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a) Regarding the CERN Seminar, Graham Hubler, leader of SKINR was very nice and has explained me that CERN keeps the information very tight (I guess till publication) We have to wait in this case.

b) The paper du jour is Vladimir Dubinko's- see below; this is not my first meeting with this theory that in my opinion has to be taken very seriously- it has high chances to be a part of the solution.
I am egotistical and I like to discover in theories- the elements of my thinking, especially those for which I can claim some forms of priority. Dubinko speaks about active sites (just calls them NAE) and tries to find methods to enhance, and describes the dynamicity of the metal lattice- local dynamicity.
I develop a form of conservatism for what I consider conserving my LENR values. This thinking is still oppressed by the PdD conservatism- that exhibits strength proportionate with the weakness of the Pd D wet system as such.
I think LENR needs more progressives- scientifically and technologically than conservatives.


The following theory was also presented at the recent AIRBUS-ISCMNS Workshop at Toulouse

1) Nuclear catalysis mediated by localized anharmonic vibrations by Vladimir Dubinko

In many-body nonlinear systems with sufficient anharmonicity, a special kind of lattice vibrations, namely, Localized Anharmonic Vibrations (LAVs) can be excited either thermally or by external triggering, in which the amplitude of atomic oscillations greatly exceeds that of harmonic oscillations (phonons) that determine the system temperature. Coherency and persistence of LAVs may have drastic effect on quantum tunneling due to correlation effects discovered by Schrodinger and Robertson in 1930. These effects have been applied to the tunneling problem by a number of authors, who demonstrated a giant increase of sub-barrier transparency during the increase of the correlation coefficient at a special high-frequency periodic action on quantum system. Recently, it has been proposed that discrete breathers (a sub-class of LAVs arising in periodic systems) present the most natural and efficient way to produce correlation effects in regular crystals due to time-periodic modulation of the potential well (or the Coulomb barrier) width and hence to act as breather nano-colliders catalyzing low energy nuclear reactions (LENR) in solids. It has been shown that the tunneling probability for the D-D fusion under electrolysis of heavy water increases enormously with increasing number of oscillations resulting in the fusion rates comparable with those observed experimentally. In the present paper, we discuss possible ways of engineering the nuclear-active environment (NAE) and catalyzing LENR in NAE based on the LAV concept. We propose some practical ways of catalyzing LENR that are based on a special electro-magnetic treatment or electron irradiation, which trigger LAVs in crystals and clusters.                  
 2) The Science Of Back To The Future: Where's My Mr. Fusion?   no LENR admitted

3) Andrea Rossi- explains his strategy
October 21st, 2015 at 7:35 AM

Gerard McEk:
I am not flying so high, and settle, so far, for production of energy for industries and households. When you fight a battle, better stay focused on the real front, or you are doomed to be defeated for lack of force where you really need it in the due time and place.
Warm Regards,

Andrea Rossi
October 21st, 2015 at 7:32 AM

Marco Serra:
When you deal with a plant made by tens of thousand of components the situation is quite different from making a software. The problems average has been obviously more dense during the initial period, but we continue to have problems now and again. This is why these tests and R&D are so important.
Thank you for your kind words and your attention.
Warm Regards,

About the LENR mechanism

4) Low energy nuclear reactions (lenr) - YouTube

A video

5) An organization dedicated to research of cold nuclear transmutation, announces a competition for a job of engineer-experimenter.\

Address  of  contact:

A very long list of references attached-Russian and international sources.


This action/organization seems me to be very well thought and lead; it could help LENR directly too:ROCKSTART SMART ENERGY PROGRAM ACCELERATING STARTUPS ON THE INTERSECTION OF IT AND ENERGY

AUGUST 19, 2015
American strategists would benefit from a longer-range view of history to better inform force design. Thinking historically about the future means dealing openly with those things we want to avoid or are in denial about.


НЭЯР на литии - экономический аспект

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