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A goal without a plan is just a wish (Antoine De Saint-Exupery) 

A leader without a plan or a plan without a leader simply won't succeed. (Management truism)
Only a real leader can make a good plan when it is about a difficult, complex challenging Task
He does not know more than the members of his team, however The secret of business is to know something that nobody else knows. (Aristotle Onassis). This unique knowledge of the leader is a miracle but can become  a curse  in times of crisis.
The community of those people who WANT to make LENR a source of energy, considerably smaller than what could be called The LENR Community- needs a leader- able to make plans. Good plans, imperative and inquisitive, living plans
able to grow, to develop to reinforce, carrying the correct answer to the fundamental question "To be , or not to be?" Become!


In a short Open Letter formulated in extreme haste  I have asked entrepreneur 
Carl Victor Page, answering to the yearly question of said good things about LENR- a proof of his courage, social responsibility and wisdom, I think- if he can imagine to become the leader of the LENR movement? 
He does not need to be a great scientist, LENR owns some of the smartest scientists world wide, just due to unfortunate historical circumstances they are not searching what, where, how and why LENR is. Still not  searching for the real identity, in the best place, with effective methods, guided by the reality of LENR.
I have read Carl's EDGE answer-it is an impressively intelligent and documented LENR document- not LENR+ and only LENR+ leads to usable energy.
Victory is a pragmatic problem- not so much a scientific problem. However after making the correct change, choice, science at its best and technology at its peak levels will accomplish the Task.
I regret that I don't know Carl- I could not go to ICCF-19 where he was present.  
May I ask a mutual friend, perhaps you dear S.H.?  to convey him my messages?
Thank you in advance!


Carl V. Page
Serial Entrepreneur; Co-founder e GroupsLow Energy Nuclear Reactions Work And Could Supplant Fossil Fuels
(This was communicated separately to the Readers in an early edition today)
This info on the LENR-Forum:
today Carl Page, brother of the Google founder Larry Page, wrote an interesting article about his view on LENR:

Carl Page's writing on a a German language forum;,2759331,3147541
and here too:

More will come, but it  is enough for today.
2) The Future: Your predictions. What three (3) things do you think will be most different about the world in 20 years from now?
One mention f LENR.

3) Cold Fusion update#2 LENR Low Temp Calorimeter system overview Discussion video.

4) Some answers of Andrea Rossi:

January 2nd, 2016 at 6:54 AM

Dr Andrea Rossi:
What is the expected life of an E.Cat X?
Thak you,
Andrea Rossi
January 2nd, 2016 at 8:24 AM

130,000 hours ( projections)
Warm Regards,
January 2nd, 2016 at 7:09 AM

1) is the e-cat X generating DC or AC ?
2) What ranges of V-A per unit as is today?
3) If is AC, is what is the frequency?
4) is that frequency stable as needed to be on the grid?
5) how do you gather the current ? Inside the vessel or outside?
Thanks, happy new year, Gherardo

Andrea Rossi
January 2nd, 2016 at 8:22 AM

1- DC
2- n.a.
3- n.a.
4- outside
Warm Regards,

5) Is Piantelii close to commercializing Technology?

6) Brillouin Energye advancing milestones:


Like in a vacuum tube, a grid can pick up charged particles like the muons and electrons electrons if the EMF is electrostatic. A coil is for magnetic EMF collection.

If the X cat operates like a vacuum tube, it may be possible to control what it does by applying voltage to various control grids. Heat vs, electricity and voltage vs. current could be controlled by a associated control grid. This tells us something about how the LENR reaction works. If a voltage on a control grid pulls out EMF from the core, the electric output goes up and the heat goes down. If a grid restricts the current, then the voltage goes up. 

The charged particle that might be effected that is active in the LENR reaction might be muons. Pulling muons out of the core may slow down the reaction and keeping them inside the core may speed up the reaction.

If I were Rossi, I would look for muon emissions coming out of his reactor. 

 LENR IN CONTEXT-1 (scientific, technologica)

a) New supersonic gas jet target for low energy nuclear reaction studies

F. Favela, L. Acosta, E. Andrade, V. Araujo, A. Huerta, O. G. de Lucio, G. Murillo, M. E. Ortiz, R. Policroniades, P. Santa Rita, A. Varela, and E. Chávez
Phys. Rev. ST Accel. Beams 18, 123502 – Published 29 December 2015

A windowless supersonic gas jet target (SUGAR) has been put in operation recently in Mexico. It is the first target of its kind in the country and the region. New research opportunities become available with this facility through the study of the direct beam-gas interaction: nuclear physics and astrophysics, atomic physics, interaction of radiation with matter and other interdisciplinary applications. A general description of the apparatus and its commissioning is given here. Air, nitrogen and argon jets were produced. Proton and deuteron beams were used to measure key parameters of the system to compare with theoretical estimates. In addition, as a first study case, we present data from the 14Nðd; αÞ12C reaction, at center of mass energies between 1.9 and 3.0 MeV with an E-ΔE telescope detector at 35°. Excitation functions for several excited states were constructed and an 16O resonance at 22.72 MeV was confirmed.

b) New acoustic technique reveals structural information in nanoscale materials

LENR will need it for sure- it is nanotechnology based

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