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An over-discussed truism:

"All models are wrong but some are useful" (George Box)

Today I committed a model- see below that is also provocative- if understood. 


a) Continuing the idea of yesterday: LENR IS MUCH MORE THAN NUCLEAR PHYSICS

Sciences on which LENR is based:
       Nuclear Physics 
       LAYER K
       Solid State Physics
       Collective Phenomena
       LAYER L
       LAYER M
       Materials Science
       Catalysis Science

NOTE- here is  a gif animation of the model too, for which we claim copyright 
idea Peter Gluck, design Sam Hansson- link at:

I dare to think this is a rich metaphor. says that LENR is pre-nuclear, nuclear and post nuclear. Is multi- disciplinary, multi-step, multi-stage, multi- layer combination of multiple phenomena. Better understanding the specifics of LENR: otherness, complexity, diversity, dynamism, metamorphoses, creativity- endless opportunities.
NO theory restricted to the nuclear stage can explain the process or can lead to technology.
Natural approach to the problem, to build a working system is from LAYER M inside always engineering is the key of success. I am very pleased to see that Ed Storms thinks and tries to convince LENR-ists that Materials Science comes before Nuclear Physics in LENR (is this correct, dear Ed?) but the situation is very far from being simple, even for PdD an under-developed form of LENR due to too slow surface dynamism- a materials science flaw..

I am so convinced that this model is good in principle some  details can be missing
that I am not asking if the model will be accepted- just when? Today there will be a limited number of adherents but I am immune to depression.
b) Two complementary comments:1- by Brian Ahern: "The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing."  Edmund Burke
The great silence around the Rossi technology is a case in point. Where is the outrage?  Where is the evidence?

Everyone is waiting for Godot and Rossi is accumulating wealth.

2- by Anonymous
Thank you for the Quotes from Brian Ahern, one of Americas best who also attacked Dr Rossi when he was down.
We will not forget! 

I believe that exactly as Good and Evil, freedom of speech and responsibility are Siamese twins. Or must be!


1) News from Vladimir Vysotskii
Vladimir Vysotskii is continuing his admirable pro-LENR activity/campaign

"Today on the site of the Ukrainian community ZNANIE(Knowledge, To Know) it was published my lesson
"Are possible nuclear processes in biological systems?"
which I presented on January 28. The lesson was held in Ukrainian language but tthe majority of the slides are in English.
Here you can find it as instruction material with free access:
In it, the history of the problem is presented starting from the Kevran experiments to our researches about transmutations of stable and radioactive isotopes in microbiological cultures however also about biological and physical assumptions  for such reactions in living systems.
In the same place you can find the questions of the listeners and my answers.
The previous lesson that I have presented there at Dec 23, was entitled:
"New Energetics, perspectives and achievements"
This is also accessible on the site of the Znania community. There are also examined the problems of "usual" nuclear energetics, it is presented in detail the evolution of Rossi's system as well as our ideas about the mechanism and the methods of stimulation of such reactions:

Thank you, dear Vladimir!

2) Jean Paul Biberian makes the specification that the papers in French press coming 
on Feb 11 in La Tribune and Les echos are written by journalists not by him, he was interviewed,

3) Gregory Goble reminds us how fine these diagrams are:!ecosystem/ckvr
LENR is really great!

4) Gregory Goble- Cold Fusion/LENR in Japan

5) New MFMP Glowstick Test Underway (Update: Fueled Test Started on Jan 30th)

6) Financial Markets in a Low #OILPRICE #LENR World!

7) It  was published the number 10 of the Journal of Unconventional Science
LENR related papers there
K.A. Alabin, S.N Andreev. A.G. Parkhomov:" The results of the isotopic and elementary analysis of the fuels of the nickel-hydrogen reactors"

 A.G. Parkhomov: Review of the previous experimental investigations regarding nickel-hydrogen reactions at low temperatures"


We're More than Stardust — We're Made of the Big Bang Itself


Game changing innovation is rooted in diverse experiences and knowledge

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My dear friends,
Like active sites in LENR+, Readers are coming, doing (reading) going and coming back or not- in average some 950 per day this month, presumably. So not all of them have read everything I ever wrote, I can afford to repeat some ideas because  I think recurrent themes of my issues are unavoidable- problems reveal their new facets and /or change surprisingly.
So would it be a great error to use traditional quotations about errors? 


