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As it looks right now, July would be an excellent — and very achievable — target.
(Eric Knight)
This is especially true today, June 30! See in the Editorial why I wanted to use a quotation by the author of "Lassie Come Home"


An ISCMNS Workshop in October this year, under the aegis of AIRBUS is excellent news- in principle so my premonition was correct. 2015 will be a year with 3 important LENR meetings 
ICCF-19, the Russian ICCF 19.5 in Dagomys and now reinvigorated 11-th International Workshop on Anomalies in Hydrogen Loaded Metals- really fine!
I was especially happy for our great contributor, a man of initiative, the soul and engine of ISCMNS- William Collis as organizer of the Toulouse Event- paraphrasing one of my wife's favorite books  I thought: "Bill Collis is flying again! With AIRBUS.
The book is: Sam Small flies again
Charming British (Yorkshire) humor.

 See please at 1) what we know for now about this meeting. 

AIRBUS has not answered yet to my Open Letter dated June 27, so I have no connection with it. All I can and I do it with pleasure, is to wish them success, including with the Workshop. I hope it will be definitely a LENR+ oriented Workshop.


 1) 11th International Workshop on Anomalies in 
Hydrogen Loaded Metals in Airbus Toulouse on October 15th-16th 2015
The ISCMNS with the support of LENR-Cities, Airbus Group,  is organizing the 11th International Workshop on Anomalies in 
Hydrogen Loaded Metals , in Airbus resort in Toulouse, with Jean-Francois Geneste as Chairman  

2) Experiment 23 – Failure Analysis
It turns out that there may have been a good reason that Experiment 23 did not produce any excess heat. The pressure gauge melted. The experiment needs to be repeated since this can be viewed as an equipment failure and the results must be considered invalid.

The next paper is VERY interesting and surprising, possibly something new in Pd based LENR- no electrolysis, no deuterium - possibly Pd in NiH style?
I have already distributed it yesterday evening to the CMNS and Vortex forums where it is already discussed in the initial phase. great work!
3) Oscillatory behavior and anomalous heat evolution in recombination of H2 and O2 on Pd-based catalysts
Ind. Eng. Chem. Res., Just Accepted Manuscript
DOI: 10.1021/acs.iecr.5b00686
Publication Date (Web): June 29, 2015
Copyright © 2015 American Chemical Society


Gas flow-through microcalorimetry has been applied to study the Pd/Al2O3 type catalysts in the exothermic hydrogen recombination process: H2 + O2  H2O, in view of the potential application in the passive autocatalytic recombination (PAR) technology. The flow mode experiments revealed thermokinetic oscillations, i.e., the oscillatory rate of heat evolution accompanying the process and the corresponding oscillations in the differential heat of process, in sync with oscillatory conversion of hydrogen. Mathematical chaos in the rate of heat evolution has been confirmed. In the outburst of quasiperiodic oscillations of large amplitude, the instances of differential heats as high as 700 kJ/mol H2 have been detected, exceeding the heat of water formation (242 kJ/mol H2) by a factor of nearly three. Another occurrence of anomalously high thermal effects has been measured in calorimetric oxygen titration using 0.09 μmol pulses of O2 injected onto hydrogen- or deuterium-saturated catalysts, including 2%Pd/Al2O3, 5%Pd/Al2O3 and 2%PdAu/Al2O3. Repeatedly, the saturation/oxidation cycles showed the heat evolutions in certain individual O2 pulses as high as 1100 kJ/mol O2, i.e., 550 kJ/mol H2, again twice as much as the heat of water formation. It has been pointed out that it seems prudent for the PAR technologists to assume a much larger rate of heat evolution than those calculated on the basis of a standard thermodynamic value of the heat of water formation, in order to account for the possibility of large thermokinetic oscillation occasionally appearing in the recombination process of hydrogen. A possible relation of the anomalous heat evolution to an inadvertent occurrence of low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) phenomena is also briefly considered.

by T.J.H.S. Schuwer (Thesis)
LENR is mentioned!

