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Rational discussion is useful only when there is a significant base of shared assumptions. (Noam Chomsky)

I see with enchantment that DIVERSITY of LENR was amply discussed- it seems so natural and real- soon it will be an assumption shared by more LENRists. It will be much easier to solve the real problems of separate domains than the intractable problems of an imaginary and non-existing whole- divide at impera! that is divide in parts and treat them separately.
From obvious reasons the active part of our community (active experimentally or LENR-philosophically) is concentrated on the hottest domain and there is much concern why the death rate of the reactors is so tragically high. I have already, 2 days ago tried to convince the front liners how the reactors must be built with increased rigidity, resistance and refractority. Today I remembered and other technical principle that can help: Around that critical temperature put all the brakes ad heat snail wise, to remain at zoology.

We have news but I recommend you warmly search for and study what MFMP writes about Parkhomov. After the pyrrhic defeat, there will be a triumph- let's hope a contagious one. Who wants a PhD in scipiology?


I like what Rossi thinks about work:
Andrea Rossi
March 3rd, 2015 at 6:26 PM

Pekka Janhunen:
Thank you. When I stay idle not working I feel guilty. I do not know why, but that is it. It has always been so. Probably my mother instilled this in me in my first years of life: everywhen she saw me doing nothing, sitting in an armchair, she used to say: ” Are you a parasite?”. This sank in my brain: in this period I work in the plant from 5.30 a.m. through midnight, but when I return in the motel to sleep I feel guilty to leave the plant. In any case, the work I made has been born also by the books I studied: this is why I am fond in particular of “Models of the Atomic Nucleus” of Norman Cook and its rigorous companion “Nuclear Models” of Greiner-Maruhn ( both published by Springer and available by Amazon). The first, I learnt by heart, the second I study every day and both gave me an enormous help. It has been a process of trial and error, but directed by a theoretical strategy, wrong or right as it may be. This is why I recommend to everybody, mainly young people, to study with rigor. If it is true what Edison said, that an invention is composed by 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration, it is also true that the brain weights less than 0.5% of a human body: this means that quantity is not proportional to importance.
Warm Regards,

 It is perhaps too surprising that Rossi is surprised by the Hot Cat book...
Andrea Rossi
March 3rd, 2015 at 4:04 PM

The book “Hot Cat 2.0″ has been a surprise for me: I heard about it this morning, after it has been signaled to me. I didn’t yet read it, I bought a copy this morning, so I am not able to answer, I do not know how the classification has been made.
I take the chance you give me to wish “good luck” to the Authors of the book!
Warm Regards,

Mats Lewan- investigative- anti-LENR journalism (radio) was rewarded:
Mats' answer:                               

Lithium Borohydride as a Hydrogen source (Zack Iszard):
In Hungarian a blog writes about Cold Fusion an other source of energy that can change completely the world style not up-to-dated

"Big Brain" Gene Allowed for Evolutionary Expansion of Human Neocortex
The newly identified gene is found in modern-day humans, Neandertals and Denisovans, but not in chimps

Read this one before starting LENR experiments!
In 100 Words: The Perfect Pot by Tanmay Vora                 

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You can avoid reality, but you cannot avoid the consequences of avoiding reality.  (Ayn Rand)

There is growing evidence that embracing diversity — in all its senses — is key to doing good science. But there is still work to be done to ensure that inclusivity is the default, not the exception. ("Nature") 
Special Issue:

This special issue of Nature came just in time, I wanted to discuss with you Diversity of LENR.
(remember the Six Pillars of LENR+ are:
Otherness, Complexity, Diversity, Metamorphosis, Dynamicity and Creativity.
We have two lines: Fleischmann-Pons (PdD) started as wet and Piantelli (NiH) started as dry gas phase. In principle both could be extended along the temperature scale up to (probable) the melting point of the metal (1455 C for Ni, 1555 C for Ni). However here I have to tell that Piantelli has made the experimental discovery with nickel however he always speaks about transition metals (all work)
For Ni the scale of temperature was explored- from ambient in wet system, in meantime almost forgotten- to the HotCats- the most popular in my circles.

