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Those who lose dreaming are lost. (Proverb of the Australian aborigines)

This was inspired by my Australian good friend  Doug Marker who has written comments- much too nice doing harm to my deep modesty - to my editorial of yesterday. He spoke well i.a. about my trans-culturalism and suddenly I realized that I am very ignorant regarding Australia's culture before the Europeans came, prior to revealing the swans' blackness- and even today.
The proverb is the standard one for illustrating the wisdom of the Old Aussies. And it goes well with my rather bad mood these days...
I am not an Australian and historically speaking, it is entirely my fault.
In 1936 some local extremists have beaten my mother on the street, so my older brother Emmanuel has died 6 hours after his birth. My parents have decided to emigrate in Australia and were in full preparation when I have announced them that I will come back. So they had to stay. Geography is destiny but the reverse is not true. (This has no sense at all but sounds fine)
Being born in Australia would have changed my options, as zoologist or opera singer (bass-baritone) my contribution to saving the world would have been definitely less significant- no modes of thinking discovered, no principle of the chief engineer stated, no revolutionary problem solving rules created but the worse of all- no life changing meeting with Cold Fusion/LENR- the poor thing have had to escape the palladium trap
and grow up alone, without knowing that it MUST metamorphose in LENR+ otherwise everything is in vain.
But I am here- in Cluj Romania and totally dedicated to LENR- as the energy source of the future.
My message to the Australian aborigines  -and to everybody else is: nothing could make me to lose my dream- I will take it with me and bring it back to my next life too. This is a promise. LENR is for you too!

But till then my pleasant duty is to deliver you some LENR news, see... 


1) Rossi expects new successful replication to be published
So do I, but probably Rossi knows more, my first guess is his Professors have eventually decided to publish something.

2) Clean Planet Inc. Hosts Symposia on Future of Cold Fusion in Japan
Some people are wise, some are otherwise- I hope our Japanese friends are wisely chosing a LENR+ based strategy 

3) Viacheslav Starukhin 
My research in the study of LENR
Describes his replication set-up, quite enjoyable with Google Translate.
Experiment tomorrow, Saturday, May 23 starting in the first half of the day, life stream?

4) CO2 & Radiation vs LENR at G-7 Summit
Jim Sweeney writes so well

5) Apparatus with Cold Anode for High-Temperature Electrolytic Hydrogen Loading and Hydrogen Generation
A patent - I have a collection

6) Engineering model of the nucleus of the atom. Инженерная модель атомного ядра
This model can have gems of truth.The term engineering is magnetic for me.

Thursday, May 21, 2015



Znanie-sila! (Knowledge is Power)
A most popular slogan of the Soviet years, marvelous in essence and principle, not so much in execution and application.The LENR activity in the same area is a proof that 
Znanie-sila tries to resurrect. It's spirit is alive.
How, which extent knowledge is power in a domain with such serious birth problems as LENR is an open question.
No problem with Power, power is quite tautologically the ability to obtain intense power, intense, clean, cheap very long term.
Knowledge can be disputed- which knowledge is really power? "We" know a lot of 
the PdD electrochemical cell - a great library of knowledge. Question: of wht real use is this huge knowledge material for solving the problem of central interest just now- the Hot Cat's modus operandI? But perhaps we went to far, and we have to ask of what help is this knowledge to solve the problems (intensification, reproducibility, ephemerity)  of the Pd D cell itself?
Difficult problems  (stealing from Piet Hein) show their power by hitting back.
We need syntheses of knowledge- wisdom.

Interesting news and not bad, I know from Parkhomov that in an Moscow Institute , in replication experiments, excess of heat was obtained 3 times, too intense to be controlled.

1) A new COLD NUCLEAR TRANSMUTATIONS and GLOBULAR LIGHTNINGS Seminar will take place أن at the University of People's Friendship- at the usual location; acess instructions given.

