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It seems to me that understanding LENR is not an easy task. Even more than this I am convinced that the 'sore' is very deep. We have to do a very great leap forward,something not less significant than Louis de Brogiie made in 1923 when he has proposed to consider the particles also as wave object attributing them a wave length. (LEONID URUTSKOEV)

The readers who have followed my "Radically re-thinking LENR" thread already know that due to the use of a false history and false identity oF LENR a very difficult tamed problem is converted in one almost intractable, wicked one. In my opinion, Leonid Urutskoev is also asking for a realistic vision of LENR.

The Obama Plan of stopping climate change could be a great opportunity for LENR to accomplish its mission  and become the leading energy source of the future. IF a lot of IFs will be answered and managed well.
Some experts think that the Obama Plan is simply not feasible See as an example: 
A fact-challenged clean energy plan

What, who, how can convince these experts that adding LENR the plan will be convertible in a pragmatic reality? Who can convince the President? It was already discussed what knows (actually thinks!) he about LENR, 

Perhaps we have to learn from the story of an other VVVVIP, Bill Gates. He has visited the ENEA Laboratory where the most advanced Pd D LENR happens. We were informed that Bill Gates  supports- gives money to the palladium based LENR- the gossip seems to come mainly from a company seling platinum metals. Should I make survey: how many of you, miraculously and instantly converted in billionaires will invest specifically in PdD LENR?  I could have huge surprises.
OK, probably President Obama is not well informed about the possibilities of LENR;
who can inform him well? Not a rhetoric question and I have an answer, my personal opinion. No prisoner of a theory, of an experimental method, no believers in simplistic tricks  or in mathematical manipulation. People able to make a Synthesis of a problem or of an field- and a synthesis is qualitatively more than a review. Nobody will ask me but my unique choice is LENRIA the scientific-industrial LENR organization with a vision of the LENR future. They, David Nagel and Steve Katinski
could convince the President to start a LENR Manhattan Plan, I think..

As the original Manhattan Plan this one will also imply high risks and the general level of trust in LENR is still low. Everything could be accelerated and reinforced if Rossi & IH accepts to deliver experimental certainties- a few perfect demos with complete heat balance (never say never- but he said), inviting the President to the 1MW plant, 
communicating the daily and the global COP's from this plant now and not in February March next year, defining negative results. Not much philosophy in this and it could change a lot. It is a great deal at stake.


I got good news from my friend Vlad Plesa from Vancouver , the owner of the 14+ years old bold and excellent new energy site http://www.zpenergy.com/
We have collaborated already from my web-search years  and he has helped me a lot. 
Vlad's bright son, Calin, very young then was able to solve even the nastiest IT problems, Now he is a scientist and has just published a remarkable paper- shown on the cover of the Physics Today magazine

I immediately remembered that in 1968 I have published a paper about the porosity characteristics of suspension polyvinylchloride; reading the paper co-authored by Calin, I was amazed by the huge progress made by Science during the last 50 years so perhaps we can hope that LENR will also start to move faster.
I wish Calin a stellar career in Science, next year he will move to a prestigious American university



1) LENR could allow for accomplishment of Obama climate goal

1a) Andrea Rossi
August 3rd, 2015 at 5:04 PM

Peter Forsberg:
Again thank you for your comments.
In a nutshell: when you burn a hydrocarbon ( therefore oil, coal, gas) you turn the organic C of the hydrocarbon into inorganic Carbon Dioxide. This is the excess we produce.
I agree perfectly with you on the fact that the Earth produces inorganic C and I have been in past strongly sceptic about the global warming as an effect of human activity, but the last studies and calculations have convinced me that human activity is not irrelevant. You are right saying that we have to adapt to new scenarios of surviving necessities, it is true that, independently from us, panta rei; but it is exactly for this reason that we have to invent technologies that help us to leverage our surviving chances . The integrals related to the increase of global warming in function of the increase of hydrocarbons burning are impressive. Maybe human activity is not the main cause of the global warming, but it is beyond any doubt among the causes, therefore to implant in the cultural DNA of mankind the necessity to reduce the burning of hydrocarbons is useful, even if maybe not absolutely resolutive. Obviously I can be wrong.
Warm Regards,

