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Depression is the inability to construct a future. (Rollo May)
I well know some of my LENR friends, after many years of high hopes and deep disappointments are structural pessimists rather indistinguishable from the true depressives. Others are more selective and need serial failures or a maelstrom of failures and uncertainties  to fall in a temporary, curable desperation. As regarding myself despite accelerated aging am an extreme case of indestructible optimism.
However the following thread- published  at the LENR Forum makes me angry and bitter. It is a negative peak point of long series of failures - I have tried in vain to convince the Lugano Testers that they have to support their Report of historical importance (as attested by Andrea Rossi too who says he has learned much from the Report). The Testers can prove their original results (wonderful, Earth-shattering) are true or can do similar tests with similar results. They were silent... I will not continue
because I am hypertensive...Or retract.

Lugano Performance recalculated the base-line for replication

A painful problem. Just to add that I have nothing against the author of the comment, Thomas Clarke (probably no relative of my dear mentor Arthur C. Clarke, RIP!)
Thomas has made a professional correct study in my opinion.
I dare to claim that I have instinct for disasters- and this situation is one.
It would be different but not very different if Andrea Rossi would write  on his Blog:
"Yesterday was day 111 of the 1MW plant test, 289 days left. Minimum COP=17.3, maximum COP=20.2" and the representative of the Customer, GFSI (Gluten-Free Spaghetti Industries, 4 drying plants) would confirm the COPs" But NO! Good industrial spies will know the details of the process from these data.

I remember how many times I had to fight for my ideas and initiatives in my professional life, many times I won, some times I lost- because I am not infallible.
but we went to the root of truth when possible.
Now, I want that my biographers should write about me: "he was a technologist and during the last third of his life he tried to fight for a very controversial energy technology which eventually prevailed."  I would die a second time if they will write:"a loser technology". NO, NEVER!!!


Transition off fossil fuels by Art Hunter

Tom Barnard is high level LENR theorist less known outside our circles
This is his newest publication, you can search "Tom Bernard" "deuteron"
on youtube for the earlier


Renewable Energy Target Setting:
Still "LENR free" it seems


  1. is Gluten-Free Spaghetti Industries really his customer???? or is this just a "what if"
    I can get no third party verification of his trial or even if it has started.

    1. I am quite sure that it is a what-if. Indeed, that this isn't obvious and that time was wasted searching for that "company," demonstrates Rossi Fever, a peculiar and apparently contagious affliction.

    2. Dear Anonymous,

      The customer is unknown (OK) and top secret (why for God's sake?) too much senseless secrecy here.
      In the worst period of my professional life (when expelled from the University wher I was graduate student witha special task to search applications of the plastics in the building industry- 1961 I was forced to accept a job in a local macroni spghetti paste factory- from here the name -pure and bad imagination.
      Why should ll customers be so secret?

  2. Depression is the inability to construct a future. (Rollo May)

    Nice quote. Yes. And, then, the way out of that inability is to acknowledge it as the source of our disempowerment, not other conditions or the future itself. It is our own lack of performance. "Inability" is an invented story, a kind of excuse. "I can't, because I am unable," though, in fact, we only ever know "I haven't."

    When the lack of performance (we can call it failure if we like, as long as we don't make failure into a moral issue) is recognized, and simply accepted, and most effectively, if we are in communication with others, and what we could not do alone may become possible. A possible future appears, and if it inspires us and others, it will take us into action, and even if that particular future does not come, others will. In my experience, when the possibility fails, something *better* happens.

  3. Peter,

    Maybe not depression so much among us believers, as it is embarrassment. This whole affair is reaching the point of ridiculousness. Rossi and his 400 day test with almost daily conflicting descriptions of his apparatus. DGT...well, I know you like them, but apparently they had nothing, or at the least lied repeatedly. The Lugano professors have abandoned us and their scientific principle. Parkhomov seems to be the only person that can replicate himself...alone. Mizuno was wrong. MFMP downgraded Celani's wires to within the margin of error, and shortly afterwards Celani discovered a new magical quality of his a time, we find out now, his employer was taking steps to de-fund his research. Oh and somehow they destroyed all his papers! Now I guess we will never be able to replicate...How convenient. Sadly, I could go on.

    LENR+ has become a menagerie. A well deserved laughingstock. No one from mainstream science can possibly look at what is happening and take it seriously. And when LENR+ looks so bad, it wears off on LENR and makes it all the more easy for the critics to dismiss it. Too bad, because from what I'm told, there has been real science taking place on the LENR front for years.

    Tell me Peter, is there any one person, any one company involved with LENR+ that I could hold out as a good example, that have behaved respectfully, honestly, that without a doubt we know they have something real, that we could showcase? Be proud of?

    Hope this doesn't get your BP up. Take care.

    Shane D.

    1. Shane, I agree with your sentiment re embarrassment and Rossi behavior (who in their right analytical mind could praise his behavior and his endless antics).

      But hate him or love him, he has us all by the 'you-know-whats' -

      Ecat News spews about his antics daily mostly with a diatribe of venom, Ecat World mostly with glory and praise.

      At Ecat News few of the die-hards have walked away, most appear as obsessed with Rossi's games as they are with living. Ask yourself who really has the time in this life to post the volumes and tomes that some of the brightest spew forth on Ecat News and Ecat World.

      So say what you want about Rossi, but he has us hooked, and we won't let go of the bait, will we !.

      As long as you are hooked, just enjoy the ride :)


    2. You see, DSM, everyone loves to watch a good train wreck. BTW, whatever happened to that terrific investment, Defkalion? Are they MIA?

  4. The depressing thing about lenr is the abundance of people who are interested but by and large triflers in thier efforts. For every experimentalist in the lenr world there are hundreds of armchair gawkers and advisors. While some ideas might have merit an idea that is not backed up by a person willing to test and provie their own ideas is in fact almost always worse than useless distraction. And that's not even counting the trolls and nere do wells who seek to spread disinformation and discord.

    The quick and dirty experiments that seek a big signal in the absence of careful control and calibration are nothing more than karaoke science. No matter how well the karaoke lenr science performer thinks they appear they are no more real than their air guitars.

  5. The karaoke lenr science performer provides money, advice, encouragement, and an enthusiastic audience to the LENR open source experimenter, but more importantly they don't ham string the LENR scientist with funding restrictions on the research he is forced to conform with as is so often the case with the professional scientist and his task master.

    LENR is real science, exciting science. It is citizen science; the kind of science that Ben Franklen performed. If nothing else, it is a common goal and driving theme, that enlivens and empowers a joyful community.