5) 20 years before LENR aircraft says Rossi

News from Zaporozhe  from A. P. Khrischanovi ch
Новости из Запорожья от А.П. Хрищановича
In Moscow an experiment was performed with changing the tablets of titanium hydride with nickel in order to compare the behaviors of nickel and titanium.
The experiment was made at Moscow in a stainless steel reactor. It was charged pure nickel wiy=thout additives 10 grams. The thermocouple is inside the reactor in the middle of the powder. Heating of the reactor was done with high frequency inductor.
The experiments have shown that for nickel with equilibrium temperature of 670-750 C the repeatability of of results and the delta of temperature rise are lower than for titanium for the addition of hydrogen in a quartz reactor. It is possible the best starting temperature is in the range of 450-500C for the delta of temperature rise.                                                                                       Now in Zaporozhe it was finished the assembling of the quartz reactor for the visualization of the process of temperature rise and for continuation of the experiments  with nickel and titanium. It has remained only the installation of the lectrical circuits for heating of the hydrogen generator with hydrides.
video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U0Hxl_HOCZU&feature=youtu.be

An important theory paper- thanks to Brad Lowe
Theory Describing All Forces and Prediction of the Baryon Rest Masses by a Relativistic Scalar Gravity Theory Based on Mass-Energy Equivalence 
Stephen A. Lipinski and Hubert M. Lipinski Unified Gravity Corporation feedback@unifiedgravity.com
The Lipinskis are working on a lithium hydrogen fusion technology that looks promising.
Bill Gates to invest $2bn in breakthrough renewable energy projects

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"Divide and rule!"
"Combine and confuse!"
"Mix and stupefy!"

It was my destiny to live the first 52 years of my life in dictatorships  (royal, fascist, communist) so I was very much interested in the methods used by dictators to so successfully oppress people and decide for all- about life and death.. It is a painful mystery of human nature. Dividing people is essential- however I thought the second and third slogans are also efficient in annihilating resistance of the people.. I have already published here: Executive Summary of the Modern Mass Manipulation Manual 

I have taken some degree of freedom in changing the wording of the slogans.

However I have learned that good rules are useful see my 20 real-life-problem-solving rules as an example) and now, when I am intensively preoccupied by the main problem of LENR and how it has to be solved- I am starting to discover that the rules made by and for the dictators are adequate for LENR researchers too; paradoxically enough even in an creative good sense.
Divide and rule- seen in the frame of a correct LENR taxonomy is a great help for a solution. As long as we will believe in the unity of LENR, we will speak about ONE LENR and not LENR's , we will think NiH is exactly as PdD just interpreted by other elements as actors, we will deny the deep qualitative changes along more than 1000 C temperature increase, we will think LENR and LENR+ are forms of the same species, having  almost the same topology, nature  and mechanism- till then as I told- lasciate ogni speranza voi che LENRate.! No hopes for a technology. We have to divide the field in more specific territories and solve their problems separately accepting diversity, putting differences in value.
The coolest region of LENR-land, first discovered, intensely explored is interesting for Science but not created for Technology.
The hottest area is now under siege- for the time given only one group knows what assault rams have to be used. But wait a bit...

The other slogans also can change- a good LENR technology results from combining and improving; from connecting and reinforcing. My Blog has the ambition to be a good connector  of people from everywhere. Connecting people with people and people with LENR truths that will come.
Other slogans for LENR technologies : Live and flourish! Be useful and multiply!


Jack Cole replicates again!
New Glow-stick Type Experiment with Calorimetry Running
After much work, the calorimetry system is functional and currently running an experiment. Assuming the experiment concludes without major technical glitches, data will be posted prior to analysis. Lithium hydroxide was added to the fuel mix to increase the lithium availability without adversely affecting the tube pressure.
Fuel Content:
Stainless Steel Tube Nickel (INCO 255) Lithium Aluminum Hydride Lithium Hydroxide
              2100 mg               440 mg                    50 mg                        350 mg

The enemy never sleeps  
Excess heat:

With thanks to Jones Beene
Widom Larsen Superconducting Hydrides and Directed Speculation

Unscientific does not mean unimportant by LENR Forum reader Majorana.http://www.lenr-forum.com/forum/index.php/Thread/1806-Unscientific-does-not-mean-unimportant/?postID=5756#post5756