1b) Andrea Rossi
August 3rd, 2015 at 2:35 PM

Ing. Michelangelo De Meo:
Thank you: this confirms what I said of the President Barak Obama. Surely the E-Cats, if the tests on course will be positive, will help his policy.
Warm Regards,

2) To the Solar Hydrogen Trends puzzle- from the LENR Forum
Professor Constantine Balakiryan: The oxide film is no longer a challenge for the Hydrogen economy 

3) Rossi-practically impossible to retro-fitcoal power plants with E-Cats due to suthorization issues


Commercializing plasmonics

Nature Photonics 9, 477 (2015) doi:10.1038/nphoton.2015.149Published online 30 July 2015

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Patience is a conquering virtue. (Geoffrey Chaucer) 
I am losing it, frequently

True and skilled logophiles have repeatedly warned me: 'Do not use cheap, stupid word-plays especially not in titles!' 
Combining words is actually a bad habit acquired during the '80s when Ceausescu has decided to pay back fast the national debts of Romania  and has sentenced us to live in extreme austerity. During the long winter evenings we just sit in cold and dark rooms, my ill son who was scared had to be sedated, my wife my daughter and I have played scrabble to exhaustion (in Romanian at the light made by a device Invented by a friend, Cornel,  champion of chess: a pill of porous animal charcoal put in a small lid of a jar filled with paraffin. Smoky, stinky but giving the light of 6-7 candles. Room temperature 11-14 C, the grownups were drinking grape brandy. We survived but the habit of mental scrabble with words- in any language I know persists.
This morning I made my regular visit  to one of favorite websites and came upon this paper too:

I have also read daily paper No 1- the smart message of Esko from Finland who, like many of us is disappointed by the very high death rate of the Hot Cat-Parkhomov type reactors - he has given an idea for away to Solution of this problem. Too accelerate the progress, independently of Rossi's 
On my turn I am wondering why there were not used the most advanced thermoresistant materials; Starlite of Maurice Ward would be the first choice:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Starlite#Composition but this material is deep mystery- not available. Can somebody help?
Heat resistant special ceramics as those used in space exploration or a tungsten tube coated inside with a thin diamond layer could be also taken in consideration. My idea of using molten metals as tin) 
This research has to be accelerated by solving the basic problems, otherwise we have to do with SNAILENR.
I have promoted here a bunch of ideas based on my continuous radical re-thinking  of LENR. Metaphorically it is about to put LENR on two rails: the rules of logic and the principles of the technologic. The technologic mode of thinking.
Only a bold.creative combination of Science and Technology will bring the fast moving RAILENR.


1) On the thermal stability of the LENR tube  by Esko Lyytinen

2) The heirs of John D.Rockfeller get rid of oil assets by Alexander Prosvirnov
It says about the possibility that Stirling Engines should be used in combination with Rossi thermogenerators

3) Freethinker LENR start his own replication attemps, all our crossable parts crossed:
tps://docs.google.com/document/d/1oSkLFrT3_wHMSgu7J5KPzn-ISfYtx5p89zBx3qMUKz0/edit (document)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LWSbBtr6QE0&feature=youtu.be (video)

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We all have dreams. But in order to make dreams come into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline, and effort.(Jesse Owens)

There is never just one thing that leads to success for anyone. I feel it always a combination of passion, dedication, hard work, and being in the right place at the right time. (Lauren Conrad)

Our gratitude goes to the first generation of dedicated LENR scientists. Their heroic performance was  demonstrating beyond any doubt  that excess heat in the hydrogen metal systems is a reality , despite  the authoritative NO of mainstream science. However to do more is a great challenge because- see the second Motto- the problem was in the wrong place and in the wrong time.
The new generation of LENR researchers, scientists and technologists is coming now, the victors, the doers.
 Realistic and pragmatic, with minds in the system thinking mode and in the problem solving-confronting challenges mode, creating symbiosis of science and technology, focused on the essential aspects of LENR, free of myths and of professional prejudices oriented toward the future, ready to cooperate and to compete, living for the progress of this energy source. 
We have to enter an Era of LENR awakening. OK?