Daily Program
1. 16.00-16.10 N.V. Samsonenko:"Scientific News"

2. 16.10 – 16.50  I.P. Chernov, Polytechnics Institute of Tomsk "The physics of the processes in metal-hydrogen systems by inner interactions"

3. 16.50 – 18.00 A.G. Parkhomov, N.M. Evstigneev, A.S. Russsetskii, D.S. Barabanov, S.M. Godin- Review of the reports presented at ICCF-19, Padua.

4. 18.00 – 18.10 Meeting of the Redaction Board

Important to know (remember) that at the Tomsk Polytechnics there is a real school of the Metal-Hydrogen Interaction- a subject grafted on LENR (or vice-versa(
See for example this paper:
Study of the Hydrogen–Metal Systems

However you can find tens of interesting papers , if searching on the Web, both in English and in Russian.
So good for what I call the Russian LENR program.
Let's see the coming Chernov presentation!

2) Interesting and possibly quite significant- as example and trend:
A LENR Job offer for young physicists in Moscow!


Salary level-from 50,000 to 70,000 rub.
Town: Moscow
Necessary experience: 1 to 3 years
In the frame of the Project of creating methods with perspective for energy production we seek for talented and energetic physicists experimenters for research in the field of LENR
Activity of OOO NPP MERA

Planning, preparation and execution of experiments
Working out and building of experimental setups/stands
Working with scientific literature, search for necessary methods, technologies, models
Reporting to management


Technical high education,
Experience in experimental scientific work,
Basic knowledge in electronics and electromechanics
Ability to work independently
Analytical thinking, fast learning

Work conditions

Well equipped lab,
Young and friendly staff
Access to the corporate gym

Mytishschi, Kolpakova Street 2
Publ May 20, 22:21

3) Renewal of the Russian language site for Experimental Physics including Plasma Electrolysis lead by Andrey Petrovich Hrishchanovich

Has to be studied thoroughly!

To not forget: Mike McKubre speaks today in Palo Alto. Can this be watched live?

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Your definition, gentlemen, would be perfect, only for three exceptions. The crab is not a fish, it is not red and it does not walk backwards (Georges Cuvier).

Quote over-used, but no better one was invented; definition is a perfidious logical manoeuvre, surgery,  and sometimes even sadistic mutilation of a concept.

On E-Cat World,  Andrea Calaon, answering to Axil speaks about Basics of Cold Fusion- see Daily News. I would not dispute what he says, however I am very contrariated about what he says not. Dare-to-say this is the most important  part if this really wants to be about the basics.
Many new LENR players have appeared  after 2011. I remember Andrea Calaon as  a young creative theorist who surfaced at my favorite Italian site, 22 Passi but this is not relevant now.
I really enjoy the logic in the ordeal of Hyds and I know that after less then 100 equivalents of the Lugano experiment fully analysed, we will know in which extent the Hyd story is real. I appreciate that the author understands the diversity of the phenomena
Why is this not about the BASICS of the cold fusion field?

the crab is not a fish:
I think we should not speak about a single cold fusion, but many along a long scale
of earthy temperatures, there are some similarities between all but the differences are more relevant; from the cool to boiling F& P electrochemical cell to Piantelli's Ni nano-structures based process to warm and hotter cats, to Defkalion's plasma, to core of Terra
LENRs and LENR+s.Some people believe in the genius and the unity of Nature (Ed Storms is a great example in LENR), other people prefer to believe in the creativity and diversity of Nature (me, for example, and Reality). 
Calaon, a bright nuclear physicist is in the first camp as long he speaks about the basics and not specifically about the case of Hot Cat- best known by the Lugano experiment.
Cold Fusion is of more kinds

