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For LENR, time for discussions is over, now we need real action.

(Vladimir Vysotskii)

So true, overall! And so urgent! So late!


I am not addicted to LENR news and will not replace them with pseudo-or echo-news.
We have not many news, however it is a great abundance of unsolved problems and painfully difficult widely open questions.   We have always something useful-in-principle to do together.I am continuously searching for solutions for our problems
For a realist pragmatic, effective research strategy. For cutting an old collection of Gordian knots. It is extremely important to develop the most adequate Modes of Thinking- and very soon I will have a  special offer for, you my friends.
We have to learn to distinguish killer simplicity from complexity but also healthy, creative complexity from messy, unhealthy complexity. also we will learn to appreciate the effects of lazy inertia of those of healthy dynamics but also to strictly and safely avoid ultra-fast uncontrollable explosive and destructive dynamics.
However the very first step is to accept complexity, diversity and otherness of real LENR- the sort that has a great future. LENR+ perfectly managed and ruled and well understood in essence. We have a lot of recently accumulated data, facts, ideas, theories to discuss- so
EGO OUT can perform its duties even if there is not an abundance of news.
However today we have an excellent LENR STRATEGIC PAPER by Vladimir Vysotskii.


I have told you about a long discussion trying to find out if "IS OUR FIELD DEAD?"
I had the permission to present you an excellent presentation of the problem by Edmund Storms.
There is not clear or even possible answer to this question- first of all due to the lack a common definition of "our field" and of what means "dead. It was a rhetorical question replacing the more active "Has our field died?" The discussion- as for unanswerable questions it  is usual, will be drowned in minute technical-lab-methodology-historic details. remaining captive in the smaller frame of PdD, that was dead- in high degree, technologically speaking- from birth because it works outside the zone of temperature/dynamism where the active sites are massively and continuously generated. 
My friends will disagree, however Ed Storms can demonstrate experimentally that I am in error.


Our good friend, Vladimir Vysotskii has informed me this morning about a paper entitled
"Again we are going to be late, gentlemen" published by him in the Ukrainian socio-political newspaper " Weekly Mirror" (in Ukraininian and Russian).
The paper is about a comparative development and perspectives of the LENR+ t (E-Cat) technologies in Ukraine and in other countries. I hope that the decision takers will follow Vysotskii;s counsels

See paper No 1) for today well readable with Google translate. 

Prof Vysotskii has a message to my reader friends, it is about his teams important work- please look for Vysotskii in EGO OUT- we have learned essential things from him; he is a LENR generalist, theorist , experimenter, innovator and thinker.
I cite:

"I consider that any theoretical model for LENR must answer to 3 questions::

1. what will happen with the Coulomb Barrier for light, mrdium and even haevy nuclei?

2. Why from the LENR reactions THERE ARE ALWAYS formed only stable isotopes?

3. Does it exist only one single mechanism of LENR for all the observed successful experiments (electrolysis, glow discharge, interaction with THz radiation, the action of slowly changing magnetic poles on gases, cavitation, wire exolosions and so on?

 The theory developed by us- of formation of coherent correlated states in non-stationary systems allows us to univocally answer to all the questions and to give a foundation that is  not only qualitative- at the level of principles) but also quantitative.
The answers are direct for questions 1 and 2; for the question 3 the nanswer is big YES."
(thanks,  dear Vladimir)



Available both in Ukrainian and in Russian (I have reader friends from both countries)

Again, we are late, gentlemen.
Знову запізнюємося, панове!

2) Andrea Rossi - how frequently is the Customer paying his energy bills?
October 30th, 2015 at 9:49 PM

As you correctly imply, the ratio between the energy bill the Customer paid before the E-Cat and after the E-Cat is the most important data for what concerns the success of our operation. For a Customer what is important is not the science of the plant, nor positivisms and negativisms: for the Customer counts mainly the money he makes with our plant.
Such a critical data can be given only when the test will have been completed.
Warm Regards,


(shown here with the kind permission of the author)

