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Creativity is just connecting things. A lot of people in our industry haven’t had very diverse experiences. So they don’t have enough dots to connect, and they end up with very linear solutions without a broad perspective on the problem. The broader one’s understanding of the human experience, the better design we will have.”  (Steve Jobs)
Understanding a research problem, or an Eventplex (a complex scientific event) as ICCF-19 is also a a problem of connecting dots- but to connect them first you need to have, to know them.
In other words and according to my active days experience a critical information density is a must for understanding, for creating the necessary holistic-holographic vision.

Missing dots of ICCF-19.

Please take in consideration that my priorities are technology and industry- first of all the forms of enhanced excess heat. Many readers have also been interested insome more "hidden" papers

1) poster(s) of Bazhutov re plasma electrolysis- with chances of industrialization,

2) Both works of Goryachev, all I know is that the one about applications is very good,

3) nothing about the poster of Tara Scarborough- what is the mode of thinking, areas of research,
of the LENR activity at Texas University; in what it differs from what is made at SKINR?

4) I want to read a good synthesis of the PdD wet cells studies (Violante, El Boher, Kidwell, Scholkmann and others) - what is the future of this are of research,

5) A good description of the progress made by Francesco Celani with the Constantan wires and the results of testing the wires at SKINR?

Organizing the available information- connecting dots. There are some very bright dots attracting attention

MFMP Parkhomov replication is near to the critical phase/temperature. They know the "festina lente' (hurry slowly) rule.


This entrepreneur wants to save the world, and he's getting worldwide attention

ICCF19 à Padoue, day 5

Parkhomov's presentation at ICCF-19
Researches of the Heat Generators Similar to HighTemperature Rossi Reactor 
A.G.Parkhomov, E.O.Belousova Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia
Parkhomov reports:
The ICCF-19 conference was very successful. 470 participants  470 participants, 98 presentations these are record performances. The conference was characterized by optimism and premonition of great achievements. It took place in the very prestigious
site of Palazzo del Ragione in the grand iose hall ornated with frescos by Giotto e miretto.
I have visited the University of Bologna at the invitation of Giuseppe Levi, one of the experts who has investigated the Rossi reactor in Lugano. He has shown me his experimental set-up and has organized connection on Skype with the University of Upssala- Sweden with other experts of Lugano- Peterson and bo (Hoistadt) They have shown their device which is planned to start mid-May.
Then with our Skype of the conference we succeeded for the first time to  connect with Rossi. It is the first time that I could speak with this exceptional man.He intends to visit Russia.                                                                                           A.G. Parkhomov.
Andrea Rossi
April 17th, 2015 at 7:07 PM

Frank Acland:
The modifications I am making in these days on the Hot Cat have been inspired y the new reading I am making of the book of Prof. Norman Cook, and from our discussions during the making of the paper published on Arxiv. The results are important, but before talking of data I prefer continue the test that is in course in the container of the computers, here in the factory where the 1 MW E-Cat is working. I think the results could be even better, but we need a long work of R&D on it.
Besides: the results of all this endeavours could also be negative… ( I don’t remember the number of the “F”…)
Warm Regards,

Alain Coetmeur impressed by the presentation of Volodiyr Dubinko- and he is not alone:

ICCF19 concluso arrivederci in Giappone

The Present Status of Cold Fusion and its Expected Influence on Science and Technology 
Edmund Storms
 Innovative Energy Policies 2015, 4:1

Abstract The nuclear reaction called cold fusion or low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) has been rejected by conventional science for 25 years. Since then, evidence has accumulated to prove that nuclear reactions can be initiated in special materials without application of significant energy or production of significant radiation. This paper briefly surveys a selection of the evidence and the conclusions about the unusual new phenomenon that this information supports. 
Keywords: Cold fusion; LENR; Pons; Fleischmann; Clean energy; 

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Finis coronat opus - the ending crowns the work- in this case ICCF-19 which is over, however MFMP performs a Parkhomov replication just now in Padua- you can see it in live!


Steve Katinski and David Nagel have founded LENRIA, the Industrial Association for LENR- watch! Great slides!

