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Metamorphosis: from LENR to LENR +, from static to dynamic active sites genesis,
from the Fleischmann-Pons Effect to the Rossi Effect.

I repeat for my new readers, for those who are reading only the NEWS or for those hostile to my ideas:

LENR+ - the sort that will become the greatest Energy source -has Six Pillars:

OTHERNESS- it is differing essentially from Hot Fusion- other beast!

DIVERSITY it appears in many places and forms, some viable some not;
COMPLEXITY- has many stages pre-nuclear, nuclear, post-nuclear- multidisciplinary,
DYNAMICITY- its intensity depends on surface dynamics, on fast formation of nanostructures and nano-vortices = active sites
METAMORPHOSIS- a deep transformation is necessary in order to im prove its performnces from those of the larvae form in which it was discovered in the forms with intense heat effect that has to be invented,
CREATIVITY- it is connected to many cosmical and microcosmical phenomena, has inexhaustible scientific and technological potentialities

Here and now, I am speaking about Metamorphosis. 

"Eternal youth as punishment" the idea is not new for EGO OUT:
One of my essays in preparation is about “Eternal youth as punishment” (actually it is about the danger of remaining immature) I wrote about it in my best and most important editorial published here.

During 1980-1991 I have worked at the Institute of Chemistry Cluj; one of the main research directions here was the synthesis of ecologically harmless insecticides for agriculture and forestry first of all pheromones, fine, advanced problems of organic chemistry synthesis. Leader Dr. Francisc Hodosan a great chemist, R.I.P!
A special category was juvenile hormones that stop the life cycle of specific insects in the larvar stage.
Examples of metamorphosis include the tadpole, an aquatic larval stage- the tadpoles- that transforms into the land-dwelling frog (class Amphibia).
Based on these I have coined the term "tadpoleing"- to not let something to go beyond a larvae stage- and I believe  tadpoleing would be really harmful for the future of LENR. Details- only if you wish.


The arguments of Mary Yugo against the Rossi Technology- a dialog

a) Are the Rossi generators are showing massive excess heat or not at al?

M. Y.:  How should I know? Rossi doesn't let me measure his stuff. Nonetheless, if you ask my opinion, the only heat comes from the giant heater in the device. That heater would not be needed if ecats made enough heat.

For you, the leading ant-Rossi, ant-E-Cat person(ality) there is only 1 one answer possible- to say that you are perfectly, deeply, irreversibly convinced from more reasons and based on solid proofs that all the Rossi generators from 2007 to today (including all the demos from 2011). including the Lugano Test and the entire 1MW plant are not producing a bit of excess heat- not a small trace and never will. And bet an impressive sum of money on that statement. COP - is 1.00, finita la comedia!

b) what is then driving Rossi to continue the play. how he obtains money for zero (noyhing, nada, nichts, nimic etc.) energy- what motivates him?What is the scenario actually? Isn't it similar with absurd theater as Beckett, Ionesco?

M. Y.: In my opinion, Rossi is a sociopath -- a person without a conscience. He scams and cons people for money as he has done for decades since Petroldragon.

Is he an effective sociopath? Is he rich indeed? Where are the victims? Which legal actions against Rossi are in course. Is sociopathy contagious, how will the E-Cats show it? Heaters that actually cool?
About Peroldragon, Rossi has not committed a fraud, he made a fatal error. I was the member of the Ecological Commission of the Romanian Ministerium of Chemistry  
and I was informed about all the accidents and ecological disasters.
What happened by Petroldragon was this: the plant was planned for some selected pyrolysable  chemical waste materials but  due to the limitless greed of the companies (not only Italian) huge quantities of non-processable some very toxic trash was brought there in an uncontrollable manner- if you want a comparison like the migrants today invading Europe or as in the story of the Sorcerer's Apprentice- without the spell the things escaped under control. You know well the material used to pave the road to Hell. Naivety is enchanting at young girls not at entrepreneurs.
Consider this my personal opinion- I will not discuss the details of such an old cataclysmic story. Why was he eventually found not guilty?

c) Do you have solid proofs-as example your friend Roger visiting the !MW
plant and observing it is actually just a holographic image- only false photons no solid materials?"

M.Y. Peter, sometimes I have no idea what you are writing about. I have no friend named Roger. The so-called plant is not a mirage. My best guess from the photos is that it is an assembly of useless parts except for the huge electrical heaters and huge electrical input panel Rossi has built in to it. The rest does nothing. It's only for show.

You understand it quite well, you are an old fox- however with a rather limited repertoire of tricks, insults and logical fallacies- with forced focus on ad hominem attacks because it is the cheapest. I think you would get a 3- or 4-dan in verbal karate- I have more black belts in my native language, anyway.
Your explanation is simple- Rossi with or without the complicity of the IH people takes a lot of electrical energy from the grid and sells it to the Customer who uses it in his factory e.g. for drying macaronies and pays for the energy to IH.  Isn't this a financially suicidal business? Are you cultured in the absurd theater? One of my chidhood friends wrote a drama about the inventor of Mytholit a building material that collapses under the exactly half of its own weight. Your variant of the 1MW Plant is worse. It would be fine for you to spend your next vacation on an island of rationality.

d) Rossi has convinced some- seemingly normal people about  his results and perspectives- has he used black magic, drugs hypnosis,blackmail, other occult or terrorist methods? Is he the first cousin of the Evil one?