 A hybrid Holmlid-Hot-Cat experiment

here are a few possible ways in which the findings and the techniques used to make dense deuterium for Holmlid could find a direct and easy applicability in a glow-tube type of experiment – using the same type of alumina tube (or mullite)used by Parkhomov.
To be safe, this kind of hybrid should be done without a laser, using as a substitute,a monochromatic light source. As for the fuel - I agree with Robin that deuteriumprobably works better – after all, the nucleus is bosonic and the proton is not, but Holmlid clearly indicates that either will densify. Monatomic H, in contrast to the proton - is an atomic boson, so maybe that is the feature which lets either isotopework.
This hybrid version will be a two stage system – an activation stage and a conversion stage. Both will use only photonic energy input, NO resistance wire, which is a big departure from Parkhomov. There is no resistance heater to burn out and the net gain should improve due to efficiency of SPP formation. Both of the stages can be referred to as “mini-tanning-booths. J
The underlying concept is premised on SPP formation, both in the activation stage and in the conversion stage. This requires a light source and a magnetic field to optimize. The further assumption is that the laser is effective for both Holmlid and Letts/Cravens because it is coherent light, but that monochromatic photons will also work. The magnetic field does not need to be strong, and can be provided byloudspeaker magnets placed outside the hot zone.
Holmlid is apparently seeing large amounts nucleon disintegration – which wedefinitely need to avoid in a kilowatt level systems due to gamma radiation; andtherefore, it would be better to avoid the laser in favor of monochromatic light. As fate would have it, there is an ideal light emitter device in the sodium vapor lamp,which is the small version of the common street lamp. It is the most efficientphoton source known – better than the best LEDs and single frequency.
Sodium is naturally monochromatic at 580 nm, and not only that, mass productionhas brought the cost of the bulbs way down - such that the 400 watt bulbs areparticularly cheap (this is apparently due to the widespread hydroponic farming of a certain cash crop). Anyway, an efficient light source makes much more sense than powering a ceramic tube with resistance heaters, since it is the incandescence(photons) which you need for SPP – and not the heat, per se.
Obviously, one must buy into the SPP hypothesis for the operative modality before any of this makes sense. But once you do buy into it – the absurdity of using resistance heat to get surface plasmons is obvious. It is a no brainer to start with photons, not electricity.
400 Watts should be an ideal size for the conversion stage but the activation stage could best use a lamp in the range of 75 watts. The activation stage will last for an extended time frame – say 100 hours of continuous irradiation of the fuel-tube. This can be done safely with a lamp. The alumina or mullite tubes being used are translucent, and will downshift the 580 nm yellow light of the sodium bulb down to IR – which is ideal for SPP. Once activated, the fuel is not removed from the tube – instead the same ceramic tube is used in the conversion stage, as is. The conversion stage looks the same but has a larger lamp for input triggering.
The fuel mix which would work best, according to Holmlid would be mostly Shell 105 catalyst. The rest of the fuel mix could include LAH as the hydrogen source, and nickel powder. The idea is that two reflective and insulated mirrored troughs arefabricated from aluminum foil or equivalent, such that the loaded ceramic tube is irradiated all around by monochromatic light and also heated to a modest level where hydrogen pressure is minimal. Some insulation will be required. Magnets are outside the “tanning booth” so they can be kept cool, but the net effect is that SPPshould form more readily than with Parkhomov – and over time, a population of dense hydrogen will accumulate. This activate fuel will be converted in the adjoining “booth” (actually bulbs could be swapped out in the same booth).
Once activated, the fuel tube needs only the addition of thermocouples before it isready to be irradiated (at a much higher level) in the conversion stage, where themonochromatic  trigger, from the sodium vapor light is 3-6 times more intense than in the activation stage.
If the SPP theory/modality is correct, and if the Holmlid dense hydrogen modality is also involved, then the end result is that the COP of this system should be higher than the Parkhomov system, where incandescence provides the photons at perhaps 3-5 % efficiency. Sodium is a factor of 10x more efficient for photons.

As I have said many times, Management is the source of the new philosophy- here we encounter a question with a broad area of validity- that actually hurts
Why it’s still a world of ‘grow or go’
In a challenging environment, growth matters more than ever.

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"The understanding cold fusion/lenr is found in the doing." (Russ George)


1) Beyond the E-Cat test- the next phase:

2) E-Cat X-Go, go, go!!

