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Armageddon is not around the corner. This is only what the people of violence want us to believe. The complexity and diversity of he world is our hope for the future.

(Michael Pailn)

No one has any experience with the Armageddon battle. (G.K. Chesterton)

History is always written by the victors. (Walter Benjamin)


a) An exercise  in anachronism and and anachorism

Some definitions first:

something (such as a word, an object, or an event) that is mistakenly placed in a time where it does not belong in a story, movie, etc.

geographical misplacement;  something located in an incongruous position

The error of placing something out of its proper place; also something placed erroneously. ( I prefer anachorism)

I remember my first shocking meeting with "anachronism"- as to not be born in the proper time- almost 70 years ago. It was when I started to think and to ask questions- do not forget this was after WWII and in a time when many people were sentenced to death for imaginary sins; the sin meme was very powerful.Sins were collective, inheritable and contagious. No good deeds or sacrifices could protect some unhappy minorities against becoming sinners, ready for punishment.The idea of original sin has multiple forms. Then still circulating old memes taught our generation about our meaning and destiny- there is life (finite) and an after-life , infinite.
What really counts is the second part so you must arrange to spend it in the eternal 
Bliss of the Heaven not in the eternal damnation of Hell. I wanted to be well documented and living in a house with a great library,I came upon a book about Dante's "Inferno"- a popular somewhat simplified translation.
I have understood the funnel structure of the bad place - greater sins go in deeper circles. See e.g.

I still remember my horrible disappointment, disillusion, rage when I was informed that all those souls who have not accepted Christ because the were born before him as as say Aristotle, Pitagora, Plato and so many Great Men  of the antiquity are sentenced to endless boredom in the Limbo. I have found this exactly so unjust and irrational as many things that happened in those years. The imaginary sin of those Pagans was an anachronistic crime. 

For our Age,can you imagine how much faster could progress the Science
if the Internet would have been created 50 or 100 years ago, history was so unfair to the pre-Internet, pre-Web researchers!
Our continent was then divided in two parts- and after a few years the life in the Western part was so much better, richer, happier (in principle) while we, in the East have learned what is to be hit by anachorism- to be in the bad place- in the bad time.

It was very bad then but dreadful things happen now too: some decision takers consider that the European culture is anachronistic and help other, more powerful cultures to replace it with violence- in the same time it is organized the anachorization of Europe- it was a (relatively) good place- it is transformed no in an (absolutely) bad place.
The solution re-read Bradbury's Fahrenheit 471 and move to Australia.

I apologize for telling all these LENR-neutral things but I had too, I am an responsible citizen of my country and my continent. 
Actually all I wanted is to repeat using the most adequate words that the birth of cold fusion was both anachronistic (years before its time) and anachoristic - in  a place where it is unable to full development.
When LENR's time will be re-synchronized with the real time of our science-technology and good places for it will be built- you will agree with what I say, with no hope of agreement now- the issue  is judged sentimentally not rationally.

b) Preparing for the LENR Armageddon
It is natural that the attacks will be more virulent and more frequent. Rossi says he is on a warship,let's hope it is not vulnerable in any way. It is over-optimistic to hope that the generators are ready for mass commercialization, the Customers will not sleep inside the plants. The performances- level and constancy of excess heat, daily, weekly, global COPs will decide who is the Winner and who has to shut up.
Andrea Rossi and IH can fix the datum for the LENR+ Armageddon; what about March 23, 2016 the 27-th Anniversary of Cold Fusion- just symbolically.
Perhaps earlier is better


Skeptopaths, cryptodenialists and saboteurs vs LENR
Written on February 8, 2015 by Sarah Vaughter.

b- New MFMP Glowstick Test Underway

2) Andrea Rossi about a problem
January 17th, 2016 at 12:26 PM

Gerard McEk:
The COP has slightly diminished its value, but we stopped the tendency to go lower, now it is stable.
The test will be defined positive or negative when the 350 days of operation will have been completed.
Warm Regards,

Andrea Rossi about his warship
January 17th, 2016 at 8:41 AM

Chris Beall:
Your question is not easy to be answered. I would say this: we must wait the completion of the tests on course; we are very close to an industrial product and we have an enormous potential, put in evidence by a portfolio in the order of billions, but we still must put a disclaimer: the final results could be positive or negative.
Our ship is still a warship, not a cruise ship and who enters our ship must be fully aware that he is going to fight, not to make a cruise, and that the result of a fight could also end up with casualties. All the guys presently in our ship are perfectly aware of this. This having been said, I can slightly modify my motto this way:
” I want not to play foot ball with the bones of persons that are not professional American foot ball players”. By the way: Go Panthers!
Warm Regards,

3) A cold fusion reactor- available for all (in French):
4) One attack against Rossi
Andrea Rossi E-cat Patent Application Rejected in 2016
What’s Next for Rossi and Industrial Heat, LLC?


Physicists Must Accept That Some Things Are Unknowable (Synopsis)
This is by Ethan Siegel, Cold Fusion arch-enemy- he has to accept tha are also other things knowable but not known yet

The Ideal Fuel
A nanomaterials chemist has figured out a good way to mimic leaves and turn water and carbon dioxide into things we need.


From Tanmay Vora
When Does Real Learning Happen?

