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 He who hath a head of wax should not walk in the sun (Proverb) 


I was thinking about "having a sense of guilt"- see the accusations below. I started using proverbs, in Romanian it is "if you have a fly on your hat" in Hungarian it is"if you have
butter on your head, do not stay in the sun" However I have discovered  (remembered, actually fast) The most adequate  equivalent- it is in German and this is identical in English:

"People who live in glasshouses shouldn't throw stones" signifying "one shouldn't criticize others for having the same fault" However:

A  Blog comment received this morning: 
AnonymousOctober 13, 2015 at 3:28 PM

Please lay off the PdD bashing. You're beginning to remind me of Steve Krivit. The problem in LENR is not and never has been PdD, it is the political assassination of any research into LENR by the physics community. Stick to reporting of results (which you do well), and leave the philosophizing to Steve Krivit (or Mary Yugo). 

OK , till now I have received similar messages only in private- and not many. It is clear why: PdD has inborn troubles. I understand well this message as well as the author of it misunderstands me. He tries to dominate me, to instruct me what to tell and what to not tell. My whole life I have struggled. sometimes in very hostile circumstances, for independent thinking and 26+ years of learning have convinced me to be against - not PdD per se,but the domination of PdD. I dislike that it is imposed as a model, an alpha wisdom of  the  entire LENR field that is huge qand unexplored.
He compares me with Krivit and Hody- who also are champions of dominance. My good friend once, Steve has concluded that he knows the most about LENR  and his desire to dominate became the driving force of his actions. His association with Lew Larsen was probably imagined as a real possibility of scientific and technological co-domination.  A bet on the W-L theory. We have thus lost a first-class journalist. For ever?
Hody-Mary Yugo is an alpha character in destruction, high intensity repetitive verbal agressivity, full of troll genes and memes; plays a role but my guess is that he/she is not totally evil. He has told about me that I have not the sharpest tool in the box. Probably true but also true that I am not trying to dominate- what I tell about  Pd D and LENR as my opinion is always descriptive never imperative. And LENR is the problem I want to see solved.
A real and spectacular case of domination in LENR+ Andrea Rossi, strong, well organized
technological-managerial-pre-commercial domination. However on longer term, what he needs most is genuine, agile competition.

NO news about the CERN Seminar that was today.

Tomorrow start of the AIRBUS-ISCMNS Workshop in Toulouse- hopefully of historical importance for LENR. Great Expectations!


1)Bill Gates Still Looking For An Energy Miracle

2) A German language anti-Andrea Rossi website:

2) Answer messages from Andrea Rossi:

Andrea Rossi
October 13th, 2015 at 2:10 PM

Frank Acland:
In the world we live in, until something has still to be done to complete what you are doing, what you already did is doomed to be worth nothing.
Warm Regards,

Andrea Rossi
October 13th, 2015 at 4:00 PM

Koen Vandewalle:
The E-Cat in itself does not need a load to be operational. It needs a load to be useful for something.
Warm Regards,

Andrea Rossi
October 13th, 2015 at 6:28 PM

Koen Vandewalle:
Elementaty Particles do NOT comprise waves in fields, they ARE tiny vibrating waves, quantistically defined, in a particular field.
When the T raises above the mass of an E.P., waves are formed that correspond to that E.P.
The Standard Model, in this sense, IS a comprehensive model, with limits though that now and again raise, but never raised enough, so to speak, to determine the “waves” of new acceptable models. Besides, I notice that the staunchness of the negativists of the Standard Model is inversally proportional to the staunchness with which they actually study Physics.
Warm Regards,


One of the major functions that LENR must fulfill is the reception, concentration, and amplification of energy from the external environment and the conversion of that power into magnetism. That external energy is light in one form or another.

In LENR engineering, the structure that first captures the light energy is the lattice substrate. Without this substrate, LENR does not happen unless the source of light is very powerful. Three examples of this substrate and their associated systems are as follows: In the Rossi’s E-Cat, the Lattice is the 100 micron nickel particle that Rossi produces in fuel preprocessing. This particle is an antenna that optimally receives infrared light(heat) and converts this light energy into dipole motion. This electron motion produces an alternating current at high frequency. 

The next example is Holmlid’s iridium powder holder that holds iron oxide potassium particles. This metal lattice optimally absorbs light in the green-blue to UV range. This lattice will also convert this high frequency light into alternating current.
The structure that converts and amplifies this alternating current into magnetism is nano particles of hydrogen, potassium, or lithium. This rydberg matter are nanowires that only allows this alternating current to flow in one direction. This EMF power can only collect into balls of power. These particles also mix electrons and light photons together to form polaritons. At the tips of the nanowires and the points of were they touch each other, vortexes of polaritons form these rings of EMF are call solitons of polaritons (SPP). It is these rings of EMF energy that store large amounts of power and produce magnetic beams that cause the LENR effect. They are black holes of EMF where energy goes in but does not come out.

Another antenna method that seems to work is the metal foam powder holders that DGT came up with. This network of fine nickel wires acts like a backplane that caries the received EMF produced by the spark that DGT used to pump EMF power into the 5 micron nickel particles. DGT also produced rydberg matter which generated the SPPs. 

Without the lattice that receives and directs the EMF into the nanopowder, a powerful light source such as a laser will be powerful enough to produce LENR in just nanopowder alone. 
This particular behavior was observed in experiments where a laser irradiated gold nanopowder dissolved in water. The uranium and thorium salts that was dissolved in that water underwent a fission reaction. This says that muons where produced to canalize fission instead of neutrons. 

On the other hand, Holmlid does not need a laser to produce muons because the iridium powder holder is an antenna that is sensitive enough to receive and concentrate light from his lab’s florescent lights. But the gold powder which does not have a lattice substrate to help it, would not react to generate muons using just room lighting; these nanoparticles require a powerful light source like a laser to produce the magnetic power strong enough to generate muons.

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