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To the discussion of yesterday about ICCF-19- Andrea Rossi says he will not be there:

 Andrea Rossi

December 16th, 2014 at 8:51 PM

I will not be able to attend, because in that period I will be in the USA in symbiosis with the 1 MW plant. I take this chance to say that I wish the greatest success to all the scientists of the ICCF.
Warm Regards,

This is regrettable but perhaps not definitive. The ideological chasm between LENR and LENR+ is still abyssal.

Eventually, we can enjoy the complete Bo Hoistadt interview in English:
Not exactly an orgasm (intellectual orgasm in this case!)- as my late dear cousin Gerda
said about her cataract surgery. As we already know the report/interview includes  a rather long lasting, big "we don't know" regarding the surprising isotopic shifts. If he really has no idea of what happens is in part Prof. Hoistadt unpardonable  error, he has not read my "Nuclear physics turned over its head" essay 
 so he does not know that the solution of the puzzle is already sketched. Very unfortunately we have a case in which the problem simply CANNOT be solved in the frame of the existing Nuclear Science box/tool-box. It is something very similar to the ultra-classic nine dots puzzle:
We can go even deeper, to the basic problem solving rules, this isotopic shift case is just an application of Problem Solving Rule No. 18 by adding somethings new to the premises as I have descibed it so simply in my ancient opus:
Look there please for the story of the Father and son. The carriage to be added to nuclear physics in this case is not only condensed matter physics but also the strategical scientific thinking of this paper:
If he reads all these, I bet the isotopic shifts will not be more such a terrible enigma. 
It would be perhaps too much to wait that he will accept the exotic idea that LENR is a fundamental form of Synergy in Nature and in order to convert it in something useful, the addition of human creativity is a must:

However, I guess actually the professors and Rossi plus his IH team know and understand much more than they claim. I hope so.
A paper about isotopic shift in this case was published on Daniele Passerini's blog:

It is authored by Francesco Santandrea: " E-Cat and the isotopic shift.NEF Nuclear Electromagnetic Phenomena. The Electromagnetic Nuclear Model of the charges of Energy and of Matter".
It is inspired/motivated by the interview and tries to show in great lines (principle) how can be calculated the energy produced in LENR reactors- based on those isotopic shifts.  Then an  simplified example of calculation is shown- easy task for Google Translate.  The results are similar to those known.

The author has an original theory about why LENR is based on SOFT nuclear ewaction se his paper in English here:
Quite remarkable-especially for theorists.


Regarding: “the connection that transforms weak LENR in the super-strong LENR+. I I have asked first of all AXIL for help.” He answered prompily

In LENR, there is a weak energy transfer path between the soliton and the fuel nulei. In LENR+, there is a strong one.
The BEC enables this because the BEC entangles the soliton with the fuel nuclei so that the nuclear energy can flow easily from the fuel to the soliton.
A BEC is easily formed in a gas, but not so easily in water. In water, an powerful electric arc must turn the water into a plasma. It is a hard job to maintain a BEC in water.

FYI: a surprise for HTSC, LENR's happier cousin

Superconductivity record breaks under pressure
Everyday compound reported to conduct electricity without resistance at a record-high temperature, outstripping more exotic materials.
Edwin Cartlidge It is about hydrogen sulphide at very high pressure.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014


No real news today? Not even new rumors? Later afternoon (for me) EcatWorld  the leading LENR blog publishes a paper about oil prices (falling) and LENR (coming!): A wise paper, it does not correlate strongly LENR -strategic and permanent with the temporary fall of oil prices. A reader, Billy Jackson characterizes brightly LENR as: "Right now LENR is in its Infancy trying to find who and what it is. We have a long road ahead of us before OIL becomes history as a energy generating commodity." Anyway lower prices do not make oil a clean source of energy. 

