Saturday, October 17, 2015

OCT 17, 2015- short W11 report & more daily LENR news


(my main conclusion after the  AIRBUS-ISCMNS Workshop
Without Workshop, the conclusion would be the same- many discoveries to come)


David Fojt about the WORKSHOP

Trying to convert what David thinks and feels- in the jargon of Ego Out\

About Jean-Francois Geneste the real organizer: he is tall around 190 cm (but so is David Fojt too!) and impressively smart.

In the introduction, Jean-Francois has explained that organizing this Workshop was not an easy job because for the official AIRBUS staff, LENR is much of a black box.
However he is a genuine leader of research and LENR at AIRBUS.(Note: just before writing this I have found in my daily correspondence a new quote re leadersip: Leadership today is not about being the most important node in the network, it is about making the network stronger (Harold Jarche)
Geneste has explained that LENR can have lots of applications of great interst for AIRBUS. Generation of electricity (combined with HTSC up to gneartion of thermal energy to power thermo-acoustic engines- for spatial application- it is safe- has no gears. He has also said that AIRBUS's device- thermoacoustic engine could be ready around September 2016.

Geneste's theory and the Couannier theory are somewhat related: by discharges you create some "strange" objects which initiate LENR. Magnetic monopoles (Lochak style) can play a role.
Geneste/AIRBUS is willing to test any LENR device created by inventors/scientists with COP>3; i.a. these tests will serve also to definitively conivince AIRBUS staff to invest big money in LENR

Then he waiting for everyone who has created a device above COP 3 to weld both.
these demonstration will serve to definitively convince AIRBUS staff to invest really money..

About Papers,

David has liked how FH Couannier  and J-F Geneste, using different models have
i retained interest about FH Couannier then JF Geneste , so by different models they have explained LENR by strange objects created by electric discharges. '

David Fojt was very positively impressed by more high quality Russian works, despite the fact that there were no successful trials to improve the COP by electromagnetic actions.

It was a consensus of the researchers present that the preparation of active nickel is very important- perhaps more important than stimulation by complex EM signals.

Mike McKubre- has said that today not money is the mot difficult problem but how to finf open minded people willing to invest in LENR. California in the US is a good place, many laboratories there have money.

Everybody has spoken about Rossi with respect. The negative results in the Parkhomov replications have generated some mixed feelings. IT IS A CRITICA POINT, IT HAS TO BE FIXED, (Peter)

French contributor, J. Ruer has presented a good analysis about transition phases in metal alloys - an overly complex issue, anyway.

Another French scientist (Fruchard?) spoke about how can be increased the holes in the lattice, however, unfortunately he was too secretive.
Other papers were also interesting but a bit difficult to follow.

More to come...

The worst point at W11

Negative results in the two Parkhomov replications. I repeat the minimalist
condition of a successful Parkhomov experiment is COP>2, T> 1100 C.Now, in the Budko-Korshunov the maximum temperature is 800C. Biberian's quality problem with LiAlH4 is somewhat mysterious, unprecedented.


It is possible that the cheap energy source of the Future is already here LA FUTURE SOURCE D’ÉNERGIE PAS CHÈRE EST PEUT-ÊTRE DÉJÀ LÀ!

About the Geneste Theory Paper:
LENR from experiment to theory paper by Jean-Francois Geneste Airbus group comments

A letter to Keith Fredericks on strange radiation mentioned in the Geneste paper by AXIL

Biberian- no excess heat found:


Why would a SPP as a black hole look like a tachyon?

Because the area of future and past holographic screens increases in different directions, the direction of time is different for the two types of screens. In past screens, time moves forward. Expanding universes, such as ours, involve past holographic screens, and so we naturally perceive thermodynamic time as running forward. In contrast, time runs backward in future holographic screens. In a sense, this interpretation has the odd result that thermodynamic time runs backward inside black holes and collapsing universes.

In a SPP as a black hole would look like a tachyon which is a particle that is traveling backward in time.

In the 1967 paper that coined the term, Feinberg proposed that tachyonic particles could be quanta of a quantum field with negative squared mass. However, it was soon realized that excitations of such
imaginary mass fields do not in fact propagate faster than light, and instead represent an instability known as tachyon condensation.Nevertheless, negative squared mass fields are commonly referred to as "tachyons", and in fact have come to play an important role in modern physics. 

The SPP as a black hole  would be a tachyon containing negative mass and moving backward in time.


  1. Those of us who know him, know Jean Paul Biberian to be a very careful experimentalist. That he reports 20 failed attempts to observe any excess heating from Rossi style 'cats' is very troubling. This is especially so in light claims of success by some few others and failures by more. The incessant drums are beginning to fall silent. Was the trail laid by Rossi and followed by many a ruse or a rose? Only the shadow knows. Or perhaps the real shadows have finally begun thier work to once again discredit cold fusion.

  2. Jean-Francois Geneste has come up with a theory to replace general relativity(GR) or at least to upgrade it. This he calls dark gravity(DG). If seems like GR does not take into account negative energy or negative matter or handle time reversal properly.

    Just like GR did not take into account black holes for some time after GR was put forward, Generate does not account for the possibility for EMF black holes and describes how they can form. However, he does mention black dwarf nuclei. There has been 40 years of thinking done by some very smart people involving black holes that could be utilized in understanding LENR; i am for taking advantage of that research. There is a principle in physics called parallelism where one system is so much like another that theory from one can be used in the other. There is more to understand here but at least Jean-Francois Geneste is on the right track.

    I don't think that Jean-Francois Geneste understands the nature of the polariton and how that mix of light and electrons produce the huge concentrations of EMF that are needed to produce what he calls micro ball lightning. There has been a lot of work done in nano optics to show how energy flows in, out, and flows around inside these black objects. There is at least 20,000 papers that will apply. Nanoplasmonics explains how this black hole forms and what keeps them from collapsing. Nanoplasmonics also explains how radiation that is fed into these black holes is digested. This also leads to an understanding about how the positive feedback loop of nuclear energy contributes to the survival of the black hole.

  3. One more indicator that these micro balls of lightning are black holes is their very long lifetimes. This lifetime is longer than the time it takes to dry the residue from the exploding foil experiment and expose the dusty residue on a photographic film for 24 hours.

    The lifetime of these solitons is at least a few days. As a rule of thumb, the time it takes a black hole to evaporate is proportional to the cube of its energy/mass. For example, a black hole that contains 10 times the energy as a smaller one would live 1000 times longer than the smaller one. A soliton containing high energy would last a very long time indeed. These solitons could be dangorous since they can pass though a reactor containment as if it was not there.

    It is possible to calculate the lifetime of these solitons if they are black holes. We might be able to see some light coming from the soliton as it gets to the end of its evaporation phase and explodes.

    If they do live for a long time, they can be magnetically extracted in a fuel preprocessing operation and used as LENR fuel.

    There is a good chance that the exploding foil experiment is a form of cavitation. What was observed on the photographic plate might have been what LeClair produces in his cavitation experiments.