MFMP will try to make replication attempt in Padua (IFFC19)

ICCF19 — Live Thread (Update #8: Day 4 Review):

Andrea Rossi
April 17th, 2015 at 8:41 AM
Quinton Heri:
I want to complete my answer with an update regarding Dr Parkhomov.
Yesterday I, for the first time, had a direct conference with him on Skype. He was in Italy for the ICCF with his niece Ecaterina ( nomen omen: Ecat-erina) who translated from Russian to English for him.
He explained to me the scheduled replication he is organizing with more reactors he is preparing and I have been positively impressed by his professionality and his intellectual honesty. He is humble, doesn’t speak too much, has all the signs of a strongly working person. Typical Russian. He honoured me inviting me in Russia, where I will go as soon as I will have completed the 1MW E-Cat test.
Warm Regards,

Before this he wrote:

Andrea Rossi
April 16th, 2015 at 7:11 PM
Quinton Heri:
Yes, I have been informed about Dr Parkhomov and it confirms my impression that the work of Parkhomov is very important. He has in common with me the fact to be a hard worker.
Warm Regards,

From Jim Sweeney's fine blog. Attention here are the statisticl data regarding the
participants at ICCF-19:
Gala Dinner & Friday' s ICCF-19 Windup:

Letters to the Russian Government / V.V. Putin - the issue of cold fusion

ICCF19 — Live Thread (Update #9: MFMP Running GlowStick Test — Live Video Stream)
Direct link to video:

In diretta dall'ICCF-19 di Padova tentativo di fusione fredda "metodo Parkhomov

Parkhomov's nickel and LiAlH4 !

COLD FUSION NOW- Science from ICCF19


Learning how and where to invest from Bill Gates, Google and similar giants:


Small slow progress is additive. great, fast progress is also subtractive and ...lateral (in the DeBono sense).More otherness than sameness, more change than continuity. At ICCF-19 we met both forms of progress, intertwined in a complex combination.
A complete, objective evaluation is now impossible, but the trends will be revealed.
Anyway, it is one more day.. many things, mainly good, can happen. 


Society and New LENR Technologies

Quantum Tunneling in Breather "Nano-colliders"

The Atom's Temperature

Fundamental of rate Theory for CMNS

For me the most applauded is the LENRG paper, however my most intense sympathy goes to Akito Takahashi, a wonderful friend.


A really excellent interview- showing motivational roots:

 Interview with

Darden by Marianne Macy
Darden: Cold fusion-focused Industrial Heat showing 'some success'

Industrial Heat Owner Thinks LENR Will End Pollution

ICCF19 — Live Thread (Update #6: Klee Irwin Offers Help with Analysis for LENR Researchers)

Padova, ICCF 19: le LENR in un film
22passi: In 2016 the ICCF-20 will open in Japan and ends in China and-ends-in-China/ 2016 l'ICCF-20 si aprirà in Giappone e concluderà in Cina

From Claudio Pace's blog:
Kasagi Jirohta a Short interview about … during ICCF19

ICCF19 à Padoue, day 4

About ICCF-19 from the tirelesss LENR Forum, Alain Coetmeur wonderfully fast:

ICCF-19 Conversations and Impressions (Mats Lewan) [Updated]

I have asked for permission to reproduce here the

Report from Padua by David French

The Thursday night banquet was great - in one of the most ornately beautiful restaurants in the world. People were very happy and sociable.

Jean Paul Biberian was given two awards. He was also selling English translations of his 2012 book. I bought a copy for sure, and probably many others.

A substantial number of people lingered after dinner well beyond midnight.

Mike McKubre announced that ICCF-20 will be held next year in Sendai, Japan.

There is a lot that is good about ICCF events, but there are always certain problems. Many presenters are not competent as public speakers. Some have serious accents or even stumble in English. Many do not remember to use the microphone. One speaker was so much under stress that he could not compose himself to answer questions. That is understandable and the audience was sympathetic.

Sometimes graphs lacked dimensions for the co-ordinates. In one case a presenter' graphs had no descriptors on the co-ordinates at all! And the dubious quality of the slides as communication tools, in terms of being both edifying and clearly presented, is to say the least, notorious.