According to the Storms theory, the main variants of LENR all the variants of LENR are ruled by the same Laws, all take place in optimal size nano-cracks and are based on hydrotons. This means that if you know everything about PdD than you are already a good expert in the Piantelli process, the Warm Cats and the Hot Cats.
(Here please allow me an intermezzo- I heard yesterday that one of the smartest techno-scientist from the field has became an independent scientist (euphemism for "retired") and work with PdD gas phase. Will he make a palladium Hot Cat? This could be quite interesting- if it works but also if it does not work at all.
It is good to see a new idea in PdD- as far I know Leslie Case has tried typical hydrogenation catalyst temperatures. Perhaps Dennis Cravens can tell more--- how long and hot is the way to the Pd Hot Cat?
OK, I think diversity rules in LENR-land.
To connect this idea to what happens  these days and what we know or guess or wsh to be true, I am waiting from the HotCat- Rossi-Lugano-Parkhomov type replications- MFMP rdprcislly:
a) to confirm the high power- energy densities obtained at Lugano;
b) to demonstrate that this high temperature process is different from the one used in the Warm Cats- as those from the 1 MW plant

I want to take this opportunity to congratulate Bob Greenyear for his excellent preseantation at Moscow, bravissimo! and to wish all he best for the arrival of his second child!


MFMP in Moscow:

Cold Fusion (LENR) Refuses to Die: Will This Be Peak Oil At Last?:

This is really pragmatic and pragmatically realist, a must for LENR+ replicators: 

A new E-Cat book was published:
Hot-Cat 2.0: How last generation E-Cats are made
Let's see- fastissimo- if it says something relevant scientifically and technically


The Nanoplasmonic theoretical interpretation of the most recent Parkhomov experiment on 27th/28th FebruarySee
In the plasmonic theory of the LENR+ reaction there are two possible sources from which the LENR reaction spring: the Static Nuclear Active Environment (NAE) and the Dynamic NAE.
The Static NAE reaction is pinned on the surface of the nickel powder where the the tubercles provide a phase mask that form polariton solitons on the surface of the powder.

The Dynamic NAE are formed when plasma cools and form nano-particles, These nano-particles aggregate together as they cool and provide the phase mask for polariton soliton formation.
There is now experimental analysis that discounts that the nickel powder has contributed any power to the LENR reaction. From a theoretical standpoint, this could be explained by the lack of proper sized particles used in the experiment and also the lack of tubercles on the surface of any nickel particle no matter its size.
This may mean that there has been no value added to the LENR reaction from Parkhomov type nickel particles: these particles are LENR inert. For Parkhomov, his LENR+ reaction is only carried by Dynamic NAE.
The dynamic NAE contribution begins to be felt when nano-particles begin to form and aggregate. It looks like this particle formation process begins within a temperature range of between 1110C to 1130C when lithium aluminum hydride is used as the secret sauce.
All the LENR power may be only coming from nano-particle lithium and/or hydrogen aggregations. Experimentally, it looks like the power produced by the dynamic NAE establishes its mode of power production in a very short time frame as an explosive burst of power.
One of the possible mechanisms that is generated by the nickel particles is the establishment of a Bose Einstein condensate within the polariton soliton ensemble. The lack of functional nickel micro particles might be the reason why a decreasing heater resistance is not seen in recent Lugano replication attempts as has been seen in the Lugano test. This lack of condensate development many be causing instability in LENR power production from the dynamic NAE.


Other- but ours because they are relevant

Gapingvoid has signalled this- today:
Start With Why - Simon Sinek TED talk

Scientists trick the light fantastic:
The plasmonic devices are coming

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"Failure is the condiment that gives success its flavor.”  ( Truman Capote)
Research is a captivating activity, many unexpected things happen., Statistically 80% bad and 20% good, in 80% of the cases- or more, or less- it depends on the subject of research. We LENR-ist, but the supporters of LENR+ in the greatest extent- we had 
essential expectations from the collaboration of Alexander Parkhomov and Bob Greenyear from MFMP of Thursday-Friday when Bob has traveled to Moscow. An expriment showing  a clear excess heat would have been a huge step toward the LENR+ certainty- with its targets supposedly born at Lugano- 2000W excess power, 1.5MWatts hour excess energy in 32 days, generated by 1.1 grams of reaction mixture.
Unfortunately the demo failed- more precisely the reactor has fallen apart- kaput could not survive to the very high working temperature. More colleagues have predicted this- we knew about the problem from Parkhomov, MFMP had a Bang! experiment, we knew this is the weak point of the experiment. It is the failure of the device- a failure of the experiment would have been a healthy reactor staying valiantly at 1200 C and not generating a iota of excess power/energy.

