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At the NOTES I will explain you why I had to choose horse quotations today, one day after the 5-th anniversary of the first Bologna E-Cat experiment

Some people regard private enterprise as a predatory tiger to be shot. Others look on it as a cow they can milk. Not enough people see it as a healthy horse, pulling a sturdy wagon. (Winston Churchill)

A horse never runs so fast as when he has other horses to catch up and outpace.

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Horses lend us the wings we lack.  (Author Unknown) -is the one that has inspired me directly, however due to failing memory I had to read this too:

Arthur Koestler would say I am rather myopic with bisociations.


a) An alternative metaphorical approach to the LENR Story especially after 14 Jan 2011

In case you develop
 the habit of intensive long duration thinking that is considerably more than 5 minutes daily, then sooner or later you will come upon such auto-referential and self-targeting concepts as " the definition of definition" the "representation of the representation" and "the metaphor of metaphor". 

A metaphor is a Mirror with both magic Rontgen-  and prophetic abilities-it also dynamizes/streamlines the imagine, can show imagines from the past (not great trick!) but also from the future! - and that's great! In the mirror everything is brighter than the original reflected in it.
Metaphors have more functions, they are expressive, explanatory, exegetic and exploratory- please see here an other metaphor for LENR:

LENR+- for the time given identical with Rossi's technologies has a specific metaphor- it is an E-cat, its emblematic animal is black Cat - due to semantics
- wordplay- Catalyzer became Cat. Nice, attractive sign, symbol, emblem what you wish but of low value as a metaphor.  It does not make sense, cats are lazy, look down to humans- catch mice only if hungry. Can be adorable but lack character.
And what the worst, have nothing to do with power and energy- the Rossi generator is about these.
Now I want to tell you the paradoxical story  of LENR, and especially  LENR+, I had to choose  a different metaphor- not feline but equine- the Energy-Horse.

It has happened in the Country of the Horse Breeders- they always wished to breed winged horses like Pegasus or those on which the Walkyries are riding (see the music added to this editorial). The task to bred flying horses was and is easy- do not forget that in the country it is strictly forbidden to use any genetic manipulation-
death is the punishment for it.
However kind of miracle happened- two expert breeders- M. and S. known as MandS 
have found in a lake some horse like small creatures- of the size of a Hippocampus fish (sea horse) These were definitely able to fly, unfortunately not always and only for short times. No chances to use them for traction or in races- size matters and nothing could help the animals to grow- they remained hundreds of times smaller than even the Falabella horse. But except MandS many other breeders found the mini- or micro- horses and have founded an association that had to occupy a territory- because the other breeders did not believed that the little flying horses exist, strangely even if they have seen them. The new place was called - easy to guess! LENR - that is Levitating Equines by Natural Reproduction. Years have passed , the LENR breeders have learned a lot, have found tens of explanations of how they can accomplish the task, formed parties and groups made a lot of infighting- but no decent sized horses have appeared.
Than in a winter a stranger came, claiming he has a great sized winged horse
and he will show it to the public. The name of the stranger was Piros (I had a difficult choice, comparing "red" in many languages- this was found as the best- it is in Hungarian sounds aas "pirosh" and resembles "pyros"- fire.)
He was not welcome first ,not being from the LENR community- the breeders from outside of LENR-land also have looked with suspicion to him. When very young, Piros was involved- almost- in a genetic manipulation affair- but was not sentenced.
OK, Piros has made more demonstrations with his flying horses, some people said they were hanged on invisible ropes and are not flying, you could see well their wings. Slowly, slowly he has made a lot of friends and supporters and allies who sincerely believed the horses are flying, however he also had ferocious enemies convinced that everything is a dirty trick and Piros wants to sell non-flying winged horses to the masses, being a lier and a swindler. 
The problem has to be settled in a way or other within two months- Piros has to present his super-flying horse, a Shire, - if it flies well or at least a few miles under control Piros will become the great savior of LENR. If not, vae victis!
I hope he will succeed and the flying horses will make this world a much better place,. Forza, Piros!

Wagner Ride of the Walkyrien
Please listen to this, it is about well fed bellicose ladies riding on real winged horses.

b) At the negative extreme of the opinion spectrum about the E-Cat.

This opinion has to be seriously because it comes from a reputed US scientist
not an amateur one- with remarkable experimental results in LENR- promoter of the
very relevant idea of nano-magnetism in LENR

I did not want to publish this on the Anniversary Day, see please how ends my editorial of yesterday; the E-Horse story at a) is a kind of answer to it. Brian Ahern has taken the responsibility for what he says and predicts. I am not religious, so I cannot pray that he should in error in this case.

From Brian Ahern Acton MA

Rossi performed a test on January 14, 2011 in Bologna. The test was hosted by Giuseppe Levi.

