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Like active sites in LENR+, Readers are coming, doing (reading) going and coming back or not- in average some 950 per day this month, presumably. So not all of them have read everything I ever wrote, I can afford to repeat some ideas because  I think recurrent themes of my issues are unavoidable- problems reveal their new facets and /or change surprisingly.
So would it be a great error to use traditional quotations about errors? 


The aim of science is not to open the door to infinite wisdom, but to set a limit to infinite error.  (Bertolt BrechtLife of Galileo)


a) PHYSICS, errors, LENR- can this be an instructive mix?

It happened that today I have got documents about errors in physics- obviously these could have a negative influence on the development of LENR too- however the problem is  a bit more complex.

First Valery Tarasov has published on LENR Forum paper no 2) below:
LENR in h-space theory and one mistake of conventional physics
It is about his theory- too high level physics for me, however his vision of the LENR problem seems to be realistic and I definitely like it:
I cite:
For the last five years, from the first public demonstration in 2011, the development of the E-cat had a significant progress in engineering of the commercial product. In contrast, less clear is the LENR mechanism, even after publishing the patent and two reports of E-cat tests. 
If we look on LENR field outside the E-cat story the current understanding of LENR mechanism is even more uncertain since the prevailing idea of LENR is still inherited from Cold/Hot fusion concept. 

Tarasov explains that LENR- Rossi style is natural in his theory, however his theory is in contradiction with the known and accepted values of the ratios of charge to mass for the electron so the classic Thomson’s and Wien’s experiments were erroneous. Let's see what happens- has Tarasov discovered a part of the LENR truth?

I have also received an interesting message, about physics and errors from my friend Vlad Plesa. He quotes W Guglinski, the physicist who has published about his theory on Andrea Rossi's Blog 
Aether is unavoidable, since it is growing the number of physicists who are realizing that the adoption of the concept of empty space is the biggest error occurred in the History of Physics." (
All the theories from modern physics (Quantum Field Theory) had been developed based on the hypothesis that the space is empty (the vacuum is empty space) and this is almost certainly false.
Vlad Plesa says it is a possibility that W Guglinski and others with theories including the aether as for example David Thomson III - may be onto something even on a reasonable explanation for LENR+ (see 4 - Puzzle of the Rossi-Effect,

In my opinion, Physics greatest error and historical sin toward LENR was mistreating and oppressing it- "believing" that it belongs ONLY to physicists
Actually LENR is much more than Physics.
b) Brian Ahern about the BLP demo:

c) Brian Ahern predicts Rossi's next move

I have observed the effect I call, ROSSI CREEP. He finds ways to extend his calendar for an open look at his system. He is now alluding to showing the technology by the end of 2016.
What happened to the test concluding in February?
I have been part of the Rossi creep phenomenon since early 2009.
You are amazingly non-critical of him.
Remember, he has never allowed a single INDEPENDENT test of any aspect of LENR. All of his communications are meant to conceal while cajoling a troupe of fanatic followers.
Randell Mills refuse my application to attend his demo on Thursday. He is of the same ilk.

I hope Brian is in error and Rossi will communicate good results the latest March 23, at the 27th anniversary of Cold Fusion- as a symbolic action..


1) Jean Paul Biberian will publish two papers about LENR in the French Press;
La Tribune and Les Echos- they will be published on Feb. 11, 2016


This news was also announced on the Official Russian website:

2) Valery Tarasov's Theory- discussed at Notes
LENR in h-space theory and one mistake of conventional physics

5) Andrea Rossi daily report
January 30th, 2016 at 9:50 AM

Time: 09.50 a.m. of Saturday January 30 2016
1 MW E-Cat: stable
E-Cat X: 2 in operation, 1 under destructive test. All very promising.
Warm Regards,
Italo R.
January 29th, 2016 at 11:48 PM

Dear Dr. Rossi, can you tell us what type of intervention did your team to solve the problem?
1 – replacement of parts of the plant
2 – change in operating conditions
3 – both
4 – other

Kind Regards,
Italo R.

Andrea Rossi answering:
January 30th, 2016 at 8:09 AM

Italo R.:
Warm Regards,


Two inspiring papers about nanocatalysis

Small is different

For this nanocatalyst reaction, one atom makes a big difference


3 Dangerous Myths about Innovators and Creators


  1. Peter,

    The papers that will be published in the press are not mine, they are written by journalists. I was simply interviewed.


    1. Oh drat, I would be far more interested in your original unfiltered ideas.... ces't la vie. I will read the stories with the hunger of a child looking at a fresh croissant.

  2. Reference:

    This reference shows one of several methods of producing Hydrogen Rydberg matter(HRM). This methid is based on the high pressure compression of hydrogen by the absorption of hydrogen into nickel. The nickel must be made receptive to hydrogen absorption through the fracturing of the nickel lattice by the application of various lattice stressors carried out over a long period of time. Rossi's fuel preprocessing method could produce both fractured nickel powder and HRM to be loaded into the reactor as fuel.

    If you have any 5 year old nickel batteries, your in luck. You can extract(HRM) through acid treatment of their nickel electrodes.

    One interesting coincidence is the mention that the extracted HRM is a fine gray powder as stated by the following:

    [quote]As a result of the metalceramic nickel matrix dissolution, the portion of electrode submerged into solution, detached, and dropped to the flask bottom. The fallen portion had the appearance of the initial electrode without any changes. However during extraction from the solution and when the fallen portion was touched, it split into small crystals of grey color with metallic luster[/quote]

    Fine grey powder is seen in the Lugano test in the ash.

    There are other mechanisms that can produce HRM as ECCO is theorizing. I believe that Rossi realized this when he understood that the nickel in the Hot cat had melted. Unbeknownst to Rossi before the Lugano test, there was another mechanism that could support HRM production.

    I believe that the inclusion of mica used as an insulation between the wafer heater from the two adjacent fuel chambers produce HRM as a result of an infrared photon lensing effect that uses it hexagonal crystal structure to quantum mechanically catalyze HRM in the same fashion as graphite does. This is exactly what Holmlid is doing with graphite and iron oxide(both are hexagonal crystals) and laser light.


  3. Thank you for the Quotes from Brian Ahern, one of Americas best who also attacked Dr Rossi when he was down.

    We will not forget!