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a) Anticipating Abd ulRahman Lomax's reaction to the Emptiness editorial

Writing this early when no answer could come from the US
I openly confess that I ma not so smart as Abd who knows always better what I am doing/not doing, thinking, feeling than myself mercilessly putting the exact diagnostic. It is not mutual, I have no idea what he will answer. 
I think the best for him is to have a sense of humor and being pragmatic and to ignore with superior dignity the infamous things I wrote.

Because if he answers, then he has only two options:

1) continuing on the psychiatry line speaking e.g. of my old age dementia,  paradoxically combined with intellectual immaturity and flawed  all these being enhanced by the harmful effects of the atmosphere of the Rossi Planet where I am captive. In a few words- nothing.

2) Take his role seriously a nd come with a very convincing REAL PROOF of IH's accusations against the E-Cats (not Rossi as they usually  do) - the ERV report, the flowmeter s type, some IH document critical to the plant from 2015,  a promising result of some IH sponsored LENR research, a pro-IH statement by some authority or investor- whatever. He has certainties, perfect verifiable proofs....
If he does this well I am ready to apologize and to upgrade his insult to compliments.
I am for fair play. as you know. Ready- just waiting, 1-2 days...

b) note

Today I have received INFINITE ENERGY Issue 128, July/August 2016- excellent see please 1) but there are many other excellent papers here too. Here I will send my "Farewell LENR" paper before going to meet with Gene Mallove and my other dear  Cold Fusion/LENR friends who have done much for the survival of LENR but failed to so for their own. 


1) INFINITE ENERGY, Issue 128, July-August 2016

Judge’s Decision on Industrial Heat Motion to Dismiss Rossi Complaint 

Foreign Policy Magazine Story on Gene Mallove 

Melvin Miles: The Correlation of Excess Heat and Helium (Cold Fusion Now New Video) 

ICCF20 Scheduled in Japan for October 2016 

Used Book Marketplace

2) By Claudio Pace
Intervista Josephson LENR Energy -You Tube
Interview taken here:
Preliminary Formulations and Empirical Tests
10th International Symposium Honouring
Mathematical Physicist Jean-Pierre Vigier


4) It started a new thread on the LENR Forum: 

5) From Andrea Rossi's JONP:

July 28, 2016 at 9:39 AM

Dear Dr Andrea Rossi:
Can you give us the dimensions of the plant of the Customer that used the energy produced for one year by the 1 MW E-Cat ?
Thank you if you can answer,
Andrea Rossi
July 28, 2016 at 10:01 AM

length 21 meters ( 70′)
width 3 meters ( 10′)
Height 3 meters ( 10′)
Plus the external ancillary components.
Warm Regards,


July 27, 2016 at 7:44 PM

Dear Andrea Rossi,
During the one year test of the 1 MW E-Cat there were moments during which other persons but not you were in the plant ?
Thank you if you can answer,

Andrea Rossi
July 27, 2016 at 10:54 PM

Yes: my turn was from 6 p.m. to 10 a.m. of the next day, for the rest of the day ( from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.) the plant was attended to by the men of IH.
Warm Regards,

July 27, 2016 at 5:50 PM

Dear Mr Rossi,

Your answer to me about your IP secrecy policy indicates that a change is necessary in the future to facilitate market introduction of your eCat..

1) How many persons today do have the “full” knowledge and insight of the cat??.. 5, 10..15 ??
2) When do you think there will be a change of information policy for your IP. This year or next??
Andrea Rossi
July 27, 2016 at 7:55 PM

1- Enough
2- When we will have reached an economy scale that will make pointless the reverse engineering.
Warm Regards


Is Jupiter using LENR?
Jupiter's great red spot heats planet's upper atmosphere

Also discussed by/with Joseph Fine on Rossi's blog

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 Creativity requires a network (Gapingvoid) 


a) Sequel to the David Fojt interview

In a post-scriptum to the Interview, David Fojt initiates an Appeal to the European LENR-ists from researchers to industrialist in spe.