Well over half of the presenters paid no attention to the principles for good slide presentation. It is on the Internet: bullet points, large enough type to be readable, limited number of words per slide eg 20 - 50 (exceptions allowed, but please, exceptions), an oral story line that speaks to listeners rather than to readers. Especially please, no reading from the slides.

And so many of the presentations are about pet projects. It was rare for a presentation to address a relevant advance in the field as well as being both edifying and clearly presented.

And then there were presentations that were clear, interesting and edifying: David Nagel, Olga Dimitriyeva amongst others. David Kidwell and Mike McKubre always make good points as well as presenting clearly. And Melvin Miles spoke well and substantively, although he did not follow the list of key points he said he had rehearsed previously. Mel's presentation was nevertheless in the class of the best. He did not try to read his overly complex slides!

And now for some sunshine.

A highlight at ICCF-19 was the presence of Dr Parkhomov. At the end of the presentations on Thursday we were invited to attend at Dr Parkhomov's poster. This was apparently his preference over the alternative of being on the podium. At the poster his teenage daughter stood by his side.

Some 200 - 300 people circled in a great crowd, straining to hear his answers to questions being asked. At first Olga translated and then the granddaughter. It was a very special moment. Dr Parkhomov is small and unassuming, but his contribution is enormous. Those moments were the highlight of ICCF-19.

I will want to go to Sendai for the social opportunity to see so many good people again, but.....

To be addressed at a later date.
David French

Thank you, David!

ICCF19 — Live Thread (Update #6: Klee Irwin Offers Help with Analysis for LENR Researchers)

CCF19 — Live Thread (Update #7: WANTED — Variac for MFMP to use Friday)

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ICCF-19 INFO for APRIL 16 plus news

There is no substitute for presence- ICCF-19 information flows , however we still don't know important things about the Posters of yesterday and today. But we have many other fragments of information in course of processing in a global vision of the Conference.

ICCF-19- Third Day

Jean Paul Biberian in French:
ICCF19 à Padoue, day 3

Alain Coetmeur in  English:

Technical Discussion with Alexander Parkhomov on his Replications



First set

 Steven Katinsky
Industrial Association for LENR

Impact of Electrical Avalanche through ZrO2-NiD Nanostructured CF/LANR Component on its Incremental Excess Power Gain

LENR by low-voltage cathode plasma electrolysis

Off-Mass-Shell Particles and LENR

Second set.

Energy Release and Transmutation of Chemical Elements in Cold Heterogeneus Plasmoid

Transmutation of Cs133 Isotope to Ba Nucleus During Growth of Methanogenic Bacteria of Sea Sludge

Lithium-An Important Additive in CMNS

Technology of Environmentally Clean Remediating Radioactive Waste Based on Low Energy Transumation of Radioactive Nuclides

Katinski, Changling--> LENR+


01 El-Boher
Effect of Pd nanoparticles co-deposition on excess heat generation and H/D loading in electrochemical and permeation cells

02 Hamm
Electrochemical Analysis of Palladium Cathodes toward the Advancement of Reproducibility High H/D Loading Ratios

03 Biberian
Experimental Evidence of Excess Heat by Mass Flow Calorimetry with Ni-LiAlH4 Powder

04 El-Boher
Final Report on calorimetry-based excess heat trials using Celani treated NiCuMn (Constanan) Wires

05 Goryachev
Implementing Innovative Technologies for Cleaning Sea Areas from Solid Pollution

06 Houwelingen
LENR Market: Update and Opportunities

07 Lecci
Methods for F&P Experiments Electrodes Materials Key Features Investigation

08 Kidwell
Observations of RF Emissions and heat in electrochemical loading experiments

09 Parchamazad
Optimization of Zeolites in Cold Fusion Systems

10 Biberian
Pressurized Plasma Electrolysis

11 Goryachev
"Road Map" for Developing Engineering Applications of LENR Technologies

12 Dmitriyeva
Role of dopants in deuterium loading during electrochemical experiment

13 El-Boher
Search for excess heat in electrolysis using single-walled carbon nanotubes SWCNT and graphene-coated palladium cathodes