the crab is not red
As almost everybody in the history oF CF, Calaon thinks to seem that Cold Fusion/LENR is first of all mainly, preponderently NUCLEAR and therefore alll we have to do is to defeat, by force or by smart tricks- the Coulomb Barrier- considered the greatest obstacle to successful Cold Fusion/LENR. However LENRs are multi-step, multi-stage, poly-sequential; each sequence is characterized by its own locus, nature and mechanism. It is essential to distinguish between the
- pre-nuclear, 
- nuclear, and
- post nuclear, stages
but these can differ much for the sorts of LENR. I wonder of how much have in common for example the cool wetness of the Fleischmann Pons Cell with the thermal Inferno of the Hot Cat, the noblesse of hydrogen thirsty palladium and the unsophistication of nickel; however some visionaries say almost exactly the same things happen in both.
The pre-nuclear stages including a mechanism for continuous, intense, renewable generation of nuclearly active sites- and just here we cannot ignore nanoplasmonics and magnetic phenomena- is genuine trigger- now or never phase of the processes
It is an complex edifice of diverse phenomena that, combined create powerful very cheap energy with no damaging radiations,
Cold Fusion is a combination of nuclear and non-nuclear phenomena.

the crab does not go backwards

LENRs do not need a passive theory but an active one, they have to be used as a combination of science and technology if you want to put them to work. Engineering is the key of success, the genuine NAE- nuclear active environment is actually the entire reactor, generator, reaction vessel that creates the circumstances for the necessary sequences of phenomena taking place  on a continuous long term basis. 

Examples, bad or good are contagious, Calaon has coined Hyd, I create THEORRECIPEs as describing active, creative, actionable fertile hybrids of science and technology.
Cold Fusion- in its LENR+ forms, is a good actionable mixture of science and technology. 

SO, it can be predicted
a) no valid usable general theory for the LENR field will ever appear;
b) no single theory for any kind of LENR is possible, composed theories necessary
c) multi-theories for LENR, theorrecipes for LENR+ 


LENR: Unexpected Energy Future” — Energy 2.0 Society Presentation at IEEE in Madison Wisconsin:

The basics of cold fusion- response to Axil- by Andrea Calaon Commented in the Editorial

An Italian document re LENR and law, I hope it will be necessary soon- it is determined by applications of LENR
La (futura) regolamentazione normativa dei sistemi LENR. Brevi riflessioni giuridiche.


One nice reader sends this as explanation of the results of Shafeev; have asked him more details and arguments;
Lots to learn and to think about, all the time

Bill Gates is very popular in our LENR circles- so it can be relevant what want the people convince us  that Bill has said but it is not true. What about funding PdD?
From Hoax Slayer
Bill Gates High School Speech - 11 Things Kids Will Not Learn in School
I wrote more papers about the subject not great impact.

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“Cold fusion came before its time. It is too complex, too new, too unexpected, too messy, too multifaceted, too dynamic, too nonlinear and too weird to be really understood and controlled at the time of its discovery. It cannot be understood and developed commercially only based on nuclear physics, it is more.." 
(This Blogger himself, exactly 250-th repetition of these ideas with zero success, negative impact and whispering but hostile feedback. It can not be worse, says the optimist)

Here on this blog it was many times stated by my friends that LENR+, the technologically promising  variants include nanoplasmonics. In this spirit please see what comments Axil about the achievements of Shafeev: 

"Shafeev will suffer neglect and his research will be ignored because his work flies in the face of the common wisdom of nuclear physics. Even more deeply, there lies a problem with Quantum Mechanics, it’s the fact that there are two many versions of this subject. 
It is said that experiment is king but if results don’t support the common wisdom, experimental results are ignored.
There exist a number of contending schools of thought about quantum mechanics, differing over whether quantum mechanics can be understood to be deterministic, which elements of quantum mechanics can be considered "real", and other matters. Shafeev will suffer greatly from what some few people think is real and what many others think is only data.
But most importantly, Shafeev is dealing with LENR. This makes his life hard by association, not by name but the miracles that he produces. His experiments are pure and simple. They always produce the LENR effect and they strip LENR to is raw essentials.
LENR only occurs when the LASER flashes so the LENR effect is controllable and works deliberately in Shafeev’s experiments. In Shafeev’s experiments, the cause of LENR are clearly on display. It is simply light and nanoparticles. You can’t get more basic than that. 
How the vacuum and quantum mechanics work is of special interest to philosophers of physics, as physicists continue to show a strong interest in the subject. As far as Shafeev is concerned, this war of ideas between these philosophies looks like clear experimental evidence is being and will continue to be ignored."

