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It does not take sharp eyes to see the sun and the moon, nor does it take sharp ears to hear the thunderclap. Wisdom is not obvious. You must see the subtle and notice the hidden to be victorious. (Sun Tzu, The Art of War)

Lost causes are the only ones worth fighting for. (Clarence Darrow)


Usually I am writing here mini-, quasi- or pseudo-editorials and till now all were about rxistent things/concepts/ideas or about those I considered worth to be created
i.e. made existent. As it is the ideal LENR documentation-information system, By the way some of my old and new friends have started to help me with this Plan- the  Challenge is really complex and difficult, and as in classic LENR the actionable parameters have not been identified.
Today I make a total exception- see the title- I am intentionally writing about something that never existed and will not exist- NO! my blog EGO OUT has no hidden agenda is completely open and 100% transparent.
However it is a Blog, a personal blog. It is definitely not an Newsletter or an information service, however these functions are included in my activities. When something especially interesting, important or urgent surfaces I am trying to send the information without any delay to my BlogFriends- two LENR Forums ae included there.

Before EGO OUT- I wrote, for 8.5 years, 437 weekly issues of a weekly newsletter for Web search INFO KAPPA in Romanian - very rich in information, 150-200 links 
arranged on subjects from Science to Cooking  including Technology, Management- I have worked for money at the local leading Internet Service Provider UPC (in the US Liberty Global) Each issue had also an editorial (usually about re-defining a concept), quotations, a short paper about management and a piece of motivational literature- translated in Romanian, mainly but not exclusively from English.. It was distributed each Monday morning to some 7700 subscribers. It was proofread by two ladies in Bucharest.
It was a genuine Newsletter.
It lasted from July 2002 to 14Jan 2011 the very day of the first Rossi experiment at Bologna, a more than significant coincidence.
I was fired mainly because the newsletter was not a good carrier of advertisments; horoscopes have attracted more the 10,000 ads per day. Plus there came some new young managers and they considered that their raison d'etre is making Changes- visible changes; what changes exactly is not relevant.The old nasty story . Being retired, old and not qualified in IT I have not protested despite some prizes won by my newsletter and have decided to convert a bad situation in a very good one.

OK, besides this job during this period I was active and present in CMNS, trying very hard to be well informed and to learn- first of all from Francesco Piantelli, but from other LENR friends too.

Preparing for my jobless state and becoming financially independent in the local sense- I have converted my personal diary- in a personal blog (start day December 10, 2010) 
It is a very personal blog- see please EGO OUT definition. It is about my life experience and it is my "life organizer", it is about what I am learning
On the blog I wrote a lot about Cold Fusion, LENR but also have translated my philosophical- managerial- professional ideas in English. I wanted to be well informed about everything LENR and about its connection context so slowly the blog became focused on daily information about the LENR world. My "competitive" advantages are : I am an 89er cold fusioneer, have lots of friends who inform and advise and help me, I am an expert web searcher, I am reading well in Russian, German, French, Italian.I have lots of time. I ma extremely stubborn and I owe more to my good memory (now in slow decay) than to any other intellectual quality, my curiosity is still insatiable.
 Tons of drawbacks too; I see very badly, I have developed my personal LENR thinking, philosophy, opinions that are or seem quite heretic and non-conformist

Ergo, EGO OUT has now two main missions:
- to give good LENR information to the readers, as fast as possible;
- to promote my personal LENR ideas,

In the present format, in the DAILY NOTES I tell what I think i have to tell, what I believe about what happens in the field, my initiatives- my very open LENR agenda. A lot of people dislike strongly my ideas- I am trying to improve and develop them.
I have the privilege to discuss with great LENR personalities many times in
their languages 
Nobody dares to agree openly with my basic historical vision- it was a misfortune that LENR was discovered in an improper system. It was a misfortune again that CF has progressed due to better measurement and not to intensification of heat release, NiH was ignored in favor of PdD, Pianteli was marginalized.  I strongly disagree with Ed Storms' present nanocrack-hydroton theory. LENR can be solved first  technologically and only later theoretically...
So I have a lot to say in each issue. I am not desperate it if it happens that there are no news, events, whatever.

JUST NOW I am receiving comments and messages re my idea of an "ideal" documentation system and database. I think we need these in order to solve the plethora of problems of the field.

As regarding the Blog, just open The Handbook of Destructive Critics- you will find immediately what to say- it is old wisdom.
"The blog is good and original. Unfortunately for you, what is ~good (Daily News) is not original at all. And what you claim to be original (Daily Notes) is not good, it is mistakes and confusion down to the roots."


Two recent videos from Energy 2.0 Society

1) 'Fanning the New Fire by Bob Greenyear

2) LENR: Studying the Rossi Effect in the Basement or Garage by Brian Albiston

Andrea Rossi vindicated?Cold Fusion

LENR comes from and belongs to the nano-world
Nano wire explosions

3) ‘Strong Progress’ Being Made on Domestic E-Cat Certification:                    

4) Question:
Will this Summit take in consideration LENR in any way?


A model for LENR Energy?
From Research Buzz:
A new online directory has the goal of connecting renewable energy suppliers to manufacturers. “In the run up to the COP21 climate talks last year, the World Bioenergy Association (WBA) launched a new initiative to connect renewable 
energy suppliers with manufacturers across the globe. The bioenergy equipment directory aims to provide a comprehensive list of companies manufacturing equipment for all parts of the biomass to bioenergy process.” This is a very new directory and has only 21 companies at the moment.


 Motivational literature is good for your health and for your work- in difficult problems of research

12 Characteristics of People Who Are the Best at What They Do

and from the best leadershp blogger I know, Tanmay Vora
12 Critical Competencies For Leadership in the Future

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