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This issue of EGO OUT is dedicated to my friend Lennart Thornros; my deep
gratitude for his help.


Relevance is a search engine's holy grail. People want results that are closely connected to their queries.(Marc Ostrofsky)

Never question the relevance of truth, but always question the truth of relevance. (Craig Bruce)

It is possible there are even more relevant quotations about Relevance!

For example:
"Stop giving irrelevant people relevance in your life! (Unknown)
Translated in LENRese, it urges you to stop giving irrelevant {data, facts, ideas, phenomena, theories, etc.} relevance/importance in your {research, thinking, theory}


Two days ago I have described my concern- a lot of potentially good information re LENR is ignored and is  not integrated in a knowledge management system, therefore we (somebody taking responsibility- a Leader) have the duty to build an "ideal" documentation information system. Being, in part a prisoner of the old, pre-Internet documentation methodology and also being a victim of a temporary time and creativity Crisis- I have still not found an inspiring example of a geographical system, with mind maps - that (in my imagination) should be based on instant and simultaneous retrieval of the documents regarding a sub-subject of study.
In the PVC related info- structure- the documents entered obviously chronologically
and they were arranged first logically- in function of the solution described nd then also technologically  i.e. to which technology they belong- thus forming multiple
networks- say all papers and patents describing antifouling of the autoclaves, authored or issued  by Shin Etsu company Japan or polymer types with fast plasticizer absorption by Wacker West Germany (it was in the 70-ies). Believe me the problems were difficult, complex and sometimes subtle- a mixture of science and empiricism, knowledge regarding scales of morphogenesis and morphology, recipes
and principles, tricks. HOWEVER the documentation system, eventually completed to 6200 papers and around 20,000 patents was an invaluable aid in problem solving-
up to the creation of the so necessary holistic (to see the details in the whole) and holographic (to see the whole in any detail). Then I had the privilege of being the leader of the research; our experimentation program at lab, pilot and industrial level was intensive- everybody knew that the product is of strategic importance and must be competitive. As researcher, I was in a position similar with Andrea Rossi's today
however the challenge was not so stressing as his and the quantity of dangerous unknown unknowns- much smaller. Compared to what Rossi does, in my opinion LENR+ technology, my problem was of minor importance. And placed in the central part of the Medawar Zone, not at the extreme right as Low Energy Nuclear Reactions
or Interactions. (I apologize fr these remembrances, however what I said will be useful for understanding the problem and the best approach to it. How can a modern information processing means generate the equivalents of those logical and technological connections and networks in the circumstances of an uniquely complex, diversified, new and dynamic realm as LENR.

My initial definition of the problem is simply not good, my technologist-manager friend Lennart Thornros has shown what we have actually to do re the information system here:
Lennart shows that the magic spell is RELEVANT INFORMATION

If, you follow the mind mapping procedure, you will sooner or later arrive in a line that is the dominant line. I call that focus. 
I do understand that putting all relevant info in order and evaluate it carefully will help with the decision. It might even give the perfect answer. 

It is more important and productive to select the genuinely relevant information than to work with too many data and info; we need something that is ab ovo intelligent and even wise. And, it is naive to wait a fast success.

Relevant, as the magic words do can become toxic or even explosive. There is by far no consensus what is "relevant" LENR information but it is our duty to find it out by step-wise eradicating and eliminating myths and misconceptions starting with idea
that LENR is simple in  some way. 
Do you surely know the statue: "Swords into plowshares" by the Soviet sculptor Evgenyi Vuchetich 
at the United Nations Art Collection

In real-life LENR we have to do something similar with the Occam's Razors in useful things however it is compulsory to use nanotechnology in this symbolic.transformation. My most spiritual belief is that Nature's leading ambition s to be interesting, Mother Nature has innumerable Solutions and no Problems. We, humans- have the reverse many times.

I am also very grateful to the reader Sam who has very well described the situation of LENR information and has suggested our possible allies in this action.

I have received some critics and advises from one or two (?) Anonymous readers. He/they dislike my idea- I have the e-mails but there is no link at the blog

I am reproducing here some fragments of the e-mails, just for giving him a chance to be read here:

At some point, I had one picture that every day accounted for the same amount of traffic as Peter Gluck's Ego Out gets in several years. Eventually, people started to use the same words as I used to describe the photo, and now they've eaten up all that traffic. 

I am contented with the traffic at my blog znd with its impact, see please what I wrote yesterday.

Anonymous ends his mess sage with:
So to summon up my thoughts
- There are good databases that work well at the moment
- There is not much need (?) for any other database/network at the moment
- There could soon be need for new databases in the future and it makes good sense to prepare for such a scenario
- If Cold Fusion goes viral again, there will be many databases and networks coexisting, the opportunities are endless. 
- There will be a dirty war for people's clicks, and attention. When that happens, it will be hard to control traffic just by providing the best service. It might be easier to focus energy on building narratives, social engineering, and predictive programming. A good proof of concept is the blog of Dr. Bob. He is a time traveling dog who likes pizza with popcorn - in a fair (Internet) competition he would make minced meat out of LENR-CANR.Org's political correct hard facts.