LENR and the long march into forgetfulness
This was translated in Russsian and published by the official LENR webiste as
"It seems LENR was discovered first of al by Nikola Tesla;

ECW about the recent Bazhutov presentation
Report: Bazhutof Plasma Electrolysis System Provides up to 6 times Excess Heathttp://www.e-catworld.com/2015/06/29/report-bazhutof-plasma-electrolysis-system-provides-up-to-6-times-excess-heat/

Not only I have remarked Ovidi's Neuchatel presentation
LENR = LEnR, n sta per nano e nucleare


What is humor?
Can  we create a specific LENR humor? At least so funny as the humor related to Wagner opera singers?

Einstein vs Bergson, science vs philosophy and the meaning of time

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Every morning is the dawn of a new error (Unknown)

I have to add that unfortunately, the complement "every evening an old error will set down" is NOT true, old errors are even rarely fading away.

There is a great difference between knowing and understanding: you can know a lot about something and not really understand it. (Charles F. Kettering)


Main Problem of LENR (I of more)

Recently I have tried to do a survey- with a single question:
WHAT IS THE MAIN PROBLEM of LENR NOW?Translate this in pragmatese: Why the things are not going well with it?

I have received some very good answers, detailed and explained and these are continuously inspiring me to see how we (LENR community global) could find answers, on which ways we have to go. Surely the survey per se is questionable,
does a main, central, fundamental, principal, Mother-of-all-other-problems exist?
Lennart Thornros who is coming with a professional experience of technologist plus management like my own - gave a Mu answer - there are more basic problems of LENR- we will discuss this later- the survey just started.
The fastest perfectly natural answer came from Jed Rothwell and was approved by 
other CMNS colleagues:

The main problem of LENR is that no one knows how it works

So LENR has a serious epistemic problem, nobody knows its functionality, ergo its identity, nature, its possibilities of development, of improvement- what can we do with it? Epistemically LENR is much more feeble than say, High Temperature Super- Conductivity. For LENR unknown origin is very unluckily associated with a bad and unpredictable behavior. The metaphoric education of LENR is also a problem; it wants to grow up but this goes very slowly and erratically.
Now, instead of quote my friends who gave  a lot of very good details of the epistemic problem I will try first  to lead you to one of the root causes of this situation.
On the lack of known identity of LENR - it was above grafted a very probable but unverified one- it is cold fusion (the hard variant), there are some unknown nuclear reactions at play (the softer variant). This was enough to enrage legions of nuclear physicists... we well know the story that is continuing... But is nuclearity the essence
of LENR ...or is it about something more complicated. I started to have doubts say in 1995.
I will cite now from a a presentation of the recent event organized by LENR CITIES at Neuchatel; LENRG is using a progressive form of the non-nuclear Wisdom_
-Larsen theory and considers the letter N from LENR is more "nanostructured" than nuclear.
From Alain Coetmeurs report at LENR-Forum:

Angelo Ovidi, the CTO of LENR-Cities, managing the "Scientific Functional Group" presented what is LENR. LENR is much more than cold fusion. It is superconductivity, transmutations, biological transmutations, catalysis, energy : a chemonuclear domain when nanoscale is the key. The products will be nanostructured material and micro-technology engineered devices which control those nano-materials

 I think such a mode of thinking is a must for solving indeed the problems of LENR and make it an industrial commercial reality

If we cannot accept the otherness, complexity and variety of LENR- it is our problem, not LENR's


1) With thanks to Gregory Goble!

