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“We can often find ourselves anticipating what might be expected of us beyond what is ever actually demanded of us. Yet this is by no means an accidental by-product of what we do, but the result of the ways in which many jobs today simultaneously allow and require us to use our intellectual, emotional, creative and mental capacities such as that we give our whole “self” – the very person we “are”, including our hopes and dreams – to the work we do.” (Franco "Bifo" Berradi") 
as he discusses with Emma Dowling in "Is there life beyond work?" New Humanist Magazine, Summer 2015

My, workaholic, answer is No. I enjoy searching, selecting processing, communicating information re  LENR. Just I am discontented with  how things are evolving. Too slowly, too hesitantly, too incrementally.
At Jan 14, 2011 we have hoped in a radical change and acceleration, in getting a lot of certainties.
1617 days later we see a lot of progress but the most important aspects  are very foggy, nothing clear and obvious. VUCA overall. The lack of alternatives to Rossi's technologies, no strong competition, absence of technological thinking, slowness, 
NASA what?, smallish national program in LENR where they exist, the trap of Pd ideology- these things are additive and destructive for the real alternatives.
NOTE: have just received this news: Is this good, bad significant for NASA's LENR research. Only real leaders are able to change the spiritus loci.

See for example document 1)- how can such a title still appear today? Amazing pernicious, scarcity of certainty!Or 5) - very nasty and perfidious, I have asked my Italian friends to tell me bout the subtleties and hidden things.
Paper 6) is kind of reversal of the situation- first cold fusion has killed the price of oli, now it is (in a way) the reverse.
It was predictable what 7) says- too much ado for this patent.


1) A great discovery or a disappointing fraud

Kommt die „kalte Fusion“ früher, als gedacht??

3) AXIL-AXIL: Polariton coherent light and Rossi's Cat and Mouse

3) The LENR Ecosystem in One Picture:

4) CIHT POWER SYSTEM Black Light Power

US20150171455A1, Publication Date: 06/18/2015, File Date: 05/21/2013, Mills)

Found by Mark Jurich, discussed on Vortex

An electrochemical power system is provided that generates an electromotive force (EMF) from the catalytic reaction of hydrogen to lower energy (hydrino) states providing direct conversion of the energy released from the hydrino reaction into electricity, the system comprising at least two components chosen from: H.sub.2O catalyst or a source of H.sub.2O catalyst; atomic hydrogen or a source of atomic hydrogen; reactants to form the H.sub.2O catalyst or source of H.sub.2O catalyst and atomic hydrogen or source of atomic hydrogen; and one or more reactants to initiate the catalysis of atomic hydrogen. The electrochemical power system for forming hydrinos and electricity can further comprise a cathode compartment comprising a cathode, an anode compartment comprising an anode, optionally a salt bridge, reactants that constitute hydrino reactants during cell operation with separate electron flow and ion mass transport, a source of oxygen, and a source of hydrogen. Due to oxidation-reduction cell half reactions, the hydrino-producing reaction mixture is constituted with the migration of electrons through an external circuit and ion mass transport through a separate path such as the electrolyte to complete an electrical circuit. A power source and hydride reactor is further provided that powers a power system comprising (i) a reaction cell for the catalysis of atomic hydrogen to form hydrinos, (ii) a chemical fuel mixture comprising at least two components chosen from: a source of H.sub.2O catalyst or H.sub.2O catalyst; a source of atomic hydrogen or atomic hydrogen; reactants to form the source of H.sub.2O catalyst or H.sub.2O catalyst and a source of atomic hydrogen or atomic hydrogen; one or more reactants to initiate the catalysis of atomic hydrogen; and a support to enable the catalysis, (iii) thermal systems for reversing an exchange reaction to thermally regenerate the fuel from the reaction products, (iv) a heat sink that accepts the heat from the power-producing reactions, and (v) a power conversion system.

5) Humble plea to an Italian minister-lady
Umile supplica alla Ministra Giannini | OggiScienza
I will try o say more about this.

6) Has the price of oil killed cold fusion?

Цену на нефть убил холодный ядерный синтез?

7) LENR- Forum, by Cimpy: "Rossi's First Patent gets final rejection,193 discussed here: 

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  1. Peter some enjoyable discussions with Andrea & lenr forum today for comment on the Blog
    Andrea Rossi
    June 19th, 2015 at 3:12 PM
    James Rovnak:
    I cannot participate to this kind of discussions, because I cannot give further information after what we already published, for obvious reasons of intellectual property defense.
    Therefore I cannot answer in positive or in negative to any innuendo related to the operation of the E-Cat , her control systems and related issues. The 24Hz Black Cat has really worried me, because I understood how close your group is to copy our IP !!! ( He,he,he…)
    Warm Regards,

    James Rovnak
    June 19th, 2015 at 12:15 PM
    Andrea my comment over at Lenr forum to day to several member with much more experience on fuel to ash understanding than I for your blog.
    “JDM wrote:
    TRIAC interjects a lot of harmonic content that seems helped Parkhomov’s successful replications & Bob Goodyer’s problems in not stimulating the lady LENR with his VARIAC source based attempt & the appearance of LENR in Alan’s last GS3 intial run when TRIAC was power source. Subsequent calibration problems which Ged, Sanjeev & I saw were related to using the active fuel element. The calibration with the unloaded fuel element clearly showed the problem with the previous attempts at calibration with the fueled one as I believe Ged recognizes. The true COP estimate would be the unfueld calibration subtracted from the original temperature trace. There were no instrument problems like moving coil & I’m sure Alan will come around to that conclusion. Hope there was enough ash to give us positive results of Lady LENRs visit. At least i am convinced. Your discussions shed light on the micro burst formations & nuclear process from fuel to ash which is beyond my analytical capabilities. Simulating reactor decay heat & things like zenon poisoning years ago we used time constants determined by decay product specialist in our dynamic reactor control study simulations work & how they were determined is beyond my understanding but seem to be so important here now ie subthermal ultra low momentum neutrons involved in micro burst & thermal expansion controlling this process to our control advantage & the nuclear decay constants giving us the longer term time effects also (ssm buildup in time etc). Wish we could see inside fuel element somehow with Hydrogen pressure spectum response analyser, IR camera down pressure sensor tube looking at light in micro burst process, etc. Would be Nice to have results of sweeping sine wave power input in power source & IR temp gauge me356 used. Maybe sweep frequency of .1 to 50 hz would give us a good picture of break points in subsequent bode plots of how the process works, just maybe? Lot of details still puzzle me but are becoming clearer in my mind based on my long working career with current nuclear power plant controls years ago. The National Labs played a leading roll in supplying us with basic process response data necessary for our work in control & protection of various reactor designs. Billions spent in that effort & recording & preparing engineering support reports we don’t have the luxury of here. Thanks for your discussions, they sure help me in my thinking & partial understanding of what’s happening in the Hot E-Cat & fascinating replication attempts of MFMP replication experimenters. Thanks again.”