14 Marano
Synthesis and Characterization of Pd-Ni-ZrO2 composite materials for LENR investigations

15 Goryachev
Technology of Wasteless Low Cost Desalinating Sea Water Based on Low Energy Transumation Of Chemical Elements

16 Zatelepin
The Concept of Propulsion with LENR heat source for aircraft and ground application

Houwelingen, Goryachev, Biberian --. LENR+
El Boher (all), Kidwell, Hamm --> the future of PdD as subjects of scientific study; Celani wires

Day 4 news from Mats Lewan who has arrived to Padua this morning:
ICCF19 — Live Thread (Update #5: Mats Lewan Reports via Twitter)


See please this dialogue:

April 15th, 2015 at 3:56 PM

Uh-oh! It seems fossil energy sector is not scared at all of ICCF people… quotes for crude oil have never been so high since december, soaring 9% higher than last week prices… or, at least, oil men are sure all energy sources will be integrated, as always Rossi said. Let’s wait for the last days of the meeting.

I don’t buy the story of peaceful integration, I’m a smart guy that look ahead and just previously of ICCF I sold my house, my MTBike, my mother and my little brother and bet heavily all what I’ve got on the fall of oil. It is only a temporary loss, I’m pretty sure some clamorous bombs will be dropped during next sessions in Padua. I’ll keep you updated
Andrea Rossi
April 15th, 2015 at 7:18 PM

Please try to buy back at least your mother and your little brother!
As a matter of fact, I agree that LENR did have no effect at all on the price of oil: LENR “aficionados” that say the price of oil is dropped for the LENR seem to me like a child that pees in the bed during the night and, when in the morning wakes up and from the window sees it’s raining, thinks it is his fault. About the other issue you raised, I insist on the fact that all the energy sources will be integrated.
Warm Regards,

Rossi is a realist here, nobody is scared NOW by the Big Bad LENR in the fossil energy sector

LENR-Cities Publishes White Paper Outlining Business Plan:

Jack Cole:
New Experiment Generates Apparent Excess Heat


About electron capture:

If found another explanation about electron capture from an expert as follows:
See below for a "borrowed" explanation from Jim Swenson at the Argonne National Labs (from their Ask A Scientist program):
"If an electron with enough energy collides with a proton, then what happens?
They just form a hydrogen atom?
Or they form a neutron?
If both are possible, then which factor controls the process?
I am asking because I heard that a neutron can decay to a proton and an electron and the reverse is possible.
To form a hydrogen atom, it is required that the electron and proton have almost no energy, almost no velocity relative to each other. A hydrogen atom ionizes at less than 20 electron-volts of energy, so reverse ionization requires energy less than about 20 electron-volts (eV) AND freedom and luck to radiate a photon of the right energy to render the electron "captured". It happens all the time in every electrified gas lamp (fluorescents, neons, mercury-arc, etc), and in the surface layers of the sun.
When a neutron decays into a proton, electron, and neutrino, it also releases energy, 780,000 eV, as the sum of the kinetic energy of the 3 particles.It is unreasonably difficult to get 3 separate particles to collide simultaneously, so the exact reverse of this never happens to a significant extent. It is particularly difficult to get the ghost-like neutrino to react on command with an electron and proton. Neutrinos are the particles that sail all the way through the earth, almost never bumping anything.
However, it is not so difficult for a balanced neutrino / anti-neutrino pair to be accidentally made out of pure excess energy, from the collision between an electron and a proton. Then you have the situation of the electron and proton and neutrino in the same place, merging to form a neutron, and an anti-neutrino flying away free carrying any excess energy (beyond the 780 keV that was needed to make up the neutron). I think this is one of the processes which together make sun-sized masses of neutrons when a neutron star is formed in a supernova explosion. Actually, in that situation the electron and proton are steadily squeezed together by pressure of others around them. Increasing pressure and temperature can smoothly change the energy of repeated collisions until the best energy is found, and the conversion becomes quite rapid and energy-efficient.
If the excess energy of collision is over 1,000 keV, other random particles might be made from the energy too. It only takes 1,020 keV to make an electron-positron pair, for example. I'm not sure what it takes to start emitting excess energy as gamma-ray photons. That might happen too.
Jim Swenson"
From this answer, we need a neutrino to be around and in the party when the electron and the proton combine. That is not likely to happen unless the neutrino is made out of energy. The chance of that neutrino production from energy is the chance that the reaction will work. 