Issues in Science and Technology 31, no. 2 (Winter 2015). University of Texas at Dallas

"Nuclear Power for the Developing World"
by Ahmed Abdulla, M. Granger Morgan

LENR condensed matter nuclear reactions at The University of Texas at Austin (cold fusion energy)

LENR - Texas Tech University’s
Board of Regents agenda book for December 11-14, 2014

2) Andrea Rossi says:

Andrea Rossi
June 27th, 2015 at 3:32 PM

The Cook Rossi paper has already been published.
About future papers, I’d need the mostly cited crystal ball.
Engineering of advanced applications of the so called Rossi Effect will rise from an Intellectual Property about which we’ll maintain the confidentiality, until a massive production will have been put on the market.
Warm Regards,

Andrea Rossi
June 27th, 2015 at 8:13 AM

Frank Acland:
Good question, impossible answer: to explain what has been the source of important factors emerged from the Lugano Report I should have to disclose confidential particulars. The huge work we made in our lab before the Lugano Report is the base that allowed us to see in the Report what can be observed only if you have “eyes” for it, trained by the huge background I mentioned.
Warm Regards,

Andrea Rossi
June 26th, 2015 at 8:04 AM

Frank Acland:
These days we are satisfied how things are going on. ( F9 ).
As you know, the measurements and the report of the ITO after the Lugano test have allowed us a strong improvement, for reasons that we deem confidential, so far. The Lugano Report of the Independent Third Party for us is a gold mine. For this reason I am very curious to read the reports after the replication of the Effect they are trying in the Universities of Uppsala (Sweden) and Bologna (Italy).
Warm Regards,

Andrea Rossi
June 28th, 2015 at 8:56 AM

James Andrew Rovnak:
You are continuing ( also today June 28) to send theories and I am continuing to spam them. Guess why.
I appreciate your enthusiasm and your kindness, but I cannot give room to theoretical nonsenses, nor I have time to object to them.
About the replications you are giving us the updates of: it is necessary to have scientific and detailed reports, with all the data concerning the description of the measurement instruments, a detailed lay out of the measuring system, the graphs of the data.
Warm Regards,

3) Cold Fusion - What Is The Definition Of Fusion In Science

4) Recent accusation of frauds on e-cat

A bit more openness from Rossi and IH could make such people- they are still a lot- to shut up - and this without a iota of loss of intellectual property. Or are they of some use in demoralizing the competition?

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Margaret, my grandmother on the maternal side born in 1885 was the first to tell me- actually sing- about the airplane. It was a little funny chansonette following the French model, the hit of the year 1910; then aviation was still considered kind of a joke. I have tried to translate in English the lyrics of that nice little song..and I apologize, I am a a technologist not a poet. 

   HUNGARIAN                                                       ENGLISH
Egy Blériot nevű fantaszta akadt,   It’s said that Bleriot, the dreamer heroic
Géppel repül a nap tüze alatt.         
Flies high with his motor bird agile
Megesik, hogy leesik.                      
I cannot find what’s here the 'chic',
Én nem értem, ebben mi a sikk!?   
He can fall down and is so fragile…

('chic' is nowadays translated with 'smart' but in the French culture it is elegantly much more than this)

 I am sorry - I could not find any recording of the Bleriot song but music lovers can listen to a great lady of the Hungarian chanson/operetta who sung it many times (radio) still in the 50-ies and 60-ies- an unique voice.

IThe Bleriot song was unforgettable however WWII has soon shown that aviation became something deadly serious in meantime just good for coventryzation, carpet bombing and other methods of effective destruction and killing of populations. I had to wait till 1947 for my first civil flight- 608 kilometers from my native town Timisoara to Constanta at the BlackSea shore a rather shaking experience. Later, in the PVC and the LENR eras of my life I have traveled a lot with airplanes and...I liked it tremendously. After swimming pools, libraries, scientific congresses and good restaurants the airplane is the 5-th place where I feel like a fish in water. Being an optimist I hope to fly again, body and soul still together.

But anyway, I have never forgotten the name of Lous Bleriot, as well as the nme of Traian Vuia a Romanian airplane pioneer plus many other European competitors & colleagues of the American Wright Brothers, who all together have started the wonderfully fast aviation revolution.

