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A desire to resist oppression is implanted in the nature of man.(Tacitus)
But tyranny has learned well how to mass-extirpate it!


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Sunday, June 7, 2015

A candidate for Nobel Prize for Peace in 2014 exposed to "damnatio memoriae" today by INFN; the incredible parable of Francesco Celani.

After ICCF-19 we have heard less about Francesco Celani a veteran LENR researcher from the National Laboratory of Frascati of INFN. In reality, although subject of ever increasing harassment inside INFN, Celani and the entire team consolidated around his personality was able to continue his research with more and more convincing results. For example, just these days he has informed his Japanese and SWedish colleagues with who he has established an effective collaboration at distance regarding experiments with wires of Constantan about a broad re-confirmation of the variations of behavior when using as working gas deuterium instead of hydrogen including the correlated isotopic effects.

Francesco Celani is a scientist researcher very appreciated abroad- he was a candidate even for the Peace Nobel prize in 2014 based on his position and activity in favor of "Open Science". However he  had encountered a strong resistance in Italy.
A peak of this has happened last month when he has discover as a genuine shock that his entire historical-scientific archive being help in a place called  "the former cabin of the Monk" was removed and is now completely lost, and also his instruments and chemical reagents - used mainly for LENR type experiments had been arbitrarily destroyed and/or taken away- all this has happened with the factual responsibility of Dr. Umberto Dosselli in his position of Director of INFN at Frascati.

In the light of all these I consider that it would be very adequate to disseminate  two documents that are able to show that the tragic conclusion is that the destruction of a great quantity of documents and data pertinent for LENR- is a not-understandable
act has nothing to do with the scientific ethics, being rather as burning at the stake of Inquisition and damnatio memoriae. (N.T. see please explanation here

The first is a long letter (15 pages) sent by Celani to Director Dosselli in September 2013 in order to prevent the closing of Laboratory 25 and all the activities of Research and Development of LENR type. The introduction is this:

" Distinguished Dr. Dosselli I have never imagined in my whole professional life  that I will be forced a letter like this and now I do it with extreme sadness and bitterness"
 The letter can be downloaded (and Google Translated) here:

The second document is - short rebuttals (5 pages)sent by Celani, again to the director Dosselli in December 2014 regarding the so-called "Report" with which Dr. Ripani (INFN of Genova) has thrown a gravestone on the opportunity to continue the research of LENR inside the Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare exactly when in other countries such research is multiplied - see China and Japan for example and at  few meters distance from the laboratory 25 of INFN at the laboratory of Vittorio Violante (ENEA, Frascati) with the blessing of USA.

Just the Ripiani report that made possible for Dosselli to use the shredder to stop and destroy all the research lead by Francesco Celani, making an immense harm to a good scientist, to the whole Mankind and to Science.

Celani contests first of all the fact that the "Report" has omitted at least one of the most important results obtained in the studies of LENR- this is the transmutation of some of the elements. Even the researchers from the Naval Research Laboratories from Washington who have not believed  the transmutation results of the Japanese colleagues as Yasuhiro Iwamura from Mitsubishi- due to the partial contribution of the Celani group now have surrendered before the facts.

the letter starts with:

" Regarding the document (date November 27 2014, 39 pages author Dr. M. Ripani
received by us at Dec 2, 2014..) I want to inform you that the document contains a number of serious incomprehensible omissions and errors

Being given that I am convinced that this omissions and error made by Dr. Ripani , I am convinced, in good faith, are doing a GREAT HARM to the scientific field now known as LENR, I ant to send a document that permits their allows to amend them.
Her can be downloaded the second document.
The harassment suffered personally by Celani and the ostracism against LENRr is a new bad sign showing that Italy of today is in disarray and real foresight is missing.


1) Energy Transition Fast Forward EXERGEIA
It takes the E-cat in consideration.

2) G-7 leaders plan to decarbonize world economy this century

3) China's LENR is getting excess 600 watts of heat from 780 watts of input power

4) Green fuel destroys forest increases greenhouse gases and global warmimgg threat
LENR is the Solution

5) Inspired by the Russian LENR ideology and especially by Gennadii Tarasenko, I wanted a good paper about Ball Lightnings. Now i have it:
New Physical Phenomena Suggested by Ball Lightnings


Solar Hydrogen Trends and the exploding titanium wire experiment use the same mechanism: Cavitation. Solar Hydrogen Trends has not done a transmutation study to see if the power used to produce the excess hydrogen they claim has come from LENR based fusion.

It could be that the LENR based fusion power produced by these systems is converted to protons and electrons instead of heat.

To be safe, I would be looking for gamma rays and neutrons from these systems because of the experience from LeClair's cavitation based system. Cold LENR systems produce gammas.

Of interest because Lithium is an essential LENR+ raw material
Quest to Mine Seawater for Lithium Advances
Predicted lithium shortages are leading to novel technologies for recovering the element, now found mostly in salt lakes in South America.


  1. I am disappointed in Rossi because Rossi has allowed the open source LENR community to be misled by the Lagano report. We know now that the mouse is the only reactor type that is powered under the Rossi latest reactor architecture. The Cat is not powered and depends on the mouse as its activator. Rossi knew full well when he gave this type of reactor to the Lagano testers that it could only produce power at a level just over unity. He knew that the Lagano power production numbers must have been in error because a Mouse cannot produce all that power as Lagano claimed.

    Rossi also has told us that the mouse produces power just above over unity. Real power comes when the mouse activates N numbers of non powered sub-reactor units that he calls Cats.

    The errors that the Lagano team made in measuring the temperature and power production capability of the ‘Mouse” that Rossi gave the Lagano test team was left unchallenged even though Rossi knew that a mouse can only produce power just over unity. When the Lagano errors are corrected, the Lagano power adjustment shows power production just over unity.

    The open source community including MFMP is hell bent in showing power production from the “mouse” to meet or exceed the invalid numbers that Rossi has let stand from the results presented from the Lagano test.

    The Lagano test team had their own agenda in not correcting these overblown power production numbers. That agenda is probably centered in getting support for there own research funding from the authorities.

    All this subterfuge is not good for LENR.

    The open source community should move on from showing the inflated power production numbers that Lagano has promulgated, and concentrate on getting the “mouse” to activate N numbers of Cats so that LENR can show some real solid over unity energy production.

  2. Rossi: "resonances can generate virtual entities whose energy is higher than the sum of the energy of the singles."

    Finding this resonance and learning how to use it is the key to the sucess of LENR.