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other- not Earth...For disasters- best solution is the worst solution.
Unfortunately later you will state that the reverse is also true, catastrophes are self-reinforcing. (Peter Gluck)
 (inspired by some elections-tomorrow, but generally true- in LENR too.)


What Mother Earth really dislikes is hypocrite ecologists.

1) From the Miami Court Pacermonitor re the Rossi vs Darden litigation

Friday, April 21, 2017
269notice Clerk's Notice (Other) Fri 2:48 PM 
CLERK'S NOTICE re 268 PAPERLESS NOTICE of Hearing; hearing on197 MOTION to Exclude The Opinions and Testimony of Dr. K. Wong set in error; the only motions scheduled for this hearing are docket entries262 ,263 , and264 . (ps1)
268notice Notice of Hearing on Motion Fri 11:44 AM 
PAPERLESS NOTICE of Hearing on262 Plaintiff's MOTION in Limine ,264 Defendant's MOTION in Limine ,197 MOTION to Exclude The Opinions and Testimony of Dr. K. Wong ,263 MOTION in Limine: Motion Hearing set for 5/23/2017 10:00 AM in Miami Division before Judge Cecilia M. Altonaga. (ps1)

Поздравляем Юрия Николаевича Бажутова с 70-летием!!!

3) LENR Research around the World

4) UPDATE- the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project on Facebook

5) Gregory Goble's LENR page on Google +

6) Gregory Goble: LENR/Cold Fusion and all that JAZZ - 1MW (heat) per hour

7) Artem Efimov Laboratory for Alternative Technical Developments
Energoniva- works on prototype in metallurgic regime
Энергонива работа прототипа в металлургическом режиме 

8) From Andrea Rossi's JONP 

April 22, 2017 at 7:13 AM

Dear Dr Andrea Rossi:
The puppets of the so called “ventriloquist of Raleigh” are saying that they received the 50 millions from Woodford because they had in portfolio many intellectual properties, not only yours. But I discovered that this is false! Reading the documents published by the Court, I saw that Woodford invested 50 millions in IH on February 2015 and at that time IH had only your IP in the portfolio! To make more clear the fraud of IH toward you, is the fact that Tom Darden made visits with senior officers of Woodford in your plant, to convince them to pay him the 50 millions and enjoyed the reference of the engineer of JM (Jim Bass) in the same day, during the visit of the same senior officers of Woodford in your plant of Doral.
Isn’t this true?
A friend of yours of the silent majority that sustains your work and is disgusted from the dishonesty of the ventriloquist.

Andrea Rossi
April 22, 2017 at 8:03 AM

No comment.
Warm Regards,
9) Book for download:

The E-Cat: Unlimited LENR Power for the Future - Quick PDF Books ...


1) Quantum mechanics is complex enough, for now...
Date:April 21, 2017
Source:University of Vienna
Summary:Physicists have searched for deviations from standard quantum mechanics, testing whether quantum mechanics requires a more complex set of mathematical rules. To do so a research team designed a new photonic experiment using exotic metamaterials. Their experiment supports standard quantum mechanics and allows the scientists to place bounds on alternative quantum theories. The results could help to guide theoretical work in a search for a more general version of quantum mechanics.


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empathy is medicine, hatred is poison

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Shame on me!                                 Counter-stream swimmers are hunted!