The energy of a collision between an election and a proton must be real close to 780,000 eV to happen. Such precision just don't happen in the real world.  The chance of that energy being just right is very low. If the energy is not perfect, other particles will form instead or a gamma will form. But the point that kills the electron capture idea as the driver of the LENR reaction is that electron capture must happen 10^23 times a second to make any heat. That is impossible. Not when the electrons are carrying the energy of soft x-rays into the collision.

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In the realm of ideas everything depends on enthusiasm... in the real world all rests on perseverance.(Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

Enthusiasm for a cause sometimes warps judgment.(William Howard Taft)

These Mottoes are here not because I like quotations, they are kind of instinctual intellectual reactions to the Announcement of MFMP regarding the possibility to replicate the original Fleischmann Pons reaction with their original palladium.
Not to discuss opportunity- that would sound as a blasphemy today but timing and execution. One Founding father is alive- what will Stanley Pons say? Or is he already implicated? Will he help? Is the magic preserved, intact? Would it harm a verification by somebody who has tested hundreds of cathodes as Ed Storms, Mike McKubre or Melvin Miles? I like Gladwell.
To be discussed after ICCF19, I think. Very calm. Not if, but how and when.


Jean-Paul Biberian blog says about all the presentations

CCF19 à Padoue, day2

ICCF19 — Live Thread (Update #4: More on Day 2)

ICCF Day 3

Some ICCF-19 photos at Aldo Proia's Facebook:

ICCF19 Secondo giorno con il pendolo di Foucault

Alain Coetmeur about the Grimshaww paper
ICCF19 : LENR/Cold Fusion and public policy

Brillouin Energy Presentation on Electron Capture Reaction (ECR) Model


A Cold Nuclear Transformations and Globular Lightning Seminar of the Russian University of People's Friendshipwill be organized Thursday, April 30 2015 at 16:00 in in the Room 1, 7th store of the building "Engineering Corpus"
(how to access)  


1. 16.00 – 16.10 N.V. Samsonenko, RUPF: "Scientific News"

2. 16.10 – 16.30 Yu.N. Bazhutov and A.G. Parkhomov a review of the papers presented at ICCF-19 Padua, April 13-19, V.A. Djanibekov, former cosmonaut, :"The Unitary Quantum Theory  connsequences, predictions, apartenence to LENR and CNT"

4. 18.00 – 18.30  Meeting of Redaction Board.

(local data)


Rossi's Cold Fusion (in Finnish):

  • Program


Metamaterials that harvest energy almost perfectly from electromagnetic waves

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Each generation wants new symbols, new people, new names. They want to divorce themselves from their predecessors.(Jim Morrison)

ICCF-19- today's star presentations:

Oral: David Nagel

Posters: Alexander Parkhomov; Tara Scarborough, Yuri Bazhutov (group of 3), Celani

Scientifically also interesting: Sarto, Knies, Scholkmann, Vysotskii,

Oral Presentations Wednesday, April 15

David Knies
A Method to Control Palladium Crystallographic Texture and Surface Morphology

David Nagel
High Power Density Effects in Lattice-Enabled LENR Experiments and Generators

Jean-Luc Paillet
Basis for Femto-molecules and -ions created from femto-atoms

Francesca Sarto
Morphology and electrochemical properties of Pd-based nanostructures deposited by different thin-film techniques

Poster Presentation Wednesday, April 15

01 Gromov
Ca Formation by Kervran-Bolotov transmutation reaction in "Al-N" systems

02 Bazhutov
Elaboration of Optimal Installation for Demonstration of Excess Heat in Plasma Electrolysis Experiment

03 Scholkmann
Electromagnetic and Electronic Frequencies Associated with Heat Production during Electrochemical Loading of Deuterium into Palladium

04 Bazhutov
Erzion Interpretation of Cold Nuclear Transmutation in Our Experimental Results

05 Dallacasa
In Phase Magnetic Force in LENR

06 Vysotskii
Observation and study of undamped thermal waves in LENR-related system

07 Celani
Observation of Macroscopic Current and Thermal Anomalies, at HT,by Hetero-structures on thin and long Constantan wires under H2 gas.

