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Life is change. Growth is optional. Choose wisely. (Karen Kaiser Clark)


My special contribution to an open LENR discussion: "Is our field dying?"

European Culture- is now suffering SSS Syndrome i.e. systematic stupid suicide succumbing to stronger cultures; the recent unstoppable invasion of a very mixed mega-population of migrants is only the last in a long series of tragic defeats

 A treasure of the eroded European Culture* is the rich Greek Mythology- an endless source of inspirational stories, metaphors, wisdom, amazement.

This is a story about the important concept of "fatal error"
(I know it from reading the Greek mythology and from a wonderfully well written story by the D.D.R. writer Franz Fuhmann (1922-1984) : "The Lover of the Dawn Goddess)

Eos, the Goddess of Dawn in the Greek mythology, was a character similar to a blonde of those nasty and unfair jokes, very active sexually with a strange preference for human males- she had an impressive collection of them. However her great love was for Tithonus, a Trojan guy, if I remember well.
She wanted to marry Tithonus- the approval of the Gods lead by Zeus was necessary.
Eos has asked the Gods to give her lover eternal life, but- fatal error! she forgot to ask eternal youth for him!

I think all of you who are over 55 years can easily imagine the consequences. If not, or not exactly please read here: Euthanasia being excluded in this case, the Gods, who were rather good problem solvers-problem killers have eventually found a final solution Tithonus in a cicada.

You will ask, what has this old story to do with LENR and my answer will be surprising negatively for many of you:

Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons have made the very opposite fatal error with their brainchild, Cold Fusion- they asked eternal youth for it, but forgot to ask  eternal
life too!

What they have discovered exist beyond any doubt but does not live, is not growing, developing or improving in real terms. Discussions about what happens in the cradle of Cold Fusion are not going beyond of "we don't know exactly what it is" and experiments repeatedly demonstrate the very limited operabilty of the system
that in 26 years has not generated even the shadow of a consistent theory accepted by the community of scientists- explanation or the slightest hope of a viable, useful technology. However, indeed many confirmations of the mere existence of the phenomenon; sometimes it appears , sometimes not- and the second sometimes is the greater one. In terms of solved problems CF/LENR is new. Newness = youth, isn't it?

How well could I discuss this vision of Cold Fusion with the author of the 2002 book :
Where are you, dear Bart? We have collaborated so efficiently at Asti, do you remember?
Cold Fusion in its original form has much more of zombie than of undead or unkillable.
I can easily predict how my idea will be attacked with the usual optimistic, idealistic
stereotypical pro-Pd D rhetoric. It is good, reproducible, scalable, it helps us to understand LENR till 1400C and beyond, if we use well Ockham's cutting instruments from the atomic scalpel to the Big Axle- we get its complete radiant image in full splendor, how dare you stating such outright idiocy that it is not LIVING???

I am convinced that the best and the unique way to show real dedication to LENR is by helping it to RESURRECT in a viable form and this is POSSIBLE. By Science and Technology working together, however far from the cradle.

* the most depressing sign of cultural collapse and of the coming total victory of Koalemos is the disappearance of the word "KITSCH" from the living dictionaries
Koalemos- see my predictive essay:


1) Jones Beene reports about the Oct 22 LENR Event at EPRI on VORTEX, thanks for the permission to offer this to all my readers: 
Very interesting presentation this morning. Ólafsson was both low key and optimistic that Holmlid is onto something important. Alan Goldwater also presented his open source work on the basic glow reactor of Rossi/Parkhomov. At first glance, there would appear to be no connection between the two … but read on.
Holmlid is clearly the lead individual on the dense hydrogen phenomenon and Ólafsson is interpreting his work going back to 2008 and before. However, most of the proof is by process of elimination. This will be even more controversial than cold fusion until proven. Again, what was demonstrated is NOT cold fusion and not really hot fusion either. Copious amounts of radiation would expected in such a laser driven reactionwhen it gets up to the kilowatt level of thermal gain. Now it is subwatt.
However, in different circumstances (electrolysis) the same reactant (which is dense deuterium clusters) could explain P&F cold fusion, and explain the lack of radiation in circumstances where a laser does not disintegrate the reactant. IOW, there can be a range of circumstances– all involving dense deuterium bound at a few picometers separation - where other outcomes are expected: other than disintegration to mesons -> pions -> muons etc. With the laser as the input power, when a deuteron disintegratesin a laser pulse, over 900 MeV or ~ 40 times MORE energy is released than in fusion !
There were about 35 people in attendance including  a few heavy hitters who prefer notto be identified. The venue is a stone’s throw from Sand Hill Road. A video crew filmed the whole thing. Holmlid apparently wants to call the phenomenon “Cold Spallation” but I think that is a bad choice, since it does not look like nuclear spallation as we know it.And there is nothing cold about the output. BTW – Ólafsson said that calling the Rydberg matter “inverted” (in the paper with Miley) was not accurate.
The only thing needed now is replication.
A professor whose name I did not catch (San Jose State ?) has been trying to replicate LH but has not been successful. Holmlid recently told him that the dense hydrogen takes several weeks to accumulate, and has an extended shelf life thereafter. That seems to me to be the main takeaway lesson  ** weeks to accumulate **.
As I recall, a few years back, there was a message where Rossi mentioned that his supplier in Italy required months to make a batch of active reactant. Could it be that Rossi has been inadvertently getting dense hydrogen all along?
The presentation of Alan Goldwater was very impressive. I am confident that if and when Alan announces thermal gain in a Rossi style reactor – we can believe it. That has not happened yet but he is very methodical and dedicated. Like many others including myself, he accepts Bob Higgins downgraded assessment of the Lugano report (slight gain – perhaps COP~1.2 see Bob’s white paper).
I encouraged Alan – in light of Olafsson’s presentation - to consider a 2-stage orcompound system where he would manufacture the dense deuterium separately from the reactor where it is to be converted to heat. At first he seemed dubious that two steps would be required – in order to merge Holmlid’s results with Rossi. But this strategy would allow a very low powered continuous laser to accumulate the dense material over time. The ideal situation, if one wishes to avoid radiation toxicity seems to be: do NOT to use a fast pulse intense laser to convert dense deuterium into heat (this assumes there does exist the radiation-free route to convert it to heat).
IMO - It will be very difficult to continuously resupply the dense Rydberg matter in situ(in the same reactor it is being burnt in) and not see harmful radiation. It can be done at the subwatt level, but those two processes are fundamentally in conflict – especially when you get to high power. 
Discussion continues at:
and is very interesting.