Propeller water metersImage result for j'accuse

Call me Powo; that is actually my family name but APATOR POWOGAZ MWN 130-80 would be much too long. I am a Polish flowmeter  and have many hundreds of thousands brethren working in Poland and increasingly worldwide. Panta rhei- and we are made to measure everything what Flows. My personal specialty is warm water- that is warm and cleanliness and I am very contented with it, never had any ambitions to be used for something more interesting as nitro-glycerine, Wodka Wyborowa, Coca Cola or ketchup... no just plain, warm water. I was born, built and educated in the spirit of quality, precision, accuracy, reliability, constancy, accountability.just as anybody and anything else- good- I wanted an interesting life.
And I had luck- I was exported in the European Union, western part, and I was bought by Fabiusz, a nuclear engineer! Oh, mamma mia I thought (obviously in Polish) I will work for something nuclear as the Great Maria S
klodowska! And the reality was even brighter- I was chosen as the leading measuring instrument for an experimental plant of an inventor, Andzej- in Miami Florida! What a travel, what a place, what a responsibility! I have put my whole heart in a long and tedious calibration I wanted to do it perfectly. Fabiusz has explained me that I have to work incessantly for a whole year so I have to take care of my perfect health:"You are great, so I have chosen you, festina lente, amico! and not a micron of wear or any else trouble!". He put a seal on me and: "Incominciamo" he sung.
I have tried my best and in 252 days I have measured and recorded not less than 
7,910,478, 112 liters of warm water- just the numbers were rounded down as usual
It was a normal test, but a difficult pioneering breakthrough test (I am proud to have participated to it!) with many problems, inventor Andrzej was with us each day- night and have solved the problems. The Rich Man who paid the test has visited us and I heard him saying "Stellar"  OK, the test was finished and then the troubles including mine, have started - so now exactly as the writer Emile Zola when he has seen a case of horrible injustice- I will accuse now the people who made something similar with me.

I accuse the Rich Man that he had a valid contract with Andrzej, has not terminated the contract and has not paid what the contract stipulates- so Andrzej had to sue him.
Then the Rich Man and his friends started to say everywhere that andrzej is worse than the Devil and tried, post factum, to show that the plant has actually not worked at all. And XXXXX (in Polish but censored) here starts my problem- without any real reason I was nominated as the Achilles Heel of the Plant, vulnerable  and weak. 
A so called expert ,Joe had received the task to kill the Test and he remembered of seeing my internal parts with stains of rust ergo I have worked all the time only half full with water cheating the results for a long year! I have to emphasize that he does only said this, surely not believed he cannot be so stupid!, I accuse him saying this for money because he has seen thar I was put in the proper position with an ascendant pipe before me, nothing simpler than that. Joe just hoped to find some anti-technical people naive enough to believe the incredible story- smalll chances, indeed! But he found Sad  an old self-made expert in those nuclear issues; Sad 's great pleasure is to offend people, to belittle and humiliate then - but only if they think differently (Peter says he is the know it all from the first SJ Lec motto.) Does Sad believe the legend of half full pipe? I truly fear that he does, but for sure he has sworn to promote it till his last minute of his life by any means with vigor and insults. (Sad comes actually from sadist)

I accuse Sad of offending me, metrology, technology by saying uch a horrible thing that the expert in flowmeters knows dozens of methods usable to make the instrument to show ten times more flow that the real one. What is the moral basis, the mentality of such a thinking? He lives in a different world and I would abstain saying which is the unique case/purpose for which I would furnish water to him.
I also accuse Sad  for saying that people visiting the plant could state that it is an obvious trouble with me and I am multiplying the flow by 4- later 5. How for God's sake could I do such a thing.
Water flows in a pipe sent by a pump, flows through me and my propellers rotate strictly proporrtional with the flow, and see what said  Sad today:
"People could see the pipe was not full because the reservoir is translucent and open to air."
This is impossible., you cannot see what is in the pipe behind me, and the pipe after me goes a bit up, just to keep me under water.
Now it is already late to retract the gross non-truths told about me. People are swallowing many insults of the bullies; we instrument have more dignity.
I became famous (as Peter wrote yesterday) as the most obscenely insulted measuring instrument in the history of Metrology and I accuse bad (euphemism) people for this.


1) From the Miami Court Pacermonitor re the Rossi vs darden litigation
Thursday, April 20, 2017
266 order Order Thu 5:59 PM 
ORDER following an informal discovery hearing. Signed by Magistrate Judge John J. O'Sullivan on 4/20/2017. (mkr)

2) Rossi: Experimenting with Battery-Powered QuarkX

3) MFMP Publishes Instructions on Processing Nickel Foil to make ‘Free Energy’ Electrodes for ECCO Reactors

4) Hydrogenation and Sonication of Nano Nickel in Heptane

5) Scientist claims dark matter-powered device can create nearly limitless energy

6) Twitter-we_cat_global
Pats! Spoliation denied. We wonder how a jury will react to the hypocrite elite team. Goofy inventors tend to do well with them. #LENR #ECAT

