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An over-discussed truism:

"All models are wrong but some are useful" (George Box)

Today I committed a model- see below that is also provocative- if understood. 


a) Continuing the idea of yesterday: LENR IS MUCH MORE THAN NUCLEAR PHYSICS

Sciences on which LENR is based:
       Nuclear Physics 
       LAYER K
       Solid State Physics
       Collective Phenomena
       LAYER L
       LAYER M
       Materials Science
       Catalysis Science

NOTE- here is  a gif animation of the model too, for which we claim copyright 
idea Peter Gluck, design Sam Hansson- link at:

I dare to think this is a rich metaphor. says that LENR is pre-nuclear, nuclear and post nuclear. Is multi- disciplinary, multi-step, multi-stage, multi- layer combination of multiple phenomena. Better understanding the specifics of LENR: otherness, complexity, diversity, dynamism, metamorphoses, creativity- endless opportunities.
NO theory restricted to the nuclear stage can explain the process or can lead to technology.
Natural approach to the problem, to build a working system is from LAYER M inside always engineering is the key of success. I am very pleased to see that Ed Storms thinks and tries to convince LENR-ists that Materials Science comes before Nuclear Physics in LENR (is this correct, dear Ed?) but the situation is very far from being simple, even for PdD an under-developed form of LENR due to too slow surface dynamism- a materials science flaw..

I am so convinced that this model is good in principle some  details can be missing
that I am not asking if the model will be accepted- just when? Today there will be a limited number of adherents but I am immune to depression.
b) Two complementary comments:1- by Brian Ahern: "The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing."  Edmund Burke
The great silence around the Rossi technology is a case in point. Where is the outrage?  Where is the evidence?

Everyone is waiting for Godot and Rossi is accumulating wealth.

2- by Anonymous
Thank you for the Quotes from Brian Ahern, one of Americas best who also attacked Dr Rossi when he was down.
We will not forget! 

I believe that exactly as Good and Evil, freedom of speech and responsibility are Siamese twins. Or must be!


1) News from Vladimir Vysotskii
Vladimir Vysotskii is continuing his admirable pro-LENR activity/campaign

"Today on the site of the Ukrainian community ZNANIE(Knowledge, To Know) it was published my lesson
"Are possible nuclear processes in biological systems?"
which I presented on January 28. The lesson was held in Ukrainian language but tthe majority of the slides are in English.
Here you can find it as instruction material with free access:
In it, the history of the problem is presented starting from the Kevran experiments to our researches about transmutations of stable and radioactive isotopes in microbiological cultures however also about biological and physical assumptions  for such reactions in living systems.
In the same place you can find the questions of the listeners and my answers.
The previous lesson that I have presented there at Dec 23, was entitled:
"New Energetics, perspectives and achievements"
This is also accessible on the site of the Znania community. There are also examined the problems of "usual" nuclear energetics, it is presented in detail the evolution of Rossi's system as well as our ideas about the mechanism and the methods of stimulation of such reactions:

Thank you, dear Vladimir!

2) Jean Paul Biberian makes the specification that the papers in French press coming 
on Feb 11 in La Tribune and Les echos are written by journalists not by him, he was interviewed,

3) Gregory Goble reminds us how fine these diagrams are:!ecosystem/ckvr
LENR is really great!

4) Gregory Goble- Cold Fusion/LENR in Japan

5) New MFMP Glowstick Test Underway (Update: Fueled Test Started on Jan 30th)

6) Financial Markets in a Low #OILPRICE #LENR World!

7) It  was published the number 10 of the Journal of Unconventional Science
LENR related papers there
K.A. Alabin, S.N Andreev. A.G. Parkhomov:" The results of the isotopic and elementary analysis of the fuels of the nickel-hydrogen reactors"

 A.G. Parkhomov: Review of the previous experimental investigations regarding nickel-hydrogen reactions at low temperatures"


We're More than Stardust — We're Made of the Big Bang Itself


Game changing innovation is rooted in diverse experiences and knowledge


  1. The goal of LENR engineering in general is the production of metalized hydrogen (AKA Hydrogen Rydberg Matter). This form of hydrogen seems to be the key to supporting the LENR reaction. I have written a post on the ways and means to produce this stuff.

  2. I still think that the field is too awash with fancy ideas. Why not check on old fashioned Acid base theory with Hydrogen molecules and cations of certain isotopes,? the problem bein the special condition which wil produce the cations.....