Unite, unite, now it is really necessary to build an alliance of the European  LENR researchers.
There are many teams thinking they could arrive alone to a Solution but this proved to not be true.
Very recently a German patent spoke about discharges though electric barriers, this is one of my ideas also - there must exist efficient and reliable systems for this aiming to enhance the power of the discharge. This is only an example to show that together we re more powerful.
The truth and value will come from the small companies, the huge ones consider they do not need anybody.

It will come soon an Appeal: LENR workers of Europe, wake up, unite and start working seriously!

Perhaps in te context of an even more necessary, vital Appeal:


(do you remember what shouted the poet Vladimir Mayakovsky before committing suicide:"Nie streliaetsia, tovarishchi!" *Do not shoot , comrades!")


b) The Inevitable Emptiness of ABD & Co

What I am doing now, answering to some recent insults and calumnies of Abd  UlRahman Lomax is actually useless, you cannot discuss with people programmed or self-programed to demonstrate something empty of facts and with zero true proofs- they act as having Teflon brains; nothing logical, nothing new, nothing not already there sticks to it. But it is kind of sad duty to  answer, on the Web strange things happen and Abd even has admirers and followers. He has  a kind of perfect memory and knows everything that has happened  in LENR land however about understanding is much to discuss; he has a dominant obsession (to copy him see below) for the D+D=He issue- important but not directly connected to the problem of converting LENR to a genuine energy source. Especially not when D is replaced with H. 
I think that not financial corruption but the ambition to make eventually a real contribution has pushed Abd  to support with kind of ferocity the Cause of Industrial Heat. (Abd, because I will speak here much about "empty" and "void"  can you offer us here a list of your main contributions to LENR? Problems solved? Reasons to be admired even more than you are now?

Abd - I have to accept this, has an awfully difficult task defending a newly built position. Having no real facts to prove what he says, he uses one of the standard tricks of oppression- "who is not with us, is insane!" Good in politics- good in his manner of discussing science in a nasty context.

He writes:
"Peter has lost touch with reality. He thinks people are trying to "kill" the Rossi reactor"

With what reality I have lost contact? A reality empty of facts and of proofs- Abd's artificial reality. A demonic inventor, a totally non-functional generator (this was not remarked during 3 years of collaboration, 1 year of continuous experiment), instruments chosen on the criterion "made for cheating". flawed measurements- and these all statement are good for he reactor- not attempt to assassinate a device central in  a costly Trial for really great money. Not relevant details, not certainties
just seemingly completely baseless statements- and you have lost contact  with reality if you do not accept them uncritically- developing a hot hatred toward the inventor and his cursed Opus! 
It is an empty ergo invisible reality, Abd.

An other psychiatric feature obsession: 
That is a reference to Peter's most recent obsession, with Jed Rothwell's comments about flow meters. What Jed has written about flow meters is simply knowledgeable commentary. It is possible to create erroneous or deceptive flow meter readings, as we all known from the Defkalion affair.

No it is not "obsession" it is just total contempt toward a despicable position actully saying you are competent in measuring with an instrument when you know say 10 methods to make it to show, say 10 times multiplied readings compared to te real one- void of professional ethics. As saying I became a chemical engineer to work for the Drog Cartel, making explosives for the terrorists or poisoning wells. I exaggerate here but initially it was a dreadfully offensive formulation.
Obviously no  proofs , no data, just a strong "you must believe me"
Little dirty trick mixing Defkalion and "reverse flow" possible only at very small values of flow, giving errors but not making possible a 9 hours demo as at ICCF-18 Actually, Luca Gamberale has shown only the possibility of an error. Where is he, what has he done for LENR? As far I know he is in the European branch of the W-L theory driven scientists group of LNR Cities. Achievements? 
Anyway the flowmeter based accusation is baseless- and void of facts. Rxactly as the ERV report leaked by Rossi (???) to Jed Rothwell showing in a shining manner  Zero Excess Heat? These are nothing, and nothing else as emptiness, void, simplistic manipulations of nothingness.