Yesterday it was published an announcement by AIRBUS- they want to repeat the achievement of Bleriot with an electric airplane:

As far I know the airplane with electric propulsion is due for 2017; anyway this news is very inspiring for me from two reasons;

a) AIRBUS has an LENR- even LENR+ (it seems) patent:

What does this mean? Based on my long experience it means quite tautologically, AIRBUS has this patent and is either seriously working for LENr or this is just a vanity patent or for "any case"- nobody outside the company knows.

b) A representative of the company Airbus Group Chief Scientist, Jean-Francois Genestewas present of LENR CITIES now LENRG's event in great Britain this year and Steve Krivit has attacked him

I have answered with an equally nasty and agressive wtiring:
see No 5 here: 
(The Hopeless LENR World of Steve Krivit) defending J.F. Geneste

the announcement of AIRBUS has  electrified and illuminated me  and i have immediately decided to write the following to the company- spontaneously, sincerely, nada diplomacy, not waiting an answer- just because I feel this is my duty
and it has to be done for the sake of the Energy Revolution, of Europe and the World
for a better future, for the love of humanly sacro-saint Technology!

                 OPEN LETTER TO AIRBUS.

Dear AIRBUS- I admire and love you, your airplanes and your plans for the future.
Now you have a huge opportunity to help Mankind -as a stereotypy says to save thw World.
The Energy Revolution' spearhead LENR is in trouble because the critical knowledge is monopolized by the inventor Andrea Rossi  and his direct ally Industrial Heat and they have no really dangerous competitors. It is not the fault of Rossi and Co, on the contrary it is because only they took the technological bull by horns while many of LENR's best men have insisted on pure science or were captive in the chanceless magic of the palladium deuterium system- drowning in probletence.
Nothing is more urgent and necessary  NOW than a real competition for Rossi, first of all for him because  a slow technological revolution is a wicked oxymoron.
So, dear AIRBUS please organize serious, professional technological,penetrative
(honi soit qui mal y pense!) RESEARCH for LENR with clear targets- energy sources  
better, cleaner, cheaper, more versatile than everything we have till now.
You will need a genuine leader, a personality, you will need teams- all dedicated and not only implicated working full time, full energy, full creativity. Problems solvers, system thinkers. 
LENR is definitely (more than old age) not  for sissies  so you will need  researchers able to survive and prosper in VUCA conditions. (In English Vulnerability-Uncertainty- Complexity- Ambiguity, in French it is VICA (Vulnérabilité- Incertitude-Ccomplexité- Ambiguïté); in German (SUKM (Schwachstelle Unsicherheit Komplexität Mehrdeutigkeit) a weird world of fast changes and flocks of Black Swans.
You will meet the six pillars of LENR+:

But please do not worry on my blog I have prepared ideas and instructions for the true LENR+ i.e. realist, pragmatic and materialist, dynamic, unbelievable powerful.
Beware of myths, focus on the futurenot on the past.
But, enough.. i hope this is the start of a fruitful collaboration. At 78 years age, I cannot promise you permanence, but now... "Ici je suis, ici je reste"

LENR+- in hoc signo vinces!

All my very best wishes, Yours truly,


Please read 1) and 2) combined, start with 2 there are remarkable initiatives herehopefully including in more ways AIRBUS too.

1) Des Neuchâtelois, capitale de la technologie LENR ?

2) LENR-Cities event on June 25 at Microcity/EPFL , Neuchatel - Reporthttp://www.lenr-forum.com/forum/index.php/Thread/1801-LENR-Cities-event-on-June-25-at-Microcity-EPFL-Neuchatel-Report/?postID=5712#post5712

3) Bill Gates- traditional renewable energy is not enough, basic research needs funding:

4) Cold Nuclear Fusion in the Russian Wikipedia

Холодный ядерный синтез


Up-to-dated information re Canadian Company General Fusion- with thanks to Mahadeva Srinivasan:

Tech firm aims to 'save the world' with nuclear reactor

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EGO OUT POST No. 700, JUNE 26, 2015


A truth spoken before its time is dangerous. (Greek Proverb)

Believe in the future by creating it first. (Today's Gapingvoid)


This is post no. 700 of Ego Out; we have around 485,000 page views.
The effective start of the Blog was on the day of the first Bologna E-cat demo,, Jan 14, 2011.


