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We are too weak to endure high doses of greatness just as we cannot endure sexual orgasms that last more hours. (Abraham Maslow)

This refers to the "natural" choice of reading today all the smart answers (194) to EDGE.ORG's wise yearly question
It is weekend and vacation-end for many of us, I am not expecting many relevant messages or LENR papers, news  but you never know there are still 7 hours till I will publish this daily issue and the Edge essays are read with the hope that intelligence is contagious.


The Edge answers show how much sciences have progressed during the last 50-60 years. Reading them I remembered my first meetings with science and my initial scientific ideas.
You know I grew up in interesting times and in a rather hostile world- the ghost of Stalinism was very persistent, but the cult of Science, the trust in atomic energy was unstoppable. Being a maximalist I have imagined a kind of model alter ego of myself
who is just solving all the important scientific and technical problems of the world.
His name was RAUL FIBIEGO- the family name comes from combining Fisics, Biology and Egology- sciences of matter, life and thinking (conscience)
Egology- anticipating EGO OUT - was a form of resistance against the collectivist
group thinking ideology of the regime. To be an individualist was then a sin.The name was Spanish- before 1957 the dominant Soviet movies were just propaganda
and we had access only to few Latin language movies Italian French, Spanish-
I remember the name of Juan Antonio Bardem. And we tried to learn those languages.
Today I see what became Physics, Biology, Psychology- what wonderful development took place (add i.a. Computer science to them, Fibiego had no idea it will come and change our lives in so many ways).

I have read many essays- answers however I have decide to chose only one and comment about it- obviously- in some connection with LENR.
My choice: 
Jonathan Schooler
The Infancy Of Meta-Science

It has a lot to do with LENR- "In attempting to understand its own limitations, science is fueling the consolidation of an emerging new discipline: meta-science."
The case of Cold Fusion- LENR will be used for sure in order to understand the limitations, errors, weaknesses of the system of science. We need meta science as a means of the Scientific Method to improve itself. From now on I will include meta-science in the list of subjects followed by Ego Out.

What will learn Science and the Scientists from the history of Cold Fusion? Equally important and more timely, what is learning LENR from its own history? When a marriage between a science and a paradigm does not go well is not happy and fertile- divorce is the unique solution. And a new marriage. Should I say more? 


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  1. Metascience or not metascience. One thing is certain. The 1989-2016... CF episode will not be fogrotten.

    Ludwik Kowalski (see Wikipedia)

    Best wishes to all, especially to Perter Gluck