The aim of science is not to open the door to infinite wisdom, but to set a limit to infinite error.  (Bertolt BrechtLife of Galileo)


a) PHYSICS, errors, LENR- can this be an instructive mix?

It happened that today I have got documents about errors in physics- obviously these could have a negative influence on the development of LENR too- however the problem is  a bit more complex.

First Valery Tarasov has published on LENR Forum paper no 2) below:
LENR in h-space theory and one mistake of conventional physics
It is about his theory- too high level physics for me, however his vision of the LENR problem seems to be realistic and I definitely like it:
I cite:
For the last five years, from the first public demonstration in 2011, the development of the E-cat had a significant progress in engineering of the commercial product. In contrast, less clear is the LENR mechanism, even after publishing the patent and two reports of E-cat tests. 
If we look on LENR field outside the E-cat story the current understanding of LENR mechanism is even more uncertain since the prevailing idea of LENR is still inherited from Cold/Hot fusion concept. 

Tarasov explains that LENR- Rossi style is natural in his theory, however his theory is in contradiction with the known and accepted values of the ratios of charge to mass for the electron so the classic Thomson’s and Wien’s experiments were erroneous. Let's see what happens- has Tarasov discovered a part of the LENR truth?

I have also received an interesting message, about physics and errors from my friend Vlad Plesa. He quotes W Guglinski, the physicist who has published about his theory on Andrea Rossi's Blog 
Aether is unavoidable, since it is growing the number of physicists who are realizing that the adoption of the concept of empty space is the biggest error occurred in the History of Physics." (
All the theories from modern physics (Quantum Field Theory) had been developed based on the hypothesis that the space is empty (the vacuum is empty space) and this is almost certainly false.
Vlad Plesa says it is a possibility that W Guglinski and others with theories including the aether as for example David Thomson III - may be onto something even on a reasonable explanation for LENR+ (see 4 - Puzzle of the Rossi-Effect,

In my opinion, Physics greatest error and historical sin toward LENR was mistreating and oppressing it- "believing" that it belongs ONLY to physicists
Actually LENR is much more than Physics.
b) Brian Ahern about the BLP demo:

c) Brian Ahern predicts Rossi's next move

I have observed the effect I call, ROSSI CREEP. He finds ways to extend his calendar for an open look at his system. He is now alluding to showing the technology by the end of 2016.
What happened to the test concluding in February?
I have been part of the Rossi creep phenomenon since early 2009.
You are amazingly non-critical of him.
Remember, he has never allowed a single INDEPENDENT test of any aspect of LENR. All of his communications are meant to conceal while cajoling a troupe of fanatic followers.
Randell Mills refuse my application to attend his demo on Thursday. He is of the same ilk.

I hope Brian is in error and Rossi will communicate good results the latest March 23, at the 27th anniversary of Cold Fusion- as a symbolic action..


1) Jean Paul Biberian will publish two papers about LENR in the French Press;
La Tribune and Les Echos- they will be published on Feb. 11, 2016


This news was also announced on the Official Russian website:

2) Valery Tarasov's Theory- discussed at Notes
LENR in h-space theory and one mistake of conventional physics

5) Andrea Rossi daily report
January 30th, 2016 at 9:50 AM

Time: 09.50 a.m. of Saturday January 30 2016
1 MW E-Cat: stable
E-Cat X: 2 in operation, 1 under destructive test. All very promising.
Warm Regards,
Italo R.
January 29th, 2016 at 11:48 PM

Dear Dr. Rossi, can you tell us what type of intervention did your team to solve the problem?
1 – replacement of parts of the plant
2 – change in operating conditions
3 – both
4 – other

Kind Regards,
Italo R.