It was the steam debacle. They claimed the steam was 'dry' meaning that it was fully converted from liquid to gaseous conditions.

Of course it was never confirmed and Rossi refused to ever repeat the test with increase water flow to prevent the phase change issue.

Levi was and is an embarrassment. This was an example of testing with complete control by Rossi and concurrence of a noble band of Bolongnese shills.

Rossi could have convinced the entire world by repeating the Bologna demonstration, but he refused because it conflicted with his fraudulent test protocols.

Rossi is better at collecting a loyal following in spite of evidence of fraud at every turn. New folks need to be reminded that Rossi has spent years in Italian prisons for fraudulent activities. We are being asked to forget his innumerable transgressions in hope of a favorable outcome this time.
There is no chance Rossi has what he has been claiming.  He may have several watts excess, but that is a fraudulent result based on his announcements over this year.

I will probably become the public enemy of LENR, but sometimes adult leadership is warranted.

Rossi will not release an INDEPENDENT REPORT this year.

c) Gapingvoid adds an idea to my editorial from Jan 8, 2016:


1) 1 MW E-Cat Plant Watch Thread [UPDATE #32 — AR: If Test Successful E-Cat Plant Customer Would Like to Extend Use

2) LENR Is Real:

3) Cold Fusion Videos

An introduction to the theory of the structure of the nuclei : nuclear lattice, nuclear shell allows to explain the known models of nuclei- drop-, cluster-and layers- and also to understand the nature of the radiationless nuclear cold fusion.

Oil Markets Continue Precipitous Decline

5) Andrea Rossi from the frontline:
January 15th, 2016 at 10:26 AM

Frank Acland:
10.30 of Friday Jan 15th:
a) We have a decrease of efficiency, even if still in the field of good COP. We are studying the situation
b) I can anticipate nothing.
Warm Regards,

6) Русская мозаика LENR- Russian mozaic of-

7) About LENR FORUM- our brother site


The social life of quarks
Adrian Cho
Science 15 Jan 2016:
Vol. 351, Issue 6270, pp. 217-219
DOI: 10.1126/science.351.6270.217\\


Particle physicists at Europe's CERN laboratory in Switzerland say they have observed bizarre new cousins of the protons and neutrons that make up the atomic nucleus. Protons and neutrons consist of other particles called quarks, bound by the strong nuclear force. By smashing particles at high energies, physicists have blasted into fleeting existence hundreds of other quark-containing particles. Until recently, all contained either two or three quarks. But since 2014, researchers working with CERN's Large Hadron Collider have also spotted four- and five-quark particles. Such tetraquarks and pentaquarks could require physicists to rethink their understanding of quantum chromodynamics, or they could have less revolutionary implications. Researchers hope that computer simulations and more collider studies will reveal how the oddball newcomers are put together, but some wonder whether experiments will ever provide a definitive answer


Cracking the Behavior Code

Here  Albert Einstein is quoted as saying, 
“Nothing happens until something moves."
I had no idea Uncle Albert has anticipatively plagiarized my "Existence is non-existence in movement" No problem, ideas cannot be patented.Suppose he comes back today, what can he do for solving the problems of LENR?It is easy to be Great if you choose relatively easy problems!


  1. Hello Peter I have no idea who was first you or uncle:)
    It is true though.
    Just now Mr. Rossi has stuck out his head (again). I admire that. If he is correct, and I hope so,then many people will have egg on their face. Most people would just survive that because of the positive element in the outcome. However, they spout a long series of reasons why he is not to believed, at this time when Rossi is 'all in' (Poker term = point of no return). Thus creating fresh egg (harder to not notice) on their face. Why, do they take the risk? It goes beyond my understanding. It would be OK if they did something - if they moved something. No there is no movement so it is just the old fear of something new. Things change as things move and nothing can we do about it.
    Of course Rossi can be wrong. Well, the only positive for the attackers is they can say "what did I say?" However, as their is no movement it means nothing.

  2. Peter, you must be equally disappointed as I am in Brian's remark about Rossi. I still admire your ability to write the nice horses-LENR metaphor, despite the depression you must have felt. I believe that the 'science community' is very disappointed about Rossi, because he does not provide the data to prove he is right. His results cannot be replicated and they are angered and disappointed about that. I personally agree with them. If Rossi fails to deliver a proper report about the test the coming months, he will lose a lot of credibility, also in our pro-LENR community. I hope you will not lose faith in your LENR+, then. Let's hope for the best!

    1. Thanks, I will try to answer you in my editorial of today.
      I am not depressed just very discontented with the genaral situation in LENR
      and impatient
      I can tell you more such bad things, but actually I have written about them.
      Now we will have new MFMP replication test these days.