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We aren’t encouraged to think for ourselves and ask questions. We are expected to accept what they teach us as infallible truths. (Raquel Cepeda)

A common fallacy in much of the adverse criticism to which science is subjected today is that it claims certainty, infallibility and complete emotional objectivity. It would be more nearly true to say that it is based upon wonder, adventure and hope.
(Cyril Norman Hinshelwood)

It is perplexing to see the flexibility of the so-called 'exact sciences' which by cast-iron laws of logic and by the infallible help of mathematics can lead to conclusions which are diametrically opposite to one another. (Vasco Ronchi)

Nominally a great age of scientific inquiry, ours has become an age of superstition about the infallibility of science; of almost mystical faith in its non-mystical methods; above all—which perhaps most explains the expert's sovereignty—of external verities; of traffic-cop morality and rabbit-test truth.  (Louis Kronenberger)


a) I have tried to write today about the problem "inerrancy and infallibility in LENR" I have tried to find the best quotations- difficult because so many are about the Bible. Then I have found more than a dozen  and I kept four as you can see.
I have to confess that the quotes have had a depressive effect upon me, I am educated and auto-educated to believe in the principial omnipotence and in the asymptotic omniscience of our 
Science- especiallly Physics- and - in a smaller degree - in the quasi-inerrancy and almost-infallibility of some great scientists and experts. Then I have abandoned the idea- better let's search for some relatively good news. 
I have to swallow the idea that even geniuses can err re LENR and LENR+- horrible!
A small glass of hyper-bitter Unicum would help- the most effective appetizer worldwide..

b) State of the Blog
I dislike people who obviously feel pleasure when they succeed to make others unhappy
An example in the answers of yesterday, Mary Yugo wrote:
 You have been censoring on and off since the blog began, Peter, and anyway, very few people actually read it nowadays.
Stalin would have called this as "TYPICAL" for the methods she uses, the facts she takes in consideration, the mentality. Surely she has not followed the evolution of my modest blog, its Alexa Ranking or whatever- I am also not, I have recently explained my agenda. The Blog is my life organizer and my voice, I am not expecting an amplified echo.
Some data just FYI- from its start Dec 15, 2010 there were published 905 posts (51 authored by my blog associate Georgina- are  literary essays), total page views 628,676. During the last three months of 2015 October- 26,210, November- 17,720 December 24, 652 page views.. This month till this moment when I write there were 14,473. Few, many? What is important I have lot of friends with whom I can discuss or have disputes with, or they help, inspire me. They come from many parts of the world: United States, Russia, Ukraine, France, Germany, Italy, Romania, UK, Sweden, Canada etc. I am trying to inform they well and fast about the LENR news- but I am not optimistic re convincing them about  my variant of the LENR truths. I am writing in the expressive mode not to impress and persuade.
And, the man is the style and vice-versa I will never write that Mary Yugo's popularity has decreased with 81% and her audience with 67% from January 2012. I wish her happiness!


1) Rossi: 20kW E-Cat X reactor size of cigarette packet

2) Rossi about theory:

Andrea Rossi
January 13th, 2016 at 10:45 PM

Pekka Janhunen:
Your argument is possibly right and it respects the common sense of classical physics.
This is why we have to sustain our theory on the base of the data of the experiments and a rigorous system of advanced mathematical models.
Before we reach that level, you maybe correct and we wrong. Nevertheless, the quantum mechanical view of Feynman opens different perspectives. Feynman argument with regard to atomic (electron) physics is that all virtual states have a brief reality because of the uncertainty principle. Classically, all the excited states should not be real unless the necessary excitation energy is received from somewhere. Especially for nucleons, excitation energies of several MeV should be too high to allow the excited states to occur. But Feynman and the other developers of the QED have shown that “impossibly high energy ” excited states for electrons need to be included in the calculation of the probabilities of atomic states. The more virtual states that are included, the more accurate is the model result ( and that is why the QED is so accurate, but so hard to understand).
Classically, that is crazy and in his books Feynman has made a point of saying that their QED results “erode common sense” (e.g. p. 119, QED: The strange theory of light and matter, 1985).
That is to say, although the common sense conservation of energy tells us that the higher energy excited states should not affect the lower energy electron ( or nucleon) transitions, the quantum mechanical view that Feynman defends is that all of the virtual states are briefly “rel” within the time constraints of the uncertainty principle.
Generally, that means for nucleons that many higher energy states do exist simultaneously for a few femtoseconds ( lower energy nuclear excited states can exist for picoseconds or nanoseconds or even for milliseconds, but the principle is the same).
Is Feynman correct to say that “nobody understands QM” (p.9)? Maybe not, but if the uncertainty principle

3) Commercial brillouin cold fusion boiler available

4) United States Patent Application
Appl March 6, 2014 Publ/ Jan 14, 2016


A method of producing a localised concentration of energy includes: creating a shockwave propagating through a non-gaseous medium so as to be incident upon a boundary between the non-gaseous medium and a gaseous medium formed by at least one hole in a barrier separating the non-gaseous medium from a gaseous medium. This forms a transverse jet on the other side of the hole which is incident upon a target surface comprising a depression which is spaced from the barrier in the gaseous medium. An apparatus for producing a localised concentration of energy is also described.

United States Patent Application 20150380113
Wong, Alfred Y. (Los Angeles, CA, US)
Rinzler, Charles (Boston, MA, US)
Woodbury, David A. (Los Angeles, CA, US
Methods, apparatuses, devices, and systems for creating, controlling, conducting, and optimizing
fusion activities of nuclei. The controlled fusion activities cover a spectrum of reactions from
aneutronic, fusion reactions that produce essentially no neutrons, to neutronic, fusion reactions that produce substantial numbers of neutrons.


7) An interesting comment re Brilliant Light Power- at the demo of Jaan 28
we will see if it is also Brilliant Light Energy;


A nanophotonic comeback for incandescent bulbs?


My prediction from 1995: Technology will create Cold Fusion, Science will explain it- after
highly unorthodox idea hopefully materializing now.
Ten books to make you a better business technologist
What books does McKinsey’s James Kaplan put on his must-read list for business technologists? You may be surprised.


  1. To Pekka Janhunen:
    I can't help thinking that was extremely cheap.

  2. Extremely cheap should translate into an "extremely large number of satisfied customers." That is what is deeded.

    Ludwik Kowalski (see Wikipedia).

  3. Interesting the quote from Raquel Cepeda. I think that the quote underlines well the main source of probletence.