NOTE 1 in my opinion there exists a 3R condition for the reactor
- Rigidity- for God's sake! no movable parts or parts made from dissimilar materials;
- Resistance- mechanical, perfectly homogeneous tubes, highest quality adhesive(s),
- Refractarity- very high temperature resistance; no low melting point compound present (better use colloidal silica than sodium silicate)
So many possibilities, a lot of improvements.
It was a tactical failure  in the frame of a great strategic victory. Of what I have understood from Bob it  is mutual respect between the partners, there are some really serious Russian teams and Parkhomov is a VERY credible scientist, with a great experience and thinking freely and independently. That means the results obtained by him are real so we can keep our optimism. 
The definition of a Pyrrhic victory according to Wikipedia is: "Someone who wins a Pyrrhic victory has been victorious in some way; however, the heavy toll negates any sense of achievement or profit." A much too expensive victory.
This action was obviously the contrary - a defeat/failure with so important beneficial side effects! In the coming days we will learn a lot of detail from our MFMP fighter.

We also have a sharper understanding of why Rossi say that preparing the reacorr belongs to the IP.

For me this failure is a generator optimism due to the context; I have no illusions about how the nemies of LENR or our depressives will react. Parkhomov will continue his research and MFMP too.

Parkhomov Demonstration Fails

Bob Greenyer Reports on Visit to Parkhomov in Moscow [Update: Parkhomov Reports Reactor Failed, No Excess Heat Found                                              
More Details of Russian e-cat Replication Available        

The direct source of information re the experiment:

Rossi, Lugano, Neutrons and Electromagnetics (Keith Thompson)

Discussing with Michel Vanderberghe, CEO of LENR CITIES (LENRG) I learned that
The organization is in fast and healthy development; the intermediary event on February the 27th has been rescheduled on April the 10th in order to integrate several important annoucements.

A new agenda of the April 10 meeting is in preparation and will be published shortly.
People who had registered for the intermediary event will receice a VIP invtation for the April event.
Core team and some special guests, about 30 people, got a working meeting in Milan the 27th of February,  including journalists.

I think it was an excellent idea to make kind of connection between LENRG's meeting with the industrialists and ICCF-19.


A new issue of Hideo Kozima's newsletter             
About excess energy results of M.McKubre (1993) and this paper by Hideo Kozima:

We need a lot of collaboration, deeper, friendlier and much smarter in LENR
Gerry Mc Govern: More collaboration equals more value: 

This came just in time, even the most Pyrrhic  failure should not make us too happy, says Tanmay Vora:
Too Much Celebration Around Failure?

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If you think in terms of a year, plant a seed; if in terms of ten years, plant trees; if in terms of 100 years, teach the people, if in terms of 500 years, solve the LENR+ problem.  (Confucius)                                                                                                          (cited from memory, but I hope it is correct)

an other Motto candidate was:
The past is never  dead. It's not even past.” (William Faulkner) 
but I abandoned the idea- nobody understands it, but so many take it as an axiom.
My past is hundreds of times longer than my future but I am focused on what will be.


LENRG conference in Milano on Feb 27th : LENR & Applications for Industrialists

A new thread on E-CatWorld:
Bob Greenyer Reports on Visit to Parkhomov in Moscow:

Quanto dovrà aspettare Andrea Rossi
per ricevere le scuse dello Stato italiano?

How much has still to wait Andrea Rossi for the excuses of the Italian State?
Emilio Spaziante - the judge who sent Rossi in jail - accused for crimes

Andrea Rossi has problems with his guest theoretician:

Andrea Rossi
March 1st, 2015 at 8:06 AM
Wladimir Guglinski:
I have spammed your comment whose title was: ” The standard nuclear model is dead”.
Useless to explain why.
Please moderate your language within acceptable limits. Make your points, but do not insult the work of the scientific community, and, please, take in consideration the possibility that you could be wrong. I always do this. I know my limits.
Warm Regards,


Taken from todays' 22passi (Daniele Passerini):
How schools kill creativity:

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I found it at 22.02-
it is here
See you tomorrow.


