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It is difficult for me to chose quotes about money today; I am confused and cannot answer the question if Big money could solve the problems of LENR and how? 
Probably only by attracting many, many creative researchers into the field. We need new ideas first.


 Quo vadis LENR, if you get BIG MONEY?

On the LENR Forum, Oldguy an IH supporter, had a challengingly idea: 

My hope is that the countersuit will end up with Rossi paying some back to IH and that money can be directed by IH to "real researchers" in the field. A few million in the hands of people like Miley, Letts, Mizuno, Biberian, Swartz.... could work wonders.

I asked him

What I want is to ask you to try to tell in some detail:- what will do the "real researchers" from your short list with the great money? That is what, in your opinion, is the Tao of LENR?I have the impression that actually you are a LENR professional, present on CMNS so you could ask the real researchers about their wishes- for a start"what will you do with a 3, 5, 10 million US$ LENR funding? Or you, in case you are still active?

The essence of his answer is that he added TxTech, Brillouin and Celeni to the list- if you are interested the discussion is on the information rich LENR Forum in the long thread dedicated to Rossi vs Darden-2 p81.

The practical part of what  Oldguy says:
f I had the 10 million that Rossi was given, I would spread about 8M around to about 4 researchers allocated over about 4 years with the purpose of developing something that can be engineered to levels above 100 W or or better to 1k
Reseserve 2M (i.e. 20%) for duplication, verification, and analysis and why I said 100W or 1kW levels. You can control that level on a lab bench with accurate controls and properly dump the heat. Much smaller than 100W and it is hard to convince people of scale ups.

Big Money for LENR is a frequently recurring subject- hope, speculation, wishful thinking.
Big Money- what if? How with it?
A rule to remember- a plethora of seemingly good answers to an unanswerable question does not convert it in an answerable one..


1) From Gregory Goble
Evolution Through Cold Fusion LENR and all that Jazz

2) Low-Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR) - Anthropocene Institute

3) From Andrea Rossi's JONP

February 26, 2017 at 4:39 AM

Dear Andrea,

reading some of me356 posts, give me an idea. To extend SSM time, the ECats or the QuarkX can be operated in a molten salt bath, the kind used in solar concentration plants (or others if 550C is not enough). The high thermal capacity of the bath can extend the SSM period, by not letting the fuel cool down. I don’t know if you already found a way to have long SSM with load (e.g. heating water up to steam), but if not, this can be a mean.

Andrea Rossi
February 26, 2017 at 4:46 PM

We already had a long SSM with a load. Thank you for your suggestion.
Warm Regards,

February 26, 2017 at 10:33 PM


Andrea Rossi
February 27, 2017 at 11:37 AM

I have been told there is some problem, but now I am with the Attorneys in a deposition, will see later.
Warm Regards,

4) Videos here: 
World Clean Energy Conference Geneva 2016 Nicolas On Lenr Technology:

5) Brilliant Recap and Summary by Mats Lewan on LENR in World Affairs!

6) New THREAD on LENR Forum:
MFMP preparing some big announcement?

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'Manners' - how to translate in           The author is a damned idiot!!!
Internetese?                                        Suffering of senile dementia etc.


a) The dangers of axiomatic thinking

it is an old axiom of mine that most rude, offensive, nasty and dominant individuals are, in the same time the  most sensitive and touchy. An obvious metaphor for them
would be "thorny mimosas"- however Botanics disagree- the sensitive mimosa (Mimosa pudica) and the thorny one (Mimosa invisa) are separate species. 
But human thorny mimosas abound.
This axiom based on my life experience is indistinguishable from certainty- this is excellent and a happy case, if I still meet an exception somewhere it will not do harm, on the contrary. Axiomatic thinking is good in mathematics but can be very destructive in life, axioms need healthy axons  and faulty people like the thorny mimosas can develop axioms that are not certain, not true. 

It happens that the negationists & executioners in spe of the Rossi Technology whom I cannot call my faithful fans have developed a set of simple axioms: Rossi evil and scammer, E-Cats unable to release excess heat,  those strange people who give Rossi a chance to have had lead a successful 1 year experiment or to win the litigation with  industrial Heat, Cherokee and Co- those people are inferior beings,  Industrial Heat is the great benefactor and savior of the troubled  LENR field.
Axiomatic thinking transforms their relation with reality any error is fatal, any error is scamming, is fake the most impossible things are possible if they are bad for Rossi's Technology. Necessary information can and has to be created.
Personally I understand they  want to win, however if they indeed believe r=their axioms why are they so active and focused on the inventor not on the Plant?