08 Kurilenkov
On Specifics of DD neutron generation along low energy nanosecond vacuum discharge Deuterium-loaded Pd Anode

09 Bazhutov
Plasma Electrolysis as Foundation for Russian E-Cat Heat Generator

10 Parkhomov
Research on High-Temperature Rossi Heat Source Analogue

11 Stringham
Single DD Fusion Event

12 Tarasenko
Tarasenko Generator on the basis of the model of the planet Earth

13 Scarborough
The Center to study Anomalous Heat Effects at Texas Tech University

14 Castagna
The Significance of a Properly Conceived and Instrumented Calorimetry

15 Mondaini
Transmutations of Elements by electrolysis, with light water and Copper


1) An interesting event:


The MFMP has been offered something no one knew existed, something priceless and which could reveal critical secrets many in the LENR field have been seeking for over a quarter century.

Before Martin Fleischmann left the US, he personally gave a trusted friend an original pre-1989 Johnson Matthey palladium wire - the very same as used in experiments that led to that fateful announcement of a new primary energy source that came to be known as cold fusion.

He has held this secret all these years until now. We checked today with Mike McKubre, Vitorio Violante and Melvin Miles if there was any known public metallurgical and elemental / isotopic characterisation of this material, the answer was a resounding no.

It is known that the early attempts to replicate the Pons and Fleischmann effect mostly failed due to the purity and processing of 'palladium' used. In fact ENEA has been trying to establish what additives and structures are critical to creating the effect for more than 2 decades. Many of the principal research labs working in the field are trying to establish the correct crystal shapes, sizes, orientation etc. and chemistry.

In our own nickel powder / hydrogen research, we have tried to get the purest nickel possible - but have failed to see any excess heat. Now we know from our recent isotopic analysis of Dr. Parkhomov's Nickel, that there is high concentrations of Carbon and Oxygen on the surface, elements also found in Rossi's fuels.

The unique opportunity we have been honoured with is profoundly important, and there is not a person we asked at the conference that were not falling over themselves to help in what ever way they could. Ultimately it is down to the current owner to decide exactly what happens but from the available piece, which is about the thickness of a toothpick and between 7 and 8 cm long, the current plan is to

1. Use 3 X 2mm samples to characterise structure, isotopic constitution etc.

2. Run at least two 2cm segments in Pons and Fleischmann cells, copied from the original and/or use the original cell.

3. Reserve remainder

We will auction the ownership rights of the post run, post analysis 2cm segments in a one of a kind, never to be repeated auction. This is an unrepeatable opportunity to own the only known samples of this historic precious metal.

This auction, along with the auction of the donated 1 ounce Pd 1989 "Cold Fusion" coins is design to raise enough money the help ensure a fully faithful replication that will be conducted by someone who is not currently a member of the MFMP and who is a very experienced experimentalist. The work will be conducted in France with the help of Jean-Paul Biberian and all data will public.

We must work with the best resources on the planet to ensure that this materials secrets are revealed for all. It is wonderful to be a part of something that will yield critical data for advancement of the field.

More information to be published about the Vindication program.

The name of the current owner and how he came to be entrusted with the electrode will be revealed in time, right now, given the incredible importance to maintain security, we have been asked to hold off on publishing that information.

We want to take this opportunity however, to publicly thank the donor and curator of this material for coming forward.

See also: 

Vindication: MFMP granted original Fleischmann-Pons palladium wire

2) Tohoku Launches Condensed Matter Nuclear Reaction Division Read more from Asian Scientist Magazine at: 

3) Rossi: Lugano Test a ‘Gold Mine’ Which Has Improved E-Cat Performance:

4) Gossip about Bill Gates and Carl Page (Google) coming to ICCF-19. Let's see.

More later, have to do data mining at many forums.


The program of Apr. 14 at ICCF-19 comprises 12 oral presentations, in 3 sets;

First set

Melvin H. Miles
Excerpts from the Martin Fleischmann Letters

Peter Hagelstein
Charge Emission from a Copper foil driven @ MHz frequencies

Vittorio Violante
Heat Production and RF detection during cathodic polarization of Palladium in O.1 MLiOD

David Kidwell
Observation of RF Emission and heat in electrochemical loading experiment.