3) COLD FUSION NOW announcing two important meetings:
20th International Conference on Condensed Matter Nuclear Science ICCF-20
Professors Yasuhiro Iwamura and Jirohta Kasagi Tohoku University
October 2-7, 2016
Sendai City Information & Industrial Plaza
Sendai, Japan

4) Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project Facebook

5) A patent application, possibly relevant for LENR:
United States Patent Application 20150311535 Kind Code A1
Cohen; Nathan

USPTO Patent Application for Fractal Metamaterial

6) Andrea Rossi about the status of the 1MW plant test
October 29th, 2015 at 7:19 AM

Carlo Marcena:
Thank you for your enthusiasm, but let me pour some water on the “New Fire”, to keep it under control: the status of the test that is underway and the data we are receiving is helping us with our plans , expanding our knowledge and proving valuable. This is all I can share at this time.
A strong future is my priority, but I cannot predict the future and the final results could be either positive or negative. Assuming the final results will be positive, which is not certain, the next phase will require more hard work and more help to prepare the massive manufacturing: this effort will need more intellectual efforts. I hope our Friends will wish us luck and good fortune, as many challenges remain.
Warm Regards,

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Direction is a vision offered to explain WHY (Simon Sinek) 
from today's GAPINGVOID

This is a LENR blog- more precisely a EHMDI one- that so I am writing only about what happens in Energy from Hydrogen-Metal Deep Interactions including what I think it is its larger Context. Probably a lot of things happen now, but they will be communicated later- there is no instant understanding of discoveries and surprising facts- and really important progresses belong to intellectual property.

A sentence of my editorial of yesterday has stimulated Edmund Storms to say some wise things about the PROBLEM:

Ed writes: 

You said - It is amazing how the controlled irreproducibility is accepted with serene desperation, not hunted as a dangerous criminal fact..
But Peter, the irreproducibility is being hunted like a dangerous criminal fact. My work is designed to understand why the effect is not reproducible. My theory is designed to explain this problem and suggest a remedy.  You might complain why more people do not have this goal. 

LENR is first and foremost a materials science problem. Some part of a material must be converted from an ordinary inert material to one able to host a spontaneous nuclear reaction. This is an an amazing requirement about which modern science has not a clue.  Thousands of conditions and variations can be and have been suggested because the possible parameter space is huge.  Consequently, making random suggestions is a total waste of time because most cannot be tested and money is not available to make even the few plausible tests.  

To make matters worse, people make random suggestions or adopt assumptions based on a limited understanding rather than asking questions of people who might have an answer.  Knowledge about nuclear interaction might be important some day, but right now knowledge of chemistry is essential.

In my case, I have studied well over 1000 variations of the materials used to produce the F-P effect and a lesser number of variations of the Ni-H system. I can tell you in great detail what does not work. This process of elimination has not identified the essential condition, but it has narrowed the search.  I have explained often where I think the search needs to be focused.  I see no effort being made to follow this path.  So, I'm exploring the path myself and have reported the results in a series of Progress Reports. This will continue until I exhaust my resources and patience.  Consequently, I do not have the time and patience to debate every random idea for how LENR might work. I'm following my own plan. You are welcome to follow or not.

I'm going through the many note books and trying to find a common theme. Unfortunately, the parameter space is so big and the variable so hard to identify, finding anything of value is hard.  I can say that simply plating Pd or Pt with various elements does not work. Even co-deposition fails most of the time.  Finding what does work is the goal. Even then, the unique conditions are hard to identify. 

Thanks, dear Ed!

NOTE Yesterday I have omitted one wisely stupid oxymoron "flying roots" totally Independently invented by many honest plagiarists, including me.
Romanian Proverb: "The Old Lady combs her hair, while the House is burning"
(in English :"Fiddle while Rome is burning").
That is LENR is a clear mess and I am playing with impossible oxymorons.

