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"Divide and rule!"
"Combine and confuse!"
"Mix and stupefy!"

It was my destiny to live the first 52 years of my life in dictatorships  (royal, fascist, communist) so I was very much interested in the methods used by dictators to so successfully oppress people and decide for all- about life and death.. It is a painful mystery of human nature. Dividing people is essential- however I thought the second and third slogans are also efficient in annihilating resistance of the people.. I have already published here: Executive Summary of the Modern Mass Manipulation Manual

I have taken some degree of freedom in changing the wording of the slogans.

However I have learned that good rules are useful see my 20 real-life-problem-solving rules as an example) and now, when I am intensively preoccupied by the main problem of LENR and how it has to be solved- I am starting to discover that the rules made by and for the dictators are adequate for LENR researchers too; paradoxically enough even in an creative good sense.
Divide and rule- seen in the frame of a correct LENR taxonomy is a great help for a solution. As long as we will believe in the unity of LENR, we will speak about ONE LENR and not LENR's , we will think NiH is exactly as PdD just interpreted by other elements as actors, we will deny the deep qualitative changes along more than 1000 C temperature increase, we will think LENR and LENR+ are forms of the same species, having  almost the same topology, nature  and mechanism- till then as I told- lasciate ogni speranza voi che LENRate.! No hopes for a technology. We have to divide the field in more specific territories and solve their problems separately accepting diversity, putting differences in value.
The coolest region of LENR-land, first discovered, intensely explored is interesting for Science but not created for Technology.
The hottest area is now under siege- for the time given only one group knows what assault rams have to be used. But wait a bit...

The other slogans also can change- a good LENR technology results from combining and improving; from connecting and reinforcing. My Blog has the ambition to be a good connector  of people from everywhere. Connecting people with people and people with LENR truths that will come.
Other slogans for LENR technologies : Live and flourish! Be useful and multiply!


Jack Cole replicates again!
New Glow-stick Type Experiment with Calorimetry Running
After much work, the calorimetry system is functional and currently running an experiment. Assuming the experiment concludes without major technical glitches, data will be posted prior to analysis. Lithium hydroxide was added to the fuel mix to increase the lithium availability without adversely affecting the tube pressure.
Fuel Content:
Stainless Steel Tube Nickel (INCO 255) Lithium Aluminum Hydride Lithium Hydroxide
              2100 mg               440 mg                    50 mg                        350 mg

The enemy never sleeps  
Excess heat:

With thanks to Jones Beene
Widom Larsen Superconducting Hydrides and Directed Speculation

Unscientific does not mean unimportant by LENR Forum reader Majorana.

LENR and the long march into forgetfulness
This was translated in Russsian and published by the official LENR webiste as
"It seems LENR was discovered first of al by Nikola Tesla;

ECW about the recent Bazhutov presentation
Report: Bazhutof Plasma Electrolysis System Provides up to 6 times Excess Heat

Not only I have remarked Ovidi's Neuchatel presentation
LENR = LEnR, n sta per nano e nucleare


What is humor?
Can  we create a specific LENR humor? At least so funny as the humor related to Wagner opera singers?

Einstein vs Bergson, science vs philosophy and the meaning of time


  1. We are as snails on a slope it seems... there is no progress in merely watching as the world spins. Rossi is wise in eschewing the countless polemicists and armchair neandrthals and instead spending his real life in his containers to see if they will bear something more than mere hope.

    1. Dear Anonymous,

      It is much truth in your metaphor-in-part. But only a part of it, i think.

  2. Often suspected LENR had a role in petrochemical plant catalyst? & now this pops up

    1. Yes, dear Jim! LENR is a form of catalysis, I told this - to Hal Fox in 1991 and wrote about it in my Topology First paper in 1992.

    2. Yes, dear Jim! LENR is a form of catalysis, I told this - to Hal Fox in 1991 and wrote about it in my Topology First paper in 1992.