1) Some Q & A with LENZ on new Russian report
And look to the LENR Forum, David Nygren has built a communication bridge to these creative researchers! You can put them questions and you can read what they already have answered.

2) I think this will corrected, too good and too occasional to be true- in the electricity bill playing mode
COP E-Cat between 125 and 143
Andrea Rossi
August 1st, 2015 at 7:00 PM

Rethinking, what you ask for can be answered: the comsume of current when the 1MW E-Cat is in ssm, producing 1 MWh/h is betwen 7 and 8 kWh/h. The air conditioner is not included, because powered from a source independent from the E-Cat, as well as the light. Entertaining gadgets are Physics books, they do not consume current. The current is consumed by the control panels, triacs, transformers, safety systems.
Warm Regards,

Andrea Rossi
August 1st, 2015 at 4:26 PM

So far we are on schedule to finish within February 2016, but the term could be delayed: to know when we will finish the tests we return to the issue of the missed delivery of the crystal ball.
Warm Regards,

VIDEO reattore LENR Francesco Celani

SHT's former CEO, Konstantine Balakirian, a Soviet disinformation expert
No comment, but now I am not more so worried for oxygen nucleus being broken in lowly protons by LENR.


AXIL has left a new comment on your post\"INCREASING COMPATIBILITY OF METAL AND HYDROGEN-A M...": 
Remember DGT's slogan: "make hydrogen more reactive and nickel more receptive"

LenzandCoLab said:

"Probability of Heat excess is increased significantly if you add hydrogen support to the set up like Chinese or Focardi. Or just got Ni powder from the previous experiment to the reactor(or do it twice). And don't forget to add LiAlH4."

We discused this reuse of old fuel that was indicated in the Lugano fuel analysis as follows: 


The is no evidence that nickel absorbs hydrogen to any great degree. What may be happening is that hydrogen is being chemically transformed into a form that is more receptive to the LENR reaction. In fact, the Russian experimenter recommends the use of fuel used in a prior reactor run.

I would recommend the process that Leif Holmild uses to produce hydrogen based Rydberg matter in his experiment.

With respect to the recent report by Ólafsson and Holmlid, "Holmlid used Shell 105 catalyst (Fe2O3-K based with >8% K content) - and only that (!!) - as an ultra-dense Rydberg state Deuterium generator because it's convenient to use, cheap and apparently because it works out of the box without further treatment (as also confirmed by Sveinn Ólafsson on LENR-Forum)."

NOTE: According to Shell, the 105 catalyst contains 84.3% iron as Fe2O3, 2.4 %chromium as Cr2O3 and 13.3% potassium as K2CO3.

Ólafsson and Holmlid report getting heat from the use of hydrogen and the 105 catalyst without the use of a laser.

The potassium provides a catalytic build template that convert the hydrogen to a solid form by using a Rydberg blockade process. 

The same effect can be achieved by using an electric arc. DGT used this method in their technology to produce hydrogen Rydberg matter.



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What counts in making a happy marriage is not so much how compatible you are but how you deal with incompatibility. (Leo Tolstoy)

I am happy quoting here a Russian author because I am enchanted by what I consider the essence, the spirit, the leit-motif of the Russian Parkhomov replication  that I have fast-translated this morning.
Remember DGT's slogan: "make hydrogen more reactive and nickel more receptive" it is about increasing the compatibility and affinity of the gas-metal pair  Now the Russian scientists have revealed more procedures that have exactly this aim.
It seems this increase of compatibility is an absolutely necessary stage for a good  
It is well known that psychologists and sexologists recommend trial marriages for couples who have doubts regarding their long time compatibility.
Hydrogenation stages of nickel seem to be something similar.
Congrats to this group of replicators for the bright idea!

P.S. If I think a bit, my all favorite -the best- LENR Patent:
WO 2010/058288
is, in part, also about a method of compatibilizing metal and hydrogen.