However we have  this: "Italian Prime Minister's office gives ICCF-19 Cold Fusion Conference High Patronage:

Obviously this is good, positive, fine. What is its significance? First at all thta the chief organizer of the Congress, Antonio La Gatta is an influential person with good connections in the upper Italian circles. His Linked-in page is impressive; TSEM his company is high class engineering- the first company to organize an ICCF. Reading about ICCF-19 at the website in construction, I am starting slowly to understand why  Antonio La Gatta is a personality and why TSEM is a successful company.
Please explore these sites:

Initially it was rumored that ICCF-19 will be centered on materials science and LENR - that is 
mainly advanced morphology  and metallurgy studies i.e.  a new sub-variant of the slogan of the previous ICCF: "Applying the Scientific Method to Understanding Anomalous Heat Effects , Opportunities and Challenges" Scientifically orthodox, correct, however not good for solving the existential problems of the field. Thinking in the frame of the Old Paradigm. 
Actually, I have already sent an Open Letter to ICCF-17 asking for radical changes:

The main issue now is accepting from inside, mentally and wholeheartedly  the existence of LENR+, combining science with technology for giving a new life to the field, recognizing that engineering is the key, not considering a blasphemy the idea that LENR will be completely understood only when it is already commercial.
Therefore I have been very pleased to read in their welcome message this:

Another innovation within ICCF-19 is the establishment of a new committee: The Engineering Applications Committee. The EAC appointees are engineers and investors whose goal is to form a bridge between academia and industry thereby encouraging the generation of products derived from years of scientific research. 

Technology was discussed and very smartly by former ICCFs but I am waiting a radical change a qualitative leap. I don't know if a representative of LENR+ will be present at Padua but I hope
the very idea of LENR+ will be there.
I want to be a participant and I will speak about alternative views of LENR- in case no serious health or financial health problems will hit me.
I am looking to this European ICCF with optimistic expectations.

Monday, December 15, 2014



You must take action now that will move you towards your goals. Develop a sense of urgency in your life. (Les Brown)

This is not an advice that brings you a lot of happiness; following it leads both
to effectiveness and to blunders. It is not a good (life)strategy to sacrifice the important things for the urgent ones, however sometimes the circumstances are forcing you to appreciate speed, urgency, immediacy, "instant" more than other, higher, deeper, more permanent values and virtues. I have learned that 80% of all requests are fulfilled immediately or never. One of my slogans was always 
"Bis dat qui cito dat" ("he gives twice who gives promptly")- see the QUI CITO newsletter on my blog.
The slogan is not in harmony with what happened in the history of Cold Fusion
and what happens now in LENR- there patience and ability to regenerate  th dead hopes- rather large scale production of Phoenix Birds are the most desired qualities. Things, for LENR,  are going slowly like a snail on a slope- this is the suggestive metaphor used by Russ George in a fine cold  fusion-in-context paper on his Atom Ecology blog: 
Actually, the problem is worse- the slope is coated with coarse emery paper and there are some special obstacles for our poor gastropode.
My, possibly not realistic, sense of urgency has determined me to develop a too forward looking vision of LENR- LENR+. Other colleagues think we can find the truth in already done experiments and that first we have to explore  the original PdD  scientifically in its deepest detail in order to understand  exactly what happens there and only after that - in complete safety, to progress systematically, step by step
toward applications. 
This being given as the dominant ideology, for me the most urgent task is to get LENR+, Rossi and /or DGT should demonstrate beyond any doubt, including the most pathologically irrational skepticism, that it works, works well.. This is what I hope and again, I need dangerously and painfully much patience p
in disharmony with my overly mature age.

Perhaps LENR as science-technology-business could learn from the experience of the best; one of the greatest success stories is that of Google - the company that has contributed so much to the solution of information transport and transfer I apologize
to repeat that everything that happens is transport, transfer and transformation of matter, energy and information., in infinite forms. The basic truth is: 
INEXISTENCE IS EXISTENCE IN MOTION" as I wrote to Albert Einstein, Princeton Univ. in 1953 but my letter did not went through. Uncle Albert has demonstrated  the equivalence of mass and energy - these are bound by the well known equation 
E=mc2, however the equivalence and synergy of information and energy still is missing such a fine, expressive  equation. We don't know E= f(i). This includes the vital connection between human creativity and energy, the connection that transforms weak LENR in the super-strong LENR+. I will ask you, first of all AXIL
for help.
Google can inspire LENR as being a good example. See please and read with envy:             "The Google Way of Attacking Problems" by Greg Satell 
I can declare that: "Ich bin ein Googler" have discovered their first paper in 1999 and have predicted in those Alta Vista times, that they will be the great winners in Web-search. From all men called Peter Gluck, the standard Google address belongs to me despite the fact that some of my namesakes- as the greatly successful US architect from GLUCK+ is more famous than me.

