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 See please: 
by Theodore Kinni
In a new biography of the brothers who invented the airplane, David McCullough describes the frustrations and triumphs involved in getting aviation off the ground.

In our community, Jed Rothwell has written fine essays and a book about the many analogies of the dawns of aviation and the start of LENR/Cold Fusion.
Dear Jed, what about a comparison of the situation of COMPETITORS of the Wright Brothers and of Andrea Rossi? Competition is a driver for development, coopetition is the really good driver.

I have started to receive VERY significant messages re. my question:"What's the main problem of LENR, now?" Thanks! 
Please send me other ideas too, I need the help of WoC (Wisdom of Colleagues)


1)Tjorborn Johnsen
To replicate or not to replicate, this is the question?

Kilder svenske professor kunne ha Replikert E-Cat Andrea Rossi

2) Andrea Rossi speaks about his work:
Andrea Rossi
June 23rd, 2015 at 7:31 AM

Hank Mills:
Every particular of the E-Cat is the result of a long series of corrections coming from thousands of tests that allowed the evolution that carried to the present industrial plant and the domestic version under R&D.
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3) What Can We Expect when LENR Hits the Fan for Real? Unfortunately it’s Not all Gold!
I don't get what is the agenda of Sifferkoll!

4) Was this paper discussed in our circles?

A Cold Fusion-Casimir Energy Nano Reactor Proposal
Author  Mohamed S. El Naschie
Affiliation Department of Physics, University of Alexandria, Alexandria, Egypt.
Using a compact heap of Fullerene nano particle moduli of a nano matrix device we propose that by maximizing the Casimir forces between these particles as a desirable effect, we can achieve a gradual rather than a sudden implosion pressure. This we expect will result in a mini holographic universe from which energy can be extracted in a way constituting a nano energy reactor functioning effectively on a hybrid principle somewhere between a Casimir effect and a cold fusion process.

5) ECW Think Tank working in LENR


With thanks to Ron Kita
Single-catalyst water splitter produces clean-burning hydrogen 24/7

The super materials that could trump graphene
A wave of innovative flat materials is following in the wake of graphene — but the most exciting applications could come from stacking them into 3D devices.
Elizabeth Gibney


  1. Regarding:

    I had just watched this informative but depressing video of a lecture given by a top man from a highly regarded school who specializes in quantum mechanics.

    With an air of genuine humility born under the weight of years of hard study, he bemoaned the fact that his puny ape’s brain is flummoxed by the weirdness and complexity of QM. He explained that over the last 100 years, a dozen different versions of QM have been developed to try to explain the rules that make up the “real” world. The world in which we think we live is just and illusion that only confuses us. There is an excellent chance that LENR is a QM process. LENR is firmly rooted in the real world. Our puny ape’s brains are ill fit to solve its great mysteries. LENR might be a tool more fit to be utilized and understood by a more advanced civilization peopled by a breed of creature who can rightly leave their footprints on the stars spread far flung like dust throughout the galaxy.

    That bodes ill for any prospects of understanding how LENR works let alone trying to develop a theory that might aid us in advancing its development. Some very strange and unknowable stuff is going on in and around those nickel particles.

    Being faced with this perplexing maelstrom of complexity, the infinite monkey solution might afford us some hope and be the best path toward advancing our progress in LENR.

    The infinite monkey theorem states that a monkey hitting keys at random on a typewriter keyboard for an infinite amount of time will almost surely type a given text, such as the complete works of William Shakespeare. This is what Rossi has done in his efforts to develop LENR.

    , The solace that we might draw from this metaphor is as follows: an infinite number of monkeys might do this job faster. That is, if enough effort is put forth by a very large number of people, if enough pain and frustration is experienced in a massive effort, if enough money and resources are funneled into LENR research, then progress in LENR might be slowly made over a very long time.

    The fruits of LENR are just too sweet and delightful to let pass. This great study which transcends all our current powers of thought, will be a garrison to guard our hearts and minds in a union of fellowship to advance this noble endeavor.


    New replication, very very well done, Await report with anticipation, Peter . Axil! Jim

  3. My picture of the three main problem with LENR:

    a) Hard to replicate
    b) When replicated, heat measures is not a conclusive evidence because heat is about averages that can always be questioned at a finer scale
    c) Powers That Be (established science, large energy companies, etc) are unwilling to see this phenomena, not helping development forward.

    Each one of those problems need a solution of it's own. The most important solution would be a receipe for replicating the phenomena with undisputable measures of HAD (heat after death) or transmutations between fuel/ash or other measures that are distinct in space and time, for example local IR/Gamma bursts that can not have a chemical origin.