    1. Dear Dean,
      Can you tell more, I am chemist and do not see the connection- for NiH please! Thanks

    2. Dear Dean,
      If you take a look at the latest data from the Pluto flyby, you can see another cosmologic mystery rear its head that can be well explained by metalized hydrogen as a LENR heat source.

      Pluto is alive—but where is the heat coming from?

      New Photos of Pluto and Moon Surprise, Puzzle Scientists
      There is a tremendous amount of heat coming from the interior of Pluto and its small satellite; so much so, that the surface of Pluto is resurfaced by the eruption of ice from the interior of Pluto. Also there is a constant replenishment of the nitrogen atmosphere of Pluto from the interior.
      The standard causes given for planetary heat production does not apply, that being heat from the sun, radioactive decay, and friction caused by tidal stretching. Furthermore, there is evidence that other smaller free standing bodies in the Kuiper belt sometimes called the Edgeworth–Kuiper belt, are at the far edge of the solar system are producing their own internal heat.
      Although to date most KBOs still appear spectrally featureless due to their faintness, there have been a number of successes in determining their composition. In 1996, Robert H. Brown et al. obtained spectroscopic data on the KBO 1993 SC, revealing its surface composition to be markedly similar to that of Pluto, as well as Neptune's moon Triton, possessing large amounts of methane ice.
      Water ice has been detected in several the Kuiper belt objects (KBO)s, including 1996 TO66, 38628 Huya and 20000 Varuna. In 2004, Mike Brown et al. determined the existence of crystalline water ice and ammonia hydrateon one of the largest known KBOs, 50000 Quaoar. Both of these substances would have been destroyed over the age of the Solar System, suggesting that Quaoar had been recently resurfaced, either by unexplained internal tectonic activity or by meteorite impacts.

      In my opinion, LENR based on metalized hydrogen is a possible answer to these strange cosmological conundrums.

    3. This has been considered and discussed at length at the Society for Classical Physics and is more likely to be hydrino activity. In fact all moons and planets containing water and particular salts may be generating heat from hydrino transitions. Potentially even a portion of Earth's internal heat could be hydrino generated .

      Brilliant Light Power has found as part of its experimental investigations that H2O in alkali halides produces hydrinos when heated as a type of solid fuel reaction. Even when cold, the initial reaction may have some kinetics and then become self propagating with increasing heat release.

      Alkali halides are common components of moon and planet oceans.

  3. Cracks formation may not be the only factor important in LENR.

    The five factors that might contribute to the formation of hydrogen Rydberg matter (HRM) are as follows:

    Electropositive catalytic activity (i.e. lithium, potassium, calcium oxide, rare earth oxides), The low work function of this material seems to be important in HRM catalytic activity. This includes graphite (

    In the Lugano report, there was a coating of rare earths on the nickel fuel particles. This might be related to reducing the work functions of the nickel particles as a result of rare earth oxides in the fuel.

    High pressure produced by flaws in the crystal structure of metal (i.e. nickel)

    Electrostatic field amplification produced by elongated and sharp nanostructures.

    Hexagonal crystal structure that provides a quantum mechanical template for HRM formation.

    A long timeframe – this speaks to the fact that HRM is driven by a probability causation factor similar to radioactive decay.

    Once HRM is formed, it remains active for a long time if it is kept inside the reactor core using containment produced by a magnetic material.

  4. What I have been saying, or ttrying to say is that, in my opinion, Molecular Hydrogen can be accepted INTO certain cations. Once accepted into the cations transfer of one electron into the "electron cloud" would produce a n internal Molecular cation which under what is in effect a Gravitational force would collapse to the equivalent of a deuteron, an triton or a Helium 4 cation,
    Eventually, collapse of a dicatin, emitting an Alpha would produce the Helium 4....
    All of this is based on some of my ideas which are not commonly accepted. I feel there is but one force, not four. To me, electrons may be of as much use in keeping protons apart as holding them together. Chemical type reactins and physical changes can take place inside the relatively ("relativistically?" large spaces within atomsj... There is some basic paleomatter unit having a work function equivalent to H/c per rotation, which is independent of the time necessary for rotation.
    In other words, my ideas ae those that I expostulate in the "Oscilatords in a Substance "J books and elsewhere, and are essentially based on communication theory to a great extent rather than "accepted ideas of physics." a number of which I feel are myths.
    As one of your revered cmns leaders expressed it, I am, apparently, an "incomprehensible Crackpot."

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