Recently their task has taken a concrete simple-in-principle form: they MUST demonstrate that the keystone of the Test the ERV core report showing the daily results  and confirming stellar multiplicative excess heat- are fake. no other poswsibility exists. A must kill case.

Let's think a bit: the Test ad a duration of some 5.08  millions minutes and the results were recorded- I think each minutes. These results - minute by minute re obviously much more relevant than the daily ones and i bet they will cause a lot of trouble to the must killers. I also bet even the great inquisitor will be able to show only with great efforts his "any half-wit looking at the results will see no excess heat possible. 
The keystone of the killer scenario is still the "flowmeter installed on a half-full pipe"
phantasmagoria. A possibility discovered by him is that the flowmeter is installed on the condens retour pipe. OK, but does the flowmeter work there? Its minimum working pressure is 0.3 bar a column of water 3 meters high. What shows the secret diagram of piping? However after the vertical pipe- according to the operating instructions

 comes a horizontal part and - see Figure 1 in the instructions- an elementary  simple (and already discussed here many times) system to make the instrument able to work. 
The idea is annihilated from start because 
:a) what has to measured directly is the quantity of water entering the generators;

b) If the flowmeter would be placed on the retour pipe, without respecting the most elementary rule (figure 1) its functioning would be erratic- so wait to see the set 
of more than 5 million results.

I wrote this being perfectly aware  that my thorny mimosa opponents will be not impressed, not convinced, not thinking- their axioms rule, they are programmed to do , what the always do. 

b) Edmund Storms re the idea of a pro-LENR letter to higher (human) authorities

Cold fusion is rejected for the following reasons. Unless you can address and counter each, I see no hope for anyone taking your letter seriously.  At least, you need to wait until the process is understood well enough to make reasonable success likely.  Nevertheless, making people at all levels aware of your interest is aways worth the effort.  Every drop of water on the rock removes a little rock until the rock is gone. So, good luck with your effort.

1. The claim conflicts with current conventional knowledge.
2. The energy, if applied, would threaten conventional sources of energy and the countries that supply this energy.
3.  Scientists in the field itself can not agree about even the most basic description of the phenomenon.
4.  No obvious path to success in making the energy can be proposed.
5.  No one can see how to make enough money generating this energy.
6. The reputation of the such claims is so bad, people do not want to be associated with anyone  who promises to make such "impossible" energy.


Regrettably missing from the  Anthropocene Institute's list oF LENR research centers
Deuo Dynamics- lead by Fabrice David

Tornbjorn Johnsen about super energy H2O power - in Swedish

Updated LENR Age:


Most scientists 'can't replicate studies by their peers'

Fortunately it is about medicine, not LENR

Nano-sized hydrogen storage system increases efficiency 
 Date:February 24, 2017
Source:DOE/Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory 
An efficient hydrogen storage system has been developed that could be a boon for hydrogen powered vehicles.


Keep Faith in the Steady Progress of Innovation
by Paul Sloane

How Google Innovates
by Greg Satell

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OMG, he wants shut down the    The Web is crowded with
Internet?                                         Googles.


Bored by the vehemence and passion with which professional things are taken as personal by...non-professionals pathologically intolerant to differences in thinking and opinions, I decided to abstain today from writing about my disputes that will continue till the equipment and piping diagram of the Plant of Doral will be known.
However, I came early upon paper 2) - it is about accumulation of know what and know how for the NiH system. I was wondering that these concepts are much less popular than in the former century - now it is 'comme il faut' to do Science.
 i will come back to this soon.


1)From the Miami Court  Pacermonitor re the Rossi vs Darden litigation 

Friday, February 24, 2017
157 respm Response/Reply (Other) Fri 6:52 PM
Defendant's REPLY to151 Memorandum of Law in Opposition to Defendants' Motion for Protective Order Relating to Attorney-Client Privileged Communications and Incorporated Memorandum of Law by Cherokee Investment Partners, LLC, Thomas Darden, IPH International B.V., Industrial Heat, LLC, John T. Vaughn. (Lomax, Christopher)