From the ХТЯ и ШМ site: links to the 3 presentations of yesterday at PFUR

For complete texts, please go to the links

The first paper

A.I. LAPTUKHOV Cand. of Phys.-Math Sciences, Senior Researcher Pushkov Institute of Terrestrial Magnetism, Ionosphere and Radio Wave Propagation RAS, Troitsk, Moscow, Russian Federation. E-mail: laptukhov@izmiran.ru 

A.A. RUKHADZE Professor. Prokhorov General Institute of RAS. Moscow, Russian Federation. E-mail: rukh@fpl.gpi.ru 


In view of the magnetic electron moment is shown, what its characteristic size can not be less or one order with classical electron radius re=e 2 /(mec 2 )=2.8210-13 sm. The statement, what the Coulomb’s law for electron is carried out up to distances 10-15 sm it is incorrect, as results in consequences roughly contradicting to experience. For the characteristic of the electron size it is possible to use Compton length e=h/(mec)=2.4310-10 sm or parameter Re= ħ/(mec)=e /(2)=3.8610-11 sm. Key words: the magnetic moment, magnetic forces, classical radius, Compton length for electron

The second paper
N.V. Samsonenko
Description of the structure and  the dimensions of particles  in the quantum theory- highly mathematical- no abstract

The third paper 

Presentation of the devices for demonstration of plasma electrolysis for obtaining of excess heat
by Yuri.N. Bazhutov, (Izmiran) A.N. Gerasimova (RGAZU)P V Zaharov, V.I, Koretskii, Gs Liapin

Airbus Unveils E-Fan Electric Plane

Ask questions to Wizkid about his replication experiment


Andrea Rossi says

Andrea Rossi
June 25th, 2015 at 6:45 PM

In this moment it is 07.40 p.m. of Thursday, June 25.
The MW E-Cat is in ssm and stable.
The Hot Cat is in ssm too, stable.
Fingers crossed. F9.
Warm Regards,

The Ukrainian Laboratory of Experimental Physics Up-to-dated


Two papers in today's SCIENCE are refering to subjects vital for LENR, even if LENR is not explicitly mentioned

Solving reproducibility by Stuart Buck


Promoting an open research culture by B.A. Nosek et al (many)

Thursday, June 25, 2015



Three quotes by Werner Heisenberg that demonstrate he knew about the coming of LENR

Whenever we proceed from the known to the unknown we may hope to understand, but we may have to learn at the same time a new meaning of the word 'understanding' 

"Uncertainty" is NOT "I don't know." It is "I can't know." "I am uncertain" does not mean "I could be certain."

If real unknown territory is entered it is possible,that the structure of thinking, too,has to change, in order to understand and penetrate the new.”
The thinking on which these 3 quotes are based  will be used as ingredient for making a review of your answers to the question:WHICH IS THE MAIN PROBLEM OF LENR?

A first sketch of the review will be published probably in the coming weekend; so please tell me what you think. I am asking those friends who have answered in closed forums (as CMNS) to allow me to cite and use their answers. Absence of NO means YES.


Please do not forget the two important events of today, June 25 2015:

a) LENR-CITIES' meeting at Neuchatel http://lenr-cities.com/#EVENT_NEUCH

b) The Seminar of the Russian Cold Nuclear Transmutation and Globular Lightning
Society at the People's Friendship University Moscow, interesting theory papers but the star is Yuri Bazhutov's presentation of his plasma electrolysis technology, a potential competitor for the E-cat  

0) 0 because it is not published yet- it was sent by Jim Rovnak who knows the value of fastness in information/communication, thanks!
WIZKID replication, to come:
See also on: 

1) LENR-die unendliche und saubere Energie  kommt fruher als gedacht
LENR the infinite and clean energy comes earlier than thought
A very systematic and comprehensive writing in German about LENR

2) Fusion Froide
Is French language Wikipedia less perturbed than English?

3) LENR: strategia Rossi in CIna
Ross's strategy in China- inspired by Axil's paper about things to come.