An other niceness of Abd:

"Peter decided to bet on the wrong horse, then fell into a panic when that horse stumbled and fell."

This guy Abd is omniscient, he knows better than me  what I am doing and feeling and sees things other people are unable to see.
It was a Cat not a horse, I am definitely not in panic (to be sincere I am in panic for the migration-terrorism issue in Europa but this is different.) Why panic? What has fell except in Abd's imagination? 

Anyway Abd himself. in person, perfect proof of the old truth that Wordiness and Emptiness are Siamese brothers. Intertwined 
Actually what Abd says about me has no importance- zero value. So I will not take revenge asking Abd to abandon senseless chatter and come with proofs, verifiable ones as they must be in the Court. I know he has no proofs and his noisiness is a form of desperation.


1) Some Thoughts on the Design and Operation of Rossi’s LENR Reactors (Michael Lammert)

2) Eduard Tsyganov

3) Alexandr Prosvirnov: " The hydro-vawe treatment (cavitation)  of liquid radioactive 
wastees is not in demand in the industry,
Александр Просвирнов, "Гидроволновая технология переработки ЖРО не востребована в отрасли"

Postage stamp sized structure can store all human books ever written
Pretty stable with atom sized bits

Dutch scientists have found a way to store data more efficiently than ever before by creating an "atomic memory" device which encodes data
atom by atom, meaning that all the books that have ever been written in the world could be stored on a cube the size of a postage stamp.


Why Technologists Should Think Like Biologists

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Our friendship with David has started when he  has sent excellent information  and presentations from ICCF-15 where he was a participant... and he was fast and answered very clearly to my questions. I think he has interesting and challenging things to say about LENR- I admire independent thinkers with initiative

Q- your personal history evolution identity?

I am an engineer, 48 years old (but I am not the famous- in our circles Engineer 48 !). I was born in Lille located in the northern part of France close to the Belgian border.
My childhood was spent in this region once prosperous due to coal mining; however the times were changing. Starting from from 1980 the unemployment never has decreased here..
My father was working in supply chain management in a factory of trains. My mother was a cook. Is it possible that my desire to understand the secrets of the recipe of our preferred Italian inventor is coming from here? The love of technology from my father’s part and the interest for ingredients and procedures from the side of my mother, may be ?
I went to live around Paris (near to Versailles) where the job market was more prosperous.
When you have an soul of entrepreneur, your are trying to change things in order to make your daily life better…perhaps if I have had the luck to be born in California It could be more favored.

Q- your Professional, researcher history .

Due to the described circumstances and in the context of some difficult family problems I had to choose a more practical profession- and I am studying for mechanical engineering .

Q- how happened your arrival to LENR, what were your feelings?

In 1993 I have worked as maintenance engineer on primary pumps and steam generators at French nuclear plants.
This was very interesting and rewarding technically and I have found that this technology is, simply, beautiful.
Unfortunately this kind of work is seasonal because the plants are working at full capacity only in the winters. So I had to do other things too.
Some 10 years later when I was working for supply chain at PSA (Peugeot) at Paris, I was terribly bored so I had the luck to get an Internet connection.
I think then the present bloggers who now spend their time with LENR were already active and so I came upon a site that explained, in the popular manner the experiences of Pons and Fleischmann.
Then when in my imagination I have compared all the complex huge machines of a classic nuclear plant with the cell made of glass, containing water, a bit of electric current- I instantly found this more than amazing, a work of genius.

Q- What has attracted you to LENR, why?

LENR has helped me these years to get rid of professional boredom; I have a good background- metallurgy, mechanics, design, and reading more than 1000 papers about LENR-these all have helped me to think about the theoretical aspects… this was indeed “cool”. However, I had not a specific work plan.

Q- How Lenr captured you, how could it retain you, despite the so well known difficulties, disadvantages?