The skills of problem solving:


  1. Sarah Vaughter appears as an unspeakable ignoramus. Actually, I have no reason to believe she is not one.

    1. If tyy was such a competent representative of the scientific point of view, why does he alway resort to personal attacks and insults. Could it be that he does not really know what he is taking about? This know nothing mentality is why slanderers do what they do.

    2. What is left to say for people like you and Sarah, who only can write complete nonsense disguised as knowledge. What is there left to say that would not imply disgust against such people.

      The insult itself is only a figment of your imagination. If you would truly know anything about science and reality, you would would not be affected.

      As for people like Sarah Vaughter, she is a parasitic creature. I do not know if she believes what she writes and makes people believe, but what makes it worse, is that people like her want to benefit from other people's fears, hopes and ignorance.

      Don't worry Axil. I don't think you are intelligent enough to do that.

  2. This is just an observation (intended as light humor) but Anrea Rossi's constant referral to an outcome that is today both 'positive and negative) is a very good description of a quantum state in superposition. We cant say spinup or spindown (or Vert-pol vs Hor-pol etc:) until we 'observe' (evaluate) the actual state :)

    So it could be a deliberate tongue-in-cheek reference to Rossi's test being entangled with IH's investment :)


    1. Moderately funny. But I think that quantum state has decohered a long time ago.

  3. Based on the simple fact that Rossi has steadfastly declared his demo to be overunity for nearly the entire "350 day" test period we are now so close to the end date that even if it shut down today it would still be a 350 day success! Unless of course the overunity has been less than 9% so far, as in 11/12=0.91. It would seem that Andrea has a professorial nature... he won't give the answers to students who refuse to do their own maths.

    1. Rossi may be able to some simple math, but dimensional analysis is already too much for him.

    2. VEDEREMO! I hope we will get the basic data- custimer;s bill for energy delivered by IH, IH 's bill for electric energy used by the 1MW plant- soon.


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  5. Peter: "For you, the leading ant-Rossi, ant-E-Cat person(ality) there is only 1 one answer possible- to say that you are perfectly, deeply, irreversibly convinced from more reasons and based on solid proofs that all the Rossi generators from 2007 to today (including all the demos from 2011). including the Lugano Test and the entire 1MW plant are not producing a bit of excess heat- not a small trace and never will. And bet an impressive sum of money on that statement. COP - is 1.00, finita la comedia!"

    MY: I will bet you $1000 on just your word that Rossi does not mass market any product to the general public within 3 years. I choose marketing because it is the easiest to prove. If you prefer, I will instead bet that Rossi does not get a properly calibrated replication from any major university (UC, CalTech, MIT, Sorbonne, etc.) officially or any government laboratory (Sandia, CERN, ORNL, etc.) within 3 years. Or ever.

    I would bet you or anyone up to $100,000 US, if there was some way to properly insure the bet.

    January 18, 2016 at 11:59 PM

  6. Sorry Peter, but I didn't understand most of your responses in the prior message string. But I did get the idea that you think a liquid cooled reactor/calorimeter system isn't feasible at high temperatures. That's wrong.

    Your post: "The most damaging form of mismeasurement is that of zero- showing it is something. To show that something is more than it actually is- is a semi-ethical maneuver, not laudable but it can be necessary- when you have great troubles, technical with control. This was the problem of Rossi and seemingly he succeed to solve it. Calorimetry and calibrations are means not aims. Using only cooling fluid and not steam would be a bit impossible at high temperatures. Rossi is svery pleased to NOT have serious competitors and the last thing he would do now to offer certainties to the kibitzes. You still are working for him, can you find some more solid accusations and proofs?"

    A beautiful example of a simple, well calibrated calorimeter which can house a reactor running at very high temperatures and which, unlike Rossi's idiotic configuration for the hot cat, which has no forced cooling of any sort, indeed takes heat away as needed:

    This is in Italian but translates well with Google. Perhaps you were not aware of this.

    Rossi deliberately chooses methods of measurement which he can spoof so as to get whatever result he wants. And he forbids proper calibration over the full operating temperature range. This has been true for every experiment he has ever done except the one commissioned by Hydrofusion and that one showed that ecats make no excess power:

    This article is in Swedish and also translates well with Google.

  7. Peter says about his friends at Defkalion:

    "As regarding my Defkaliona friends- if you indeed believe the ICCF-8 test could be mimicked with two flowmeters than -try... Imagine the following scenario- in the next stage of Hyperions the energy density was so high that special materials were needed and not available. Or imagine they were scammers ..."

    Of course they were scammers and Hadjichristos was an arrogant bully and liar. Why else would they disappear? You think they would be gone and JH would have another job with another company if the Hyperion really worked as they said it did? Do you remember they said it was successfully tested by 7 of the largest companies in the world? Where are those companies? Who were they? What did they do with this successful and immensely valuable product?

  8. Peter, can we stop now? I really like you and I dislike annoying you.

    M. Y.

    1. I like Peter too. Sorry to see him walk a deranged path.

    2. Dear Tiimo

      please ficus on fa cts and geneartors and not on people. EGO OUT is not for pubs jargon, you have used inadequate words about Sarah for example.You belong to a civilization that is in extreme danger so please...
      Insult the heat generators if you must do it.


    3. Dear Tiimo

      please ficus on fa cts and geneartors and not on people. EGO OUT is not for pubs jargon, you have used inadequate words about Sarah for example.You belong to a civilization that is in extreme danger so please...
      Insult the heat generators if you must do it.