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A network is good for communication, a community is necessary for cooperation in development. (Management truth, I cannot find the author)


We have LENR forums  and networks with a few happy exceptions of working together) 
EGO OUT is still more a network, I have not received  a single suggestion regarding
how to build the ideal information system. OK. now we still can manage 5-10 papers and patents per day (today less) and we can afford to NOT fully use the formidable potential of the Internet, computing, visual methods, advanced databases and a missing total bibliography- with a rational classification. No "taxonomy- mon amour" yet. But we have to prepare for a fast, explosive future. Managerial leadership of a 
Vulnerable-Uncertain-Complex and Ambiguous system is dysfunctional
I ma studying mind mapping and other methods by which each paper is linked to a dot on a map- and is placed at the proper place territory, with the natural borders and neighbor areas, both similarities and specificity are respected. We will have
LENR maps for the optimal systematization of the information  published, grey literature and non-published, continuously up-dated by the well paid, motivated and dedicate specialists coordinated.

I will abstain from annoying you with the old story of my PVC years (1966-1979) when I have built a quasi-perfect documentation system- it was before the Internet Era and it is not more relevant. Sic transit gloria mundi! 

b) BTW- Glory- please take a look to LENR IN CONTEXT-1 You will see that 4 new chemical elements have been officially included in the Periodic Table and the battle to give them names of great scientists have started. History of Science.can be dreadfully unfair sometimes. So unfortunately we will have no Fleischmannium  and no Ponsium this time because our Founders were unlucky and have discovered a fragile form of Cold Fusion in a place hostile to LENR.
In retrospective, years from now, you will realize that Piantellium could have been a honest choice.

And a bet- IF in the 350 days experiment, the daily COP value  will be over 10 for more than 80% of the time than, the coming generation, will know about a new chemical element named Andrearossium.


Ecat, Agriculture, LENR & Future Cities

see please Rosilivecat, otherwise only some videos we have already seen, LENR IN CONTEXT-1

4 new elements complete periodic table’s seventh row http://www.pbs.org/newshour/rundown/4-new-elements-complete-periodic-tables-seventh-row/?utm_source=nextdraft&utm_medium=email

Thanks to Harry Veeder- interesting philosophy:
Is water H2O? Evidence, Realism and Pluralism by Hasok Chang
Chapter 5: Part A: Can Science be Pluralistic.

Please do a search for Pluralism in EGO OUT!


From a high level and quality Management site:
Professional And Personal Development Through Lifelong Learning

A National Science Foundation program in the very spirit of the Motto
Science of Learning: Collaborative Networks (SL-CN)


  1. OK Peter I will try to supply a solution on how to take LENR to the next level.
    If, you follow the mind mapping procedure, you will sooner or later arrive in a line that is the dominant line. I call that focus.
    I do understand that putting all relevant info in order and evaluate it carefully will help with the decision. It might even give the perfect answer. The problem is that it will take for ever. I believe that there is enough information and it is time to act.
    So, why dont I just focus on the obvious line. There are two problems:
    1. I do not have the funds.
    2. There is no way to secure that mind mapping or any other method find the right line to focus on (but it is darn much faster than collecting all the pertinent data:).
    My idea of a solution; I think this is the time when it is possible to raise the funds and follow the line of preference. Unfortunately it is hard to chose the right line to focus on. The solution; several groups follow there best line (they will all be different ) and one line or more will provide the solution just before they name the new Gluckornium:)

  2. My two cents: In terms of Networks, there are a few such as E-catworld, LENR-Forum and LENR-CANR.ORG (and lets not forget www.coldfusionvideos.com) which does a rather good job brining people together and making information available.

    They all have flaws:
    No one visits or comments on coldfusionvideos.com
    LENR-Forums content does not really pop up in Google much
    LENR-CANR's content does not really either pop up on Google and looks a bit tired. E-catworld has good visibility but could quickly become over run with sensational outsiders if CF goes viral.

    In terms of Networks - I suppose you are thinking of a platform such as LinkedIN or Facebook? There are not really much of that, the closest thing there is, is probably LENR Forum.

    I have pondered, wondered, and spoken to people) about possible needs for additional platforms that can help keep information readily available, however there are a few probems. For example, creating such a platform right now would be a bit of a tumble weed / echo thingy, much like coldfusionvideos.com Also we know, unfortunately, that cold fusion scientists neither wants to share what they do, and who they are.

    I know that LENR Cities is thinking of creating some sort of collaborative platform, and possible LENRIA as well. Not sure however how far their gotten, and how it would look and function.

    I could personally created rather advanced portals, and money is not a problem at all- however keeping it all up to date, that would certainly become a problem.

    So - so far considering the needs, I think that what's out there works rather well and harmoniously. However, planing for the future - what functionalities / information / do you think is needed?

    I have bought a few domains for my company, that are reserved for such purposes as you propose, but I'm not sure yet what I will build. I envision a platform very much like "kickstarter meets linkedin", where people can discuss, as well raise funds,both for garage science projects and large industrial projects.


  3. Instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, why not work with the people already doing good work. Jed Rothwell and LENR-CANR.ORG has probably done more than anyone other than Pons and Fleischmann to make cold fusion a reality. Why not work with him?? I'm sure he would welcome the help and be open to ideas for improvement.

  4. OK one can continue to do the same thing over and over again. The question is what result will you have. (The answer is more revealing than you want or we agree?

    1. Please share your thoughts if you will -

    2. dear Friends, I have to finish my editorial first