After that I have lived two years in Marseille where I knew Jean Paul Biberian and Jean Luc Paillet. Jean Paul has the great merit to present conferences, sometimes with very few in attendance- shadow work of great worth.
I have helped him to build his own laboratory; unfortunately he has always worked alone and it is not probable that this will change.
He gave me the virus then I went to ICCF-Padova, Airbus Workshop, and recently to the event organized at Avignon by Mathieu Valat and Jean-Paul.

Q- What do you think today about LENR?

This is the status quo!
We have to remember that the arrival of computers technologies has not taken the place of nobody, this new technology did not interfere negatively the general economy; on the contrary, investors were able to make a lot of money.
However today LENR is not necessary for making money, the oil companies are doing still quite well. The civil nuclear industry is still filling the pockets of those who pull the strings, etc., etc…
Why invest in a technology which does not bring anything new, as new way to earn more money?
The big energy companies already have power and money, why take they risks just to decrease earth pollution?
Pollution, the future of the Planet- these are problems must be solved by others…
I don’t know if it's helpful to turn around the world in electric aircraft. For boredom surely of egotistical billionaire, no more.
The other more important issue is arming, weapons based on LENR. From the advent of history Man’s discoveries converted in technologies that are used both for good and bad.
This started when Man discovered Fire and stated that it can be well used for burning the cave of the lover of his wife.
More seriously today- beyond doubts LENR could be used for making weapons more effective than classic nuclear ones.
The advantage is that these bombs can be made sized as you need, with not much radiation- that is with some discretion.
I already hear the speeches of some countries about erasing old enemies from the map with one single bomb –having the right to use it because it is not nuclear- just optimized TNT they will tell and the incompetent and demagogue media will accept everything!
At all LENR events I have participated- the secret services were also there.
 It could not allowed to share a future LENR weapon technology with countries as North Korea, Iran or others similar in ideology. The risk could be too great.
Rossi’s problem came too early. The first doesn't often do right or easily, this should be a cause of his worries.

Q- do you had/have you models, mentors, ideals?

Yes, I like very much Elon Musk, I well know he isn’t completely original. A good point for him, he isn’t going to the stock exchange just for keeping his creative independence. Everybody knows that investors are wanting now more faster return on the investments.
Also in opposition to the mass strategy like Rossi I prefer to work with “mechanical systems” which not demanding long term reliability but great power/mass balance. For example, LENR engines like the old NERVA could be well updated by Lenr (see please 
I dare to think that my “pals” Bezos and Musk should be agree.
in any case this will be less boring than upgrading by LENR dry hairs attached under wings of airplanes.
I would like to make a bit of space travel- the mankind gets me to despair- just think about those who think to be some important person by adding empty comment by blog about Rossi-IH dispute.

Q- Do you have a personal definition of LENR?

I still don’t have a specific one, more important- LENR was an opportunity to create the most interesting years from my actually 48 years up to the finish line!

Q- How have your concepts accepted principles, theories evolved? 

I have started with reading the ideas of Ed Storms and also I thought a lot about hydrogen embrittlement from which you could learn a lot of essential things. LENR is, first of all a huge work of scientific research and investigation, the experimental work (i.e. LENR tests per se) is just for the dessert.
Informed people from the field have the trend to oppose the theories of “bulk” to those of the surface.
It is possible that the phenomena are initiated in the bulk and become manifest on the surface when the hydrogen is released? This is main important point if you consider what discovered Piantelli, Fralick for example.( Rossi also ?)
An other turn, the last developments of the Quark X seem to show that the nickel is liquid as lithium.
But this doesn’t mean that process are different from those from the bulk theory. In this case, the hydrogen atoms have to be harmoniously blended between the Li and Ni atoms.
I think today that LENR is a resonance phenomenon a good analogy can be the phenomenon of freak waves.
Despite Andreas Calaon LENR ideas about surface are really interesting because sticked with electrolysis accident that I know happened before Pons and Fleischman ( 1975).
Anyway I remain prudent. For my work, I have signed with a society that makes powders based on design.
Again, if it is a surface phenomenon, I will try to work with powder optimized for the effect. If we see that phenomenon could take place onto skin we could also optimize powder in this direction.
Only the results can give answers I will not bother to fill the blogs with useless speculations.
The experiences I find remarkable are those of Fralick, then the Russian experiments with electric discharges on titanium foils and I am also learned a lot from Piantelli’s first papers.

