Sunday, June 14, 2015


Success seems to be largely a matter of hanging on after others have let go.
(William Feather)
But it can happen you are just hanging and hanging..a bit annoying.

I want to thank to my friends who have tried to consolate me for my yesterday's Editorial, thinking I am sad depressed and lamenting or whining. I am simply angry
and being a researcher who made many ethical choices in his professional life, I think I am not some arrogant kibitz- and have the right to be angry.
I want 2000W/gram and 1.5 MWatthours/grama back- and increasing in the future
And I want to get rid of the 400 days tunnel with positive or negative light at the end. 
I have here defended Andrea Rossi against vicious and perverse attacks and I have lost three good friends saying he can has the claimed excess heat.
The 400 days tunnel is too much for my patience, 70 and something years ago I adored fairy tales Cinderella was the favorite); not more now. The only thing I wish Rossi more than great, fast, total, multiple success is agile competitors. With the good LENR ideology.

THIS is an other day, quite good for LENR- a lot of scientific LENR papers for a Sunday. And a new live Parkhomov demo! (Going to watch it, Forza, Me356!!!)


1)MFMP's Glowstick 3 test was there excess heat?

1a) Awaiting final consensus. Sure LENR Lady visited MFMP

1 Cold Fusion Power, International, USA 
2 LLC “Radium”, Moscow 
3 Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR), Dubna 
4 P.N. Lebedev Physical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, National Research Nuclear University «MEPhI», Moscow 
This article discusses the mechanism of cold fusion of deuterium and other elements implanted in the potential niches of conductive crystals. Cold fusion in metals becomes possible due to the fact that the implantation of atoms in a crystal guides them to their p excitation levels, which are determined primarily by the positioning of free conduction electrons in a zone of potential niches. The excitation energy of the s-states is about 10-14 eV. The excited atoms’ orientation in the crystal is not random but dictated by the crystal lattice’s electrostatic potentials. Calculations show that the transparency of the Coulomb potential barrier, for example in the case of DD-fusion, increases by about 60 orders of magnitude if two deuterium atoms meet each other in the minima of the conductor’s potentials in the crisscross orientation. Most of the article is devoted to the process of DD-fusion in the electrolytic saturation by deuterium in crystals, a process that is extensively studied in these experiments. The article also briefly comments on other experimental results related to cold fusion.


Jean Paul Biberian sends the new issue of LENR's scientific journal

edited by him:
Dedicated to the memorty of John Bockris
I hope you have not missed the preceding volume 15, published in March 2015:

5) Thanks to Jean-Luc Paillet here is the complete list of links to the videos 
with Tom Barnard's Deuterons fusion Theory:

6) Parkhomov-style LENR Test by Me356 — Update#6: New Live Test, Sunday June 14

7) Rossi encourages us and not:

Andrea Rossi
June 14th, 2015 at 7:08 AM

The replications gave ben made professionally, using the information given by my patent applications and the Reports of the ITP. Beyond that information, the E-Cat is a very complex technology. The replicate the effect is one thing, but to make a product able to work industrially with high efficiency and uninterruptky for months is a completely different thing, whose know how and IP is obviously restricted.
I am giving all of myself to the industrial plant in operation, because it is the most important thing I made in my life: “The general who thinks too much to spare the reserves in the crucial moment is doomed to lose the battle” ( Napoleon Bonaparte).
I am well, healthy and She is good. But remember: the final results could be either positive or negative as far we know till now.
Thank you for your kind care.
Warm Regards,

and again: 

Andrea Rossi
June 13th, 2015 at 4:00 PM

Frank Acland:
Our equipment is made to resist in the container’s temperature. As for me, obviously I stay inside the reactors container when necessary, then I go in the computer container, where we have the air conditioner.
Surely all this is not in the manual for long life agers, but it will not last more that several months from now. If I have to do it, I have to do it.
Warm Regards,


  1. Peter I have a question for you & Axil Axil about Rossi that I have posed to Vassela Nikolovich to ponder also:
    Vessela did you ever wonder if Rossi could be his own mouse & move the Cat up & down the temperature ramp with little burst of input power, coaxing her up / down the temperature ramps by tampering with the micro burst of power fueling her nuclear flame? I think he is!