The Parkhomov replication report from Moscow is disccussed now both at LENR Forum:                                                                                                                       http://www.lenr-forum.com/forum/index.php/Thread/1870-Moscow-researchers-Group-produce-excess-heat-COP-3-at-a-temperature-1350oS-in-a-/

You can also ask questions from the Moscowite researchers                                                  www.lenr-forum.com/forum/index.php/Thread/1870-Moscow-researchers-Group-produce-excess-heat-COP-3-at-a-temperature-1350oS-in-a-/?postID=6513#post6513

and at E-Cat World:
New RussianPrkhomov Cat replication clai COP over 3 at 1347 C

прСтатьи Климова Анатолия Ивановича по плазмоидным технологиямСсылки на статьи

Anatolii Ivanovich Klimov about plasmoidal technologies  http://lenr.seplm.ru/articles/stati-klimova-anatoliya-ivanovicha                         Something is missing here, who can tell this to the website master?

Andrea Rossi says a great truth (in red)

July 31st, 2015 at 4:59 PM

Hank Mills:
I sympathize with you.
The effect has been replicated well from scientists like Parkhomov and a good work is on course in other laboratories. About the other issues you raise, I am sure that smart persons like you can understand that I cannot give away graciously our IP to allow replicators to get solace.
I take the chance you offer me to thank all the replicators for their attention to our work and i am sure all of them understand that I cannot devastate our enterprise and severe the serious investments necessary to the worldwide develpment of our concern. Nobody serious could invest in an enterprise without a well defended IP. I always said that the e-Cat is a very complex thing.
About to give evidence in all the world of the validity of the effect: provided the tests on course will give positive results ( which is not certain yet, therefore scepticism has full right of citizenship), such evidence will not be given from any laboratory replicator, but from the products in the market and to make our products reach massively the market we need to preserve the Intellectual Property.
Warm Regards,

Frank Acland
July 31st, 2015 at 11:29 AM

Dear Andrea,

Thank you. Some typical ways that breakdowns are handled in business are as follows. Which of these would apply to your plants?

1. Have redundancy built in (if one reactor breaks down, a spare turns on automatically while the broken one is repaired)
2. Provide spare parts to operators, if a quick fix is possible.
3. Provide manuals and training materials so staff can make possible repairs.
4. Have a help desk where people can call for technical support.
5. Have mobile teams of service personnel who can travel to sites to take care of major repairs.

Many thanks,
Frank Acland

Andrea Rossi answers to Frank Acland
July 31st, 2015 at 1:39 PM

Frank Acland:
1- yes
2- yes
3- yes
4- yes
5- yes
Warm Regards,


Dear Readers

This is the raw translation of the report published this morning at the official Russian site. I ask those colleagues who see better than me and are good in IT to try to combine my text with the Figures etc. that are

A group of Moscowite researchers, using a reactor of stainless steel with fuel of nickel and lithium aluminum hydride have obtained excess heat release (COP>3) 
at a temperature

I think this paper is especuially imporatnt due to revealing a procedure of previous force hydrogenation of nickel.


Study of the working regimes (modes) of the Ni-H thermogenerator

Lenz@Co Lab Group of researchers from Moscow

Mode of preparation for the regime of increased thermogeneration.

In part 1 it is described the process of preparation for the reaction by sequential cyclic “hydrogenations” of the nickel at temperatures of ~ 450 C above the room temperature. Characteristic time of a cycle is 72 minutes, fig 3.

In part 3 the saturation of nickel with hydrogen is performed by repeated heating during 10 hours to T= 1150 C, It is shown that the regime of hydrogenation is starting at temperatures higher than 200 C.
It exists a process of inverse hydrogenation of nickel. At room temperature this leads to the decrease of the COP from ~2.4 to 1.6… 1.2 see 3’
Conclusion: for preparation to the mode of increased thermal generation it is necessary at the lower limit one times to perform a hydrogenation cycle of nickel for 3-5 hours at a temperature of ~ 500 C.or to use the procedure described in 3’

The process of initializing the mode of increased thermogeneration

The process of initialization is attained by a jump of temperature or pressure, Fig. 4 or Fig. 5 respectively in 1’.
For the evaluation of the parameters of the modification of the temperature of the fuel mixture, necessary for the initialization of the regime of thermogeneration it was built a hermetically closed reactor from a tube of nickel having thin walls (0.2 mm)

Features of the construction and mode of construction of the Parkhomov type reactor.