Andrea Rossi answering:
January 30th, 2016 at 8:09 AM

Italo R.:
Warm Regards,


Two inspiring papers about nanocatalysis

Small is different

For this nanocatalyst reaction, one atom makes a big difference


3 Dangerous Myths about Innovators and Creators

Friday, January 29, 2016


1) About the demo:
Brilliant Light Power (Formerly Blacklight Power) Coming out of the Shadows (Becktemba) UPDATE: Sterling Allan Attended and Reports

2)  1MW E-Cat Plant Watch Thread [UPDATE #36 — Test ‘Is Over,’ (Negative Result)]      
1 MW E-Cat Plant Watch Thread [UPDATE #37 — ‘Troubles Resolved’]

First the test was over, now the troubles (much better)

3) Can somebody with academic connection help us with these Google Scholar Papers abstracts would be good too for some;

Compositional Variations in Palladium Electrodes Exposed to Electrolysis
A Carpinteri, O Borla, A Goi, S Guastella… - … , Fatigue, Failure and …, 2016 - Springer
... J. New Energy. 1(3), 90 (1996) 19. Monti, RA: Low energy nuclear reactions: experimentalevidence for the alpha extended model of the atom. J. New Energy. 1(3), 131 (1996) 20. Monti,RA: Nuclear transmutation processes of lead, silver, thorium, uranium. ...
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Deformed Space-Time Reactions: Towards Nuclear Metabarysis
G Albertini, R Capotosto - Journal of Advanced Physics, 2016 -
... 1. INTRODUCTION Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR) or Condensed Matter Nuclear Science (CMNS)1 2 on one side and Deformed Space time reactions (DST-reactions)3–5 on the other side share the same evidence: nuclear reactions can occur which are not predicted ...
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Seven Game Changers for Our Energy Future
M Martin - Building the Impact Economy, 2016 - Springer
... in hardware next to software. (7) Finally, unconventional energy technologies are harder to evaluate, but may hold interesting contributions in store, such as low-energy nuclear reactions(LENR). Across all levers, a combination ...
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No Disruption, No Exponential Progress
M Martin - Building the Impact Economy, 2016 - Springer
... energy frontiers: energy generation, storage, transmission and efficiency. Highlightingbreakthroughs in the wings, the chapter covers the potential of low-energy nuclear reactions(LENR). Further, it discusses how the structure of ...
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Creative activity could be described as a type of learning process where teacher and pupil are located in the same individual. (Arthur Koestler) 


a) I-inspired- matter is learning

The Spirit of Internet has accepted me as a friend and, probably knowing that I am still trying to think sometimes, tries to send me inspirational stuff that can lead me to Ideas.
Today for example- knowing my strong connection to Koestler due to his work on creativity and also the effect of the novel "Darkness on Noon" on me, the Spirit has sent the Motto- an advanced form of learning.
Immediately after that between the new papers re. Problem Solving I discovered the one saying that evolution per se can be considered intelligent. Please find and read it at LENR IN CONTEXT-1. It is about the intelligence and evolvability of Evolution but it it NOT an Intelligent Design paper on the contrary. Living matter is learning.
The next paper, by Calin Plesa young and creative nano-biologists suggests in more ways how this learning could be accomplished in biology.
My natural reaction is to go a step further- or back iif you wish: Matter has the abiility of Learning.
This statement is natural in my philosophy described e.g. here:
The start-point is that Nature (Matter, Energy, Information in endless forms and combinations) exhibits the trend toward maximum Interestingness, the main ambition of Nature is to be interesting. The popularity of the Big Bang has decresaed during the lst few years however matter has evolved from sub nuclear to the conscious in billions of years based on synergies- forms of creative collaboration
between different levels of matter- catalysis overall. The necessary degree of irreversibility of the mega-evolution shows that Matter possesses an abilty to learn, has some forms of inherent memory. This is an experimental fact, coming from an infinite experiment- nothing idealistic or spiritual here. What is, is. What isn't, isn't (K. Duhanov)
The idea matches perfectly what I have said yesterday- the way to Energy is to learn to build better and even better LENR tools. Mother Nature, the mother of all Solutions, teaches us the same.