    Your friend & admirer of your writing skills! Jim

  2. Note how the LENR Lady did not want to leave Alexander Parkhomov's test on one occasion lingering around for some 8 minutes in the (ssm) of operation at about 80 percent of her full load power after his TRIAC shut down. Now why was that Peter & Axil Axil ? Your friend & follower Jim

    1. Dearest Jim,

      Parkhomov has written me he does not know if EM stimulation is
      necessary for the effect or not.
      This is the reason I wanted to see the reactors in hot metal (tin) at 1200 plus C- is the Effect triggered in such a wireless device? Still waiting.

    2. The key charactoristic of LENR is over-unity power production. One of the keys in the thoretical explanation of LENR is the discription of how over-unity power production occurs. Most LENR theories don't address this issue. The fundimental charactoristic of the LENR reaction must include an explanation of the positive feedback loop that self powers the LENR reaction as a cental tenet. I have yet to see a LENR theory cover how this positive feedback loop can function, How it underpins the entirety of LENR, how it is initated, and how it is terminated. Any LENR theory that does not address this mechanism is invalid on its face.

  3. Regarding: Tom Barnard's Deuterons fusion Theory

    Why does the reaction only occur on the surface of the palladium?

    1. I will ask him and getting in touch with you, OK?

    2. I will ask him and getting in touch with you, OK?

  4. As stated many times in his blog, Rossi wants to protect his IP because all the profits from his inventions go toward the support of children with cancer around the world. I hope that he keeps his commitments to these children.

    If his IP is lost to the oligarchs, the theft will just make them richer.

  5. IP was a valid excuse before Axil, but it no longer is. I myself often times used it before to good effect against the skeps. But 5 years into this and it is wearing thin. No longer a viable excuse to explain all that is happening.

    You and Dr. Gluck have been instrumental in progressing LENR+, but perhaps it is time to be a little less forgiving of science that doesn't meet minimum scientific criteria? Put desires last, and science first?

    Perhaps this deviation away from, has opened the door to those that are not good for the field?

    Don't get me wrong, I think there is something there. But, I don't see how this blind obediance to whatever we are fed, is helping. If it measures up to scrutiny, well then it is worth pursuing. If not, it isn't. That simple...or do I have something wrong?

    Shane D.

  6. Six years of duck, dodge and hide with Rossi should be sufficient. My only remaining hope is with Jiang.

    Rossi will continue to disappoint.

  7. Hi All

    Have you ever guessed it is the JOB of A.Rossi to disappoint on a long run, but to win and be the great hero at the finish line ?
    This is all ortchestrated by the secret services in line to make the change to this new tech as smooth as possible, to avoid big breaks for the global market, to allow the big money to bring their sheeps in the dry, as we germans say..

    Rossi is a sock puppet, and he did not invent this stuff, he is provided by DARPA his nano-fuel.
    This is my personal guess, and I think it is very reasonable, just remember, Rossi started doing LENR right after his little extra-holiday in a US-jail..


    1. Just a detail, please dear Markus: which US jail, when exactly, why?


    2. Just a detail, please dear Markus: which US jail, when exactly, why?


    3. Hi

      dont know about the name of the jail, but it was in october 2000, when he was sentenced to 8(!!) years, but he was released without anyone knowing why and how. This smells strongly.. it smells like secret service activity.

    4. andrea rossi called for appeal of the sentence and was freed of most charges as non existant.

      he was only finally sentenced for violation of waste regulation, and tax evasion , not for any fraud.

      no evidence of any secret service, but his technology of bio-fuel, used today with better succes, have attracted the interest of US president (Jimmy carter).

      A good bet if you accept that now, thanks to Italian Justice and Jimmy Carter E-cat is american.

      note that Rossi was identified so much as a bandit that he was hired by the boss of LTI, wher he worked for many project including for the US army, and kept employed after his time in jail...

      if you need evidence that people with insider's information were more interested in Rossi's talent than confident in the fairness of italian justice...