Thursday, February 23, 2017
156 misc Transcript Fri 9:44 AM
TRANSCRIPT of Discovery Hearing Proceedings held on 2/7/17 before Magistrate Judge John J. O'Sullivan, 1-55 pages, Court Reporter: Bonnie J. Lewis, 305-523-5635. Transcript may be viewed at the court public terminal or purchased by contacting the Court Reporter/Transcriber before the deadline for Release of Transcript Restriction. After that date it may be obtained through PACER. Redaction Request due 3/16/2017. Redacted Transcript Deadline set for 3/27/2017. Release of Transcript Restriction set for5/24/2017.(hh)
Att: 1 Designation Access Form

155 misc Transcript Fri 9:37 AM
TRANSCRIPT of Discovery Hearing Proceedings held on 2/9/17 before Magistrate Judge John J. O'Sullivan, 1-50 pages, Court Reporter: Bonnie J. Lewis, 305-523-5635. Transcript may be viewed at the court public terminal or purchased by contacting the Court Reporter/Transcriber before the deadline for Release of Transcript Restriction. After that date it may be obtained through PACER. Redaction Request due 3/16/2017. Redacted Transcript Deadline set for 3/27/2017. Release of Transcript Restriction set for5/24/2017.(hh)
Att: 1 Designation Access Form

154 minutes Discovery Hearing Fri 8:26 AM
PAPERLESS Minute Entry for proceedings held before Magistrate Judge John J. O'Sullivan: Discovery Hearing held on 2/23/2017. Total time in court: 1 hour(s). Attorney Appearance(s): Erika Stephanie Handelson, Christopher Martin Lomax, D. Porpoise Evans and Christopher Perre. (Digital 15:04:01/16:12:01) (cg1)
2) What me356 Taught Us (Max Temple) 

3) AXIL starts a new thread on the LENR Forum

A better alternative to LENR

4) COLDFSIONCONNECTIONS- latest feeds- by Doktor Bob

5) Now discussed on E-CatWorld:
Anthropocene Institute Publishes LENR Investing Report for 2017

6) The#LENR Daily


Researchers find link between laziness and intelligence:

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FEB 24, 2017, LENR has too many "ECONOMICAL FRIENDS"





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I get answers some indirectly to the three questions of yesterday. 

In his fast answer Ed Storms wrote:
"Two directions are possible. One is toward basic scientific understanding of the phenomenon and the other is toward technology and application. The direction toward technology has failed and has caused nothing but trouble.  This path was taken much too early in the history of the discovery before the required basic information was available."  

I disagree with this in the sense that the solution will (or already had come if Rossi's Plant worked as the ERV report shows) only by a creative synchronicity of the technological and scientific research 
Question: is the Large Hadron Collider is Science or Technology?

The second surprise yesterday (here too late to be included in the Blog issue) was Steven Krivit white paper see below 2) 
Is it also a pleasant surprise and a good work as the Anthropocene Society Report?
Unfortunately not at all. Steve went in a kind of exile a few years ago as a faithful supporter of the Widom-Larsen theory alluding to the hope that the theory will help LENR researchers (or Larsen's company) to solve the main LENR problem- excess heat from mW to kW. Nothing about this, the paper starts with a laudatio of the W-L theory that predicts isotopic shifts and element transmutations, shows evidence for low energy neutrons, presents the classic PdD and NiH results, nothing really new. Many words are wasted on an obviously angry part on Andrea Rossi's character and history and on our colleagues and friends who dared to give some support to Rossi. For example David Nagel "caused untold damage doing so". 
Not to search for complicated explanations for this: at their meeting in 2011 Rossi was unable to recognize the genius and LENR omniscience of Steve Krivit and this is more than unpardonable. The paradox is that Krivit is a good professional, the unique LENR journalist accepted by Google News, has published recently three LENR books. 
The paper also tells about the reproducibility issue, the reputation &  PR problems of LENR, Steve  invites readers to his books. The two last paragraphs "Path Forward" and "Opportunities " are not encouraging, no W-L theory based  breakthroughs predicted. No real direction presented, the predictive and productive powers of the W-L theory- still to come. No direction shown actually.

I well remember the start and the days of local glory of Steven Krivit. We were friends. Now I have to ask "Is he still a friend or an economical friend of LENR?"