After learning about new aspects of learning I had the satori that I MUST also learn something very important from Randy Mills' demo. Even before having some fisrt hand, witness information.

My friend Axil wrote this: 

Mills used the XUV black light emissions from the hydrino to base his technology on. But now it is a new day, a new company, a mew type of reactor, and a new type of light: sunlight that he is using to base his technology on. But how can this transition between black light and sunlight be justified, Does Mills need to write another 2000 page tome about the hydrino to explain this transition in the type of light that his reactions are producing?  He is right and also so important is the question what energy- not power can give this brilliant light?

The most relevant info came from a reader:

He has sent this video:

However see this description of the Sun Cell process

The energy released also vaporizers the molten silver into a cloud that is opaque to the UV and EUV- that is, it converts the UV and EUV (which can't be converted directly- yet) into blackbody radiation at 5000K. This in turn heats a tungsten wall/ window such that it becomes a blackbody radiator at 3500K. Concentrator PV cells face this tungsten window and are expressly tuned to the wavelengths produced by a blackbody radiator at 3500K to efficiently convert the energy directly to electricity.

I liked the video aesthetically but not at all technologically. Combined with the text

the effect was :HELL!!!

You can bring Hell on the Earth in many forms and places socially, economically, politically etc. but technologies are (must be) smarter. You cannot work with or in, hellish conditions. Th decades ;long fiasco of Hot Fusion is the best example.
But this Sun Cell with its huge temperatures is not much earthier or promising.
How can these hellish circumstance be conquered, what is the most technological (read human) method to put hellfire to work for us- that is LENR, my friends.!
What it uses is a miraculous trick learned/borrowed from heterogeneous catalysis:
active sites or NAE- if you wish.
Hellfire is dispersed in myriads of nano-fires, hell-heat is diluted, the effct is tamed, the system is brought under control
Many nano-Hells create techno-paradise.

The New Fire is Hellfire dispersed, diluted, tamed and controlled.
Its central secret is good active sites management.


1) Andrea Rossi
January 28th, 2016 at 4:48 PM

Carrol Macksey: yesterday OK
At 04.50 p.m. of Thursday January 28 2016
1 MW E-Cat: stable
E-Cat X: in operation 2, one in examination.
Warm Regards,

Andrea Rossi- today rather bad
January 29th, 2016 at 10:12 AM

René Bergeron:
at 10.10 a.m. of Friday Jan 29 2016:
1 MW E-Cat : troublesome, lowest efficiency, working on it. Not a good night, honestly.
E-Cat X: remade another to continue destructive tests
Warm Regards,

Andrea Rossi- this has to be definition of positive
January 28th, 2016 at 7:41 PM

Italo R.:
If things will go well, there will be a transition to the industrialization.
Warm Regards

January 28th, 2016 at 11:56 AM

Dear Dr Andrea Rossi:
Which is the professional specialization of the expert responsible for validation (ERV) that is directing the measurements of the 1 MW E-Cat in operation in the factory of the customer?

Andrea Rossi- very interesting!
January 28th, 2016 at 4:57 PM

Nuclear power plants, nuclear engineering.
Warm Regards,

2) LENR Is Real

3) Low Energy Nuclear Revolution (English Version)


Why scientists now think biological evolution itself is intelligent
This is also about learning and bio-matter, in more senses. The author is the son of my Canadian friend Vlad Plesa- who edits:

Sun, surfing and proteins
TU researcher Dr. Calin Plesa won an NWO Rubicon grant and went to California. At UCLA, he now learns the art and science of synthesizing genes by the thousands.

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We are gods. Our tools make us gods. In symbiosis with our technology, our powers are expanding exponentially and so, too, our possibilities. (Jason Silva)

Really pragmatic thinking for a saint! Thanks for the advice, caro San Francesco!
However it is not about exercise and persistence- it is about creating the adequate tools!


The possibly breakthrough New Energy Event of this Thursday is the demo of Brilliant Light Power - Randy Mills's - is it only a New Power or a genuine New Energy generator too what we will see? Will it give normal electric current for hours?
I have absolutely no means or info to predict the outcome- positive r negative to cite Rossi of the test. I even don't know if we could see it live. Randy is not answering, his reasons include include his certainty that Cold Fusion is outright impossible, ergo what to discuss with CF/LENR people?
So all we can do now is to wait  the results and wish him a total success.

