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If you do not express your own original ideas, if you do not listen to your own being, you will have betrayed yourself." - Rollo May

You don't understand anything until you learn it more than one way.(Marvin Minsky)

1000% true for LENR!
Marvin Minsky has passed away last Sunday


Introduction too long due to my slow thinking, do not excuse me, please!

I have to confess that "I have nothing against rock music" is just a polite euphemism for "I have not much for it"- a disappointment of my grandson Rudolf, almost 14 years old.  However, the reality is that anytime you are trying to invent a new word or idiom, you will find a rock group owning it as name.. Also you will discover gems of wisdom in the lyrics of many forms of modern music. If you want to play the role of a genuine musical snob, you have to declare arrogantly with a voice like broken glass scratching emery paper that: "any music written after 1750 is too new for me".
I disagree with this manners, however I had no cult for poor David Bowie who has died a week ago. Now I see he has told many wise things too and this is the best 
 for example the English Knowledge management guru David Gurteen has noticed this:

Watch Bowie perfectly predict the Internet's impact on music and society 15 years ago.
The following is quoted: " We are living in total fragmentation"-
I have complained for the same reason specifically for LENR:

The missing link?

In the PdD camp, the worst fragmentation, split, chasm, , schism- and the most fundamental is between the "surface" and the "bulk" proponents. Elementary logic shows that the nuclear reaction can take place only at one of them- human logic. Nature's logic expressed by Niels Bohr's dictum: "Opposites are not contradictory but complementary" is considered purely philosophical not for real life research dilemmas.
What's true, "nuclear active extraordinary voids" (Storms') and "normal lattice assisted nuclear  reactions" (Swartz, Hagelstein) seem to be contradictory, incompatible. Nanostructures on the metal surface, active sites, can be considered 
special zones of a lattice an extraordinary place where quantum mechanics rules and makes impossible things possible. But this has to be discussed in collegial terms.
Some of Mitchell Swartz papers describe special zones in the lattice.

Questions for Mitch Swartz and Peter Hagelstein

Ed Storms is promoting openly and with calm and arguments his theory and is convinced about its validity for both main systems of LENR. Just now he called our attention to the connection between what is described in paper 5)  

We missed this year the MIT School so it is not known what Peter Haegelstein nad Mitch Swartz think TODAY about the main problems of LENR. I am reading Cold Fusion Times frequently but it does not help.

Some ad-hoc questions re their LENR ideology and predictions:
- the most updated variant of theory:
- do they see an accessible way toward a LENR based energy source?
- NANOR was named a technology are there plans and chances to scale it up?
- do you accept the existence of the "Rossi Effect" or enhanced excess heat, and if yes, can you explain it? Again if yes, what chances do you give to it to go commercial?
- what are your predictions for the future of LENR/LANR
- on shorter term, how can LENR obtain a good share of the huge funding planned for Clean Energy?
Thank you!
Anybody is welcome to answer to these nice questions.

The LENR Review will include a lot of "best practice" documents

The LENR Review will include "best practices" - compensating in part the lack of actionable theories. Cause, effect, empirism, alternating Why? and What for? questions- an effective mix.


 1) Topology and LENR (Axil Axil)

2) Rossi: “All the [Energy] Sources Must be Integrated Otherwise LENR will be Killed”

On Rossi's Blog:
Bernie Koppenhofer
January 26th, 2016 at 11:27 AM

Dr. Rossi: During your research with the E-Catx what have you learned about the theory behind the Rossi Effect, have you learned 1) A huge amount of new information, or 2) Some but not enough or 3) Nothing new learned. Thanks
Andrea Rossi
January 26th, 2016 at 4:43 PM

Bernie Koppenhofer:
Warm Regards

3) Report of Andrey Petrovich Hrishchanovich from Zaporozhe about excess heat obtained in the the house boiler using the reaction between hydrogen and nickel.
The author says:
We in Zaporozhe have built a working domestic boiler based on the reaction between hydrogen and nickel with consumed power of 13kW. We constantly observeexcess heat. Now we are performing additional measurements and tests. 
It can be see the increase of COP at the continuos work of the reactors. The effect is probably connected with the activation of the surfaces of the nickel spirals in time. The results are more than modest but the excess heat effect clearly happens.
See the video:

4) Thanks to Mats Lewan:
Hydrogen uptake causes molecular “avalanches” in palladium


LENR- nuclear stage is probable also about "collective" nuclear phenomena

Solving hard quantum problems: Everything is connected
Quantum objects cannot just be understood as the sum of their parts. This is what makes quantum calculations so complicated. Scientists have now calculated Bose-Einstein-condensates, revealing the secrets of the particles' collective behavior.

This method will be used in LENR studies, I bet!
Femtosecond and nanometre visualization of structural dynamics in superheated nanoparticles


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  2. On the surface, in the bulk, on surfaces of atoms or ions within the bulk or wherever the reactions take place, if there be transmutation or splitting, there has to be "reaction under the surfaces" of the atoms which are transmutated or split.
    The fdormation of Helium4 is easily explained if some of the "below-the-surface-of=atoms" reactions produce Alphas.
    This would also explain the occasional notation of the detection of Alphas.
    Apparently a few Alphas escape being immmediately converted to He4.....

  3. - the most updated variant of theory:

    Randell Mills GUTCP covers how the Universe works and is remarkably consistent and accurate in its predictions that are matched by solid experiments. However, he rejects LENR because while he thinks fusion may be possible through deuterium and tritium collapse via the hydrino process, he thinks it does not occur at high reaction rates that can be utilised. Accordingly claimed LENR experiments may produce heat but it is hydrino based heat and it may produce signs of fusion as the hydrinos collapse to very small radii but not as the primary energy source. Accordingly, LENR has failed to become mainstream and produce reliable, consistent and reproducible experiments because it continues to assert a dominant nuclear process while ignoring the dominant hydrino process. Even if Mills is wrong about fusion/transmutation ultimately providing usable energy, LENR researchers will need to accept and clearly separate out hydrino from LENR claims before clarity can be brought to the science.

    - do you accept the existence of the "Rossi Effect" or enhanced excess heat, and if yes, can you explain it? Again if yes, what chances do you give to it to go commercial?
    I don't know. He makes claims but I cannot verify them. I wish him the very best in proving his claims.

    - what are your predictions for the future of LENR/LANR
    I think hydrino based energy sources will be so powerful and reliable that they will overshadow LENR claims in a very, very short period of time.

    1. Mills should resist the temptation to put hydrino theory in his patent applications because these applications may eventually be rejected as contradicting known science.

      What good is having a product that you cannot patent. What good is a theory that cannot support a patent application.

    2. Axil, Peter Zimmerman once said to Mills: why don't you couch your claims in terms of Quantum Theory instead of using your own theory? Mills replied that it wouldn't be honest.

      Ideally, the patent office should be above fights between theorists and look at the evidence impartially.

  4. Dear Peter,

    No disrespect towards you, but I find it hard to connect "best practises" with sloppy tinkering that seem to be a trademark of most LENR enthusiasts.