Probably the paper is a bit idealized and schematic but definitely interesting and inspiring.         It is about the company culture of Google: oriented toward problem solving, people proud to extremely difficult unique jobs and tasks, people "living" what they do, very deeply interested,
all the members of teams having the sense of the mission and purpose. It is, to cite the paper, a culture that attacks problems not people.
They are good in problems solving, that's obvious, we, CF/LENR have not solved many of our existential, developmental problems- but I have already written too much about this. Could we have somewhere an institution totally dedicated to LENR+ highly googlized? A LENR institution aware of the fact that you actually do not solve a problem if your solution does not come fast enough

Google, on the other side is nearing to LENR. They have earned very big money with solving the info problems and want to spend a part of the money solving the energy problem of Humanity. See please:
Google's Suggestion fo Climate Fix by jd  sweeney
and discover Londont- a nice, smart blog. The Google authors still have to discover the real virtues of LENR+  and to organize the coronation as emperor of the Energy Sources.

''Understanding LENR, LENR + better

Rossi has said recently that isotopic shift, the great and mysterious clue of the Lugno experiment is not fusion. Now he goes a bot further:

Andrea Rossi
December 13th, 2014 at 9:03 PM

Herb Gills:
The issue is much more complex than you say; isotopic shifts are caused by reactions and themselves cause further reactions, about which, obviously, I cannot give information, as I wrote many times.
The role of hydrogen is foundamental. All I meant is just that the main nuclear reactions are not necessarily fusion.
Warm Regards,

Actually Rossi never says much or says completely and I understand his reasons but he likes to communicate.

Anyway he has also told today:
Andrea Rossi
One of the things we have to test is the duration of a charge under the stress of a 1 MW plant in a long period. We plan not to change the charge until we have a decrease of efficiency, to check which is its real duration under stress. Due information about this issue will be given at the end of the test, probably within one year. Good question.
Warm Regards,
It is an unbelievably small quantity of fuel in the e-cats, If the Lugano results are real, then the heat release intensity, per unit of weight of metal is some 20000 times greater in LENR+ than in LENR (Fleischmann Pons cell) Is it the same phenomenon?

More tomorrow,

The future of LENR is not what it used to be. A list of the Fundamental Synergies.

Saturday, December 13, 2014


LENR interviews

From Vessy's blog                                                                                                             n         An engineer interviews Rossi on an Italian web TV:                                   
My impression is that Rossi -  in part under the influence of Focardi , in part a s a victim of group think- does not read EGO OUT and still thinks the NUCLEAR PHYSICS alone is able to solve the problem of LENR+. I have tried to convince persons who are in contact with Rossi that this is an error, but it seems- no communication, no sucess!

However Rossi says that the E-Cat reaction is NOT necessarily fusion  so he starts to get the idea!. 

Andrea Rossi
December 13th, 2014 at 7:28 AM

Frank Acland, Wladimir Guglinski:
I forgot to answer to the question 4 of the Frank Acland’s comment, sorry: I answer in seconds while working…
Answer: as you have read on the Report of the ITP after the Lugano test, energy comes substantially from isotopical shifts, which is not a fusion, at least for what concerns the final results.
Warm Regards,

Watch for some smart comments here:

 The much expected interview at the Italian Radio of Bo Hoistadt- tester of the Hot Cat at Lugano - the first part can be listened at:

Duration 6'06" interviewer  Maurizio Melis, Bo speaks in English- translation in Italian. Clear sound; Bo says yes they have observed those isotopic shifts, heat release is commensurate with the isotopic shifts and that the sample of ash was taken by the testers, not by Rossi. Fine but then what they have done with the it, was it completely analyzed as I have asked here:

A bit of inspiration

Innovation 101: The Value of Innovation

The nastiest controversies between Homo discontentus and Homo bureaucraticus
regarding the participation of the highest form of energy that is, creativity- human creativity in improving what Nature has created  :

WE also have a good supply of Homo bureucraticus so my idea that LENR is a natural Synergy
and that LENR+ results when we add human creativity to the original synergy- will remain heretical for  few months or years- but I do not care.