7) The LENR Daily

8) From Andrea Rossi's JONP

Joseph Fine
Dear Andrea Rossi,
I hope you have been recovering well and are back up to full power.
The area of modular metals or laminates may be useful in your work.
One of Modumetal’s alloys contains Nickel and Aluminum, which may or may not be an advantage.
Since you contain materials at high temperatures, this technology may enhance product safety and performance.
Thermal regards,
Joseph Fine

April 21, 2017 at 7:21 AM

Dr Joseph Fine:
Thank you for your kind concern and for the information,
Warm Regards,


1) Our quantum Problem:

New LHC Results Hint At New Physics… But Are We Crying Wolf? (Synopsis)

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Continuing the leit-motif idea of yesterday, we can state tha beyond any doubt the Flowmeter of the 1MW 1year plant at Doral is the most obscenely calumniated measuring instrument from the History of Metrology.


1) From the Miami Court Pacermonitor re the Rossi vs Darden lltigation

Wednesday, April 19, 2017
265 notice Notice of Hearing by ATTORNEY ONLY Wed 6:15 PM 
NOTICE of Hearing by ATTORNEY: Discovery Hearing set for 4/20/2017 03:00 PM in Miami Division before Magistrate Judge John J. O'Sullivan. (Pace, Christopher)
AMENDED NOTICE OF HEARING (Adding Nos. 5, 6, and 7 if time permits)
 PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that there will be a hearing before the Honorable Magistrate Judge John O’Sullivan at C. Clyde Atkins U.S. Courthouse, 301 North Miami Avenue, 5th Floor, Miami, FL 33128, on Thursday, April 20, 2017 at 3:00 p.m., on: 
(1) Plaintiffs’ Motion for Sanctions (Bad Faith Litigation Conduct); 
(2) Judge Altonaga’s Remand of the Deep River Venture Privileged Documents; 
(3) Defendants’ Motion for Sanctions (Spoliation); 
(4) Defendants’ Motion for Protective Order (30(b)(
6) depositions of the corporate representatives of Defendants IPH International B.V., and Cherokee Investment Partners, LLC); 
(5) Rossi’s Response to Industrial Heat’s Fourth Request for Production to Rossi (Request No. 16); 
(6) Plaintiffs’ withholding responsive documents on the grounds of “trade secret” or “proprietary information;” and
 (7) Plaintiffs’ Response to Industrial Heat’s Second Set of Interrogatories (Interrogatory No. 23). 

2) From Andrea Rossi's JONP

April 19, 2017 at 4:15 PM

Dear Andrea:
Was it worth to make all the work you made with the E-Cat and eventually compromise your health for it?
Andrea Rossi
April 19, 2017 at 6:57 PM

There is a thing that is most important of my life: it is the scope of my life. Everything must be in function of it.
Warm Regards,

April 20, 2017 at 8:05 AM

Dr Andrea Rossi:
Today very important hearing in Court.
Have you any comment about it?
Andrea Rossi
April 20, 2017 at 9:51 AM

We are confident of the evidence we have deposited in Court.
Everything that has to be said will be said by my Attorneys in Court.
Warm Regards,

3) From Gregory Goble
Dreams of One Gee Continuous Thrust
Cold Fusion LENR Electric and all that JAZZ

4) Lattice Energy LLC - Excessive reliance on renewable energy sources can threaten reliability of electricity grids - April 19 2017

5) A new THREAD at LENR Forum by Alain Coetmeur
A paper in Danish about Cold Fusion
Var kold fusion ikke en and?

6) Basic LENR in the DEAN Model by HELIORITE



2) Nanoparticles remain unpredictable

Date:April 19, 2017
Source:ETH Zurich
The way that nanoparticles behave in the environment is extremely complex. There is currently a lack of systematic experimental data to help understand them comprehensively, as environmental scientists have shown in a large overview study. A more standardized approach would help to advance the research field.