Communication and collaborations are pillars of my professional life; I have asked first two good Russian friends to facilitate our contact with Shafeev. I have no complexes, however a blog is not an institution and it is now my unique affiliation.
Shafeev is professor at the Wave Research Center of A.M. Prokhorov General Physics Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences.However I know- it is ana axiom- reallly great scientists are nice  & friendly.
Reality has combined LENR and Nanoplasmonics, let's do the same- and we need help.
NOTE- as predicted, Shafeev has answered immediately and now I am studying his papers kindly sent by him. S A. Koestler would say, we have to build a creative bisociation between his sort of powerful nanoplasmonics and LENR's overly complex one.
See a few Shafeev papers below.

Rossi on Stable 250 kW E-Cat reactor. (Buck)

and later he says:

Andrea Rossi
May 19th, 2015 at 6:29 AM

Steven N. Karels:
No, the E-Cats can be built to make a specific amount of energy and this limit cannot be overcome.
You cannot turn a 20 kW E-Cat into an E-Cat with higher power. But you can make a 1 GW plant with modules of 250 kW each, theoretically.
Warm Regards,

and also:

Andrea Rossi
May 19th, 2015 at 6:44 AM

Yes, the Customer is measuring independently the energy that arrives to his plant, both with gauges and ( more important) with the operation of his manufacturing system, which needs our energy to work.
The measurements give similar results, within the margin of error of the instrumentation, but, as I said, what counts more than all is the FACT that the energy we supply him makes his plant work as expected. Calorimetic measurements now are coupled with manufacturing efficiency measurements, which put in evidence the very result that really counts: is our Customer making money with our plant or not ? This is the most important issue. If the Customer does not make money with our plant, he will not get solace if we will present him good calorimetric results, however obtained…
Data regarding the COP will be given after the completion of the tests and the final results can be either positive or negative.
Warm Regards,

AXIL-AXIL: My opinion regarding Rossi-Cook reaction theory


The abstracts of papers received from Prof. Shafeev- are not LENR but very remarkable and inspiring  a branch of science:

Long-Term Variation in Nuclide Activities under Laser Ablation of Metallic Targets in Aqueous Solutions of Uranium Salt 

N. A. Kirichenko*, A. V. Simakin**, and G. A. Shafeev*** 
Wave Research Center, Prokhorov General Physics Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences, ul. Vavilova 38, Moscow, 119991 Russia Received December 26, 2013 

Abstract—The long-term variation in the activities of nuclides belonging to the uranium series after laser irradiation of metallic targets (Au, Be, Al, Ti) in aqueous solutions of UO2Cl2 has been experimentally investigated. It is found that the activity of 234Th, in contrast to unirradiated solution, continues to increase for 50 to 60 days after laser irradiation and, having reached a stationary level, remains at it for a long time (about 1 yr). The activity dynamics is modeled theoretically on the assumption that a fraction of 238U in the irradiated solution is under peculiar conditions, so that its half-life is much shorter than that of spontaneous α decay of this nuclide under normal conditions. Possible mechanisms of variation in the shape of the potential barrier for α-particles in the presence oDOI: 10.3103/S1541308X14020010

Application of copper vapour lasers for controlling activity of uranium isotopes 
E.V. Barmina, I.A. Sukhov, N.M. Lepekhin, Yu.S. Priseko, V.G. Filippov, A.V. Simakin, G.A. Shafeev

Beryllium nanoparticles are generated upon ablation of a beryllium target in water by a copper vapour laser. The average size of single crystalline nanoparticles is 12 nm. Ablation of a beryllium target in aqueous solutions of uranyl chloride leads to a significant (up to 50%) decrease in the gamma activity of radionuclides of the uranium-238 and uranium-235 series. Data on the recovery of the gamma activity of these nuclides to new steady-state values after laser irradiation are obtained. The possibility of application of copper vapour lasers for radioactive waste deactivation is discussed. Keywords: copper vapour laser, beryllium nanoparticles, target ablation, gamma activity, radionuclides.

