Friday, January 1, 2016



Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings.(Salvador Dali)
(he was anticipatively plagiarized by Saint Augustine)

Ambition is the path to success, persistence is the vehicle you arrive in.
(William Eardley IV)


I have developed rather effective methods to catch flying bricks or stones thrown toward me- or to protect myself from these- so I will write positively about Andrea Rossi's revelation dream and will join those who are wishing happy i.e. creative New Year to the inventor of LENR+.
Recently Rossi has said he wants to start a a commercial and industrial revolution in energetics- now we can see that his dream is much more about his ambitions, not about the structure and functionality of the E-Cat X. What he says about the wafer can be true- but how relevant it is technologically? If you want an answer please read the hundreds of comments  at the LENR forums and discussion groups.
I think it is a beautiful dream, Rossi's ambitions are humanly and scientifically good.
It is not important that I would imagine a very different energetic infrastructure, less modular and with no underground pipes.

Can you imagine- Rossi has not appeared 5 years minus two weeks ago- what could  LENR faithful discuss today? What would we expect from a Rossi-less 2016?
Some scientific method purists - in part also PdD fans say Rossi has perturbed a healthy, scientifically correct process- LENR science at its best. Has he taken some funds or other means from hard-core LENR-ists? How much harm has he done to our (Cold Fusion, LENR) good reputation and popularity? He was an outsider who came with a very surprising idea and solution and is developing it in the spirit of the second Motto.
The dream was about the ambitions of Rossi the Reformer of LENR. Let's hope he will dream next time about his creature called E-Cat X- meowing flames and electricity


1) Rossi's revelation is this:
Dear Readers of the JoNP:
It’s 00.00.01″ of January 1st 2016.
Update: the 1 MW E-Cat is stable and in ssm, the E-Cat X is very promising and still operating and making heat, electricity.
The E-Cat X is very close to the design of the core of the apparatus described in the US Patent, I mean the wafer. It has been engineered to resist to very high temperatures. The electricity exits directly from the wafer.
As I said , several nights ago I had a dream. The E-Cat X had been produced in billions pieces, each of them assembled with others in various combinations to make public lamps: a town was totally illuminated by the E-Cat X and from every lamp a network of pipes and of wires was able to distribute heat and electricity to the houses.
In that town there were about 1 million lamps each of them of 500 watts, consuming about 50 watts; consequently, there were 450 MWh/h produced, of which about half were turned into heat distributed to the houses through a network of well insulated pipes, running underground, like optic fibers, the other half was used to enlight the town and to distribute electricity to the households. The cost of the E-Cat X was around 50 $/kW of power, due to the production of billions of pieces per year in all the world, with tens of thousands of jobs. Less taxes were paid by the people, due to the saves derived from low pollution and low energy cost for public services. Millions of persons were also earning money selling E-Cats and every owner of E-Cats was saving money in utilities ( electricity, heat, light).
Then I heard the alarm clock: it was time to return to the factory, to make true the dream. F9.
Happy new year, I love you all.
I am drinking my cup of Korbel champagne, then i have to return to the gauges of the plant. She is good, tonight.
Again, Happy 2016, May God bless you all,
2) Lattice Energy LLC - Many body collective magnetic mechanism creates ultrahigh energy cosmic rays - Jan 1 2016

3) 10 Green design predictions for 2016
 "More charlatans will pretend that they’ve solved cold fusion by calling it LENR.

Perfect perfidy!
(Saul Griffith, Inventor, Founder of the Other Lab, Makani, Squid Lab)

Annual Splashing of Cold and/or Hot Water on Cold Fusion

The promised translation of the Cambridge Professor Huw Price article is here:

Thanks to the translator, Zoltan Rausch and the unknown reviewers of the translation

From Jack Cole- Russ Griess' LENR Research Apparatus


Speculation on how the E-Cat X works.

The E-Cat-X might works as a Hot cathode. Photons produce hot electrons on the surface of the alumina that are emitted from the surface. If a anode is placed on the outside of the cathode to capture the emitted electrons, then this will setup a current flow between the alumina and the wire grid acting as a anode that surrounds the alumina.

Alumina is a well known thermionic emitter.

The steel clad core must produce particle emissions (meson) that set up a LENR reaction in the alumina where the alumina gets hotter than the core. Rossi may have seen the heater wire shadow in the Lugano test which shows that the alumina was hotter than the heater wire which means that the alumina is the site where the LENR reaction is taking place.

Why would Rossi keep people away from his E-Cat-X? IF someone saw a wire grid surrounding the alumina shell, it is easy to deduce how the E-Cat-X is producing electricity.

Rossi may have placed the E-Cat-X is a vacuum to optimize electron flow between the cathode(alumina) and the anode (Wire grid or plate). 

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  1. Like in a vacuum tube, a grid can pick up charged particles like the muons and electrons electrons if the EMF is electrostatic. A coil is for magnetic EMF collection.

    If the X cat operates like a vacuum tube, it may be possible to control what it does by applying voltage to various control grids. Heat vs, electricity and voltage vs. current could be controlled by a associated control grid. This tells us something about how the LENR reaction works. If a voltage on a control grid pulls out EMF from the core, the electric output goes up and the heat goes down. If a grid restricts the current, then the voltage goes up.

    The charged particle that might be effected that is active in the LENR reaction might be muons. Pulling muons out of the core may slow down the reaction and keeping them inside the core may speed up the reaction.

    If I were Rossi, I would look for muon emissions coming out of his reactor.

  2. I can't imagine why anyone believes Rossi for an instant! By the way, Peter, have you spoken to Hadjichristos lately? How is his newest Hyperion reactor going with Defkalion? Seen it yet?

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