LENR in the largest context
I think this paper is a must-read for LENR-ists who can afford it:
Scientific method: Tales of the unexpected
Stuart Firestein Nature 526, 638–639 (29 October 2015) doi:10.1038/526638aPublished online 28 October 2015

About the author, please see at OTHER


1) What if the 1 year E-Cat test succeds and no one believes it by Catin Hat

2) More about Jean-Francois Geneste's new book

3) Vessela Nikolova speaking at the TV- excellent and I hope iy will be an English transcript/resume too


To the Dosssier "Limits of the Scientific Method"

Stuart Firestein: The pursuit of ignorance | TED Talk |

What Creating Sketchnotes Taught Me About #Learning by Tanmay Vora

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True disruption means threatening your existing product line and your past investments. Breakthrough products disrupt current lines of businesses.
(Peter Diamandis)

Our friend Alain Coetmeur has attracted attention to a paper by Peter Diamandis:

Peter Diamandis Talks About Disruptive Adjacencies

A wise paper, we see good examples of where and how disruptions takes place, and all these disruptions make the technology revolutions- not only in IT, but also in Energy Technology and in Matter Technology, we see how Mankind is radically and fast improving- transport, transfer and transformations of information, energy, matter
for making our lives better. The triple IEMT revolution- it goes more and more as a whole.

The question is: how will LENR disrupt the energy market?  For the time given, the game is played in Rossi's 'festina lente' (hurry slowly) style -it is a gentle disruption and this sounds like an oxymoron- contradiction in terms.
This has inspired me to think about how endemic are oxymorons to our field, but all I can do now is present them in a chaotic order. We have had disastrous victories and encouraging defeats-and we try to learn from the history is that all we learn from history is that man can never learn anything from history. (George Bernard Shaw). For this also see the European Tragedy happening these days.
See the clearly misunderstood nature of LENR, see weak LENR oppressing potentially strong LENR, the progressing by what we know not by what we MUST learn and growing up in the cradle long term, ad-hoc strategy, see the blind eyes to the bad luck start of the story, the change by remaining the same, remark passive actions. It is amazing how the controlled irreproducibility is accepted with serene desperation, not hunted as a dangerous criminal fact.. Nothing is more depressing than the incurable optimism of the PdD people- because it causes inertia to the necessary deep changes.
The dominant LENR ideology is  "fragmented unity" instead of accepting the diversity. otherness and separatedness hiding in plain sight. Mixing immiscible things is dangerous, denial of the dynamic difference between LENR and LENR++ makes impossible to understand  and develop both Theories peacefully divorced  from reality are as useful as a bloodsucker leech for a wooden leg.
Not exactly an oxymoron but  we have to accept that in LENR+ you cannot do without knowing, but even more you cannot know if you don't do first. Science and Technology connected in parallel this is the unique solution in many forms.

I will not reject what I have written here but I accept it is slightly exaggerated.


1) The Physics of Condensed Plasmoids and LENR

2) Andrea Rossi- the TV interview with Vessela Nikolova is accessible from here
October 28th, 2015 at 7:44 AM

Franco Papini:
You sent us an email that you are not able to place in the blog and asked me to publish it here.
Please read your text reported hereunder:
” Dear Andrea Rossi, did you listen to this interview:
Maybe your readers are interested to take a look”.
Thank you for the link.
Warm Regards,

Andrea Rossi- except the idea of "negative results finally" that has to be explained
technically- this is good communication and diplomacy.
October 28th, 2015 at 7:29 AM

Thank you for your important sustain.
I want to say this and this to be clear: if the results of the tests on course will be positive, it will be a positive result not just of our Team, but also of all the persons that, like you and like all the Readers of this blog. With their suggestions and encouragement they have helped us substantially to overcome some strongly discouraging moments and to work with the necessary determination to obtain our US Patent. When I read our US Patent I cannot forget the endless suggestions I got from our Readers on the matter; I read very carefully all the comments of yours, even if it doesn’t seem to be so; every comment is studied and analyzed by me, to get from it all the information written and not written: sometimes unwritten info are more important than the written ones from which they are directly and indirectly implied.
This said, I prefer wait for the results of the tests on course, before talking of the post-tests era. Such results could be either positive or negative; if positive, the merit will be shared between all of us, because I learnt a lot from all of you and from my Team, but if negative I will be the sole responsible of the failure, because I have been the director of this all and I am the one that decided all the choices.
Thank you for your “permanent” attention to our very hard work.
Warm Regards,


Good Thinking: What You Need to Know to be Smarter, Safer, Wealthier, and Wiser
by Guy P. Harrison

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OCT 27, 2015- LENR INFO


DDissent is the native activity of the scientist, and it has got him into a good deal of trouble in the last years. But if that is cut off, what is left will not be a scientist. And I doubt whether it will be a man. (Jacob Bronowski)


Gerard McEk has a good initiative, (see 1)) let's see how it will be applied in practice. We need competition -serious- for Andrea Rossi, Rossi needs it even more. 


