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"Our technology has nothing in common with the F&P experiment.
They have the merit to have sparked the idea to obtain nuclear effects at low temperature, though: in this, we all are indebted with them, honestly. *

Andrea Rossi- to  Jerry Norcross, Jan 16, 2016

Paternity- NO! Solidarity - YES! We old LENR-ists and  the friends of Rossi- we are in the same boat now and we need it. 
(re solidarity I wrote once a Septoe showing it's usually not very manifest in trouble:

In need, solidarity becomes liquidarity even gasidarity.

However we need LENR solidarity!

Anyway,  I think for PdD people it would be wise do not give advices to Rossi, he could answer with one of my favorite quotations: 
Non datemi consigli, so sbagliare da me. (Pitigrilli, Dino Segre))Do not give me advices, I can err myself”

However it will come one more Motto, now.
I have decided to interrupt the series of negative opinions, dim predictions, exercises in pessimism- for a few days- and to move to the sunny side. Sunny side in Hungarian "Napos oldal" is a very well written novel, excellent humor, superior wisdom by the writer Karacsony Beno (1888  Szekesfehervar/Alba Iulia- 1944 Auschwitz)- I have chosen this saying authored by him:

"The World is not ruled by reason, but my narrow-mindedness, not by the love of truth but by the cults of the images of truths" (Karacsony Beno)
Painfully true- even today and around LENR too


Still from the dark side

a) Echo of Brian Ahern's opinion and predictions

I declare that I am not affiliated to the "Physics Nobel Price for Andrea Rossi, 2011!" movement. Even if I live till 2021 I will not sign any petition re. starting the procedures for his beatification  and sainthood. My focus is not on his interesting, complex and in part, paradoxical personality, but on his generators, full name Energy Catalyst. Please read my "Topology is the key" and "Why Technology first" papers easily accessible on the Web or at EGO OUT- and decide if I have predicted the coming of Rossi or not. What I could not predict and also cannot understand up to today is his problem solving methods e.g. why he applies technology however speaks only about Science, how he defines and keeps secret IP-relevant data.
So Rossi has polarized the people, I know bright, highly intelligent, perfectly honest, serious professional people who are 100% against him and other people with the exactly the same virtues supporting him absolutely. A differentiating factor could be how much direct information these two opposing categories possess. Is he a  swindler or one of the greatest inventors of human history, Prometheus the Second? What's sure not a democratic process will bring the decision.
In this case, I have the "Mytholit" problem with the  "raison d'etre" of the Scam which must be very elaborate- international. In the Orwellian, absurd play of my childhood friend Ritz (Nicolae Stancu) Mytholit was a building material that collapses at half of its own weight, however everybody must buy it because the damned product is manufactured by the corporation of the Great Dictator; it was a combination of the wildest capitalism and the worst communist society in  which we were effectively living/surviving.. I do not remember the details
however the Dictator had a beautiful daughter Englena and her lover, Pyril convinces his father-in-law in spe to start other businesses- a bit more useful.
Why should Rossi and his shills (I have learned the word from Brian Ahern) try to fabricate and commercialize generators that do not generate even traces of excess energy? I have seen many scams, I have written about them in my INFO KAPPA newsletter; this one seems more absurd than the absurd- and so much work and ado for it? 
This is, in part, my answer to these two comments - the authors agree quite well with Ahern's statements and one of dear them comes from a really good dear friend with whom I have collaborated perfectly- many years.

 Please read them:;

I am already preparinng my editorial about psychology of believing (secular things) for the Day- probably March 23 when Andrea Rossi will inform the world about the results positive or negative of the !MW plant test. 
The last sentence of my editorial will be "I was right, as usual."

b) To go away, temporarily from the dark, hostile, negative side of the opinion spectrum- first I publish this: 

"Pathoskeptic" tell us openly how has he arrived ityonot believing in what Rossi says
The author is from Finland, his name is Timo Ylhäinen (tyy on forums) 

Thank you for asking me to write about my stance in cold fusion debate.

My background is in theoretical physics, though I have not been directly
involved with academic circles for decades, but been working for
technology and software industry. Still I have been lucky enough to work
within engineering fields that require physics, so my education may not
be completely wasted.

Currently, I am working as an independent technology consultant without
any strong ties to any companies, organizations or entities, other that
my customers.

To your questions you have put out on Ego Out; I have a problem
understanding some of them and do not like much ticking a box for
preselected answers, so let me answer freely.

