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MOTTO (instead of)

Reporter from Diario de Toledo:
- Dear Don Juan Tenorio, , it is Anno Domini 1613, the Guinness World Records is not created yet, but you surely would enter it as a hyperactive womanizer. You also still don't know that a nice Austrian composer will write an opera about your sexual performances and there Senor Leporello will sing a fine aria (1) about your conquerings.
See please, I don't care for the other countries of the future European Union, nor for Turkey, but for my country-it says:

"Ma in Ispagna son già mille e tre." that is "However in Spain there are already thousand and three"'

Excuse me, Sir isn't this really tooooo much? Do you have liked ALL these ladies?

- Don Juan Tenorio:
Right, reporter- you have hit the nail on its...head if you wish! I will be sincere to you- I really have fancied only those three! The great majority where absolutely unattractive- especially the 63 ones here in Toledo, but I am a gentleman and will tell no names! 
It started a few years ago and it became viral (if you know the word?!) it is about reputation management and now about the formidable inescapable power of habit and especially about role playing- you play the role the best by becoming it-in the best case you are the unhappy prisoner of a role. I became the irresistible Don Juan but It does not fit me at all.
Psychology is not invented but when it will. it will be the most inexact of all the e sciences! I have actually a monogamous nature (exactly like the old guy who will discover this report 400 and some years from now)
When I was a child and the people have asked me "Juanito, what want you be when you grow up?" I have always answered completely sincerely  that I will fight for goodness and justice, I will be the Great Inquisitor and burn all the heretics!
But now everything has changed, I am playing my sad and exhausting role - however I know this story will end very badly. I cannot stop, I cannot change!" (1),_il_catalogo_%C3%A8_questo#Lyrics       


So much about Don Juan and his role playing; before going further I dare to ask you to read these two interesting papers received this morning- the Internet likes me and wants to help
On distinguishing disbelief and nonbelief\
The Paradox of Unanimity
The first is about the real nature of the negative side of an opinion spectrum. The second says that a too narrow spectrum has to be rejected as suspect- opinions have to be diverse.

Back to the Don Juan Metaphor

Not all people are contented with their lives, positions, statuses, achievements, whatever.
It is not easy to many to define their reasons of being where they are, they have not found 
the meaning of their existence, their dreams of glory have vanished- they feel like being failed shoes salesmen a la Al Bundy. 
"Can I do something genuinely good, creative, brand new? Ideas, discoveries,initiatives and innovations are not in my portfolio- but I am actually so inimaginably smart. 
More important and urgent than doing the good and much easier (but I will not say this!) is to destroy the bad- to find the crooks, scammers, frauds and to stop them. So we arrive directly to Don Juan childhood dream-the Great Inquisitor the omnipotent Judge. The hero who has stopped the Evil, has shutdown its factory. The scientific chevalier sans peur et sans reproche.
It is a ROLE and I would play it Damn the ffacts. full speed forward! Destroy without mercy the opposite part of the opinion spectrum, by any means. Do you know that any lie repeated three times is 80% true?
The Internet has generated a huge fauna of such judges- actually the truth is more complex as it seems- for some of them even a dosis of honesty plays a role in their 
role playing.
You can encounter the most ferocious beasts between the anti-vaccine and the anti-GMO people but the anti-Cold Fusion/LENR/destroy Rossi people are also far from inheriting the Earth based on their meekness.

Yesterday speaking about the concept of "opinion spectrum" I thought we have to use it to review what is the situation now, with emphasis on the negative side- seemingly decreasing due to moral and factual erosion (this expression makes not much sense but I liked it)

More exactly are the Rossi detractors and denies socially and professionally accountable; soon Rossi and IH have to publish the performances of the !MW plant
in an official authorized, reviewed context- this will be an absolute certainty. Till now
NOT giving certainties was an  competitive advantage or Rossi exactly as his enemies were a fee means of protection against industrial espionage.

If the things go well for Rossi- the hostile side of the opinion spectrum will disappear; if not, then the entire field is in danger. I thought to create an opportunity 
to the anti-Rossi Party to state clearly what they think and predict. sign it virtually
and take the responsibility for what they say and- to tell what will they do if Rossi is right and has technologized a valuable source of energy.
It would be like a mission statement on the role playing hornets' nest. I like FAIRNESS and I have many times told openly about my errors and blunders.

Hornets are as they are- I accept that I have a form of old age Parkinsonism ,visbel when I am angry, Alzheimer is also here- more in my answers than in my questions and questions are more important. But I still not allow nobody to think in my place and to formulate my intentions in false, perfidious ways.
The first respondent, Darcy wrote:
"I thank Peter for providing a forum for establishing the absolute fraudulent practices of Andrea Rossi."

No, dear Darcy I have provided a forum for you and all the other Rossi disbelievers to tell us what do you (dis)believe about his generators and their near future hic et nunc- here and now. And beyond role playing to take responsibility for your/their statements.
History of Science and Technology will learn from them, irrespective how this story will end. 

I am already getting answers- courageous ones. Our time is limited so before answering I will ask the potential respondents a few questions  

a)Are the Rossi generators are showing massive excess heat or not at al?

 b) Do you agree with this:
The E-Cat with COP =1.00 is as an impotent Don Juan, mimicking his role, isn't this too difficult?

c) what is then driving Rossi to continue the play. how he obtains money for zero (nothing, nada, nichts, niente. nichevo, nimic etc.) energy- what motivates him?

d) What is the scenario actually? Isn't it similar with absurd theater as Beckett, Ionesco?

e) Do you have solid proofs-as example your friend Roger visiting the !MW
plant and observing it is actually just a holographic image- only false photons no solid materials?

f) Rossi has convinced some- seemingly normal people about  his results and perspectives- has he used black magic, drugs hypnosis,blackmail, other occult or terrorist methods? Is he the first cousin of the Evil one?

Please predict how his story wil end in total collapse, be as apocaliptic as you can be!

My new friend Sam from Canada has written:

 I think if the negationists are wrong deep down they will be glad there wrong.

What does this prove? Sam is a nice, good man. 
I am not, I am a blogger! And I think that "The Guard dies but does not surrender" is true in many senses. I also wanted to use a Romanian proverb about what means to do good, but I had to censor it. The dirtiest f-word I have ever used here was :"fanship"


1) Why this book is ignored on our forums?
The New Fire: A Simplified Introduction to Cold Fusion and LENR (Low Energy Nuclear Reactions)

2) LENR- Either a super-elaborate scam, or a real industrial revolution.

3) Budko & Korshunov – Another Negative Replication Set for Rossi
We already knew about them  and 800 C is not 1400 C

4) List of important LENR patents, ECW so good!

5) Question on a German forum
Wenn LENR schon für exotisch gehalten wird, was ist dann das hier?
If LENR is considered something exotic, then what is all that here?,2759331,3154214

^) Brilliant Light Power - a new ray of hope- it will be a public demo on January 28


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  1. Hmm, Brilliant Light Power..

    I preferred the old name, it was much bolder. But then again, Randell Mills has pulled his scam for a quarter of a century, so it may very well need some refreshing,

    1. dear Timo

      have answered you at LENR FORUM, I have learned something very valuable from you.
      A Hungarian proverb says: "Aki nem beszel arabusul, ne beszeljen arav-busl" ( who cannot speak Arabian, should not speak Arabian" If you cannot judge such a huge Research Project as Randy's better do nt judge it. It can be a Great Error but it never was a scam.
      Better fail greatly than succeed in minor things.
      And itis not over yet.
      You need objective empathy for those you want to call scammers. Have you ever failed in a project- professional I mean?
      So that you was fired and called incompetent?