The construction and technology of building the ceramic reactor is described in 2’ and 4’. It is important to mention that the ceramic tube should be gas-tight. It can be remarked that during the process of hardening of the cementing composition it can take place the process of hydrogenation of the nickel in the reactor. The process of activation of the lithium aluminum hydride must be done in a hermetically closed reactor.

Scheme of the experiment with one thermocouple (air) for
evaluation of the parameters of the initializing of the regime of thermogeneration.

Reactor from nickel tube with wall thickness of 0.2 mm before the experiment, charge nickel 0.2 g. lithium aluminum hydride 0.02 g

Process of hydrogenation of nickel
Temperature, deg C, Time. seconds

Initialization of the mode of thermogeneration with the destruction of the reactor during the transition 900- 1000 deg C
Power Watt 400…Transition 800-900 deg C

Destroyed reactor.

Scheme of the experiment with two thermocouples

Source of the seriesN57xx used in combination with the computer on an USB channel. Multimeter UT61Bconnecte with ports RS 232

Reactor from stainless steel with thermocouple of the K type

The tube is made of stainless steel 8/4/70 as plugs M5 screws, M5 thread is cut in the tube. Screws made in the laser repair shop
Thermocouple wires are welded to the tube.

Reactor assembled with heater.

There are used heaters of wires Nichrom 0.5 mm and Fehral 0.6 mm.

Reactor and heater assembled.

The second thermocouple is located at the end of the reactor.

The setup assembled

The composition of the mixture in the reactor: 
0.07 g LiAl H4 + 1g nickel (previously “hydrogenated” + 0.3 g nickel (powder PNK –OT2) It is usedviously hydrogenated nickel with a part of the nickel tube.

It is shown the thermocouple and the dosimeter in function.

The setup in function.

Conversion to the mode of thermogeneration (hours)

The interval 120 – 200 deg. Is almost 2 hours, then heating to 600 C approx. 2.5 hours. In the zone of 750C it is seen a critical point for steel, its heat capacity is increasing.

Conversion 1250-1300 C in time (seconds)

Conversion to the mode of increased termogeneration (during interval of 1300-1350 C.

Initiation of mode of increased thermogeneration with the destruction of the heater in time, sec.

The destroyed heater

Evaluation of COP. 
Calibration with empty reactor. Evaluation of average power of heater and temperature of the reactor in the increased thermogeneration mode: 268 W and >1347C
COP >3 Mode of thermogeneration in time, sec.


The initializing of the regime of thermogeneration for the reactor with thin walls (0.2 mm) can take place already at 800-900 C

The rate of the temperature in the heater (air) for initialization of the mode of thermogenaration can be greater than 0.5 deg/second.

The mode of thermogeneration for the reactor with thin walls
Can be initialized at the temperature of 1350 C.

Estimation of COP (1347C) >3


1. Large excess heat production in Ni-H systems S. FOCARDI(1), V. GABBANI(2), V. MONTALBANO(2), F. PIANTELLI(2) and S. VERONESI(2), 1998

2. Parkhomov A.G Investigation of analog of the high temperature Rossi generator Journal of Unconventional Science
2015, v 3,

3. Parkhomov AG Results of testing of the new variant of the Rossi type thermogenerator/ Journal of Unconventional Science 2015 v 3, No 8 234-38

4. To Russia with Love.doc https://docs.google.com/document/d/1BbE6V6HKHC3NOOSJmI9QEgP3H5E XcuGDPNn5Oc787RQ/edit?hc_location=ufi

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Complexity is the prodigy of the world. Simplicity is the sensation of the universe. Behind complexity, there is always simplicity to be revealed. Inside simplicity, there is always complexity to be discovered (Gang Yu)

The problem of simplicity in science is  a philosophical one and it is not an easy one. See please the paper/booklet at OTHER.
Also you can learn a lot of things, what's true quite contradictory but in part complimentary from these 97 smart quotations:
The main difficulty arises from the fact that the concept of simplicity itself  is very complex and is very specific for each case as description and a challenge for measurement.
The problem of simplicity in Science is a pragmatic one, in my opinion all the problems are actually complex and therefore overly simplistic hypotheses are doing harm-useless being worse than bad.
When even the most complex multi-parameter scientific facts are engineered in technologies, the processes have to be made simple usable, easily manageable.