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The journey then, is the purpose and the reward!”

Those almost 26 years in Cold Fusion were for me too- mostly a journey on a tortuous way between/from/to a few small victories, insurmountable obstacles and consistent defeats. The beautiful part was the brightness, creativity, empathy and friendship of some co-traveller friends. The nastiest part was and still is the feeling that many other companions are just mirroring the negative thinking of our ferocious outer enemies converted in a poor positivity, living in an artificial reality- actually  very obsolete one.
In time, as a result of my ever increasing discontent I also have built my reality- very personal;
for me, thus journey is  not its own purpose and reward. The purpose is a brand new energy technology and the reward is to know that I was not seduced by an impossible  fata morgana
But it is a captivating journey, beyond any tired doubt! And, my friends I am one of those who thinks we will first arrive to the destination and only after that we will understand in deep detail what this destination actually was. And many new travels  to unknown  new destinations and new travelers will start. 
For me the problem is  what will come first the destination or the end of travel, being both pragmatic and philosophical as much  a technologist can be, I have made a  blue print of the destination, that is, of LENR that works well. for which I am using the name LENR+. Recently I wrote two essays: "The Six Pillars of LENR+" and "WHY does LENR exist?"  The later is continued  naturally with "And WHY and how can be LENR+ created? It was sad to me to see
how these products of dedication and goodwill have received zero feedback, zero critics, no insults.  These essays can be total crap, negative IQ, logical nightmares but nobody has told and demonstrated this. I expected some Big Cannons will try to annihilate the Pillars but nothing has happened..

Something has changed this morning. First I have seen with proudness that EGO OUT still figuress in the list of elite blogs of Cultural Offering: 
see please the front page

Then my good friend
,Vlad Plesa who is busy generating  hydro energy for Canada and firmly dedicated to the providing New Energy for Mankind wrote a very kind and generous appreciation for my Six Pillars. He has taken the risk- for his fine site and I cannot find words
to express my gratitude.

Then,  Samuel Hansson (Dr. Bob). the artistic co-author of the Pillars wrote about them in his captivating, direct, unique fine style:, history will remember his enthusiasm and contribution(s) to LENR and he will arrive to the destination.

A really beautiful young lady also writes very positively about Bob, he makes LENR charming:

LENR exists because it is a natural synergy between matter, energy and information at two
levels: that of electrons and photons and that of nuclei, for LENR+ the most precious form of energy, human creativity must also participate in the synergy. We are not allowed to play God, but it is our definitory duty to play Nature.

Information Ignorance, more precisely ignoring is not bliss but it is a form of imaginary power, so I have ignored yesterday: E-Cat Considered as Solution to South African Power Crisis

What Rossi says here is nice an encouraging but, in this stage it also is not great news

Rossi on E-Cat Jobs: Hopes to Create Employment in ‘Massive Measure’                

This could be interesting: 

E-Cat Tester H√∂istadt to be Interviewed on Italian Radio:

In our short-lived correspondence. when Bo said he will answer the questions in scientific publications, he wrote in a perfect Italian  language. No language barrier for Daniele, fine!
I don't think Daniele will use our list of questions in the interview: 


Thursday, December 11, 2014

DAILY SHARED LENR NEWS, December 11, 2014

My essay of yesterday regarding the question "why does LENR exist? " seem to be equally non-interesting for those who believe in the existence of the phenomenon and those who think it is only an illusion. This does not make me happy, however I enjoyed writing it due to the very large context created for the question of LENR - seen in the frame of how the World works.

The Web in toto is more empathic to the idea than the Old Paradigm people and made me a surprise coming from a unexpected source, Thus Lewis Larsen has published a slideshare entitled:"Positive holes and low energy neutron reactions, energy transfer within  Earth's crust, terestrial nucleosynthesis and energy supply for bacterial colonies in the Deep Biosphere" 
Among other interesting things, it speaks about electric bacteria eating and breathing electrons- a new connection between Life and LENR.


