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Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts. (Winston Churchill)

Actually the results of the 1MW test of Andrea Rossi-IH cannot be positive/negative but a success or - at extreme a failure- and size matters!


There will no comments today please focus on the peer reviewed LENR papers from below and tell what are they worth. 
I am not lacking ideas or inspiration- I could write about:
a) the connection between the Symposium announced yesterday by Mats Lewan and the success (or not) of the !MW plant test;

b) Answering to Mary Yugo's -the increasingly toothless Nagaina of the field (who calls Rossi a sociopath) arguments against Rossi- a pleasant task;

c) An essay about the "Ravages of tadpoleism in the present stage of development off LENR" You do not need any imagination to know what is this about- so you can answer to it, if you wish to help me or on the contrary.


1) Optical Coatings Separate Light from Heat: Return of Incandescent Light Bulbs (Axil Axil)
 At the ХТЯ и ШМ site appears the Jan 15 presentation of Yuri Bazhutov we signalled it yesterday and:

2) Thursday, January 21, 2016 at 15.00 in the Central Institute for Building Aviation Engines named after  P. I. Baranov it will be a scientific seminar with a presentation on LENR
В четверг 21 января 2016 г. в 15-00 в Центральном Институте Авиационного Моторостроения им. П.И. Баранова семинар с докладом по НЭЯР
It is about the mechanics of solid states in aviation engine building and is entitled:
"Physics of burning  and detonation of chemical and LENR based fuels"
Authors: M.Ya. Ivanov, V. K. Mamaev. Yu. L.  srov, L.S. Yanovskii from the
Physico-Technical Institute A. F, Ioffe of the Russian Academy
coordinates given. Leaders of the Seminar Prof Yu. M. Temis, Dr. M Ya. Ivanov

3) A Russian forum discussing LENR
LENR и очень скорый крах ... - live.cnews.ru 

4) Remarkable the answer of Alain Coetmeur here:
ELI5: Help me understand LENR 

5) What do you think is the most likely future of humanity?

6) Briliant Light Power coming out of the shadows-by Backtembahttp://www.e-catworld.com/2016/01/11/brilliant-light-power-coming-out-of-the-shadows-becktembra/
You can also take a look to this well informed comment:

7) Cold Fusion Again 
by M. Pitk¨anen 

Email: matpitka6@gmail.com. January 7, 2016 

During years I have developed two models of cold fusion and in this article these models are combined together. The basic idea of TGD based model of cold is that cold fusion occurs in two steps. First dark nuclei (large heff = n × h) with much lower binding energy than ordinary nuclei are formed at magnetic flux tubes possibly carrying monopole flux. These nuclei can leak out the system along magnetic flux tubes. Under some circumstances these dark nuclei can transform to ordinary nuclei and give rise to detectable fusion products. An essential additional condition is that the dark protons can decay to neutrons rapidly enough by exchanges of dark weak bosons effectively massless below atomic length scale. Also beta decays in which dark W boson decays to dark electron and neutrino can be considered. This allows to overcome the Coulomb wall and explains why final state nuclei are stable and the decay to ordinary nuclei does not yield only protons. Thus it seems that this model combined with the TGD variant of Widom-Larsen model could explain nicely the existing data. In this article I will describe the steps leading to the TGD inspired model for cold fusion combining the earlier TGD variant of Widom-Larsen modelwith the model inspired by the TGD inspired model of Pollack’s fourth phase of water using as input data findings from laser pulse induced cold fusion discovered by Leif Holmlid and collaborators. I consider briefly also alternative options (models assuming surface plasma polariton and heavy electron). After that I apply TGD inspired model in some cases (Pons-Fleischman effect, bubble fusion, and LeClair effect). The model explains the strange findings about cold fusion - in particular the fact that only stable nuclei are produced - and suggests that also ordinary nuclear reactions might have more fundamental description in terms of similar model. 

8) Modeling of hydrogen/deuterium dynamics and heat generation on palladium nanoparticles for hydrogen storage and solid-state nuclear fusion
Katsuaki Tanabe,


We modeled the dynamics of hydrogen and deuterium adsorbed on palladium nanoparticles including the heat generation induced by the chemical adsorption and desorption, as well as palladium-catalyzed reactions. Our calculations based on the proposed model reproduce the experimental time-evolution of pressure and temperature with a single set of fitting parameters for hydrogen and deuterium injection. The model we generated with a highly generalized set of formulations can be applied for any combination of a gas species and a catalytic adsorbent/absorbent. Our model can be used as a basis for future research into hydrogen storage and solid-state nuclear fusion technologies.


A Fight for the Soul of Science


A must read, must study, subject for LENR researchers:
Where now for plasmonics?Nature Nanotechnology 11, 1 (2016) doi:10.1038/nnano.2015.333Published online 07 January 2016

From Tanmay Vora's Blog: 
Leaders Need Three Kinds of Focus


  1. I can't help thinking, that the good dottore A. R. has not so much been testing the megawatto-catto,than planning the next inevitable stage of his swindle.

    1. I think you have to manage and organize better your thoughts. You are accusing him of very slow thinking -
      up to 8400 hours for inventing a swindle!
      This is more than strange.
      What facts can you invoke to demonstrate this?
      I dare to advise you- do not try a career in swindle
      you obviously are missing the genes and the skill
      Honesty is the best policy.

    2. I think you have to manage and organize better your thoughts. You are accusing him of very slow thinking -
      up to 8400 hours for inventing a swindle!
      This is more than strange.
      What facts can you invoke to demonstrate this?
      I dare to advise you- do not try a career in swindle
      you obviously are missing the genes and the skill
      Honesty is the best policy.

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  3. What underpins the strong force(the color force) is monopole magnetism in a superconductive context. Certain hard to produce chemical base crystal arrangements can produce this superconductive monopole magnetism. This class of chemicals in a nanoparticle format can disrupt the strong force and the particles that depend on that force.

  4. Matti Pitkänen is known for his fringe theories. They are theories that either do not predict anything new and are thus useless, or theories that simply are not describing the reality as it is.

    But he is as free as anyone to do whatever he likes.