1) In search of the E-Cat's secrets by Gerard McEk

2) Andrea Rossi tries to convince us that Gerard's initiative is urgently necessary
October 27th, 2015 at 10:34 AM

Albert Ellul:
Thank you for your kind encouragement, but still I must say that the final results could be negative.
Warm Regards,

3) he Promise of Controlled Nuclear Fusion, Part XV


Clicca qui per ingrandire

Vessela Nikolova will be interviewed by Salvo Mandarà (an engineer now journalist) at 19:30 Italian time. E-Cat the New Fire, a look to the Energy of the Future

The interview will be broadcast live on SALVO 5.0 WEB TV, visible from this link 
Let's wish her success and impact on the Press

Received from Cold Fusion Now- thanks, dear Ruby:

2015 Fall Meeting of the APS Division of Nuclear Physics

Volume 60, Number 13

Wednesday–Saturday, October 28–31, 2015; Santa Fe, New Mexico

To discover LENR papers there?!


Breaking Bad Barriers
LENR has bad barriers, Coulomb's is not the worst!

Physicists uncover novel phase of matter
Finding could have implications for high-temperature superconductivity
Let's see what it does for HTSC first!

LENR needs Leaders. Please read Tanmay Vora's paper about them:
Leadership, Learning and Personal Knowledge Mastery:

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Thanks to you all for the good wishes!



2) Video of Fulvio Frisone Italian scientist- participant at the Russian Cold Nuclear Transmutations and Ball Lightnings Conference-22  at Dagomys (given by his mother Santa Lucia)

3) THE MYTH of BASIC SCIENCE (by Greenwin)

4) Global Warming could Cause Food Shortages
...How LENR could prevent food shortages

5) Andrea Rossi says:
October 25th, 2015 at 2:41 PM

Obviously, anybody trying to make a product in the field of LENR is a competitor. If anybody will arrive to make a product that will make LENR generated thermal energy ( whatever the eventual use of such thermal energy) his product will compete against ours.
Warm Regards,

Andrea Rossi
October 25th, 2015 at 7:04 PM
Of course yes. The radiations measurements are made continuously. No ionizing radiations have been detected beyond the background.
Warm Regards,

6)  Rossi: Killing Innovation?

7) Cold Fusion  belies the General Relativity


There four places where I liked to be - as a fish in water: swimming pools, libraries, scientific congresses and good restaurants. We celebrated my birthday at the ROATA (WHEEL) restaurant in Cluj. Photos made by grandson Rudolf, IT expert and champion, our advisor in many problems.(e.g. Granny's iPad)

                                  JUDITH AND I AFTER 49.83 YEARS OF MARRIAGE

                                   MY DAUGHTER ANTONIA WITH HUSBAND ATTILA


                                   GRANDDAUGHTERS SILVIA AND NORA

                                    RUDOLF WITH HIS SISTERS

                                  MY SISTER-IN-LAW MARY AND THE GLUCKS

                                   DADDY WITH HIS DAUGHTERS        

                                     It is much light and joy in my Sunset years.


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The secret of life is to have a task, something you devote your entire life to, something you bring everything to, every minute of the day for the rest of your life. And the most important thing is, it must be something you cannot possibly do. (Henry Moore)

The only lost cause is one we give up before we enter the struggle (Vaclav Havel)


I am a chemist (chemical engineer) and I have a special connection with many chemical elements. Today, I am starting my PLATINUM year, Platinum is element No 78. It can happen I will see interesting things this year.
However I am still alive and almost functional part-of-time, and, as the chosen Mottoes show it I am approximately contented with my forms of discontent, with what I am trying to change . My self-assumed tasks are both impossible and infinite - wonderful life-organizers beyond my residual time.