It is about the contribution of a great LENR personality, Dr. Thomas Pssell from EPRI to our field. We can read the most advanced variant of Tom's paper
 Research Article
The Case for Deuteron Stripping with Metal Nuclei as the Source of the Fleischmann–Pons Excess Heat Effect:

An earlier variant was presented at ICCF-18.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014


The Fundamental Question about LENR- and a tentative sketch of answer. 

Despite what Abd and other supporters of classic LENR as-it-is say, I deeply love LENR and want to see it transformed in LENR+, prosperous, popular  realm of science- in fast and  harmonious development toward understanding and applications. I know that this can be attained only by hard work  including the metamorphosis of the barely definable LENR in the productive LENR+ 

Love for LENR can be expressed and manifested  the best and most convincingly  helping it to get the answers to its essential questions and to solve the most painful problems. for me, the question considered as start-point by many:
"Does LENR exist? " 
has a positive answer, based on what i know- not a question more. However, for: "What exactly, is LENR?" 
I am, as everybody else, still undecided.
However in order to understand LENR and to master it, I think we have to answer an even more fundamental and important question:
"WHY does LENR exists?" That is, why has Nature created it?
I will try to give you, at least a sketch of an answer today and i duly hope this will be discussed seriously and improved greatly with your active help. Can we allow us to ignore the root questions?

Method and inspiring ideas

 I will combine disparate  data and try to build multiple creative bisociations 

Brian Josephson spoke about life-likeness of CF, 

Chris Tinsley has stated: "Cold Fusion is for Hot Fusion, what Biochemistry is for 

Daniel Rocha has observed that Cold Fusion/LENR is similar- mainly as complexity
to photosynthesis but unfortunately has not developed this idea in his theoretical work; 

Yiannis Hadjichristos always emphasizes the leading role of symbiosis in his generators and his model scientist is  Lynn Margulis, see:  a paradigm changing biologist. He
knows that nanoplasmonics is of paramount importance for HENI (his name for what we still call LENR) and this is about light-matter interaction.
In his ICCF-17 presentation Yiannis shows many examples of LENR taking place in the Nature.

Vladimir Vysotskii is the leader of biological LENR with amazing results;

told long ago that catalysis is a form of synergy,and LENR is a form of catalysis.
Please note for this discussion my following Septoes

Life is hungry matter and edible too (after Valeriu Butulescu, aphorism writer) 

The Universe is obsessed to be interesting.

The world is simultaneously chaotic and ordered.

Evolution is the inherent perfectibility of Nature.

I have developed my philosophy, starting with the idea of ever increasing 

interestingness of Nature in this essay:

Today I have received
(read this please now)
I came upon this Theory of Life of this bright young physicist called Jeremy  England and I also noted this:                                                                                                          
A New Physics Theory of Life but only now I got mesmerised , captivated by the idea and have made the connection with LENR.
is based on universal, unbelievably rich phenomena of:
the range is much broader than in our technologies but it exist the general trend to increase effectiveness, efficiency and the interstingness. It seems the Universe is at maximum interestingness when there are small islands of order in a sea of chaos.
Two contrary trends are eternally confronted as oruzd and Ahriman in the Zoroastric
religion: one is decay, the hypergeneralized Second Law of Thermodynamics and the other is new and new forms of organized matter in ever superior forms
And Nature works the best by synergies-  cooperation between different forms of matter, energy and information- Life and Mind are generated by this  beneficial
Therefore at least three mega-questions:
Why does catalysis exist?
Why does life exist? and 
Why does LENR exist?

have one and the same answer, because they are based on synergies that are possible in Nature and lead to the increase of its interestingness. 

What is remarkable is the role of light both in photosynthesis and nanoplasmonics.

To be discussed and improved.

Please think about the 6 Pillars of LENR+: Otherness, Complexity, Diversity, Metamorphosis, Creativity and Dynamicity in the great natural world. 

Today's SHARED LENR DISCOVERIES are about the Elforsk Energy Institute and about the admirable work of the MFMP group. See E-Cat World, including the comments- some add value to the presentation.