Laser-induced caesium-137 decay 
E.V. Barmina, A.V. Simakin, G.A. Shafeev
Quantum Electronics 44 (8)  791 –792  (2014)

Abstract.  Experimental data are presented on the laser-induced beta decay of caesium-137. We demonstrate that the exposure of a gold target to a copper vapour laser beam (wavelengths of 510.6 and 578.2 nm, pulse duration of 15 ns) for 2 h in an aqueous solution of a caesium-137 salt reduces the caesium-137 activity by 70%, as assessed from the gamma activity of the daughter nucleus 137mBa, and discuss potential applications of laser-induced caesium-137 decay in radioactive waste disposal.

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"An ounce of patience is worth a pound of brains."

Dutch Proverb

Quantitatively thinking, this means patience is 16 times more valuable than brains. (w/w) For brains I have to consult butchers or cooks; for patience I don't know- have lost my last reserve. 

As far I know, today starts a new Parkhomov replication; if it will give much excess heat you will be informed.


1)The importance of LENRIA for the E-Cat revolution:

2) Rossi on manufacture of plants3D printing, competition:

3) Jim Rovnak asks, Andrea Rossi answers and non-answers in the same time

James Rovnak
May 17th, 2015 at 9:20 PM

Andrea what about use of this GE high temp material in Hot E-Cat. Robert Godes tweeted interest in this material the other day & I thought it just might interest you also: Jim
Also replicators seem to be having trouble starting & controlling LENR power in their attempts. Could it be they need high freq EM to excite process as Dr Godes does in his developing project? I think Parkhomov’s TRIAC based source had plenty of dI/dt to excite even his neighbors service to say nothing of his LENR success! Did you know his grand daughter (who translates for him) name is Ecaterina – interesting, No? Keep up the good work!

Andrea Rossi
May 17th, 2015 at 9:37 PM

James Rovnak:
Thank you for the information and for your insight. I can’t comment about e.m. fields in positive or in negative and I have strong respect for the work of the replicators.
Warm Regards,

Rossi will not speak about the stimulation method, it is his right.

4) On the Russian site
This paper appeared:
Russian Discoveies: And on uranium  will blossom apples too?
Nuclear waste can be converted into fertilizer
by Georgy Shafeev

I was a bit puzzled first but then I realized that this is something very important connected with nano-plasmonics. Axil Axil, in a message has cited an other paper with Shafeev co-author:

Accelerated alpha-decay of 232U isotope achieved by exposure of its aqueous solution with gold nanoparticles to laser radiation 
A.V. Simakin, G.A. Shafeev 
Wave Research Center of A.M. Prokhorov General Physics Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Vavilov Street, Moscow 119991, Russian Federation

What Shafeev and Co. does is of utmost importance for understanding how LENR really works and you will know soon how and why.


Not very encouraging:
The Death of the Green Energy Movement!topic/

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Humor has always been important to me. If there is a shield of faith that you can keep up against difficulties, humor is the Teflon coating.
(Laurel Lee)