I am learning the trying to convert lost causes in winning ones- is  usually a lost cause.
Many lost causes are incurably narcissistic and do not accept to change their nature. Scipiology is not needed, probletence prevails as a rule. (see the Web if you have forgotten my miss born new words, please)

I think, I exist. I decide, I am living. I solve problems , I live with purpose.
I hope LENR will follow my example.



1) Well-Known Companies’ Have Placed Orders for E-Cat Plants: Q&A With Andrea Rossi

2) Andrea Rossi
October 24th, 2015 at 3:39 PM

3) An excellent summary of LENR events and publications:
LENR-to-Market Digest -- October 25, 2015

4) Vitalii Uzikov: Reactors on lithium, as alternative of nuclear energetics
Виталий Узиков "Реакторы на литии как альтернатива ядерной энергетики"

5) A bit strange title; actually it is about the Cook-Rossi theory
Ca-cat: una "cagata pazzesca"  il segreto dell'e-cat?
Based on:


Physicists learn how to control the movement of electrons in a molecule
Theoretical physicists have just proved to be able to track and control the movement of electrons in molecules

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Toward the largest perspective and the deepest investigation of our World, about building an intellectual environment in which LENR can prosper.

At the recent AIRBUS-ISCMNS Workshop, the main organizer, Jean-Francois Geneste has distribute a new book auther by him. For those who are not informed his previous book is:
It is "Physics and the spirit of the Laws" in French, published in 2010.

His new book- available via Amazon:

It is in English, its title is: 


Its blurb says
"You were told that the universe is infinite. But how big an infinite is it ? After pointing out what we consider as flaws of orthodox physics, we propose a new way to tackle the discipline ensuring global consistency, which is far from being the case today ! This brings us to a brand new conception of what our world is. It is much simpler and we realize that it is infinitely bigger than what we thought before! It is in fact infinitely bigger than the orthodox models. But we have the advantage of having only one unique fundamental principle for explaining its working. Such principle explains as much the principle of dynamics, as special and general relativity, electromagnetism, gravitation and so on. Hence "The Universal Universe".

The reader should not think this book is about cosmology. It is about the deep laws of physics and these laws bring us as a consequence to new foundations of physics, including the universe.

In brief, we simply propose a revolution."

It can be a kind of TOE (theory of everything), POE (principles or laws of everything), UOE (understanding of everything-in physics) book; and here E is both or interchangeably "everything" or "essence" I have to read it!

After reading his two Workshop papers, and based on a very pleasant correspondence on 
e-mail (this very busy man is fast and polite in responding)- I am starting to comprehend his mode of thinking in science and technology. He is oriented toward the most important, fundamental problems of Physics, he has already created a superior context for LENR- we need his ideas for building the much desired holistic-holographic vision of our Field.
So many disputes in Cold Fusion were about Laws- which laws have to be respected and how; Jean-Francois's book creates an ideological-philosophical frame for this. It is a must read especially for those who will lead the Paradigm Shift in LENR.


1) Industrial Heat mentioned in Time Magazine:

2) Rydberg Matter fuel preparation by AXIL

3) The slides of Svenn Olafsson's SRI Conference Oct 22, 2015
Ultra-dense Hydrogen and Low Energy Nuclear Reactions Presenter Sveinn Ólafsson Research professor Science Institute University of Iceland:

4) Andrea Rossi about  his relation with the 1MW plant

October 24th, 2015 at 7:30 AM

When I am far from the plant I am not well. During the hernia operation I was sleeping and during the day of the operation I was groggy for the anti-pain pills; the day after I was in the plant. To stay far from the plant is not relaxing, is stressing: anytime the phone rings the level of worry peaks up…
My Team without me is good; with me is great.
Thank you for your kind care.
Warm Regards,

Andrea Rossi about alchemy
October 24th, 2015 at 8:11 AM

We must put a distintion between alchemy before it evolved into chemistry, during the 18th century, and after.
Before the 17th century alchemy was a science, whose limits were determined by the cultural limits of the times: the four elementals ( Fire, Water, Air, Earth) were what the scientists of the time had at their disposal to understand natural phenomenons. Eventually it evolved into a more rigorous science, mainly with the discovery of atoms and molecules ( as a matter of fact, atoms had been already “discovered” by the presocratic phylosopher Democritus in the fifth century b.C.). At that point alchemy became a methaforic system not fit for scientific uses, but for methaphysic speculations. The famous principle of the “Phylosophical Stone” to convert iron into gold was not a chemical process, but the methaforic representation of the evolution of the human spirit. At this point, alchemy became a sort of phylosophy, no more a scientific issue as it used to be before, when the use of the alambique, the first very important tool for chemical research, had been invented by the alchemists. That was science and technology, at those times.
Warm Regards,


