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Margaret, my grandmother on the maternal side born in 1885 was the first to tell me- actually sing- about the airplane. It was a little funny chansonette following the French model, the hit of the year 1910; then aviation was still considered kind of a joke. I have tried to translate in English the lyrics of that nice little song..and I apologize, I am a a technologist not a poet. 

   HUNGARIAN                                                       ENGLISH
Egy Blériot nevű fantaszta akadt,   It’s said that Bleriot, the dreamer heroic
Géppel repül a nap tüze alatt.         
Flies high with his motor bird agile
Megesik, hogy leesik.                      
I cannot find what’s here the 'chic',
Én nem értem, ebben mi a sikk!?   
He can fall down and is so fragile…

('chic' is nowadays translated with 'smart' but in the French culture it is elegantly much more than this)

 I am sorry - I could not find any recording of the Bleriot song but music lovers can listen to a great lady of the Hungarian chanson/operetta who sung it many times (radio) still in the 50-ies and 60-ies- an unique voice.

IThe Bleriot song was unforgettable however WWII has soon shown that aviation became something deadly serious in meantime just good for coventryzation, carpet bombing and other methods of effective destruction and killing of populations. I had to wait till 1947 for my first civil flight- 608 kilometers from my native town Timisoara to Constanta at the BlackSea shore a rather shaking experience. Later, in the PVC and the LENR eras of my life I have traveled a lot with airplanes and...I liked it tremendously. After swimming pools, libraries, scientific congresses and good restaurants the airplane is the 5-th place where I feel like a fish in water. Being an optimist I hope to fly again, body and soul still together.

But anyway, I have never forgotten the name of Lous Bleriot, as well as the nme of Traian Vuia a Romanian airplane pioneer plus many other European competitors & colleagues of the American Wright Brothers, who all together have started the wonderfully fast aviation revolution.

Yesterday it was published an announcement by AIRBUS- they want to repeat the achievement of Bleriot with an electric airplane:

As far I know the airplane with electric propulsion is due for 2017; anyway this news is very inspiring for me from two reasons;

a) AIRBUS has an LENR- even LENR+ (it seems) patent:

What does this mean? Based on my long experience it means quite tautologically, AIRBUS has this patent and is either seriously working for LENr or this is just a vanity patent or for "any case"- nobody outside the company knows.

b) A representative of the company Airbus Group Chief Scientist, Jean-Francois Genestewas present of LENR CITIES now LENRG's event in great Britain this year and Steve Krivit has attacked him

I have answered with an equally nasty and agressive wtiring:
see No 5 here: 
(The Hopeless LENR World of Steve Krivit) defending J.F. Geneste

the announcement of AIRBUS has  electrified and illuminated me  and i have immediately decided to write the following to the company- spontaneously, sincerely, nada diplomacy, not waiting an answer- just because I feel this is my duty
and it has to be done for the sake of the Energy Revolution, of Europe and the World
for a better future, for the love of humanly sacro-saint Technology!

                 OPEN LETTER TO AIRBUS.

Dear AIRBUS- I admire and love you, your airplanes and your plans for the future.
Now you have a huge opportunity to help Mankind -as a stereotypy says to save thw World.
The Energy Revolution' spearhead LENR is in trouble because the critical knowledge is monopolized by the inventor Andrea Rossi  and his direct ally Industrial Heat and they have no really dangerous competitors. It is not the fault of Rossi and Co, on the contrary it is because only they took the technological bull by horns while many of LENR's best men have insisted on pure science or were captive in the chanceless magic of the palladium deuterium system- drowning in probletence.
Nothing is more urgent and necessary  NOW than a real competition for Rossi, first of all for him because  a slow technological revolution is a wicked oxymoron.
So, dear AIRBUS please organize serious, professional technological,penetrative
(honi soit qui mal y pense!) RESEARCH for LENR with clear targets- energy sources  
better, cleaner, cheaper, more versatile than everything we have till now.
You will need a genuine leader, a personality, you will need teams- all dedicated and not only implicated working full time, full energy, full creativity. Problems solvers, system thinkers. 
LENR is definitely (more than old age) not  for sissies  so you will need  researchers able to survive and prosper in VUCA conditions. (In English Vulnerability-Uncertainty- Complexity- Ambiguity, in French it is VICA (Vulnérabilité- Incertitude-Ccomplexité- Ambiguïté); in German (SUKM (Schwachstelle Unsicherheit Komplexität Mehrdeutigkeit) a weird world of fast changes and flocks of Black Swans.
You will meet the six pillars of LENR+:

But please do not worry on my blog I have prepared ideas and instructions for the true LENR+ i.e. realist, pragmatic and materialist, dynamic, unbelievable powerful.
Beware of myths, focus on the futurenot on the past.
But, enough.. i hope this is the start of a fruitful collaboration. At 78 years age, I cannot promise you permanence, but now... "Ici je suis, ici je reste"

LENR+- in hoc signo vinces!

All my very best wishes, Yours truly,


Please read 1) and 2) combined, start with 2 there are remarkable initiatives herehopefully including in more ways AIRBUS too.

1) Des Neuchâtelois, capitale de la technologie LENR ?

2) LENR-Cities event on June 25 at Microcity/EPFL , Neuchatel - Report

3) Bill Gates- traditional renewable energy is not enough, basic research needs funding:

4) Cold Nuclear Fusion in the Russian Wikipedia

Холодный ядерный синтез


Up-to-dated information re Canadian Company General Fusion- with thanks to Mahadeva Srinivasan:

Tech firm aims to 'save the world' with nuclear reactor


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    June 27th, 2015 at 11:39 PM
    Andrea I like Calrons take on Lugano test & his thinking similar to you & Dr Cook’s ideas & my reference to ULM neutrons being involved which is close to both your theories even though you do not like my wording! being in fact a neutron like source driving isotope progression & tremendous release of lots of heat energy seen in the Hot E-cat series with confirmation in nuclear ash analysis!
    Thank you for your kind consideration & any comments you can make!

    Hope we can share this admirable work on your blog?

  2. Where do Rossi's neutrons come from to make his reaction & Hot E-Cat power, does Santilli know?