Q- What do you think about LENR's status today, tomorrow for future; your prediction?

I think I have already answered-in-part to this subject, what could I add?
Our future will be based in part on the replications funded by small and medium size enterprises.
I share this opinion with Michel Vanderberghe. These societies have a real interest for fast applications- as heating of homes, flats and I have started contacts in this sense.
There are interested funds of investments in Luxembourg where is still plenty of money.
Why Rossi got lost in the USA? I can imagine to work under a red sky then spend good time at South Miami Beach. I can share this.

Q- What do you think about the best LENR strategy, taking in account the 
PdD/NiH and (it is real we cannot ignore it) Rossi-IH conflicts?

Regarding the opposition between PdD and NiH, I actually believe they are the same, it is about a vibratory phenomenon the mass of D being correlated with the lattice (distance between each atom) and Pd elasticity limit. The same thing for Ni and H.  
An interesting explanation of the long loading times in the Fleischmann-Pons experiments – Pd absorbs a very great quantity of D in its lattice so its elasticity limit is very high to do high frequencies vibration quickly.
It's like a chord of guitar which has to be near to its limits of elasticity to vibrate at high frequencies.
In the case of Ni this happens faster therefore at high temperatures the loading is much faster but elasticity limit is also moved.
I think about Quark X something similar is true in principle, therefore it should be higher pressure in the cartridge.
As regarding the Rossi IH conflict, this is not my war however from everything I knew I believed that actually IH has replicated Rossi with great success, even with more reliability than Rossi himself.

Q-What do you think wish for European, French UE LENR?

I am not very optimist about LENR research in France
Mathieu Valat has tried to unite the forces however from dark reasons of Ego, for non-shareable interests he did not succeeded.
 Mathieu Valat is a good guy. Also generally I enjoyed about mails exchanged with Bob Higgins.
About me, I trying to do experiments where I live near Paris but I am very, very alone!
I need now competencies for electronic aspects and for regulation (rules) but I am unable to find serious guys motivated and involved.
There is also AIRBUS that does experiments but about my understanding you could not be presumptuous and a genius in the same time, so they still have not found anything extraordinary, I heard.
About LENR Cities they want to gain money, do communication but they need to have means commensurate to their ambitions, and this does not happen. Plus they are monoculture Widom-Larsen.

Q why you launched the the third Force?

Yes, I have launched this concept of Third Force because I realized that there are people who are very very well informed about many important things, well introduced in the LENR environment and who take profit of the ashes of the Rossi-IH conflict, from a certain point of view, I think it is legitimate.

Q- your actions- work in lab- directions- ideas appeals everything else-like you wish to add! 
For those who don’t believe at all in LENR...I have a friend who has worked at a big French electronics company and has observed a LENR phenomenon prior to Pons and Fleischmann. He was electro-depositing nickel by electrolysis
On a substrate of zirconia and has seen a great flash, zirconia has melted (its melting point is 2700 C) no lithium involved in this story. There are some subtleties in this even that should be considered. My powder supplier has also stated some unexplainable phenomena.

Q- Please tell something about your affinities to music literature art- if you wish, some French esprit- again if you wish.

Yes, I enjoyed reading Jules Verne and many books on the great explorers of the time of navy sailing.
I like the speed and also sailboats flying helped by foils, it is pure mechanic that going just by the wind,really pure concept.
Listed explorer, I would have liked to feel that Columbus, Armstrong have lived when they put the first foot on virgin land in, Beyond the imaginable.
Anyway, I hope to live long enough to see the first man on Mars!



1) E-cat suit moves forward against Raleigh investors

2a)Rossi on the Challenges of Developing E-Cat Plants

2b) From ROSSI's JONP
Frank Acland
July 25, 2016 at 9:10 PM

Dear Andrea,

Can you tell us at what stage the work with manufacturing the 1MW plants is?

