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The human mind, if it is to keep its sanity, must maintain the nicest balance between unity and plurality. (Irving Babbitt)

1) The Lundin-Lidgren paper has a spectacular success and it is vividly discussed on all kind of LENR connected forums. Mats Lewan has made a very good presentation/launching of it.
Is theirs theory part of the Solution of LENR/ We still don't know. However, if we examine this theory in context, we get a better understanding of it.
In immediate, small context- the Lundin-Ligren paper is officially presented fistrt at the AIRBUS Workshop just today and here it has to compete with theory papers by (in the order of presentation): Couannier, Paillet, Truchard-Skryabina,  (here it is Lundin), Urutskoev, Ruer, Geneste again. The first Geneste paper is also an announced breakthrough, probably a huge one going to some fundamental ideas.
I want to remind you that at ICCF-19 there were 28 theory papers:

In a greater context- let's make a list of the "important" theory papers published in 2015, many of them are overly ambitious and claim to be LENR solutions.
What is very significant: generally speaking the theories are not competing- they belong to a vast diversity of realities not in any contact with each other (and in mny cases independent from the experimental situation.. They are mostly "very" parallel coming from their own, rather specific realities.
I have to confess that I have not known the concepts on which the Lundin-Ligren theory is based, however this is nothing more than a symptom of my lack of culture in physics.

THe AIRBUS-ISCMNS Workshop will end soon; on the experimental side I am very curious to know what level of unconventional heat has obtained Jacques Dufour in Hydrogen/Sodium/Iron systems and if the Budko Korshunov calorimetric measurements can be considered a successful Parkhomov replication, i.e. COP>2 at T> 1100C?
And< I bet there were surprises too...waiting the news! I reme3mber Biberian's excellent short Reports from ICCF-19- and Jean-Paul was at the Workshop!


1) LENR-Cities SA will announce the second stage of its plan shortly.

2) Lundin and Lidgren predict COP of over 1000 based on their theory:

3) Andrea Rossi about the Swedish paper- it is extremely important
October 15th, 2015 at 10:32 AM

Dr Peter Forsberg, Frank Acland, Ing. Michelangelo De Meo, Toussaint:
I have finished now to study the paper of Hans Lidgren and Richard Lundin (Swedish Institute of Space Physics): “Nuclear Spallation and Neutron Capture Induced by Ponderomotive Wave Forcing”, published by Institutet for Rymdfysik, Kiruna, Sweden, October 2015.
It is an extremely important publication that both Prof. Norman Cook and I – we discussed this morning also about it-are taking in reference to the theoretical paper we are working upon.
Warm Regards,

A dialog:

Henry Rog
October 16th, 2015 at 8:06 AM

Dear Andrea Rossi:
What does anybody of Leonardo Corporation attend the Airbus meeting related to the LENR?
Andrea Rossi
October 16th, 2015 at 10:00 AM

Henry Rog:
Yes, we have people attending.
Warm Regards,

4) Lundin and Lidgren in Italian
Scienza e LENR:  per gli scienziati svedesi siamo a una svolta!

5) Reactors with lithium as alternative nuclear energetics

6) This is Jean-Francois Geneste's second theory paper:" LENR- from experiment to theory" presented a few hours ago at Toulouse, absolutely remarkable:
An amazingly high IQ article, the author also has a high EQ and so he has understood immediately how addicted I am to LENR info and I could read it before the Workshop.


In the Lugano test, the 100 micro nickel particle swapped either 1, 2, 3 or 4 neutrons from lithium 7 to get to pure Ni62 from Ni58, Ni60 and Ni61 and this swap happened to all billion atoms of the that particle in one shot. This is what this latest theory cannot explain. This is called cluster transformation.


METAPHORS are essential for any field- for LENR too An excellent site for metaphors is
Anne Mllers "The Metaphor Minute"

Brain Candy
Commentators, candidates, bloggers, etc. all reach for metaphor to influence how we think and what decisions we should make. These pros know that metaphors are “brain candy,” the cognitive food that our brains eat up and crave.

I’d like to direct you to three entertaining Ted talks about metaphors that illustrate
  • Why metaphors are such powerful, powerful tools for influencing, persuading, & explaining anything to anyone, Watch Metaphorically Speaking by author James Geary. (See how Elvis Presley figures into his talk.)
  • How your choice of metaphor shapes your listener’s entire understanding of what you are explaining. WatchThe Electricity Metaphor for the Web’s Future by Amazon’s Jeff Bezos.
  • How metaphor can be applied to any topic, no matter how sensitive. Watch Sex Needs a New Metaphor. Here's One… by Al Vernaachio, sexuality educator. (No surprise if you want to watch this one first!)
  On this blog I have written more times about the expressive, exegetic explanatory and exploratory functions of the metaphors.

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  1. I don't believe that ultra low energy neutron theories such as the one proposed in the Lundin-Ligren paper and L&W theory are true. This is why...

    In the Lugano test, each nickel atom comprising the 100 micro nickel particle swapped either 1, 2, 3 or 4 neutrons from multiple lithium 7 atoms to get to pure Ni62 from Ni58, Ni60 and Ni61 and this swap happened to all billion atoms of the that particle in one operation. This is what this latest neutron theory cannot explain. This is called cluster transformation.

    All these neutron theories such as this one and L&W are unitary theories where neutrons are moved one neutron at a time. This one neutron transfer method cannot leave a pure isotope in large amounts(a billion atoms).

    Furthermore, consider how neutrons would move from lithium 7 covering the surface of the nickel particle, to the atoms deep inside the 100 micron nickel particle. Being ultra low energy, each low energy neutron is highly reactive and will combine with the first nickel atom that it encounters. This implies that the nickel atoms on the surface of the particle would have more neutrons added to the nickel nucleus. We would expect to see at least Ni64 or even zinc near the surface of the particle. This atoms near the surface would all be heavier than the atoms at the center of the particle. But the nickel in that particle is pure through and through with Ni62 at the surface and at the center.

    It looks like that particle was treated as a single atom,,,all billion atoms.

    And where did all that carbon in that particle go?