1 in 2 : Part 1
[]=Project Dog Bone=[]
Due to a family case of the flu, Dr. Alexander Parkhomov could not start the experiment until the late afternoon yesterday, so Bob arranged with Dr. Nikolay Samsonenko, head of the theoretical physics department at the Friendship University, to head to northern Moscow and fit in a visit to another LENR researchers lab. Bob says he will start a live document on the MFMP main site tomorrow, introducing this and capturing the whole experience with Dr. Parkhomov.
The big question is probably "excess heat or not?" well, Bob says he had to bow out of the experiment at 00:12 this morning to travel back from the eastern Moscow suburbs to his accommodation, leaving Alexander to work through the night running the rest of the experiment. He says that he made several verifications of measurements and processes and has captured the written notes from the experiment, so that when Dr. Parkhomov presents results, they should be consistent with what was observed real-time.
The way the data is capture simply does not allow for a real time understanding and therefore, one can only determine the result after collecting the data together and analysing it post run. Given that Alexander might have only finished the experiment after a full night and will have wanted to rest today, it may be some days before we have a result. The result though, either way, will be extremely significant for reasons Bob will share tomorrow when he has had a little time with his family.
In the mean time, please check the images here.
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The important thing in life is not to triumph but to compete. (Pierre de Coubertin)

A strong symptom of the death of an individual- as sure as stop of heartbeat, lack of breath, the total non functioning of the brain (but more difficult to be observed is that the individual ceases to make discoveries. Thinking and working for LENR is an excellent source of discoveries- however, the discoveries as such are rarely excellent. Most of the discoveries are not complete and not unambiguous, therefore a part of our thinkers try to make discoveries not in the
present + future but in the rich past of the field rearranging and re-interpreting the data. zif this trend is not exaggerated- no problem, however sometimes the past discoveries become selfish  and put obstacles in the way of new ones.
OK, we have been waiting for two discoveries yesterday,  when I am writing this (17.20 local time) it is still lack of information. 
At Moscow, Bob Greenyer had a very important meeting with Alexander Parkhomov ad he has assisted at an experiment or not. From Bob, I am waiting first of all a 5-7 words message- as "yet it gives excess heat" or something like that. Bad luck, the leader of the opposition was killed in Moscow yesterday- such events make bad waves. In 1980 when I traveled in Moscow
there was no opposition there and a simple rational analysis  could show there will never be one.
Bob Greenyer- has a tiresome travel, I will wait till 21.o exactly for his message. How is "vini, vidi,vici!" in English?
BOB: Sorry, nothing till now

I am also waiting news, impressions coming with Internet speed from the Milano LENRG meeting. LENR CITIES is a good, smart European initiative. Just I want o know in which extent
was it accepted by the Industrialist- for now. 
MICHEL: Sorry, nothing till now

We had an other discovery coming from Rossi himself- it si about the role of heat in triggering the release of excess heat. Techno-gossip says this is in a way the Achilles Heel of Rossi's system, this was the technical cause of the divorce from Defkalion- ages ago.
Now Rossi was asked about the E-cats powered by natural gas and he spoke about the technical 
aspects, it is no heat=heat, the source matters:
Rossi says:
The problem is deeper and has its roots in the core of the know how. It is not a problem of heat exchange or of heat conservation. Otherwise, it could have been already resolved

I was very impressed about this and I was hit by a great question: 
- is this true for the Hot Cat too? The Lugano test and the Parkhomov experiments ( we will know more about them as soon as Bob Greenyear will tell!) suggest me that it exists a critical temperature around 1150 C- and that suffices to trigger the reaction. Therefore I hope that when such such Lugano-Parkhomov replications will become easy routine, somebody will test my idea to heat the reactor with no electrical resistors but by immersing it in molten tin.
And I bet it will work!

Rossi: Natural Gas Powered E-Cat Not a Matter of Simple Heat:

On the nature of heat excess in the Rossi reactor. Electron-ions nuclei
by A.I. Lasptukhov
A rather strange literary and business paper about Andrea Rossi - in a blog of Lugano?


First detailed microscopy evidence of bacteria at the lower size limit of life
A step closer to explaining high-temperature superconductivity?:

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Tempora mutantur, nos et mutamur in illis.
(The times move on and we too move along in them. (Latin, later globalized adage)
(Adage with an asymmetrical truth value - the first part is  a Law of Nature and Existence the second is valid in very different degrees - people of progress move faster than times, reactionaries of all kind try to stop times)

Internet, instantaneous, immediacy, all these sound  encouraging but I cannot  see two events of great interest directly today- the Parkhomov experiment is now in an initial phase probably and the good spirits of LENR take care that the reactor should not explode or the wires should not burn out. Anyway, we can hope that a massive transfer of DIKW from Alexander to MFMP takes place and that is only the pragmatical start of a long duration strategical collaboration.