His points of view, fine!
I like LENR-CANR.ORG very much, use it almost daily.
When Cold Fusion went viral in 1989, the Internet was mainly e-mail, the very first I have received was from Douglas Morrison
Dr. Bob is fighting for LENR and not badly. There are many kinds of good music


1) Industrial 1MW Warm Ecat

2) Andrea Rossi
January 6th, 2016 at 8:08 PM

Please go to
It is the new official website of Leonardo Corporation for the E-Cat.
It has been renewed substantially during the last 3 days, to prepare the new phase of Leonardo Corporation.
Leonardo Corporation will go through a process of strong development to prepare the huge work that will have to be done after the end of the tests on course. If the results will be positive, we will have a huge work to do. If they will be negative, we will have an even more huge work to do.
I think our website has been well improved. Suggestions are welcome.
Warm Regards,

3) LENR is a Fundamental Force of Nature (Axil Axil)

4) Nanomagnetism and LENR by Brian Ahern

5) LENR: Quantitative Model of the E-cat Based on the LAV Theory by Vladimir Dubinko

6) Mats Lewan to present at Energy 2.0 Society Webinar- January 16

7) Ukraine. Generator Rossi. Thermonuclear and Cold Fusion.Theory.Technology
by Dmitri Chukichev
Украина. Генератор Росси. Термоядерный, холодный синтез. Теория, технология.
 Дмитрий Чукичев

8) Estimated Worth and Traffic Analysis 

9) Physicist-nuclearist I.S. Filimonenko about the causes of the extinction of the Earth
физик-ядерщик И.С. ФИЛИМОНЕНКО о причинах угасания Земли
It is about the "Watt d-or" Prizes in the field of energy- good, nice but conventional
devices, methods, innovations.
The comment of Walter:
"Such creations had their reason 30 years prior to today. Now LENR istays before the door -so that these things will have just an alibi function. Who wants to be informed should read in English:


Liquid Metallic Hydrogen: A Building Block for the Liquid Sun

The reference puts forth a case that explains the sun as a condensed matter object made up of a liquid hydrogen lattice. The evidence that supports this idea is rooted in the continuous black body spectrum of the light that the sun produces. Only a solid like graphite can produce such a continuous spectrum. This idea that the sun is a condensed matter object rather than a gas explains many of the solar mysteries that have perplexed solar science for the last two centuries. But what cannot be explained and what is discouraging the idea that he sun is a condensed matter body made up of liquid hydrogen is how that liquid could remain liquid under the tremendous heat and pressure that exists inside the sun and in its atmosphere.

Another mystery about the sun is why it is not far denser than it is. There is a force intrinsic to the liquid hydrogen from becoming degenerate and therefore keeps the fusion going in the sun.

Degeneracy removes all of the forces which lead to fusion. As such, it should be more reasonable to maintain the relative incompressibility of condensed matter. The Sun, after all, has a very ordinary density of 1.4 g/cm3 [141] and the same is true for the giant planets.

From the conclusion

Relative to the Sun, a condensed approach brings interesting contrasts and dilemmas versus the gaseous models. The latter are endowed with tremendous mathematical flexibility [1, 2], but their physical relevance appears limited. Gases cannot by themselves impart structure and the solar spectrum is not easily explained in a gaseous framework [9]. The gaseous stars suffer from the stellar opacity problem [9]. Conversely, a liquid metallic hydrogen model imparts a wonderful ability to explain the origin of the solar spectrum relying on the layered structure held in common with graphite [141–149]. Metallic hydrogen possesses a very high critical temperature and can exist as condensed matter even on the solar surface accounting for many features of the Sun best characterized by material endowed with a lattice [141]. Most of the physical attributes of the Sun are more simply explained within the framework of a liquid model [141]. However, a condensed Sun is not as open to theoretical formulations. The advantages of a liquid Sun are now so numerous [20, 141–149] that it is difficult to conceive why the model was not proposed long ago. This speaks to the allure of the gaseous Sun and the mathematical beauty of the associated equations of state. In closing, it should be highlighted that there is currently an effort to describe the Sun as “liquid-like” (e.g. [162]). In the end, the author believes that such terminology should be avoided. If the Sun is condensed, it should be viewed as liquid, not “liquid-like”. Even gases could be “liquid-like”. Such terms cannot be sufficient, since a real lattice is required for production of the solar thermal spectrum. No compromise can be made on this point for those who have studied thermal emission in real materials. “Liquid-like” might refer to anything from a gas, to plasma, to fully degenerate matter, to supercritical fluid and none are necessarily endowed with a lattice. The contention of this work remains that the photosphere of the Sun is liquid, with true lattice structure and ordered interatomic distances. The adoption of liquid metallic hydrogen as a solar constituent brings with it a wealth of possibilities in describing solar structures and understanding the solar spectrum. Central to this advancement, the lattice must remain the foremost element in all of condensed matter, whether here on Earth, within the Sun, and even, in the firmament of the stars. Acknowledgement Luc Robitaille is acknowledged for producing a rendition of graphite’s layered lattice.

LENR is a fundamental force of nature.  LENR gives liquid hydrogen its incompressibility. We who have been studying LENR understand that a monopole magnetic shield protects the liquid hydrogen that we know as Rydberg hydrogen matter from becoming degenerated matter in the giant planets and stars. Degenerate matter cannot support fusion so LENR is keeping the sun shining. This monopole force keeps the biggest and most massive stars from burring out and collapsing in on themselves. This monopole force gives LENR the ability to produce nuclear reactions directly within the nucleus of the atom as the strong force. The evidence from the sun and the planets adds to our understanding of what LENR is.


The Stueckelberg Off-Mass Shell Model for Particle Interaction as Template for New Insight into Hidden Dimensions of Time and Mass 
Donald Reed

Research might lead to a cheaper, more efficient, hydrogen economy
January 6, 2016

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