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ED Storms writes

 it is obvious that the NAE is a rare condition. After all, LENR occurs only rarely and only in very unique material.  The big complaint by skeptics is that LENR is rare and difficult to cause.  I see no reason to reject the world "rare".  Of course, once the rare NAE forms in a material, the LENR reaction in that material is not rare and takes place with total reproducibility.

The NAE is created by  a common condition that is only rare because the gap must have a rare size.  If the gap becomes too wide, the crack can no longer host a nuclear reaction even though the crack is still present.  This requirement needs to be clearly stated and clearly understood.  The condition is created by a common and well known process. A crack is not rare. The ability to host a nuclear reaction is rare only because the gap in the crack has to have a critical dimension for the reaction to occur. 

I'm glad we agree about the need for the NAE, which you have advocated for many years although we did not agree about its nature.


To start with the end, yes we agree about the need of small extraordinary places where nuclear reactions take place- you choose voids, I prefer structures with very small dimensions. We seem to also agree that topology is the key (my 1992 CF slogan) and topology determines the nature and mechanisms of the nuclear  reactions- you know more about them- hydroton- hydrogen fusion as main reaction both for PdD and NiH- I humbly accept to still not know what exactly LENR reactions take place. My guess-wish is that they are very different  from the standard nuclear reactions of Hot Fusion. I also think that there are more forms of LENR and the field is "larded" with a lot of "otherness". However I am waiting for experimental results and theoretical breakthroughs. Mamma Natura, fiat voluntas tua! SHE decides. But not in everything...we have to try very hard to solve our problems.
Ed says NAE is a RARE condition. Perfectly true - hundreds of experiments described in Ed's books too show that rarity is the fatum, karma of NAE in PdD. And also rarity is the inherent destiny of the NAE if the extraordinary voids is the key of the LENR problem. You cannot increase  by orders of magnitude the density of nano-cracks in a metal(hydride) obtaining predominantly the critical size- decisive for success.

"Rare" is not fatal, it can be made temporary. Diamonds are relatively rare in nature and I remember my first all Internet study for a customer- I was working at an ISP company as Web searcher and then search was not simply thinking with the brain of the PC's mouse and avoid nasty  ads as today: it was about the manufacture of diamonds
and their properties and uses. No Koh-i-Noor possible but a smart fine technology (as an aside I am still puzzled why diamond coated kitchenware is not used on a large scale-  Teflon coatings and special ceramics still lead)
NAE are our diamonds let's manufacture them! Anyway, nano-cracks are not gems like but nano-structures can easily be so.

I think this is the clue of the LENR problem and the basis of LENR technologies to come- the method to continuously generate NAE  feasible only at higher temperatures due to the dynamism of the metal atoms at the surface.
We cannot increase the density of NAE but we can increase the frequency of their births- in broad limits
This is LENR+ I wrote volumes about it, but it is not accepted. This insuccess is over-compensated by the certainty that any successful NiH experiment or test, Andrea Rossi' included- is based on LENR+ fast, continuous NAE-genesis.
Rarity of NAE is invincible with technology.


1) Q & A with Andrea Rossi on E-Cat X Stress Testing — Self Sustaining for ‘Hours’http://www.e-catworld.com/2016/01/25/q-a-with-andrea-rossi-on-e-cat-x-stress-testing-self-sustaining-for-hours/

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4) Tales From the Laboratory of Experimental Physics: LENR Research in Ukraine and Russia by Andrew Hrischanovich (Alan Smith)                                                  http://www.e-catworld.com/2016/01/26/tales-from-the-laboratory-of-experimental-physics-lenr-research-in-ukraine-and-russia-by-andrew-hrischanovich-alan-smith/

5) At Dec 22 in the National Research Center of the Kurchatov Institute it was held  Seminare about the Energy Strategy 2035 (project) Discussion
22 декабря в НИЦ Курчатовский институт состоялся семинар на тему – «Энергетическая стратегия 2035 (проект). Обсуждение»

6) At Jan 28, 2016 on the channel Nauka 2 (Science) emission of "Supporteres of Cold fusion"
26.01.2016 на канале Наука 2.0 в 5.45 передача Адепты холодного синтеза.
Statement: Energy. Without it the world economy collapses. What is "Cold FusionZ" and can water be the new source of energy?

Next Generation Off-Grid Living


This must be done for LENR too...ask Brian AHERN
Clarifying the role of magnetism in high-temperature superconductors 


  1. Topology just means the shape that things can assume. Shapes are important because they make electrons and photons dance in a fixed pattern. There have been recent discoveries of particle like behavior produced by the dances that electrons and photons are forced to perform by specific shapes that crystals can assume. There are 500 of these unique dances that photons and electrons can perform each leaving its own mark on the nature of matter.

    For example, the Dirac electron was found in a solid of a given graphene crystal structure. The Weyl fermion has also been recently discovered on the inside of a synthetic metallic crystal called tantalum arsenide.


    I believe that the magnetic monopole is being produced by a certain crystal configuration that makes electrons and photons dance in a unique way.


    The ways and means to get a crystal structure into this unique configuration is at the heart of LENR engineering.

    With the help of Rossi’s patent, it’s relatively easy to deduce how Rossi’s new invention works and the role that melting plays in this new version of LENR.

    Rossi has LENR specific mechanisms on the surface of two iron wafers that sandwich a centrally located heater core. This wafer structure that he has just invented gives life to the E-Cat X. The various additives that are defined in Rossi’s patent: nickel, aluminum, carbon, and hydrogen that coat the iron produce billions of nanoscopic islands of crystal structures that change as the temperature of the iron vary. Rossi achieves passive control of the LENR reaction as the crystal structure changes when the temperature of the LENR reaction goes beyond the melting point of these nanoscopic islands. When the surface of the iron begins to melt and its crystal structure becomes amorphous, the LENR reaction stops until the surface of the iron wafer cools down. Then the crystal islands reform to the LENR sensitive configuration, the LENR reactor begins again so that the iron wafer is passively maintained within a tight temperature range.

    The surface of the iron never gets above the melting temperature of the iron thereby eliminating the possibility of meltdowns.

  2. http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2012/12/121221233120.htm

    The 500 phases of matter: New system successfully classifies symmetry-protected phases


    Certain topological states, such as quark gluon plasma and dark matter can be reproduced by chemical processes and crystal formations. These states of matter can interfere with nuclear processes and cause nuclear disruptions. This compatibility and interaction between identical topological states using the process of quantum mechanical entanglement is at the very core of the LENR reaction.

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  4. Ed and Peter, it is warnderful polemic and stay on this wawe please

  5. I believe that because the gaps wary from rod to rod, every rod must have its own computer heat regulation.

  6. I believe that because the gaps wary from rod to rod, every rod must have its own computer heat regulation.

    1. Dear James,

      a bit more details, please! Thanks.

  7. I am taking about the wafers or rods in a lenr unit, sorry!