3)  The Universe May Not Have a Purpose — But You Do, Thanks to Science

Vitalii Kirkinskii abouti PdD compared to NiH



The main attractivity of the Ni-H  is given by the low cost of the initial components
that is especially important for the process of research. Its main disadvantage is the very high working temperature (more than 13000 C) that is making difficult the practical use. In our Euro patent  obtained years before the patent of Rossi and of Piantelli , we have proposed as a material with good perspective LaNi5 that is solving hydrogen with two orders of magnitude  more than nickel. And this must accelerate significantly the nuclear reactions and the release of energy. Unfortunately due to lack of resources. we were not able  to test this compound.

In the Pd-D system the production of excess energy was 600W for a mass of finely crystallized palladium weighing 32 grams. For a mass of 3kg palladium the heat must comprise 50 kW- that presents interest for practical applications
The coefficient of performance can also be increased in comparison with Rossi's results. Pd,  despite the fact that it is not the basic fuel can partially be converted in silver. The contribution of this reaction to the energy obtained is not great

If we do not consider the higher cost of palladium and deuterium their use could be eventually advantageous due to the higher energy production and due to the lower working temperatures
However  there are necessary more carefully executed experiments and calculations.
Compared to hydrocarbon based energetics, these both systems are hundred times cheaper and ecologically more cleaner
Considering the heat obtained per unit of mass of fuel, the thermal electrogenerators have a much better perspective than the traditional sources of energy. This especially important for the different means of transport on earth, water and air.
.The progress in this field depends on the deep understanding of the mechanism of the and on the practical experience that leads to know-how. 
If there are investors ready to invest worthy resources into these studies or acquire a patent, we are ready to discuss these proposals.

Short biographical data of the Author

Graduated from the Moscow State University, specialty Geochemistry.
After graduate studies at the Institute of Geochemistry and Analytical Chemistry of the Academy of Sciences in Moscow, he defended his Ph.D. thesis on the chemical reactions of uranium and lead oxides. He was invited to the Institute of Geology and Geophysics in Novosibirsk (now - Institute of Geology and Mineralogy, Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of sciences where he soon headed the laboratory of ultrahigh pressures. His main scientific direction is the physical chemistry of processes at high pressures. He published more than 150 scientific papers, including 3 monographs and 10 patents. In 1984 he defended his doctoral dissertation. Since 1992 I have been actively engaged in research of nuclear reactions at low energies.

Photo of the Author


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The truth is on the march and nothing will stop it. (Emile Zola)

If you shut up truth, and bury it underground, it will but grow. (Emile Zola)

I believe that the future of humanity is in the progress of reason through science. I believe that the pursuit of truth, through science, is the divine ideal which man should propose to himself. (Emile Zola)

If something is just, I'll let myself be hacked to bits for it. (Emile Zola)

(These quotations are preparing the Editorial coming next Friday).


Knowing that questions illuminate us better than answers or statements, I placed this on the LENR Forum


1- was thw pretty standard  Flowmeter exonerate from all all nasty accusation? (see what tells Penon about it);

2- is considered now possible that the manometer indicated well atmospheric pressure. 'cause the condensation of steam at the JMPlant?

3-  was the steam pipe 40mm or 6" (152 mm)? i.e. section 14.44 times grateer as natural for 2500 cu.m steam per hour?

4- are you sure the thermocouples were misplaced and not at a decent distance from the generators?

I think that better focus on Vaughn deposition he clearly explains how confused and uncertain actually IH leaders areand what are their proofs

techno-calumniating is not so easy if it wants to be taken in consideration. Please refer to the Plant not to Rossi. 
Vaughn  deposition is Doc 262-07 etc. Search please for "manipulating"