4) Best Low Energy Nuclear Reactions Cheap

5) Andrea Rossi says:

Andrea Rossi
June 24th, 2015 at 3:46 PM
-about competition-
Albert N.:
The fact that Airbus is making R&D in the LENR field confirms that our work has changed the game, involving the giants. This also gives evidence that it is not true that mainstream science is not interested in LENR.
About your questions:
1- We do not talk with our competitors
2- Same as above
3- I do not agree ( question: if they do not think LENR can be patented, why did a patent application, that I know very well and have studied with attention and is in good part copied from prior art?)
Warm Regards,

Andrea Rossi
June 24th, 2015 at 3:43 PM
- about the Lugano testers- niznaiu again!
Gianni Abbamonte:
I do not know anything about what they are doing. I know, of course, that they are trying to replicate, in Uppsala and in Bologna, but I am not a rumorist, therefore I prefer to wait for written reports.
Warm Regards,


Regarding: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JKGZDhQoR9E

I had just watched this informative but depressing video of a lecture given by a top man from a highly regarded school who specializes in quantum mechanics.

With an air of genuine humility born under the weight of years of hard study, he bemoaned the fact that his puny ape’s brain is flummoxed by the weirdness and complexity of QM. He explained that over the last 100 years, a dozen different versions of QM have been developed to try to explain the rules that make up the “real” world. The world in which we think we live is just and illusion that only confuses us. There is an excellent chance that LENR is a QM process. LENR is firmly rooted in the real world. Our puny ape’s brains are ill fit to solve its great mysteries. LENR might be a tool more fit to be utilized and understood by a more advanced civilization peopled by a breed of creature who can rightly leave their footprints on the stars spread far flung like dust throughout the galaxy.

That bodes ill for any prospects of understanding how LENR works let alone trying to develop a theory that might aid us in advancing its development. Some very strange and unknowable stuff is going on in and around those nickel particles. 

Being faced with this perplexing maelstrom of complexity, the infinite monkey solution might afford us some hope and be the best path toward advancing our progress in LENR. 


The infinite monkey theorem states that a monkey hitting keys at random on a typewriter keyboard for an infinite amount of time will almost surely type a given text, such as the complete works of William Shakespeare. This is what Rossi has done in his efforts to develop LENR.

, The solace that we might draw from this metaphor is as follows: an infinite number of monkeys might do this job faster. That is, if enough effort is put forth by a very large number of people, if enough pain and frustration is experienced in a massive effort, if enough money and resources are funneled into LENR research, then progress in LENR might be slowly made over a very long time.

The fruits of LENR are just too sweet and delightful to let pass. This great study which transcends all our current powers of thought, will be a garrison to guard our hearts and minds in a union of fellowship to advance this noble endeavor.

Posted by Axil to EGO OUT at June 24, 2015 at 11:28 AM


Better Lucky than Smart
Lucky and smart is the best slogan-reality for LENR developers.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015



 See please: 
by Theodore Kinni
In a new biography of the brothers who invented the airplane, David McCullough describes the frustrations and triumphs involved in getting aviation off the ground.

In our community, Jed Rothwell has written fine essays and a book about the many analogies of the dawns of aviation and the start of LENR/Cold Fusion.
Dear Jed, what about a comparison of the situation of COMPETITORS of the Wright Brothers and of Andrea Rossi? Competition is a driver for development, coopetition is the really good driver.

I have started to receive VERY significant messages re. my question:"What's the main problem of LENR, now?" Thanks! 
Please send me other ideas too, I need the help of WoC (Wisdom of Colleagues)


1)Tjorborn Johnsen
To replicate or not to replicate, this is the question?

Kilder svenske professor kunne ha Replikert E-Cat Andrea Rossi

2) Andrea Rossi speaks about his work:
Andrea Rossi
June 23rd, 2015 at 7:31 AM

Hank Mills:
Every particular of the E-Cat is the result of a long series of corrections coming from thousands of tests that allowed the evolution that carried to the present industrial plant and the domestic version under R&D.
Warm Regards,

3) What Can We Expect when LENR Hits the Fan for Real? Unfortunately it’s Not all Gold!
I don't get what is the agenda of Sifferkoll!

4) Was this paper discussed in our circles?

A Cold Fusion-Casimir Energy Nano Reactor Proposal
Author  Mohamed S. El Naschie
Affiliation Department of Physics, University of Alexandria, Alexandria, Egypt.
Using a compact heap of Fullerene nano particle moduli of a nano matrix device we propose that by maximizing the Casimir forces between these particles as a desirable effect, we can achieve a gradual rather than a sudden implosion pressure. This we expect will result in a mini holographic universe from which energy can be extracted in a way constituting a nano energy reactor functioning effectively on a hybrid principle somewhere between a Casimir effect and a cold fusion process.