With thanks to Mitchell Swartz
Researchers create blackest material ever made

Friday, October 23, 2015



Life is change. Growth is optional. Choose wisely. (Karen Kaiser Clark)


My special contribution to an open LENR discussion: "Is our field dying?"

European Culture- is now suffering SSS Syndrome i.e. systematic stupid suicide succumbing to stronger cultures; the recent unstoppable invasion of a very mixed mega-population of migrants is only the last in a long series of tragic defeats

 A treasure of the eroded European Culture* is the rich Greek Mythology- an endless source of inspirational stories, metaphors, wisdom, amazement.

This is a story about the important concept of "fatal error"
(I know it from reading the Greek mythology and from a wonderfully well written story by the D.D.R. writer Franz Fuhmann (1922-1984) : "The Lover of the Dawn Goddess)

Eos, the Goddess of Dawn in the Greek mythology, was a character similar to a blonde of those nasty and unfair jokes, very active sexually with a strange preference for human males- she had an impressive collection of them. However her great love was for Tithonus, a Trojan guy, if I remember well.
She wanted to marry Tithonus- the approval of the Gods lead by Zeus was necessary.
Eos has asked the Gods to give her lover eternal life, but- fatal error! she forgot to ask eternal youth for him!

I think all of you who are over 55 years can easily imagine the consequences. If not, or not exactly please read here: Euthanasia being excluded in this case, the Gods, who were rather good problem solvers-problem killers have eventually found a final solution Tithonus in a cicada.

You will ask, what has this old story to do with LENR and my answer will be surprising negatively for many of you:

Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons have made the very opposite fatal error with their brainchild, Cold Fusion- they asked eternal youth for it, but forgot to ask  eternal
life too!

What they have discovered exist beyond any doubt but does not live, is not growing, developing or improving in real terms. Discussions about what happens in the cradle of Cold Fusion are not going beyond of "we don't know exactly what it is" and experiments repeatedly demonstrate the very limited operabilty of the system
that in 26 years has not generated even the shadow of a consistent theory accepted by the community of scientists- explanation or the slightest hope of a viable, useful technology. However, indeed many confirmations of the mere existence of the phenomenon; sometimes it appears , sometimes not- and the second sometimes is the greater one. In terms of solved problems CF/LENR is new. Newness = youth, isn't it?

How well could I discuss this vision of Cold Fusion with the author of the 2002 book :
Where are you, dear Bart? We have collaborated so efficiently at Asti, do you remember?
Cold Fusion in its original form has much more of zombie than of undead or unkillable.
I can easily predict how my idea will be attacked with the usual optimistic, idealistic
stereotypical pro-Pd D rhetoric. It is good, reproducible, scalable, it helps us to understand LENR till 1400C and beyond, if we use well Ockham's cutting instruments from the atomic scalpel to the Big Axle- we get its complete radiant image in full splendor, how dare you stating such outright idiocy that it is not LIVING???

I am convinced that the best and the unique way to show real dedication to LENR is by helping it to RESURRECT in a viable form and this is POSSIBLE. By Science and Technology working together, however far from the cradle.