Tuesday, April 18, 2017
264 motion In Limine Tue 11:55 PM 
Defendant's MOTION in Limine by Cherokee Investment Partners, LLC, Thomas Darden, IPH International B.V., Industrial Heat, LLC, John T. Vaughn.(Handelson, Erika)
Att: 1  Exhibit 1,
Att: 2  Exhibit 2,
Att: 3  Exhibit 3,
Att: 4  Exhibit 4,
Att: 5  Exhibit 5,
Att: 6  Exhibit 6,
Att: 7  Exhibit 7,
Att: 8  Exhibit 8,
Att: 9  Exhibit 9,
Att: 10  Exhibit 10,
Att: 11  Exhibit 11,
Att: 12  Exhibit 12,
Att: 13  Exhibit 13,
Att: 14  Exhibit 14,
Att: 15  Exhibit 15,
Att: 16  Exhibit 16,
Att: 17  Exhibit 17,
Att: 18  Exhibit 18,
Att: 19  Exhibit 19,
Att: 20  Exhibit 20
263 motion In Limine Tue 7:27 PM 
MOTION in Limine by James A. Bass, J.M. Products, Inc., Henry Johnson. (Leon de la Barra, Francisco)
262 motion In Limine Tue 5:30 PM 
Plaintiff's MOTION in Limine by Leonardo Corporation, Andrea Rossi.(Annesser, John)
Att: 1  Exhibit 1,
Att: 2  Exhibit 2,
Att: 3  Exhibit 3,
Att: 4  Exhibit 4,
Att: 5  Exhibit 5,
Att: 6  Exhibit 6,
Att: 7  Exhibit 7,
Att: 8  Exhibit 8,
Att: 9  Exhibit 9,
Att: 10  Exhibit 10,
Att: 11  Exhibit 11
261 order Order Tue 12:17 PM 
ORDER on March 23, 2017, discovery hearing. Signed by Magistrate Judge John J. O'Sullivan on 4/18/2017. (tro)
See please on the site of Uwe Doms

2) A new Russian website for Nuclear Cold fusion:

3) From the site

It is about two Russian Cold Fusion researcher
A monography in preparation for Fangil Ahmattareevich Gareev\
Поиски монографии Фангиля Ахматгареевича Гареева
The research of Vasilii Yurievich Velikovodnov

4) From Andrea Rossi's JONP

April 19, 2017 at 2:13 AM

It seems that the QuarkX has been running for tests for a very while now which is remarkable for such a small device.

Would you be able to let us know:

1. how long the three quarks have been in operation?

2. If it with the same initial fuel charge.

3. If not the initial fuel how long with the current fuel charge

4. If there is any sign of degrading in performance?

I’m curious if you have found a clever way to extend the life of these kinds of devices from a fueling / catalyst point of view.

Thanks for all your continued work in these days. We can all learn something about strong composure and resilience and persistence in what’s important when it’s needed from someone like you.

I’m really glad to hear that your theoretical work with Oscar and Norman continues. They are really interesting and important approaches to understanding LENR. They work really well in synergy I think. Looking forward to see what comes up.

I’m curious about what happens to the Helium and if it is used in the process some how. Perhaps this theory synergy gives some insights someday… I wonder perhaps it’s useful from ion bombardment / charge carrying or other mechanical points of view… But I look forward to seeing how it works out

Best Regards and wish you continued strength in the months ahead

Andrea Rossi
April 19, 2017 at 7:28 AM

1. combined and not counting the interruptions, we are close to one year, during which many events happened and many corrections have been made
2. yes
3. n.a.
4. no
The real duration of a charge will be told only by experience. We’ll go on until we will know.
Thank you for your kind sustain.
Warm Regards,
5) In Italian: Andrea Rossi and Carl-Oscar Gullstrom ne experiments in course


1) The Nature of Problem Solving Using Research to Inspire 21st Century Learning

“Solving non-routine problems is a key competence in a world full of changes, uncertainty and surprise where we strive to achieve so many ambitious goals. But the world is also full of solutions because of the extraordinary competences of humans who search for and find them. We must explore the world around us in a thoughtful way, acquire knowledge about unknown situations efficiently, and apply new and existing knowledge creatively. The Nature of Problem Solving presents the background and the main ideas behind the development of the PISA 2012 assessment of problem solving, as well as results from research collaborations that originated within the group of experts who guided the development of this assessment. It illustrates the past, present and future of problem-solving research and how this research is helping educators prepare students to navigate an increasingly uncertain, volatile and ambiguous world."

2) From Tanmay Vora:
Self-Expression Through Service

3) Technology is great, but are we prepared for the consequences?
Date:April 18, 2017
Source:Iowa State University
Summary:Dependence on technology is slowly eroding some of our core principles, according to an expert. It's impacting everything from fake news to texting while driving.

4) Artificial Intelligence and Engineering