Despite some inevitable glitches- I am using quotations with sense and target helping me to convey my ideas to you; the inability of the ideas to be metamorphosed in sticky memes makes this a kamikaze mission, (ask e.g. LENR+ how many times it was hurt and broken?)
OK, this quotation is here not for "humor" but for "teflon"-  a more magic stuff than you imagine. I have  lost my last traces of sense of humor when my perfect S-Theory of humor was rejected by the guild of philosophers of humor- a tragic story.
Occult interests are sabotaging the understanding of humor.
No, this quotation is about this special plastic- polytetafluoroethylene
It was discovered when I was 1 year old and our first real meeting took place 21 years later when I went as young chemical engineer to work at Synthetic Fibers Work Savinesti. It was used mainly as gasket material, I learned to use it and it has delivered a life-long valuable certainty to me- we, humans are able  to make materials
and to do things that DO NOT EXIST IN NATURE! This certainty remained a pillar of my professional dignity and personal self-confidence- we can do it, I am also there! 
The Motto of yesterday" "Evolution is chaos with feedback" has a logical continuation with "Progress is evolution driven by human intelligence" (Google says nobody has stated this till now so I will sign it as author, I have read even more insignificant quotations.) To compensate you I will give you a classic one about Technology: 
"The mind has exactly the same power as the hands; not merely to grasp the world, but to change it." (Colin Wilson)
Now to LENR- Parkhomov has created a golden opportunity to bring Hot Cat research to the hands and minds of the masses of researchers creating the vitally necessary competition to the monopoly of Andrea Rossi; he also knows he needs it! And, due probably to Murphyan circumstances the replications go toooo slowly!
It is highly disturbing despite my optimism. I needed moral support and I have learned
from Antaeus (son of Gaia -Earth who got great powers when in contact with ground) that coming back, metaphorically speaking to your origins, recharges your batteries. My origin is polymers, plastics, Materials Science and to see how these have developed to smart materials, nanostructures, effects ignored by Mother Nature- I am  looking with hope to the near future.
However, my good friend Somebody please build a simple Parkhomov reactor with the fuel mixture in it, put it in a high temp lab oven and heat it up in 12.5 hours to 1250C and tell us what happens. I understand you don't like molten metal, OK.
I heating alone does not work we have to find stimulation methods. But we have to proceed from simple to less simple.
We will find our human niche, we will learn to generate plenty of energy. TheLugano Test says power 2000W/g, energy 1.5 MWhours/g and this sounds like playing God for me.
My final bet for LENR is: it is more than any NR could give, we will be able obtain MORE energy than calculated by the beautiful Einstein formula E=mc2
Young colleagues, you will see what we, primitively enough, call today LENR is actually less and much more than trivial nuclear energy.

However anybody educated in leadership knows this well: there are moments when you have to stop thinking on the past, you have to stop planning for the future and you must solve the problems of he present! We are in such a moment just now, believe me!
Parkhomov's replicators of all countries, unite if you wish, but replicate!

NOTEIn case you are interested- really in the dichotomy-"natural not natural? you could read this too:


From Jim Rovnak- thanks!
Variable mass theories in relativistic quantum mechanics as an explanation for anomalous low energy nuclear phenomena 
Mark Davidson 
Spectel Research Corporation, Palo Alto, CA USA E-mail: 

 A recent theoretical explanation for observed anomalous low energy nuclear phenomena which have puzzled physicists for many years is expanded on. Based on covariant relativistic quantum mechanics and historical time wave equations, it explains a large number of observed anomalous effects by supposing that nuclear masses can vary in “nuclear active environments” in condensed matter settings. The modified quantum wave equation originally introduced by Fock and Stueckelberg in the 1930s with significant enhancements up to the present by Horwitz and others prove that variable masses are compatible with the principles of both quantum mechanics and relativity. They can explain all of these effects by modifying the kinematic constraints of the reaction, enhancing electron screening and quantum tunneling rates, and allowing for resonant tunneling. Some previous results are recounted, and experimental evidence based on variable radioactive decay rates and other evidence for variable masses is presented which adds some new potential support for this theory. Keywords: hydrated palladium, deuterated palladium, LENR, fusion, radioactivity

The Application of LENR to Synergistic Mission Capabilities 
Douglas P. Wells* NASA Langley Research Center, Hampton, VA 23602 Dimitri N. Mavris† Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia 30332-0150 

This paper presents an overview of several missions that exploit the capabilities of a Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR) aircraft propulsion system. LENR is a form of nuclear energy and potentially has over 4,000 times the energy density of chemical energy sources. It does not have any harmful emissions or radiation which makes it extremely appealing. The global reliance on crude oil for aircraft energy creates the opportunity for a revolutionary change with LENR. LENR will impact aircraft performance capabilities, military capabilities, the environment, the economy, and society. Although there is a lot of interest in LENR, there is no proven theory that explains it. Some of the technical challenges are thermal runaway and start-up time. This paper does not explore the feasibility of LENR and assumes that a system is available. A non-dimensional aircraft mass (NAM) ratio diagram is used to explore the aircraft system design space. The NAM ratio diagram shows that LENR can enable long range and high speed missions. The design space exploration led to the conclusion that LENR aircraft would be well suited for high altitude long endurance (HALE) missions, including communications relay and scientific missions for hurricane tracking and other weather phenomena, military intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) and airspace denial missions, supersonic passenger transport aircraft, and international cargo transport. This paper describes six of these missions.

