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Three quotes by Werner Heisenberg that demonstrate he knew about the coming of LENR

Whenever we proceed from the known to the unknown we may hope to understand, but we may have to learn at the same time a new meaning of the word 'understanding' 

"Uncertainty" is NOT "I don't know." It is "I can't know." "I am uncertain" does not mean "I could be certain."

If real unknown territory is entered it is possible,that the structure of thinking, too,has to change, in order to understand and penetrate the new.”
The thinking on which these 3 quotes are based  will be used as ingredient for making a review of your answers to the question:WHICH IS THE MAIN PROBLEM OF LENR?

A first sketch of the review will be published probably in the coming weekend; so please tell me what you think. I am asking those friends who have answered in closed forums (as CMNS) to allow me to cite and use their answers. Absence of NO means YES.


Please do not forget the two important events of today, June 25 2015:

a) LENR-CITIES' meeting at Neuchatel

b) The Seminar of the Russian Cold Nuclear Transmutation and Globular Lightning
Society at the People's Friendship University Moscow, interesting theory papers but the star is Yuri Bazhutov's presentation of his plasma electrolysis technology, a potential competitor for the E-cat  

0) 0 because it is not published yet- it was sent by Jim Rovnak who knows the value of fastness in information/communication, thanks!
WIZKID replication, to come:
See also on:

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5) Andrea Rossi says:

Andrea Rossi
June 24th, 2015 at 3:46 PM
-about competition-
Albert N.:
The fact that Airbus is making R&D in the LENR field confirms that our work has changed the game, involving the giants. This also gives evidence that it is not true that mainstream science is not interested in LENR.
About your questions:
1- We do not talk with our competitors
2- Same as above
3- I do not agree ( question: if they do not think LENR can be patented, why did a patent application, that I know very well and have studied with attention and is in good part copied from prior art?)
Warm Regards,

Andrea Rossi
June 24th, 2015 at 3:43 PM
- about the Lugano testers- niznaiu again!
Gianni Abbamonte:
I do not know anything about what they are doing. I know, of course, that they are trying to replicate, in Uppsala and in Bologna, but I am not a rumorist, therefore I prefer to wait for written reports.
Warm Regards,



I had just watched this informative but depressing video of a lecture given by a top man from a highly regarded school who specializes in quantum mechanics.

With an air of genuine humility born under the weight of years of hard study, he bemoaned the fact that his puny ape’s brain is flummoxed by the weirdness and complexity of QM. He explained that over the last 100 years, a dozen different versions of QM have been developed to try to explain the rules that make up the “real” world. The world in which we think we live is just and illusion that only confuses us. There is an excellent chance that LENR is a QM process. LENR is firmly rooted in the real world. Our puny ape’s brains are ill fit to solve its great mysteries. LENR might be a tool more fit to be utilized and understood by a more advanced civilization peopled by a breed of creature who can rightly leave their footprints on the stars spread far flung like dust throughout the galaxy.

That bodes ill for any prospects of understanding how LENR works let alone trying to develop a theory that might aid us in advancing its development. Some very strange and unknowable stuff is going on in and around those nickel particles. 

Being faced with this perplexing maelstrom of complexity, the infinite monkey solution might afford us some hope and be the best path toward advancing our progress in LENR.

The infinite monkey theorem states that a monkey hitting keys at random on a typewriter keyboard for an infinite amount of time will almost surely type a given text, such as the complete works of William Shakespeare. This is what Rossi has done in his efforts to develop LENR.

, The solace that we might draw from this metaphor is as follows: an infinite number of monkeys might do this job faster. That is, if enough effort is put forth by a very large number of people, if enough pain and frustration is experienced in a massive effort, if enough money and resources are funneled into LENR research, then progress in LENR might be slowly made over a very long time.

The fruits of LENR are just too sweet and delightful to let pass. This great study which transcends all our current powers of thought, will be a garrison to guard our hearts and minds in a union of fellowship to advance this noble endeavor.

Posted by Axil to EGO OUT at June 24, 2015 at 11:28 AM


Better Lucky than Smart
Lucky and smart is the best slogan-reality for LENR developers.


  1. Peter we all want to help in introduction of the New Fire
    Some comments over at lenrforum today on this subject True, but it was a very nice piece of work so far & should not go unnoticed. Think he may need some more high freq EM, not sure how it enters fuel element, but sure it is needed for lots of (ssm) LENR to show up!
    A moment ago
    Tarun wrote:
    Some people are already spreading disinformation that this works and shows SSM.
    Who needs skeptics when we have such blind believers. :thumbdown:

    Good luck to the new replicator. Keep sharing your progress. :thumbup:

    Liked his power meter. Note all meters have high sample rate DACs to analyze current/voltage inputs for real & imaginary power present, even for TRIAC type noisy spectrum's & that spectrum's harmonics & current trace are fundamental to exciting (ssm) LENR of that I am sure tarun, & every bit of information publicly displayed should be discussed here to further our understanding & offer help & verbal support to those who undertake these arduous experiments, No? The World cries out for this New Fire & the lenrforum supports that cry with reasoned discussion by all - dissenters, critics, do-ers, interested followers, experimenters etc.

  2. Discussion was on Wizkid preliminare report release. Think we need fast turn around in this group think effort to solve Global Warming World problem!

  3. Say, Peter, any news from Defkalion or Hadjichristos? Should they not be showing Hyperions by now? Where are they and what are they doing, if you know?

  4. Peter of general interest to us!
    Some information from Wizkid replication attempts shared with Rossi Blog just now.
    talk with Wizkid
    “wizkid James Andrew Rovnak • 9 hours ago
    Hello James. Sharp temperature spikes were inserted to find LENR, but NO LENR FOUND yet . Source uses ardruino controller with custom software, optical a/c solid state switching and a full wave 10A bridge rectifier to produce DC that is used to drive the coil load.”

    Interesting set up, but I think he needs more TRIAC like freq content to stimulate Lady LENR into more dramatic presence like GS3 test, etc!

    We all wait for further testing & a final report with more details to learn more & maybe help Wizkid with ideas & comment of group think, just maybe!

    Have a nice day Andrea, just wanted to share this info from Wizkid with the Blog participants.

  5. Think Wizkid has a little (ssm) LENR in normalized temperature traces iI asked him if he could prepare for me from his data set ie normalized over plots or temperature on power trip out for fueled & un-fueled test. Could see something there in blow ups of curves he has provided us.