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We are gods. Our tools make us gods. In symbiosis with our technology, our powers are expanding exponentially and so, too, our possibilities. (Jason Silva)

Really pragmatic thinking for a saint! Thanks for the advice, caro San Francesco!
However it is not about exercise and persistence- it is about creating the adequate tools!


The possibly breakthrough New Energy Event of this Thursday is the demo of Brilliant Light Power - Randy Mills's - is it only a New Power or a genuine New Energy generator too what we will see? Will it give normal electric current for hours?
I have absolutely no means or info to predict the outcome- positive r negative to cite Rossi of the test. I even don't know if we could see it live. Randy is not answering, his reasons include include his certainty that Cold Fusion is outright impossible, ergo what to discuss with CF/LENR people?
So all we can do now is to wait  the results and wish him a total success.

However this morning I have already received news that made happy, enthusiastic and confident in the future of LENR. LENR is integrated in the ternary Technology revolution- of Information, Energy and Matter that must seen as a whole. Information revolution is the most advanced and today we were informed about a great achievement many times more important than it seems at a first sight. Look please to the first papers at LENR IN CONTEXT-1: Google has build an artificial intelligence tool that beats the best human Go players. A huge victory celebrated by IT, problem solving and Science. Games and sport are metaphors of life and Go is an Everest of complexity  I wrote about it  in EGO OUT:
I was not motivated or smart enough to learn the strategic game of Go- at a decent level.

I fear my enthusiasm will not be contagious enough but I have such a vivid image of the continuous technological progress by building new and new tools  (real or virtual) and learning how to use them well and also a deep understanding of how sorts are model for life and profession, I am educated in the spirit of Sport. Strating with my career in chess, inglorious but instructive and perhaps with my starship in 
button football in the elementary school
when I made the life changing discovery that you can win only when you have a very good "player" and I have worked a lot to build the best- and succeeded!
"Citius, Altius, Fortius" (faster, higher, stronger) is the motto of athletics- Altius is the most challenging and relevant because jumping=Flying is the most anti-natural to our bodies. It is progress in Altius too- in part connected to better tools. Think aboul pole vault- how much were the performances improved when using the fine fiberglass poles instead of bamboo or aluminum poles? Tools- think about the creativity on which the Fosbury Flop is based? Make your body a better tool keep the center of weight all time BELOW the bar!

The E-cats are tools- improving all the time and so are the tools of Parkhomov, MFMP and many others. The tools of a coming technological victory.
Will we see a tool - equivalent in energy of what Google's algorithm did now?

I will abstain from writing about cases when people use stubbornly their favorite tools and NOT the best tools- this could be misinterpreted.


1) Upcoming Blacklight Power Demonstration

Comment re Mills -LENR

2) From Cold Fusion Now- meeting on Feb 25
HOU Sec: Cold Fusion vs Thorium Molten Salt Reactors
Speaker Michelle Murphy Electrical Engineer
What in the world will ever replace oil & fossil fuels for energy? Come to hear about a few new technologies that are about to enter the marketplace – cold fusion, molten salt and water reactors.

3) Cafe Sci Silicon Valley: What Happened to Cold Fusion? (Pt 5 of 8) Gas-Loading Experiments

4) About the Coulomb Barrier in LENR Processes (Eugen Andreev)

6) IAEA Conference on Plasma Physics and Controlled Nuclear Fusion


Google’s AI Masters the Game of Go a Decade Earlier Than Expected
Google achieves one of the long-standing “grand challenges” of AI by building a computer that can beat expert players at the board game Go.

The same news, seen as a breakthrough in problem solving:
Challenge of the Go-bot: How a machine cracked ‘the most complex game ever devised by humans’
Researchers’ AlphaGo program can learn to take a human-style approach to problem-solving, opening up new possibilities in artificial intelligence, Ivan Semeniuk reports

Google AI algorithm masters ancient game of Go\

Thanks to Jean-Luc Paillet for finding this


10 Principles of Change Management


  1. Sterling Allen seems to have a reservation for the BLP event...

  2. Mills used the XUV black light emissions from the hydrino to base his technology on. But now it is a new day, a new company, a mew type of reactor, and a new type of light: sunlight that he is using to base his technology on. But how can this transition between black light and sunlight be justified, Does Mills need to write another 2000 page tome about the hydrino to explain this transition in the type of light that his reactions are producing?

    1. My understanding of what he has been working on and what the video (link below) is showing:

      Hydrino transitions produce UV and EUV. A low voltage high current arc causes the H content of water (injected into the chamber along with conducting molten powders containing copper and silver (that are driven into the chamber by a no moving parts EM pump) to transition to hydrinos as the arc cyclically discharges between two tungsten electrodes.

      The energy released also vaporizers the molten silver into a cloud that is opaque to the UV and EUV- that is, it converts the UV and EUV (which can't be converted directly- yet) into blackbody radiation at 5000K. This in turn heats a tungsten wall/ window such that it becomes a blackbody radiator at 3500K. Concentrator PV cells face this tungsten window and are expressly tuned to the wavelengths produced by a blackbody radiator at 3500K to efficiently convert the energy directly to electricity.

      This is why when you watch the demo slow motion video below, it starts off slowly until the atmosphere of the Suncell is saturated with the vaporised silver. Once that fills the reaction chamber, the entire cloud lights up as the intense UV and EUV light is converted to brilliant white light.


    2. The new Mills technology is very much like Ken Shoulders' technology that it may cause patent issues for Mills. Mills is creating EVOs as defined by Shoulders.

    3. I don't think that is likely. Shoulders' exotic vacuum objects were envisaged by him to be electron clusters. Hydrinos are simply a form of hydrogen induced into a lower energy stable state and are likely the identity of dark matter.

      Mills has had to carry the burden and expense on proving his hydrinos alone. The good news he has done all the hard work. Once the rest of the research world reads, and starts applying, GUTCP there will be no limit to what humanity will achieve.

  3. Just build one working gizmo. That's all you need to do. No need for brain farts.

    1. Insufficient. At least two "gizmos" built and tested independently are required by science to to constitute "proof".

  4. I agree - just do it. (Good slogan btw).
    A good article about change management - thank you Peter. There is only one problem with the analysis. There is too many parameters to keep track on by one person - CEO or not. Therefore I believe that change management is very difficult. It sounds straight forward but it is anything but.
    Does that mean I think we should stay away from changes? No not at all. The opposite .
    I have a philosophy I believe will solve the problem. It says smaller organizations. The problem is growing with the size of the organization. No, not in a linear way - maybe with a cubic potens.
    In small organizations it is possible to keep it all in control. Try with a one man band. Then with two. Yes, it goes out of control rather soon.

  5. An AI program can detect skin cancer when a photo of a mole is processed by a smart phone. The cancer detection rate is 20% above human based detection rates. AI programs can soon replace drivers, pilots, engineers, doctors, lawyers, managers, politicians, and most other professions. A scientist AI program will have in its data banks all knowledge, experimental data and proposed theory at its disposal including all pseudoscience. The AI scientist will process new experimental data for consistency with all existing knowledge, both certified and proposed theory, and experimental data. The AI will make recommendations for additional data from new proposed experiments and make regular adjustments to knowledge as required without emotion or prejudice. Humans will serve the needs of the AI including the construction of new experimental equipment and the performance of experiments.