However this morning I have already received news that made happy, enthusiastic and confident in the future of LENR. LENR is integrated in the ternary Technology revolution- of Information, Energy and Matter that must seen as a whole. Information revolution is the most advanced and today we were informed about a great achievement many times more important than it seems at a first sight. Look please to the first papers at LENR IN CONTEXT-1: Google has build an artificial intelligence tool that beats the best human Go players. A huge victory celebrated by IT, problem solving and Science. Games and sport are metaphors of life and Go is an Everest of complexity  I wrote about it  in EGO OUT:
I was not motivated or smart enough to learn the strategic game of Go- at a decent level.

I fear my enthusiasm will not be contagious enough but I have such a vivid image of the continuous technological progress by building new and new tools  (real or virtual) and learning how to use them well and also a deep understanding of how sorts are model for life and profession, I am educated in the spirit of Sport. Strating with my career in chess, inglorious but instructive and perhaps with my starship in 
button football in the elementary school
when I made the life changing discovery that you can win only when you have a very good "player" and I have worked a lot to build the best- and succeeded!
"Citius, Altius, Fortius" (faster, higher, stronger) is the motto of athletics- Altius is the most challenging and relevant because jumping=Flying is the most anti-natural to our bodies. It is progress in Altius too- in part connected to better tools. Think aboul pole vault- how much were the performances improved when using the fine fiberglass poles instead of bamboo or aluminum poles? Tools- think about the creativity on which the Fosbury Flop is based? Make your body a better tool keep the center of weight all time BELOW the bar!

The E-cats are tools- improving all the time and so are the tools of Parkhomov, MFMP and many others. The tools of a coming technological victory.
Will we see a tool - equivalent in energy of what Google's algorithm did now?

I will abstain from writing about cases when people use stubbornly their favorite tools and NOT the best tools- this could be misinterpreted.


1) Upcoming Blacklight Power Demonstration

Comment re Mills -LENR

2) From Cold Fusion Now- meeting on Feb 25
HOU Sec: Cold Fusion vs Thorium Molten Salt Reactors
Speaker Michelle Murphy Electrical Engineer
What in the world will ever replace oil & fossil fuels for energy? Come to hear about a few new technologies that are about to enter the marketplace – cold fusion, molten salt and water reactors.

3) Cafe Sci Silicon Valley: What Happened to Cold Fusion? (Pt 5 of 8) Gas-Loading Experiments

4) About the Coulomb Barrier in LENR Processes (Eugen Andreev)

6) IAEA Conference on Plasma Physics and Controlled Nuclear Fusion


Google’s AI Masters the Game of Go a Decade Earlier Than Expected
Google achieves one of the long-standing “grand challenges” of AI by building a computer that can beat expert players at the board game Go.

The same news, seen as a breakthrough in problem solving:
Challenge of the Go-bot: How a machine cracked ‘the most complex game ever devised by humans’
Researchers’ AlphaGo program can learn to take a human-style approach to problem-solving, opening up new possibilities in artificial intelligence, Ivan Semeniuk reports

Google AI algorithm masters ancient game of Go\

Thanks to Jean-Luc Paillet for finding this


10 Principles of Change Management

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If you do not express your own original ideas, if you do not listen to your own being, you will have betrayed yourself." - Rollo May

You don't understand anything until you learn it more than one way.(Marvin Minsky)

1000% true for LENR!
Marvin Minsky has passed away last Sunday


Introduction too long due to my slow thinking, do not excuse me, please!