Second set

Orchideh Azizi
Effect of cathode pretreatment and chemical additives on H/D absorption into palladium via electrochemical permeation

Jirohta Kasagi
Screening Energy of the D+D Reaction in an Electron Plasma deduced from cooperative colliding reaction

Olga Dmitriyeva
Machine Learning to analyze deuterium loading patterns during electrochemical loading.

Ubaldo Mastromatteo
LENR Anomalies in Pd-H2 systems submitted to LASER stimulation

Third set

Dmitry Filippov
Increase in the Probability of Electron Beta Decays in a Superstrong Magnetic Field

Thomas Grimshaw
Integrated Policymaking for Realizing LENR Benefits and Mitigating Its Impacts of LENR

Hioki Tatsumi
Hydrogen absorption property of Pd-doped mesoporous silica

Akira Kitamura
Effect of Minority Atoms of Binary Ni-Based Nano-Composites on Anomalous Heat Evolution under Hydrogen Absorption


1) The 12 milion US$ question goes to Vittorio Violante: has Bill Gates really donated some funds for LENR?

2) The other important questions go to both Violante and Kidwell- (and later to Arik El Boher)- have they obtained significant progresses with the PdD cells , have they discovered actionable parameters of the almost unmanageable system. Is RF emission a good or a  bad sign for the desired excess heat?

3) I would ask Thomas Grimshaw to send me his industry-strategy paper

4) I am very curious to know what has Ubaldo achieved- and I regrte being in impossibility to meet him.

The other papers are very interesting.


Tom Darden’s Approach to LENR

Tom Darden- the whole speech in good quality:

See please this correction on Doktor Bob's Blog:
"The picture I originally posted of what I claimed to be “the Core” of a Cold Fusion Reactor has been retracted. I have been encouraged to call it “a Fuel Capsule that is placed in the Core of a Cold Fusion Reactor”.I apologize for this and other mistakes I have made, and will make during the week. Thanks for pointing this out, and my apologies to Mr Chauvin for my very loose interpretation of what he said to me."

Jed Rothwell has informed me: 

a) Tohoku Univ.have  discussed the past, not the future. They do have 5 people there, which, jed is a pretty good number.

b) Re what's cosmological in Graham Hubler's explanation of LENR- Jed says
"Dark matter as the cause of cold fusion. After his lecture I asked him: "if your hypothesis is correct, that means cold fusion does not produce helium, right?" He said yes, that's right. I asked how he explains results from Miles and others. He said he discounts these findings. (He thinks they are mistaken.)"

Me: In matters of Cold Fusion LENR theories nothing is impossible, on the contrary, the impossible itself is easily possible as the mathematician Florentin Smarandache would say.

ICCF-19 first day report by blogger Claudio Pace
He speaks about Iwamura's talk

Padua ICCF19: "Bill Gates believes in perpetual motion?"


The uncertainty principle has a feature called a squeezed vacuum. When the energy density between two or more particles is saturated, a condition called a Squeezed coherent state exists.

When the vacuum that encloses  two or more particles becomes saturated, These particles share their waveforms through the 5th dimension with out the 4 dimensional world knowing anything about it so that the particles become entangled and equal in energy

Saying this in another way, if two or more particles are enclosed in a strong enough magnetic field, they will share energy and become entangled because the vacuum is saturated with energy. These multiple particles become essentially one particle while the vacuum is saturated. 

The energetic vacuum suppresses quantum fluctuations and decoherence is disabled. The system becomes entangled with total energy sharing


In more detail, Heisenberg's uncertainty principle is any of a variety of mathematical inequalities asserting a fundamental limit to the precision with which certain pairs of physical properties of a particle known as complementary variables, such as position x and momentum p, can be known simultaneously.

When the energy of the vacuum is high enough, the position of the multiple particles become irrelevant in that space, and the particles become the same particle. This is when this set of particles share energy.
Attachments area
Preview YouTube video Quantum Entanglement Animated