M. Y. :You know, I am being serious and you are being silly but I'll humor you this time. Rossi used what I call mismeasurement and probably a number of other tricks depending on which demo or test you are talking about. What I do know and you refuse to explain is that Rossi has ALWAYS refused and ridiculed requests for proper calibration and blank runs over the entire operating temperature range of the devices. Also, as Brian Ahern noted, the proper way to test the ecat is with liquid phase only in the cooling fluid and proper calorimetry, with appropriate calibration. Of course, Rossi has never done that. Nor have any of his Swedish friends or Levi. Maybe you can tell me why.

The most damaging form of mismeasurement is that of zero- showing it is something. To show that something is more than it actually is- is a semi-ethical maneuver, not laudable but it can be necessary- when you have great troubles, technical with control. This was the problem of Rossi and seemingly he succeed to solve it. Calorimetry and calibrations are means not aims. Using only cooling fluid
and not steam would be a bit impossible at high temperatures. Rossi is svery pleased to NOT have serious competitors and the last thing he would do now to offer certainties to the kibitzes. You still are working for him, can you find some more solid accusations and proofs?

e) Please predict how his story will end in total collapse, be as apocaliptic as you can be!

Gee Peter! You of all people should know what will happen to Rossi. It will be the same as your former heros, Hadjichristos and Defkalion. Are you still hoping for new Hyperions? Rossi will slink away the same way and he will try to start a new scam, perhaps with the idiotic claims he has for the so-called Ecat-X. Maybe he will be sued or arrested but knowing how lax the law is about low levels scams, it is not likely. And IH, Darden, Vaughn and the Woodford Fund will be left holding the bag, looking stupid.

As I already told in some comment people who have not direct  experience in leading research projects necessarily including failed ones is like seeing that everybody can be a great expert in politics, football and inovative esearch.
For them any project of research that does not soud like a triumphal march - perhaps
played in pianissimo is  a scam. It is raher short straught way from the pilot plant to the commercial one- if not the researcher is a swindler. 
Idiotic claims is a bit exaggerated
As regarding my Defkaliona friends- if you indeed believe the ICCF-8 test could be mimicked with two flowmeters than -try... Imagine the following scenario- in the next stage of Hyperions the energy density was so high that special materials were needed and not available. Or imagine they were scammers and so is Rossi and he will fail and you will be a kind of Roubini of research counselling billionaires

M.Y. adds a friendly message to me, stimulated by my appeal to sincerity:

What do you mean? Of course there will be freedom of speech. In the US, it's the first amendment to the Constitution! If you mean on your blog, who cares? You have been censoring on and off since the blog began, Peter, and anyway, very few people actually read it nowadays.

You seem like a kind person, Peter, but you have been wildly misled -- first by Defkalion and now by Rossi. Who will be your next darling scammer?

Freedom of irresponsible speech- hatred, total lies? Not so much! I take responsibility for everything I say.
I am very kind but only in terms of mutuality. Just I do not hate those who have opposite views in problems that have no connection to ethics.


1) A Hypothesis Concerning the Connection Between the “Mössbauer Effect” and the “Rossi Effect” (Norman Cook)
Andrea Rossi re this presentation plus video
January 12th, 2016 at 11:05 PM

Frank Acland:
We will conserve it.
The preparation paper published by Prof. Norman Cook is an introduction to the heavy theoretical work we are working upon.
Warm Regards,

2) Exploring
'Description of diverse projects
The solid universe: Introduction. Cold fusion. Surface. Boundary.

3) Nuclear Cold Fusion Power Technology (LENR) Demonstration

4) From the official Russian LENR website ХТЯ и ШМ

The published materials regarding the Hydrowave Technology from  the Original Water Technology  by Afanasiev, Cherepanov
Опубликованы Материалы по гидроволновой технологии от Original Water Technology (Афанасьев, Черепанов) MAINLY ABOUT CAVITATION!

5) From Ruby Carat's COLD FUSION NOW:
The Architects of the New Paradigm Conference brings - See more at:

From intellectually rich and diverse LENR Forum- a paper about the scientific method:
Francis en LFDLC: El método científico

Overwhelming evidence? It's probably a bad thing
We have already seen this idea, in an other form but it is very important

Improving catalysis through nanoconcentrator systems


  1. Who could possibly say what is the truth. That is difficult.

    Regognizing a falsity, however, is often quite easy.

    Burden of proof is on Ross, not on skeptics. Well, soon the good dottore should publish his megawatto test results (will he really? ). I predict, he is devising some kind of excuse not to publish any results. The Ecat-X maybe superior tech so old e-cat not worth working on anymore.. (insert more rossifiction here)

    And the fairytale goes on and on!

  2. The market will have its verdict ;)