I have to confess that "I have nothing against rock music" is just a polite euphemism for "I have not much for it"- a disappointment of my grandson Rudolf, almost 14 years old.  However, the reality is that anytime you are trying to invent a new word or idiom, you will find a rock group owning it as name.. Also you will discover gems of wisdom in the lyrics of many forms of modern music. If you want to play the role of a genuine musical snob, you have to declare arrogantly with a voice like broken glass scratching emery paper that: "any music written after 1750 is too new for me".
I disagree with this manners, however I had no cult for poor David Bowie who has died a week ago. Now I see he has told many wise things too and this is the best 
 for example the English Knowledge management guru David Gurteen has noticed this:

Watch Bowie perfectly predict the Internet's impact on music and society 15 years ago.
The following is quoted: " We are living in total fragmentation"-
I have complained for the same reason specifically for LENR:

The missing link?

In the PdD camp, the worst fragmentation, split, chasm, , schism- and the most fundamental is between the "surface" and the "bulk" proponents. Elementary logic shows that the nuclear reaction can take place only at one of them- human logic. Nature's logic expressed by Niels Bohr's dictum: "Opposites are not contradictory but complementary" is considered purely philosophical not for real life research dilemmas.
What's true, "nuclear active extraordinary voids" (Storms') and "normal lattice assisted nuclear  reactions" (Swartz, Hagelstein) seem to be contradictory, incompatible. Nanostructures on the metal surface, active sites, can be considered 
special zones of a lattice an extraordinary place where quantum mechanics rules and makes impossible things possible. But this has to be discussed in collegial terms.
Some of Mitchell Swartz papers describe special zones in the lattice.

Questions for Mitch Swartz and Peter Hagelstein

Ed Storms is promoting openly and with calm and arguments his theory and is convinced about its validity for both main systems of LENR. Just now he called our attention to the connection between what is described in paper 5)  

We missed this year the MIT School so it is not known what Peter Haegelstein nad Mitch Swartz think TODAY about the main problems of LENR. I am reading Cold Fusion Times frequently but it does not help.

Some ad-hoc questions re their LENR ideology and predictions:
- the most updated variant of theory:
- do they see an accessible way toward a LENR based energy source?
- NANOR was named a technology are there plans and chances to scale it up?
- do you accept the existence of the "Rossi Effect" or enhanced excess heat, and if yes, can you explain it? Again if yes, what chances do you give to it to go commercial?
- what are your predictions for the future of LENR/LANR
- on shorter term, how can LENR obtain a good share of the huge funding planned for Clean Energy?
Thank you!
Anybody is welcome to answer to these nice questions.

The LENR Review will include a lot of "best practice" documents

The LENR Review will include "best practices" - compensating in part the lack of actionable theories. Cause, effect, empirism, alternating Why? and What for? questions- an effective mix.


 1) Topology and LENR (Axil Axil)

2) Rossi: “All the [Energy] Sources Must be Integrated Otherwise LENR will be Killed”

On Rossi's Blog:
Bernie Koppenhofer
January 26th, 2016 at 11:27 AM

Dr. Rossi: During your research with the E-Catx what have you learned about the theory behind the Rossi Effect, have you learned 1) A huge amount of new information, or 2) Some but not enough or 3) Nothing new learned. Thanks
Andrea Rossi
January 26th, 2016 at 4:43 PM

Bernie Koppenhofer:
Warm Regards

3) Report of Andrey Petrovich Hrishchanovich from Zaporozhe about excess heat obtained in the the house boiler using the reaction between hydrogen and nickel.
The author says:
We in Zaporozhe have built a working domestic boiler based on the reaction between hydrogen and nickel with consumed power of 13kW. We constantly observeexcess heat. Now we are performing additional measurements and tests. 
It can be see the increase of COP at the continuos work of the reactors. The effect is probably connected with the activation of the surfaces of the nickel spirals in time. The results are more than modest but the excess heat effect clearly happens.
See the video:

4) Thanks to Mats Lewan:
Hydrogen uptake causes molecular “avalanches” in palladium


LENR- nuclear stage is probable also about "collective" nuclear phenomena

Solving hard quantum problems: Everything is connected
Quantum objects cannot just be understood as the sum of their parts. This is what makes quantum calculations so complicated. Scientists have now calculated Bose-Einstein-condensates, revealing the secrets of the particles' collective behavior.

This method will be used in LENR studies, I bet!
Femtosecond and nanometre visualization of structural dynamics in superheated nanoparticles