I have been interested in fringe knowledge since I was a kid. I used to
believe in UFOs and paranormal when I was 12, but soon learned that
there is true knowledge available. At that time, 45 years ago, searching
for knowledge was more difficult than nowadays.

The search for actual knowledge led me to university and studying
physics, but as long as I remember, I have been following strange claims
and debating with supporters of paranormal, crank medicine and
pseudo-science, just to name a few. For this kind of interest, Internet
opened a whole new world.

I have not been following cold fusion controversy for that many years
though. The academic world pretty much forgot about it since the
disaster devised by Fleischmann and Pons. At that time I was working for
national radiation security in Finland and was very exited of  possibly
of cold fusion, as were many others. Until it became clear that nobody
could actually replicate what F&P claimed, so my interest vanished.

The interest was revived by one Italian "businessman" Andrea Rossi. I
was amazed that Sven Kullander and Hanno Essén, who Swedish physicists,
actually believed Rossi had something.

So I started following Rossi and occasionally wrote down my thoughts in
my blog (in Finnish).

At one point, I got a comment from one AlainCo. I asked him not to
comment my Finnish blog in English, because it would not serve any
purpose; he clearly did not understand what I wrote but did choose to
comment anyway.

I admit that I was a bit offended by his aggressive mission to
evangelize LENR, so you might want to thank him for waking me up to bug
the cold fusion community.

I know many people are offended by my commentary and I cannot blame
them. Though I think many people wrongly take critique against their
views personally, I have not always been following good manners when
writing what I think. That remains my shame only.

Now, I do not know if there is anything behind LENR/Cold fusion, maybe
there is. But I am pretty sure it is nothing use-able to energy
production. Please do not ask me to investigate "evidence", I have
investigated and found nothing but scattered claims, wishful thinking,
sloppy tinkering and downright lunacy.

Cold fusion seems to be similar to paranormal: there is only anecdotal
evidence without repeatability. I fear many cold fusion researchers are
not recognizing their failure to observe objectively. None of us can do
that, we are human.

What comes to Andrea Rossi, I have little doubt in my mind: His
endeavour looks like a classical fraud. If he has something real, he has
done a formidable job in making it look like absolute bullshit. He
probably knows exactly what he is doing; he knows many won't be able to
see behind his smoke and mirrors and sleigh of hand.

I have no mission against cold fusion specifically, only against sloppy
research and false ideas in general. Especially I cannot accept fraud
and dishonesty, I will fight that if I can, even though I know it won't
make any different.

Should I be wrong, I could say I'd be sorry, but actually probably not.
Instead I would use my opportunity to learn new things and be able to
look at a very new view of reality.

What could be more trilling than that.

So, with you, I sincerely hope my arguments and opinions really are flawed.


1) New Photo of Rossi and 1MW Plant

2) Video of Mats Lewan LENR Webinar, Jan. 16, 2016 (Richard B. Fox)

3) From LENR Forum: Alan Goldwater of MFMP just announced another Glowstick reactor Test series. It can be discussed in our forum:

4) 1MW E-Cat Plant Watch Thread [UPDATE #33 — Reactors in Plant Losing Some Efficiency]
5) NUKEY Europe created for LENRG

6) Hexagonal Crystals and LENR (Axil Axil)                                                                 
Ron Kita adds to this, on Vortex::
"Since my interests reside in hexagonal structures, I always wondered IF hexagonal structures are "fundamental".  Several years ago in a special edition of Scientific American was an article on Kagome Structures that are based upon equilateral triangles and their relationship to Space-Time. 

7) From Gregory Goble- thanks, dear Greg!
European Union RECREATE Project and LENR Nuclear Aircraft"

Koen de Cock (NLR) - A brief status report, based on work performed by
research leading to these results has received funding from the
European Union Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under grant
agreement n° 284741.

RECREATE Project duration: August 2011 to January 2015

RECREATE Partners:

– NLR, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
– DLR Braunschweig, Germany
– FOI, Sweden
– TU Munich, Germany
– TU Delft, The Netherlands
– Queen’s University Belfast, UK
– ZHAW, Zurich, Switzerland
– Nangia Research Associates, UK
– NRG, Petten, The Netherlands

Disruptive Nuclear Physics Quote from the Status Report

“RECREATE is close to the formulation of a roadmap towards airworthiness.

