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Ideas are preecious, but they’re relatively easy. It’s execution that’s everything.
(John Doerr)



In reality, life is more difficult than in our childhood dreams. therefore my plans -as Raul Fibiego- (see please the former issue) to solve all the fundamental problems of Physics, Biology and Psychology have shrunk to the desire to have a  a modest but energetic contribution to the launching of LENR in a normal, that is,  exponential & epidemic process of technological-scientific and, also, scientific-technological development.
As you know, I consider that the Start of this development needs new ideas, a Leader and Funds- the Montecuccoli stuff.
The "competition" being fragmented, disunited, undecided, the EGO OUT blog supports and promotes without shame or restrictions, my own LENR ideas as The Six Pillars of LENR+, the LENR/LENR+ dichotomy etc.
I am convinced thew Field needs a leader, I hope Carl Page will be willing to take this role- now I have here a suggestion that could make his mission more realistic and his work effective and efficient. (By the way a wonderful example is the Booklet: "Learn how Google grew from 40 to 40,000 employees by agile goal setting- the Motto is from this one) I am sharing with the Google founders a passion for fastness -read immediacy- so "agile"  (very frequent on the Fast Company site) makes me simply enthusiastic.

How I got the idea.

This morning during my standard search action- at forum where you can sometimes find excellent information less accessible by other ways (thanks to Alain Coetmeur) for finding out this first) I came upon the paper- included at 6) to news.

I knew - it is not a new paper (it appeared in my blog at July 14, 2015- in time) > But 
what has our community DONE with this publication - about a Hot, dry PdD system?
My opinion is that the classic wet, cool PdD system has already played its historical role- The Moor has done his duty. The Moor can go- but we have ignored hot PdD -
till now I could not get for example Kirkinskii's three papers from the Russian CNTBL
Conference No 22 till now. I asked myself - where can we find very fast- everything
about this  system, up-to-date, reviewed? Obviously the wonderful library of the LENR field LENR-CANR.ORG is a good start but not a perfect one. 
We do not need a library, we need an information map. A huge work- very soon the LENR -and LENR+ literature will proliferate.
This will lead to the necessity to find a new method of storage and access to the literature- in my imagination a geographic method. With maps.
And to a bicephal leadership- the great leader for strategy and tactics snd the second leader of information, knowledge and wisdom.

I am not able to finish this presentation now- after more than 4 hours of work this morning I lost the information of my blog entirely and could not recover it (occult things happen with Blogger) 

I apologize but also try to scipiologize  (see please Scipiology on the Web) the situation asking you for help- HOW WOULD BE AN "IDEAL" LENR INFORMATION SYSTEM LIKE? Please think in perspective, but based on your everyday troubles.
Programmers will be needed.
Thank you!


1) As it could be  expected many echoes of the Carl Page EDGE.ORG answer including a translation in French at:

Traduit FR : Carl Page - Les Réactions Nucléaires à Basse Energie fonctionnent et pourraient supplanter les énergies fossiles

2) Openpower association ( call for help..

3)2015 Exotic Free Energy technology advancements in review; 2016 predictions

4) Tom Darden, Elon Musk and Other Tech Leaders Urge California to Push VW for More Electric Cars (VicB2B):

5) A well formulated comment:
I encourage you to do further research in this area. Many experiments, worldwide, have confirmed some form of “cold fusion,” now known as LENR (for low-energy nuclear reactions).
Cold fusion was not a hoax, just tricky to replicate. Although there still exists no comprehensive theory for LENR, it works regardless, just as fire did before chemistry explained it.

6) Abnormal heat liberation triggered by current in a D/Pd gas-solid system
Xin Lu and Jian Tian

Physical Chemistry Of Surface Phenomena
Russian Journal of Physical Chemistry A
Volume 89, Issue 8, pp 1476-1481
A relationship was studied among D/Pd gas-solid system current, pressure and producing excess heating in this paper. The results indicated that when the pressure of deuterium is at 9 × 104 Pa, electric current is 8 A and lasting heat is 40 days, the superheating energy is 280 MJ, the maximum superheating power is 80 W and averaging to each palladium atom energy for the superheating energy is 1.7 × 104eV. Analysis of the sample by SEM (scanning electron microscopy) and EDS (energy dispersive spectrometry) found that after the current triggering the surface of sample was changed and new elements such as Pb, Sn, Ca, and Ag appeared. The results suggested that the superheating appeared come from a nuclear transmutation.

LENR IN CONTEXT-1                             

Artificial Photosynthesis
The Ideal Fuel
A nanomaterials chemist has figured out a good way to mimic leaves and turn water and carbon dioxide into things we need.
By Katherine Bourzac | Photographs by RC Rivera on
December 22, 2015


From Tanmay Vora's Blog
Sketch Note: 6 Leadership Lessons from Dr. A. P. J Abdul Kalam


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