Industrial Heat keeps more economical friends in the blogo- and forumo-sphere. And the end of the story it will be seen what terrible harm did they to IH, however their message' have a specific charm and surreal humor. Inquisitors propagandists, evangelists, activists they all adore Goddess Ineptna. She likes untrue, impossible and absurd things. After the verdict, in case I am still here down- or upstairs, I will publish their most humorous statements in a collection named "The Laughing Flowmeter"


1) From the Miami Court  Pacermonitor re. Rossi vs. Darden

Thursday, February 23, 2017
153 misc Memorandum Thu 11:39 PM
MEMORANDUM in Opposition re143 Memorandum, by Andrea Rossi. (Chaiken, Brian)
152 order Order Thu 4:24 PM
ORDER on informal discovery conference. Signed by Magistrate Judge John J. O'Sullivan on 2/23/2017. (tro)

2) Power Generations via LENRs. A white paper by Steven C. Krivit

3) Rossi Recounts 2010 Naval Research Laboratory Test

4) Cold Fusion, Low Energy Nuclear Reactions Documentary

5)  Rossi demonstrated E-Cat for Navy and former DARPA boss:



Thanks to Sam North- our friend from Canada
Could Canadian fusion power be in play by 2030?

Light dawns
A new ttheory about the speed of light


IQ Is A Myth: Intelligence Has At Least Three Components

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MOTTO- instead of a Motto: 





Prum's Second Law:

" The opposite of Progress is NOT Stagnation, it is Decay."

It is interesting that report 2b) has arrived as kind of immediate answer to the 3 Questions. It was a pleasant surprise (20% of the surprises are so)


Ed Storms' Answer.

For the questions I got an answer from Ed Storms- he gives a global answer. Thanks!

The direction in your question is important. Two directions are posible. One is toward basic scientific understanding of the phenomenon and the other is toward technology and application. The direction toward technology has failed and has caused nothing but trouble.  This path was taken much too early in the history of the discovery before the required basic information was available.  

Now, people are gradually taking an interest in the science and trying to understand what causes the LENR process. This path requires understanding of science and great skill, which until recently was denied to the effort.  I predict as this understanding is acquired, the technology direction will flourish, but not until the phenomenon is well understood. We are seeing the consequence of trying to go the technology direction too soon. As result much money has been wasted and many damaged reputations have resulted. 


1) Rossi v. IH — Site Inspection and Depositions Scheduled

2a) A New Energy Technology Race Between Europe, Japan and The US That Could Save Us From Climate Collapse

5) From Andrea Rossi's JONP

February 23, 2017 at 5:14 AM


Andrea Rossi
February 23, 2017 at 9:50 AM

As a matter of fact, today I am in Manchester, NH, for the litigation, but I have been informed the situation is stable.
Warm Regards,


February 23, 2017 at 6:10 AM

Dr Andrea Rossi:
Is it true that during a day in 2010 you made a test with the NRL in a laboratory of Washington, DC?
A top level officer of the NRL has written recently that the test was impressive ad that if it was a hoax it was a damn good one!
Can you describe?
Andrea Rossi
February 23, 2017 at 9:43 AM

Yes, the day you are referring to happened in the Summer of 2011, in a Laboratory connected with NRL. I brought there my E-Cat and they monnted it in a rack of theirs to make their calorimetric measurements. A specialist of NRL measured the electricity consume by means of an oscilloscope of NRL, while several thermocouples set up by them measured the temperature of the water before and after the E-Cat. A flowmeter measured the flow of water. The test during the first day measured a difference of temperature that corresponded to a production of about 1 kWh/h of energy, while after half an hour from the start up ( around 9 A.M.) the system is gone in SSM ( Self Sustained Mode ) and the amount of the input of electricity consumed by the E-Cat has been zero for all the day.
The electricity consumed amount has been measured exclusively by means of the oscilloscope brought there by the specialist of NRL.
This is what happened during that day.
Warm Regards,


Thanks to Alain Coetmeur
Effect of Stabilizing Agents on the Synthesis of Palladium Nanoparticles

New window into the nanoworld
Scientists combine the ultra-fast with the ultra-small to pioneer microscopy at terahertz frequencies
Date:February 21, 2017
Source:University of Alberta
For the first time ever, scientists have captured images of terahertz electron dynamics of a semiconductor surface on the atomic scale. The successful experiment indicates a bright future for the new and quickly growing sub-field called terahertz scanning tunneling microscopy (THz-STM). THz-STM allows researchers to image electron behavior at extremely fast timescales and explore how that behavior changes between different atoms.


Don’t sell a product, sell a whole new way of thinking