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a) How is it possible that we have not received any information about the Oct. 14 CERN Seminar ?
It was about the The anomalous heat effect on D/H loaded Palladium"- that is still the very center and basic certainty of LENR- and its inexpugnable knowledge fortress.
Can somebody help?

b() People mainly those  like me who almost surely have consumed the greater part of their life-energy are asking if our field is dying? 
The problem here is to define the field, is it LENR alone or  plus enhanced excess energy LENR+?  Some include the later- i.e. consider that Rossi has what he says others have serious doubts. And a Rossi-less field gives not much hope no technology, no energy source. Hard core PdD .... what can we expect?
I believe in LENR+ because my active sites via surface dynamics hypothesis (1992)  predicts that  at higher temperatures the mechanism of active sites generation is accelerated.


1) SAIPEM Italian oil and gas giant senior scientist on E-Cat greenwin

2) Tri-Alpha Energy investing in Andrea Rossi LENR technology? Rossi:No!

3( How far is LENR from being accepted? Quite far it seems:
The idea of powering cars and homes with small nuclear reactors that run on rubbish such as banana peel and beer cans is attractive but unlikely to happen.
The Holy Grail of nuclear energy is a process called cold fusion, in which a nuclear reaction takes place at room temperature, so theoretically one could power a whole country with no more fuel than would fill a milk bottle.
Although some scientists have claimed to have produced cold fusion, it remains a fantasy — or at the very back of the future.

This seems to be a popular site, and "Vox populi-vox dei"

4) Andrea Rossi about the X-Cat:
Andrea Rossi
October 20th, 2015 at 10:42 PM

Frank Acland:
“Working well” means that it is going far better than the previous Hot Cat, interms of COP and in terms of other issues. Besides, it is covered by the US patent in the essentials. Anyway: too soon to give data and to consider it done. It’s still very “green”, albeit promising.
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    The Inside Story:
    Quasilocal Tachyons and Black Holes

    I have been reading an article by a string theorist about the connection between black holes and tachyons. It seems that tachyons are a major prediction of string theory and the connection between black holes and tachyons are tight. This connection in the science business is called dualism. I was surprised and pleased that the many experimentally observed behaviors of SPPs were predicted by theoretically predicted tachyon behavior including the production of quark based subatomic particles as a dualistic production that mimic hawking's radiation. It seem that tachyons don't evaporate like black holes do. They reach a equilibrium condition until they receive more input energy whereupon they produce more quark based subatomic particles.

    The author said:

    "Most work on black holes in string theory, including the present work, focus on theoretical objects which are probably not realistic."

    I say that this guy does not yet know his theory reflects real things and that LENR will soon become a desktop based experimental tool to verify multi-dimensional D-Brane theory.

    The author also says:

    "In the confined theory, the gauge-invariant composite glueballs arise at an energy and size scale commensurate with 18 the strong coupling scale of the field theory. In our time dependent transition, the excitations in the tachyon phase correspond to field theoretic modes at an energy scale below the mass gap. From the dual field theory point of view we expect forces from flux tubes to dynamically force them to shrink toward the size scale of the glueballs in the confining theory. The forces we analyzed in this section, which act to force excitations into the bulk gravitational solution dual to the confining geometry, may provide a gravity-side manifestation of this phenomenon. This effect is similar in some ways to the description of black hole evaporation via hadronization in [18]. "

    Reference 18 shows this. This is what Holmlid sees.

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