I have no idea either if privileged people can see and hear how at Milano the LENRG people discuss with industrialists (these are also technologists like me, I guess)  how to prepare the World for the advent of the LENR Era. Rossi helps:  see below.

It is time to think more about LENR strategies- we need them. They will be never applied de facto- there is no central transnational leading LENR authorithy, ISCMNS has to be resurrected. For political parties, the Congress is the supreme authority (theoretically for the sake of the impression of democracy; will be ICCF-19 more than a feast of advanced materials science? For sure there will be good discussions re technology but who will apply the teachings  and how? 
A LENR strategy has chances to be used like a symbolic lghthouse- and will help in developing a holistic imagine of the LENR field.


Before any info from the Moscow and Milano events 
Surprise!  I have learned  now that besides the seminar at which Bob Greenyear has participated, it was an other too at the Russian University of People's Friendship:

The program:

"Presentation by A.I. Laptukhov: "About the nature of excess heat in the reactor of A. Rossi. Electron-ionic nuclei" 

Parhomov: Panel discussion  

 Zhigalov Strange radiations

I have written a few times about Laptukhov and his theory, very bold.
Parkhomov gives two tables for the January results, reactors with fuel or nix fuel- easy to understand.
The third paper by Vlad Zhigalov refers to LENR and rdiations and will be oublished next month here:                                                                 

ATTENTION PLEASE:                                                                                                      A lot of practical data and ideas re replications of Parkhomov's method can be found here:  Thanks to Nicholas Cafarelli who takes the problems seriously

For making good LENR music, it is not a wise strategy to let Andrea Rossi to be the only soloists!

Frank Acland has published:
Commercialization of Cold Fusion/LENR has Begun (Rossi Confirms Customer using E-Cat in Production)

Rossi has said indeed more things about the 1MW plant.Andrea Rossi
February 26th, 2015 at 3:01 PM

Here is the issues jerarchy:
1st: work
2nd: complete the work
3rd: make the plant confirms for at least 1 year that it works properly, reliably, continuously, without chattering too much, or, better, without chattering at all: our work needs working plants, not chatters.
To launch the LENR will not be sterile chatters moreless theoretical: to launch LENR will be exclusively a commercial breakthrough. Without it every imbecile will continue to chatter for nothing and theorize about nothing.
4th: as you say, ” assuming the best scenario”, at the end of this year during which I will have sustained work turns of 16-20 hours per day, I will get rest.

5th: all the following operations cited by you are turf for commercial guys, not for me. Obviously we cannot talk on behalf of the Customer and cannot know what he will do about the issue you raised. All I know for sure is :
a- if the plant will respect the guarantees, the Customer will pay all the due
b- if the plant will not respect the guarantees, the Customer will not pay and the plant will be returned.
All the rest is TDA ( Tongue- Displaces- Air).
Warm Regards,


Andrea Rossi
February 26th, 2015 at 7:51 PM

Michael Schneider:
The E-Cats are more compact than it appears. The reactors of the 1 MW plant have a combined volume of 1 cubic meter. All the remaining space is necessary for the heat exchange and the control system.
For 10-20 kW units I think the volume will be smaller than in traditional heating systems, while the volume necessary for the heat exchange is the same of any other kind of heaters, since it is a matter of heat exchange surface calculations, independently from the heat source.
All these problems are on the table of the R&D. The combination with ultra capacitors is interesting, but I do not think it will be something doable in a middle term.
Warm Regards,

Rossi is right, but things are going way much too slow. Why he still cannot tell about daily, weekly, monthly average COP value of the 1MW plant? He works indeed admirably hard but how many teams can he have at IH?
Strategically repeat it is vital to CREATE COOPETITION FOR ROSSI!

Randy Mills faces great challenges but is optimist:
Randy Mills Says Great Things are Coming:


U.S. Commitment to Energy Research Still Insufficient, Say Business Leaders

The Culture of Innovation and People Dimension: #IHRChat