I know you said you had to redesign the plants based on the experience with the 1MW plant used in the year long test. Have you tested the new design yet, and if so, how has it performed compared to the pilot?

Thank you very much,

Frank Acland
Andrea Rossi
July 25, 2016 at 9:33 PM

Frank Acland:
The construction is going on. The difficulty and the improvement are generated from the necessity to make a subject that does not need Andrea Rossi inside 16- 18 hours per day, and the engineer and the technician of IH for 8 hours per day. We need a subject able to work alone, with nobody, but a certified operator that has to check tha gauges now and again.
To write this is easy, to imagine that it is not simple is easy too, but to understand really the difficulties is impossible for anybody that has not lived with the plant, inside the plant, for one year of his own life, attending and listening to the plant with his body inside it. The problems we had during the year have been multiple, have been resolved by our great team because we were there immediately when something was gone wrong.
Now the E-Cat must be able to work alone.
Warm Regards,


Developing reliable renewable energy sources

Watching' crystal structure change in real time



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I know from my experience but from other's too that many times to see your chances realistically means to not ee them at all. In mny other cases you can adavantageously and cheaply apply the  method of the ostrich, digging your head in sand. Zoologically, ornithologically thinking this is an absolute idiocy, it could lead to the extinction of 
the species Struthio camelus plus it is ineffective and counterproductive imagine it applied when a lion, a panther or even a lowly hyena wants "great chicken"meat"

On the contrary as a symbol- a human behavior the method has a broad applicability.

It couldn't be missing from LENR.

Not thinking about, not discussing thoroughly, not testing the very limits of The Fleischmann Pons Cells- how can be actionable parameters found, how can be (if!?) 
reproducibility attained, how can the experimental data  used for a new theory- or that of Edmund Storms is the good one, has the method technological relevance and some technological future, considering that PdD is inherently good while NiH is inferior and by definition unreliable- see the components of the ostrich's method to get rid of an inconvenient, unexpected and undesired reality.

As regarding those who want to apply the ostrich method to Rossi's E-Cat they are very decided (quite of euphemism for fanatics) - and they probably will survive  till a massive production of industrial E-Cats will conquer the market.

I will confess that I do not like this subject from non-LENR reasons I am terrified seeing how my der little old continent applies the ostrich tactic and strategy commiting suicide.


1) And It’s Gone…

2) Some of Rossi’s Claims against Industrial Heat Dismissed

3) Good prospects for Leonardo Corp./Andrea Rossi lawsuit vs. Cherokee Investment Partners/Thomas Darden
(Permanently updated)

4) See also the list of followers of The NewFire
Uwe Doms writes:
"what is interesting on my side is who is actually interested in LENR and following my twitter account, beside of some interesting entrepreneurs for example the Consulting & Services Head @Microsoft, GEHEChina, Head of @WFPInnovation Accelerator of the United Nations World Food Programme, Britannia Communications Partnership, Marketing Director for Moller International (The Flying Car Company)"

5) The Resolution of the 23rd All Russian Conference on Cold Nuclear Transmutation and Globular Lightning in Dagomys
Резолюция 23 РКХТЯиШМ в Дагомысе

Yu.N. Bazhutov: Modernization and new results in the demonstration of the device"FAKEL D2MT" :

Resolution of the 23rd Conference:

 A,v, Chistopalov: "Mathematical Model of the Globular Lightning':

6) LENR- major reveals:

7) Please do not forget to visit Abd ulRahman Lomax's New Vortex, he gives a straight answe r to my "Requiem for Concorde" editorial starting with accusing me that I have lost contact with reality. have obsessions etc. his nice style.

8) Data from MFMP Padua Cell Fuel/Ash Available (Bob Greenyer)

9) It is extremely difficult to accept what Randy Mills says- for many of us- however to ignore him is ostrich politics:


From Axil about quantum weirdness:
Focus: Two Atoms Can Jointly Absorb One Photon


Why Thoughts of Death Make Us Yearn for Power