Monday, June 22, 2015

LENR INFO FOR JUNE 22, 2015 Evening edition


The editorial of yesterday was not writtten by an unique occasion- it has to be continued  and its actionable idea/message - avoid malsolutions in the development of LENR has to be assimilated in the Research Ideology of our field. However with some care  because otherwise
something very similar with a technological/scientific witch hunting could start
OK, we have tried many malsolutions in the irreversible past, now it is vital to recognize them fas early as possible. 
Just an example- Defkalion has divorced from Rossi because they considered that Rossi's method of only-thermal triggering & control system of the reactions is a malsolution.
It seems even a malsolution can be converted sometimes in an usable one- with much research, additions, sacrifices (!) and creativity. Plasma triggering seems to be inherently better- and can return. 
And I am still waiting for an courageous Parkhomov Replicator who will try wireless heating of the reactor- immersed in molten Sn. I  think wireless  is not a malsolution; on the contrary.


1) From the ХТЯ и ШМ website:

All Russian Physics Seminar: "Cold Fusion and ball lightnings"   at the People Friendship University Moscow will take place Thursday, June 25, 2015 at 16.00
in Room 1, Engineering Building (access place described for participants)

Program of the day:

1. 16.00 – 16.10 N.V. Samsonenko, PFUM: Scientific News

2. 16.15 – 17.00 A.I. Laptukhov, IZMIRAN, A.A. Rukhadze, IOFRAN "Zbout the dimensions of the electron"

3. 17.00 – 17.45 N.V. Samsonenko:" Describing the structure and dimensions of particles in the quantum theory."

4. 17.45 – 18.00 Yu. N. Bazhutov, IZMIRAN: "About the 22th All Russian CNF Conference in Dagomys, (Sochi) , Sept 27- Oct 4, 2015

Leader of the Seminar: N.V, Samsoneno
Entrance, other data

The greatest Norwegian daily writes about cold fusion- acces to the 2 papers of Aftenposten
Норвежская крупнейшая ежедневная газета Aftenposten пишет о холодном синтезе
2) Andrea Rossi - not happy with those who criticize the Lugano Test:

Andrea Rossi
June 21st, 2015 at 6:13 PM

Ing. Franco Occhipinti:
I think Umberto Eco is right. I have seen persons that, as you write, have no education at all in any matter polemize with Professors and teach to them how a measurement has to be done, not to mention the clownesque theories that deal with elementary particles as if they were balls of a pin-ball. I have seen persons without elementary mathematical bases polemize with a Nobel Prize laureate, lecturing him in a matter for which he got the Nobel Prize; internet has been a very important revolution, with enormous positive consequences, but this is a negative “counterindication”: the fact that an imbecile, without studying, let alone working, can write stupidities on a matter that most of the readers do not know and consequently make for himself a qualification of expert of that matter, polemizing with Professors even if he knows absolutely nothing of that matter. LENR, with their appearent simplicity, attract many of these clowns. The best thing to do is just ignore them, also because they count nothing, tactically and strategically.
Warm Regards,
P.S. I read “Il nome della Rosa ( The name of the Rose, in the English edition) many times. It is a masterpiece of the contemporary literature.

3) Re the Norwegian newspaper article, about replication by Lugano Testers of the Lugano Test the lack of results till now has many implications- e.g. have they received a good, long living reactor from IH and Rossi, or not?

The really optimist LENR people do not believe what Bo Hoistad says, see e.g.

Reader 'Oceans' at E-Cat World:
thinking they had to retract this part of the story because of legal implications of this information being released publicly, I believe they did in fact replicate the Lugano results and they were successful as the author was told and repeated in the article, no way this professional reporter misunderstood what he heard.

I cannot deny that I like the idea.

4) Please also try to find out what this paper says- and what it does not say:

Sources: Swedish Professor could have replicated E-Cat:

Things are not what they seem, it is almost the reverse that is true.


  1. Regarding: “It seems even a malsolution can be converted sometimes in an usable one- with much research, additions, sacrifices (!) and creativity. Plasma triggering seems to be inherently better- and can return.”

    Rossi deserves great respect for solving the E-Cat control issue. At this juncture, Rossi’s approach to the LENR reaction may be a far better solution to the control of the reaction than does plasma stimulation. Rossi’s approach allows for the reaction to be copied indefinitely over many unpowered sub reactors. The Rossi reaction may be open ended in terms of power production with unlimited COP. Conceptually in terms of productivity, it’s the difference between a hand written copy and a copy machine. The Cat and mouse control approach is as world changing as Edison’s use of a vacuum in this light bulb. It seems that these world changing solutions require a lot of work to give them birth, Knowing what is the best solution is based on results and results are based on the amount of pain pored into the solution. Clearly, Rossi is the King of Pain.

  2. Yes Axil, Rossi is indeed a tenacious worker to be much admired. Jim