5) ECW Think Tank working in LENR


With thanks to Ron Kita
Single-catalyst water splitter produces clean-burning hydrogen 24/7

The super materials that could trump graphene
A wave of innovative flat materials is following in the wake of graphene — but the most exciting applications could come from stacking them into 3D devices.
Elizabeth Gibney

Tuesday, June 23, 2015



You may have heard a version of the drill-hole scenario '“ where a customer walks into a store and says 'I need a drill', while the clerk replies by saying 'No you don't, you need a hole'.
taken from "Identifying the Problem is a crucial step"



1) At the Seminar at PFUM, June 25, 2015 Yu.N. Bazhutov presents the reactor using plasma electrolysis with triple conversion of energy.

4. 17.45 – 18.15 Yu.N. Bazhutov, IZMIRAN (Troitsk) and A.I Gerasimova, PGAZU (Moscow) "Presentation of the reactor using plasma electrolysis with triple conversion of energy"
2) AXIL: "The history of things to come"                                                                http://www.e-catworld.com/2015/06/23/the-history-of-things-to-come-axil-axil/
3)Official text of the T Clarke comment in the lenr-canr bibliography:Comment on the report “Observation of abundant heat production from a reactor device and of isotopic changes in the fuel” by Levi et al Thomas Clarkehttp://lenr-canr.org/acrobat/ClarkeTcommentont.pdf
4)The General Unitary Quantum Picture of the World 
by Leo G. Sapogin , V. A. Dzhanibekov , Yu. A. Ryabov
International Journal of High Energy Physics Special Issue: Symmetries in Relativity, Quantum Theory, and Unified Theories. Vol. 2, No. 4-1, 2015, pp. 33-5

The present article discuses the problems of new Unitary Quantum Theory in its applications to the different aspects of the reality. There are spectacular examples of such applications. In new quantum picture of the world possible both creation and destruction to matters and on this base to solve all energy problems to civilizations.

5) Thread: Making GOLD from Copper, Silver & Plant Extracts

6) A Czech language paper  about biological transmutation a la Vysotskii and Kornilova:

7) Rossi about the Lugano testers:

Andrea Rossi
June 22nd, 2015 at 5:46 PM

Raphael Teller:
1- I am aware of the fact that in the University of Uppsala and in the University of Bologna are on course experiments to replicate the effect measured in Lugano. I am not aware of their results, because I am not in contact with them, but I assume if they will get results they will publish them in the proper channels.
2- In Lugano they had access to all the information that they published in the report in October 2014; I did not give information on what we deem confidential intellectual property. As I always said, the E-Cat is a much more complex thing than it appears to be. Nevertheless, as Dr Parkhomov, Prof. Jiang et Al. have given evidence of, using the information contained in the Lugano Report and in my patent applications a replication of the Effect appears to be not impossible.
Warm Regards,

8) Official document of LENR CITIES,,Commercial Register:


about the control method of Andrea Rossi

Regarding: “It seems even a malsolution can be converted sometimes in an usable one- with much research, additions, sacrifices (!) and creativity. Plasma triggering seems to be inherently better- and can return.”

Rossi deserves great respect for solving the E-Cat control issue. At this juncture, Rossi’s approach to the LENR reaction may be a far better solution to the control of the reaction than does plasma stimulation. Rossi’s approach allows for the reaction to be copied indefinitely over many unpowered sub reactors. The Rossi reaction may be open ended in terms of power production with unlimited COP. Conceptually in terms of productivity, it’s the difference between a hand written copy and a copy machine. The Cat and mouse control approach is as world changing as Edison’s use of a vacuum in this light bulb. It seems that these world changing solutions require a lot of work to give them birth, Knowing what is the best solution is based on results and results are based on the amount of pain pored into the solution. Clearly, Rossi is the King of Pain. 

Jim Rovnak adds:
Yes Axil, Rossi is indeed a tenacious worker to be much admired. Jim