Dr, Edmund Storms, author of the best LENR science books- and of many instructive papers also a great all round LENR experimentalist, has decided to demonstrate the validity of his original theory by direct planned experiments. He covers all the expenses from his personal founds. Given the position of this theory in the LENR field, this is an experiment of potential historic, game changing importance.
Ed's theory and my ideas are in contradiction, however this is not more relevant now. It is my pleasant duty to wish Ed success in his bold endeavor.

The experimental plan of Ed Storms:

To interested colleagues,

I'm starting a relatively rare kind of  project for this field.  I have designed and built a Seebeck type calorimeter for the purpose of testing a theory, in this case my theory.  First, an attempt will be made to achieve reproducible heat production by applying my theory to the treatment of palladium-based samples.  The treatment will be designed to create cracks in which I propose the LENR process takes place.  Once an active sample is obtained, it will be studied as the cathode in an electrolytic cell placed in a calorimeter. A variety of behaviors will be explored including loading behavior, emission of photon radiation, effect of temperature on energy production, and the effect of laser light.  The cathode can be rotated with respect to the GM detector and the laser to determine whether the angle of emitted or applied radiation relative to the surface is important.

Based on my theory, I predict that all occasions when LENR is observed, the same mechanism is operating. Therefore, information obtained using PdD would apply to all other materials and isotopes of hydrogen found to produce the same phenomenon.  The electrolytic method is chosen for this study because it is the most explored and best understood of the various methods known to initiate LENR. Nevertheless, the calorimeter would permit use of any other methods for initiating the effect, but on a small scale.   The size of the sample is not important as long as accuracy of the measurement is sufficient large.  The calorimeter used here is designed to have very high accuracy, which will be demonstrated in due course.

The following predictions will be explored:

1. The hydrogen isotope composition achieved by the material only affects the rate of the reaction by affecting the availability of hydrogen to the NAE, with a significant rate being possible at low compositions when the amount of NAE is sufficiently large.
2. The rate of the LENR reaction is affected by temperature only as result of how it effects the diffusion rate of hydrogen through the material.
3. Photon radiation will be emitted when LENR occurs, with a particular relationship between the angle between the surface and the detector.
4. The rate of the LENR reaction already underway can be increased by application of laser light, with an increased reaction rate as the energy of the light is increased. An enhanced effect can be expected when the frequency matches the dimension of an active crack.
5. Generation of excess energy does not require extended electrolysis when the NAE is created in advance.

The results of this study will be submitted  to this discussion group periodically. I do this to both educate as as to help me assemble my own thoughts about what I find.   Because this work is self-funded, I'm not restrained by a funder who is only interested in making money from the work.  Nevertheless, if this work is successful in achieving the stated goals, I would hope to receive significant support to explore the phenomenon in more detail. Also, these reports will make replication easier if someone were so inclined.

To start the process, a description of the apparatus is attached. This report describes the construction and physical layout of the calorimeter.  The next report will describe the calibration and the general behavior of the tool, followed by studies of various behaviors of PdD. Because only one person is involved in all aspects of this study -a person has to eat, sleep, and have a life- I will not have time to answer many questions.  Hopefully the reports will contain enough detail to make the results understandable.
I hope you will find this effort interesting and useful. 
Ed Storms

The description of the calorimeter is attached. We will create a link to it.


