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I am shocked and confused by the revoking of the Piantelli Euro-patent due to the challenge of Rossi; I hope Piantelli and the leaders of NICHENERGY will answer to this and Rossi will explain why this action was necessary. I have already mentioned it, was an Italian movie, 
the Capulets and Montagues were Italian families, vendetta is an Italian word.  Vederemo!

The Russian ICCF is still continuing but presentation papers started to be shown on the official website, Parkhomov's was the first. The Hatt paper in English is a challenge for our theorists Thanks to the organizers-please continue...

Tomorrow Mats Lewan's event


1) Piantelli European Patent Revoked after Challenge by Leonardo Corporation

2) Dialogue Concerning Two Chiefs’ World-System (Slad Sladelei)
Storing Light In The Form Of Light

3)October 2, 2015 the Woodrow Wilson Center in Washington, D.C. will launch The Millennium Project’s "2015-16 State of the Future" Will be LENR present? (Bushnell)?

4)The Paper of Parkhomov presented at the 22 Russian conference on CNT and BL

Доклад А.Г. Пархомова на 22 российской конференции РКХТЯиШМ22

5) Results of the analyses of isiotopic and elemental analyses of thr composition of the fuel of the nickel-hydrogen reactors

(The papers compares the results of the Lugano experiment, Parkhomov's AP2 reaxtor, GS2 and Gs3 of the MFMP team, and of the Songsheng experiment in China.


Based on 32 days functioning of the Rossi reactor radical changes in the  isotopic
ccomposition of lithium and nickel. Plus to Li, Ni and and Al in the starting material there were found: C, Ca, Cl, Fe, Mg, Mn however no observable quantities of these elemnts were observed in the exhausted fuel.
The production of excess heat in the reactor  AP2 (the author's)  was 40 times less than in the Rossi reactor. Probably this is the reason for less changes in the isotopic composition. It can be seen only a small increase of the 6Li/7Li ratio. It was produced a significant increase of Cr, K, Si, Na, Mg, 
Cr, K, Si, Na, Mg, Ca. The contents of Mn, Cl,Zn, Cu, Al have decreased
For the Chinese reactor it had been seen the decrease of the content of 6Li a difference to the Rossi and the Ap2 reactors
The production of excess heat in the GS3 reactor is hundred times smaller than in the Rossi reactor and there cannot be remarked changes in the isotopic compositions of Li and Ni

6) Projects of airplanes with LENR based engines for propulsion  in the nearest future

Проекты самолетов с двигательной установкой LENR- ближайшее будущее

8) Rossi Setting Up A ‘Make Materials That Don’t Exist’ Lab

10) ECAT introduces modern upgrades (Greater Pensacola Chamber of Commerce)

Not counting on the LENR revolution

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  1. Below is an interesting set of posts on a forum run by CF Woodford Equity Income Fund. They were the fund that Tom Darden mentioned as adding additional; funds in support of his IH fund for investment in new energy opportunities and research.


    When one reads the posts, up pops Mary Yugo (aka Potenza, Hody etc: etc: ) and some other likely aliases and companions of his.

    What we see is Woodford politely advising the 'why invest in quack science' enquirers, that they Woodford have done their own due diligence on the matter - exceeding 2 years effort. But still those intent on shutting down any attempt at reasoned investigation, have no hesitation in attacking the actions of both Woodford and Tom Darden at Industrial Heat. The attacks belie the reality that investment funds do evaluations of potential new breakthrough science and make decisions on investing. It is what they do.. Yugo not content with letting IH or Woodford do the jobs they exist for, seeks to undermine their raison d'etre.

    Whilst the level of insults were kept low at the Woodford blog site. I have seen and read as recently as a week ago where Yugo (aka Potenza) labelled Tom Darden, in a public forum as an idiot (he repeats this often).

    This is what anyone who shows interest in LENR can expect if such interest is public and can be attacked on the net.

    ************* from Ecat independent news ************

    Al Potenza
    September 27, 2015 at 8:59 pm

    Darden is either dishonest or an even bigger idiot than I had thought. I guess he will eventually get to tell us which it is. Maybe he and Levi will tell it all together at a love fest.