* the most depressing sign of cultural collapse and of the coming total victory of Koalemos is the disappearance of the word "KITSCH" from the living dictionaries
Koalemos- see my predictive essay:


1) Jones Beene reports about the Oct 22 LENR Event at EPRI on VORTEX, thanks for the permission to offer this to all my readers: 
Very interesting presentation this morning. Ólafsson was both low key and optimistic that Holmlid is onto something important. Alan Goldwater also presented his open source work on the basic glow reactor of Rossi/Parkhomov. At first glance, there would appear to be no connection between the two … but read on.
Holmlid is clearly the lead individual on the dense hydrogen phenomenon and Ólafsson is interpreting his work going back to 2008 and before. However, most of the proof is by process of elimination. This will be even more controversial than cold fusion until proven. Again, what was demonstrated is NOT cold fusion and not really hot fusion either. Copious amounts of radiation would expected in such a laser driven reactionwhen it gets up to the kilowatt level of thermal gain. Now it is subwatt.
However, in different circumstances (electrolysis) the same reactant (which is dense deuterium clusters) could explain P&F cold fusion, and explain the lack of radiation in circumstances where a laser does not disintegrate the reactant. IOW, there can be a range of circumstances– all involving dense deuterium bound at a few picometers separation - where other outcomes are expected: other than disintegration to mesons -> pions -> muons etc. With the laser as the input power, when a deuteron disintegratesin a laser pulse, over 900 MeV or ~ 40 times MORE energy is released than in fusion !
There were about 35 people in attendance including  a few heavy hitters who prefer notto be identified. The venue is a stone’s throw from Sand Hill Road. A video crew filmed the whole thing. Holmlid apparently wants to call the phenomenon “Cold Spallation” but I think that is a bad choice, since it does not look like nuclear spallation as we know it.And there is nothing cold about the output. BTW – Ólafsson said that calling the Rydberg matter “inverted” (in the paper with Miley) was not accurate.
The only thing needed now is replication.
A professor whose name I did not catch (San Jose State ?) has been trying to replicate LH but has not been successful. Holmlid recently told him that the dense hydrogen takes several weeks to accumulate, and has an extended shelf life thereafter. That seems to me to be the main takeaway lesson  ** weeks to accumulate **.
As I recall, a few years back, there was a message where Rossi mentioned that his supplier in Italy required months to make a batch of active reactant. Could it be that Rossi has been inadvertently getting dense hydrogen all along?
The presentation of Alan Goldwater was very impressive. I am confident that if and when Alan announces thermal gain in a Rossi style reactor – we can believe it. That has not happened yet but he is very methodical and dedicated. Like many others including myself, he accepts Bob Higgins downgraded assessment of the Lugano report (slight gain – perhaps COP~1.2 see Bob’s white paper).
I encouraged Alan – in light of Olafsson’s presentation - to consider a 2-stage orcompound system where he would manufacture the dense deuterium separately from the reactor where it is to be converted to heat. At first he seemed dubious that two steps would be required – in order to merge Holmlid’s results with Rossi. But this strategy would allow a very low powered continuous laser to accumulate the dense material over time. The ideal situation, if one wishes to avoid radiation toxicity seems to be: do NOT to use a fast pulse intense laser to convert dense deuterium into heat (this assumes there does exist the radiation-free route to convert it to heat).
IMO - It will be very difficult to continuously resupply the dense Rydberg matter in situ(in the same reactor it is being burnt in) and not see harmful radiation. It can be done at the subwatt level, but those two processes are fundamentally in conflict – especially when you get to high power. 
Discussion continues at:
and is very interesting.

2) Jim Sweeney is back and quite angry on a part of the Press (like me) 
Media & LENR -Fast Forward to the Present


NOTE I have a long love story with Tachyons; in 1954 I have sent a hand-written letter to Albert Einstein , Princeton re the Izotach Space imagined by me.. I think he has not received it, so unfortunately the idea got lost- I was not allowed to become a physicists. However I still like speedy things as Tachyons.

The Case For Tachyons

Slide 1 shows that there has been 8 replications throughout the entire range of LENR reaction types.

This also was the subject for the paper by Jean-Francois Geneste, Airbus Group.

The production of mesons and their decay produce, muons are a result of tachyon condensation called hadronization. 

The muons seen in the Holmlid experiments is the smoking gun:  a sure indicator of tachyon condensation.

I encourage all replicators and LENR experimenters to photo plate their ash as a test for tachyon tracks and resultant LENR activity. 


Astronomers peer inside stars, finding giant magnets

Magnetism is essential for LENR, Brian Ahern is the strongest supporter of this idea, recently he said i.a. this:
 Magnetism is likely more important than D loading of palladium. However Pd is on the edge of ferromagnetism.
The Manelas technology was real (in my experience) and totally magnetic

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