Low Energy Nuclear Reaction occurring in hydrogen loaded wire by Songsheng Jian
Published at the Russian official LENR site too:

Rossi: Leonardo and licensees preparing massiveattack on the marketplace

A case of Defrostitis
Confidential NASA report leaked ? Summary of Visit to Defkalion 2012

Andrea Rossiagain positive/negative
July 31st, 2015 at 7:46 AM

Steven N. Karels:
We will give due information about the performance data after the tests on course will have been completed. So far I can only, responsibly, say that the results at the end of the tests on course could be positive, as I hope, but also could be negative. It is obvious that in this situation it would be plethoric to talk of COP.
Warm Regards,

Andrea Rossi from the front
July 31st, 2015 at 7:38 AM

Frank Acland:
Now at 08.30 a.m. of Thursday July 31st the 1 MW E-Cat is going stable, presently in ssm. Today at 03.12 a.m. we had a problem in one of the 4 reactors, I can’t disclose the nature of. It has been repaired in about 4 hours and at 07.12 the repaired reactor has been put again in operation. During the reparation the power of the plant has been reduced down to 750 kW,
Warm Regards,


Simplicity in the Philosophy of Science

Thursday, July 30, 2015



There are no such things as applied sciences, only applications of science. (Louis Pasteur)

Dear Friends,
I am happy to report that my appeal to bridge building in the LENR community has received a very positive, constructive response.  Angelo Ovidi from Kresenn, one of the leaders of LENR-Cities, writes: 

I completely agree with you that the worst enemy of LENR is research fragmentation and, personally, I always worked to remove obstacles that for some reason seem dividing scientists in LENR community.  Also I always underlined the overlapping of LENR research with many other fields of physics and chemistry considered  not controversial. I think that we should all working for the common goal to unveil the full picture of this new field of research, involving also scientists outside this 'world' and make such researches accessible also to people opposing to them. The first allied of rejection is the fear of the unknown. 
I will forward your request to the scientists in our team for a comment.
Two flawed classes of theories are drowned in molten nickel?

Thank you, dear Angelo- I hope there will be possible a dialog with our open-minded
non-prejudiced colleagues mainly  those who still are in search of the truth, not those convinced they have found it.
I must repeat it- the breakthrough ( it breaks through the old logic and certainty in any case) revelation of Andrea Rossi of yesterday- there can be Hottest E-cats  (the name appeared at the Italian Don Quixote Forum) working at temperatures higher than the melting temperature of nickel- can trigger a total collapse on the market of LENR theories. If LENR can happen with molten metal - then both LENR in lattice  and LENR in nanocracks with hydrotons doing the nuclear miracle- are not valid.
However the issue can be more complex, Francesco Piantelli has shown that all
transition metals work (in his kind of LENR) if this is valid here too- it is suspected that iron is present in the mixture- melting point 1538 C, But there are too many unknown unknowns in this Hottest E-Cat story. We have to wait and to cooperate for 
creating other LENR front-line research units.


This Italian blog has coined the name: HOTTEST CAT for the device working beyond the melting temperature of Nickel:

Andrea Rossi about Strategy
July 29th, 2015 at 8:37 PM

Jack Witter:
Yes, if the results will be positive we will start a strong producion. We are already organizing it. Obviously we need solid and sure results from the tests on course on the 1 MW plant. I sympathize with all the people that is waiting for the E-Cat for sale, but I’m sure they are smart and understand that we can put for sale this product massively at two conditions:
1- we must be 100% sure of the sucess
2- we must be able to propose the E-Cat at a price that will make reverse engineering from our competitors useless. I am not decoubertinian and I am not oriented to give graciously to my competitors our technology for free.
When we will be ready, we will attack massively. A premature attack could be devastating for Leonardo Corporation and its Licensees in all the world and for the present and future investors, necessary to generate a real worldwide expansion. The pressure we are getting to act prematurely comes mainly from our competitors, sometime disguised as “friends”.
Warm Regards,

Mitchell Swartz about the September event we already announced too:
LENR Phenomena and Potential Applications, Prof. Peter Hagelstein and Dr. Louis DeChiaro
says it is for "colleagues who understand the role of the lattice, uniquely,
in cold fusion (LANR)," Actually it is for people who understand that role in the same manner as he understands it. 

Padua Cell Reheat- test of long term non-contact control


Are you cooperating enough? by Harold Jarche

5 Business Principles That Never Go Out of Style

More than 5 principles are given and all can be well used in organizing LENR Research