show exactly what he can do. It is a combination of poor communication and his financial interest (keeping the secret so he for sure has a time advantage when it can be commercialized). I just do not see any reason to be negative to Rossi. If he does not in one way or the other produce proof he will lose all credibility. I talk about months. If he does not then, we who believe he has it, will begin to change our mind and look for another solution. No, shame in being wrong and make a mistake. However, if I were as critical as you are comparing him to David Koresh, it will be rather humiliating to change stand. Not in a scientific way but the many very insulting (and uncalled for) attacks on Rossi's persona, must be hard to abandon and keep your integrity.
    I can guarantee that I will not commit suicide if Rossi fails. I would be very disappointed in him, but that is where it stops.

  4. Peter >

    1. thanks for he direct links, I get these regularly
      but I am not subscribed to them.

    2. I am not a good scientist because I point out that Rossi has not shown any independent proof in seven years.

      In April I predicted he would not release his report. Perhaps I am a pschic rather than a socioskeptic.

      Lennart says he is not a member of a cult. Then why bother defending a career criminal?