2) Jim Sweeney is back and quite angry on a part of the Press (like me) 
Media & LENR -Fast Forward to the Present


NOTE I have a long love story with Tachyons; in 1954 I have sent a hand-written letter to Albert Einstein , Princeton re the Izotach Space imagined by me.. I think he has not received it, so unfortunately the idea got lost- I was not allowed to become a physicists. However I still like speedy things as Tachyons.

The Case For Tachyons

Slide 1 shows that there has been 8 replications throughout the entire range of LENR reaction types.

This also was the subject for the paper by Jean-Francois Geneste, Airbus Group.

The production of mesons and their decay produce, muons are a result of tachyon condensation called hadronization. 

The muons seen in the Holmlid experiments is the smoking gun:  a sure indicator of tachyon condensation.

I encourage all replicators and LENR experimenters to photo plate their ash as a test for tachyon tracks and resultant LENR activity. 


Astronomers peer inside stars, finding giant magnets

Magnetism is essential for LENR, Brian Ahern is the strongest supporter of this idea, recently he said i.a. this:
 Magnetism is likely more important than D loading of palladium. However Pd is on the edge of ferromagnetism.
The Manelas technology was real (in my experience) and totally magnetic

A special issue of this Culture Blog:
9 Learnings from 9 Years of Brain Pickings


  1. Axil seems to suggest his age, assuming some reasonable precosity, might be well into octogenaria if he did indeed write a letter to Einstein in 1954. Fabrication or fact? Likely given his practiced anonymous trolling more likely the former than latter. Unless of course he is referring to a letter typed in tachyons. Either way his machinations seem meant to mislead. A pity as there are very good medications for senile agitation these days.

    1. Dear Anonymous,

      It is my fault, I had to sign the note- it is by me not by AXIL. What i said is true
      in 1954 we considered that atomic energy will solve ALL the nergy probblems. For yiou, I think it is not easy to imagine how Orwelian was the life then in East Europe, The letter had no chances to go outside the country. It was about he application of Konig's Theorem to demonstrate the E =mc2 equation as fundamental.

      Being given that tomorrow will be 78 years old, I take your advice re medication for mild (?) senility. If you want to tell more, do it in private please!

    2. Dear Anonymous,

      It is my fault, I had to sign the note- it is by me not by AXIL. What i said is true
      in 1954 we considered that atomic energy will solve ALL the nergy probblems. For yiou, I think it is not easy to imagine how Orwelian was the life then in East Europe, The letter had no chances to go outside the country. It was about he application of Konig's Theorem to demonstrate the E =mc2 equation as fundamental.

      Being given that tomorrow will be 78 years old, I take your advice re medication for mild (?) senility. If you want to tell more, do it in private please!

  2. Anonymous: I believe that Peter was refering to himself. I am still a young buck.

  3. PLEASE stop with the PdD bashing. It accomplishes precisely nothing. The reason cold fusion research has not progressed has zero to do with Pd vs Ni, but because those who control funding of research (physicists, for the most part) have prevented ANY significant funds from reaching ANY LENR research effort, even going so far as to interfere with PRIVATE donations.

    1. Dear Anonymous,

      Believe meall I want is to end the domination of Pd D based thinking in LENR.
      I don't understand how does work the funding based mechanism of sabotage you are describing- what happens with the really good results )intense, reproducible, long duration heat release experimwents made with LENR, or how the rulers make such results impossible or hide them.
      I am coming from R&D and have seen many things,which PdD researchers were oppressed in such extent that they reported weak results and why?


    2. This comment has been removed by the author.