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Toward the largest perspective and the deepest investigation of our World, about building an intellectual environment in which LENR can prosper.

At the recent AIRBUS-ISCMNS Workshop, the main organizer, Jean-Francois Geneste has distribute a new book auther by him. For those who are not informed his previous book is:
It is "Physics and the spirit of the Laws" in French, published in 2010.

His new book- available via Amazon:

It is in English, its title is: 


Its blurb says
"You were told that the universe is infinite. But how big an infinite is it ? After pointing out what we consider as flaws of orthodox physics, we propose a new way to tackle the discipline ensuring global consistency, which is far from being the case today ! This brings us to a brand new conception of what our world is. It is much simpler and we realize that it is infinitely bigger than what we thought before! It is in fact infinitely bigger than the orthodox models. But we have the advantage of having only one unique fundamental principle for explaining its working. Such principle explains as much the principle of dynamics, as special and general relativity, electromagnetism, gravitation and so on. Hence "The Universal Universe".

The reader should not think this book is about cosmology. It is about the deep laws of physics and these laws bring us as a consequence to new foundations of physics, including the universe.

In brief, we simply propose a revolution."

It can be a kind of TOE (theory of everything), POE (principles or laws of everything), UOE (understanding of everything-in physics) book; and here E is both or interchangeably "everything" or "essence" I have to read it!

After reading his two Workshop papers, and based on a very pleasant correspondence on 
e-mail (this very busy man is fast and polite in responding)- I am starting to comprehend his mode of thinking in science and technology. He is oriented toward the most important, fundamental problems of Physics, he has already created a superior context for LENR- we need his ideas for building the much desired holistic-holographic vision of our Field.
So many disputes in Cold Fusion were about Laws- which laws have to be respected and how; Jean-Francois's book creates an ideological-philosophical frame for this. It is a must read especially for those who will lead the Paradigm Shift in LENR.


1) Industrial Heat mentioned in Time Magazine:

2) Rydberg Matter fuel preparation by AXIL

3) The slides of Svenn Olafsson's SRI Conference Oct 22, 2015
Ultra-dense Hydrogen and Low Energy Nuclear Reactions Presenter Sveinn Ólafsson Research professor Science Institute University of Iceland:

4) Andrea Rossi about  his relation with the 1MW plant

October 24th, 2015 at 7:30 AM

When I am far from the plant I am not well. During the hernia operation I was sleeping and during the day of the operation I was groggy for the anti-pain pills; the day after I was in the plant. To stay far from the plant is not relaxing, is stressing: anytime the phone rings the level of worry peaks up…
My Team without me is good; with me is great.
Thank you for your kind care.
Warm Regards,

Andrea Rossi about alchemy
October 24th, 2015 at 8:11 AM

We must put a distintion between alchemy before it evolved into chemistry, during the 18th century, and after.
Before the 17th century alchemy was a science, whose limits were determined by the cultural limits of the times: the four elementals ( Fire, Water, Air, Earth) were what the scientists of the time had at their disposal to understand natural phenomenons. Eventually it evolved into a more rigorous science, mainly with the discovery of atoms and molecules ( as a matter of fact, atoms had been already “discovered” by the presocratic phylosopher Democritus in the fifth century b.C.). At that point alchemy became a methaforic system not fit for scientific uses, but for methaphysic speculations. The famous principle of the “Phylosophical Stone” to convert iron into gold was not a chemical process, but the methaforic representation of the evolution of the human spirit. At this point, alchemy became a sort of phylosophy, no more a scientific issue as it used to be before, when the use of the alambique, the first very important tool for chemical research, had been invented by the alchemists. That was science and technology, at those times.
Warm Regards,


With thanks to Mitchell Swartz
Researchers create blackest material ever made

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