The paper from above was found at this excellent, high IQ LENR site- up-to-dated:

A creative technical solution, indeed. Thanks to Jack Cole for sending this
The Future of Wind Turbines? No Blades

I have a long history with Vortex tubes and the most interesting part has happened in Bangkok. 

Saturday, May 16, 2015



"Evolution is chaos with feedback" (Joseph Ford)
But do not forget synergies!

It is about the hot, fertile chaos now intensely investigated- in Hot Cats.
The Lugano experiment was finished say a year ago, the results-too method-dependent seemingly were published 5 months later and Parkhomov's bright confirmation came fast in some 6 weeks and has opened a lot of ways toward practical Hot Cat research.
It has triggered a general desire of new confirmations. After some 140 days we still have no one round, ready and real, and reader ZZZ of ECat World was perfectly justified to ask in writing too, why this has/has not happened? It would be an unpardonable editorial blunder to add here WTF?
See the first News below.Perhaps the very basic question is if the excess heat release is stimulated by heat (plus proper heating regime alone or the electric resistance is also emitting some kind of stimulus- absolutely necessary too?  I bet somebody will obtain a positive result by heating the reactor in an oven or in molten metal- as I suggested.
Irreparabile fugit tempus -for me but here for the replication problem we still need some patience plus the direct participation of the more powerful LENR research units/teams eventually awakening from the long Pd Dream. And (I know it is useless but I am still saying it because I believe in Science ethics- of the Lugano  Testers.


Why haven’t people repeated the Parkhomov experiment successfully yet? (Zeddicus Zul Zorander)

Excellent as always; broad retrospective:
LENR-to-Market Digest -- May 16, 2015

The Role of Lithium in LENR - Part two The synergy Lithium – Iron
The science delusion on cold fusion
Swedish radio and similar

Low Energy Standard Model Interactions in Condensed Matter
J Swain, A Widom, YN Srivastava - Key Engineering Materials, 2015
This paper briefly reviews the current status of Standard Model (weak and strong nuclear) interactions induced in condensed matter systems via the excitation of collective de-grees of freedom to provide the necessary energies. The central point is that a variety of low energy systems can accelerate electrons to several MeV, making it possible to produce neutrons via collisions with protons and to photodissociate nuclei via giant dipole resonances allowing a wide variety of nuclear transmutations to occur. Some sample systems are discussed as well as some of their implications.
The cost of this paper is 28 $

In Dutch: "Completely Off Grid E-cat/Rossi's Technology:

US Navy Purchases First Order of MagneGas
In 1997 I was at Tampa, Florida and have assisted at the birth of MganeGas then still Aquafuel.  The story is in Infinite Energy. From mixed reasons I have abandoned this line of research, it clearly is not LENR after all. I am pleased to see that MagneGas is a commercial reality, a cutting gas some 40% more efficient than acetylene.


Introductory lecture: nanoplasmonics
Mark L. Brongersma
Faraday Discuss., 2015, Advance Article
DOI: 10.1039/C5FD90020D
Received 31 Mar 2015, Accepted 31 Mar 2015
First published online 13 May 2015 (cost of the paper: 38 $)

Fidel Castro's son is great in nanotech, why not suggest him to extend to LENR?
If you meet him, please convey him my suggestion! What his Father has said:"A revolution is not a bed of roses" is especially true for LENR- he will see!
Actually it is, just there are many thorns and few roses.
Science 15 May 2015:
Vol. 348 no. 6236 pp. 748-749
DOI: 10.1126/science.348.6236.748
Fidel Castro's first-born son foments a nanotech revolution
Richard Stone