– For RECREATE concept 1 (nuclear cruiser) airworthiness is not within
reach; awaiting discovery and confirmation of new disruptive nuclear

– For RECREATE concept 2 (refuelling) similarity with airworthiness of
autoland solutions is suggested. AW of RECREATE concept 2 is now
judged as being feasible.”

Thesis by T.J.H.S. Schuwer at Delft


University of Technology, also known as TU Delft, is the largest and
oldest Dutch public technical university, located in Delft,

LENR Quote from the Thesis

"Another, more well-known, concept for alternative nuclear energy is
that of Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR). This is a general term
that encompasses different processes that claim to achieve nuclear
fusion at temperatures far below the plasma environment that is
normally required for nuclear fusion to take place. The most
well-known claim started in 1989 by Fleischmann and Pons with the
publication of an article reporting excessive heat production during
an experiment that involved electrolysis of heavy water on the surface
of a palladium electrode[21]. Reporting net energy productions of 300%
the energy input, this sparked a lot of enthusiasm throughout the
(scientific) community. From the publication date onwards, numerous
researchers have tried to replicate the aforementioned results. Some
have found energy gains but most were futile. A summary is given in
[22] with the following sentence. “So far all microscopic
investigations have shown that the low-temperature fusion reaction is
taking place only on tiny, isolated areas of the surface of Pd and
also other metals.”

8) Global Warming is worse than we thought:

9) And if Cold Fusion  (E-Cat)could be the reason for the landing (falling) of the price of oil?
E se La Fusione Fredda (E-Cat) Fosse alla Base dello Sbraco del Petrolio?  -It is not, so different people as Andrea Rossi, Mary Yugo nad I agree upon this- no onnection yet!

10) Is LENR real?

11) Signalled by Alain Coetmeur:
Radiochemical Observations for Comparison of Uranium Fission with Low Energy Nuclear Reactions LENR


The discovery of nuclear fission by Hahn and Straßmann was based on a very rare microanalytical result what initially could not indicate the very complicate details of this most important process. A similarity is discussed for the low energy nuclear reactions LENR being proved from analogies of measurements of the uranium fission. The distribution of the elements at uranium fission has a similarity with the element distribution at LENR measured repeatedly in a reproduced way, what was observed at high density deuteron concentration in palladium. This is specifically focussed to the Maruhn-Greiner local maximum of the distribution within the large-scale minimum if the fission nuclei are excited. Consequences of the complications in uranium fission are discussed in comparison with LENR with respect to the studies of a hypothetical fissioning compound nuclear reaction via a concluded element 306X126 with double magic numbers.

11) That's from Financial Times. Follows The Economist?
Hope springs eternal for nuclear fusion breakthrough
Clive Cookson
Last paragraph is about LENR.

Golden (?) oldie paper of Norman Cook
Quantum Nucleodynamics (QND): The theory underlying the lattice simulation of LENR transmutations 
Norman D. Cook Kansai University, Japan,


From the LENR forum:  Nature of Lightning and how to recreate it for Clean Energy


  1. Thanks for posting "Brian Ahern" comments regarding the honorable Dr Rossi I personally will be back to in 43 days to review "Brian Ahern's" comments. Rossi has had to battle the establishment scientists for a decades, lets see WHO it was that was correct I think I already know.

    1. Yeah. We all hope Rossi gets exactly what he deserves.

    2. That is fine, and it could be perfect if signed.
      Please tell me too, if confidential it will remain so,
      You can writeto



    3. That is fine, and it could be perfect if signed.
      Please tell me too, if confidential it will remain so,
      You can writeto



  2. ALANCO, Whatever you think of the Rossi test, Woodford fund invested 50M$ … proudly ! with due diligence since 30months

    1. "A fool and his money are soon parted. “

  3. "Our technology has nothing in common with the F&P experiment"

    I believe this to be accurate. Not sure if I should be glad to agree with the good Dottore Rossi, but what can you do.

    F&P experiment actually took place. Though it was a complete fuck up, I don't think it was meant to be dishonest, which is in sharp contrast with Rossi.

  4. Tyy, keep up the good work. Discredit Rossi so that the Chinese will think little of him and keep out of his technology. Are you a CIA guy?

  5. Tyy, keep up the good work. Discredit Rossi so that the Chinese will think little of him and keep out of his technology. Are you a CIA guy?

  6. The quote from Karacsony Beno is very realistic and somehow unpleasant/shocking to find in science where it manifests as epistemic blindness. Of course epistemic blindness is easier to spot at other people. This quote goes very well along with the quote from Raquel Cepeda.