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OCT 10, 2015 PdD's LENR school- what we have NOT learned there? & LENR INFO

Innovation = absence of fear (Gapingvoid- today.) 


I have a perfectly clear conscience, despite of (actually just for) what I have written yesterday about PdD wet LENR, I am a faithful LENR-ist - the male Solvejg of the field as I stated long ago. Just I am very discontented with what Peer Gynt does he has a weak bad character and is unable to grow up and fulfill his mission. So many seasons of discontent have been accumulated- Peer Gynt must change, even be transformed, go through a radical metamorphosis.
My essay has generated some negative comments by my friends (who are also dedicated to LENR, want to see it progressing prospering and have made much, inclusive sacrifices for the Cause). As always, there are still some misunderstanding, real or imagined in the play. What I am really against is not the weakling PdD wet system but its DOMINANCE - it is presented as a rich source of generally valid knowledge a model for any other LENR system, it is great deal that we have learned so much from it, that we know how to approach the problems of all forms of LENR. Fact is, PdD is a gathering of unsolved fundamental problems, a battlefield of contradictory ideas, a school which has not decided which alphabet to use. I ma exaggerating? Compare topology, nature mechanisms as explained by Hagelstein and followers with Ed Storms' explanation. Take in consideration the Widom Larsen theory plus, say, 50 of the most successful LENR theories all PdD born.

Starting with the worst:

"facts do not seem important to your opinion"- fuzzy, not defined, can be told about everybody in all situation, untrue and unfriendly, usable inm diplomacy but not in science. When and how have I ignored a significant fact?

"The PdD system is obviously valuable as a means to learn how LENR functions"
26 years have elapsed, do we know how LENR works? PdD wet is avery noisy system, has no actionable parameters, the results depend on some unquantifiable things as Pd impurities- black magic.
Let's watch together the great Pd D event of the coming week CERN seminar
The anomalous heat effect on D/H loaded Palladium: Exploration at an atomic level, preliminary perturbed angular correlations studies (October 14) What will we learn, what problems will be solved?

for most researchers Pd-D still works better than other materials. It is more reproducible, not less. 
There are very few researchers who study PdD and NiH in parallel-and with specific modes of thinking and action- it is undeniable that the systems are different;
It is more significant that we have strong reasons to believe that with NiH already power densities of thousand times more than with PdD wet had been obtained at a great scale

the effect of high temperature has yet to be explored using active PdD
It is anyway a very good start, really professional and serious- see the first 3 papers
at the recent Russian CNT&BL Conference (abstracts in English) a search for Kirkinskii in my Blog.  
David French has mentioned a dry PdD method using zeolites not electrolysis

You make those doing research in the PdD system sound like the hot fusioneers who try (and thus far succeeded) in blocking LENR. Researchers work with the PdD system because more is known about it. 

Really? This can be a serious reason? Research is about unknown things that have to be discovered, and it is my axiom that what we do not know is always more important for research than what we know. We mainly know things that are not good for the development of PdD, not happy things. I am also convinced in opposition with many of my good friends that as objects of research Pd D and NiH (transition metals-H) are very different, I believe in plurality of LENRs, of theories explaining them.

I am very grateful for the friendly help of our realist colleague, the LENR family's patent guru David French and i have the permission to cite what he has said- in the favor of scientific and technological truth:

"Peter’s “nasty” message of today is that PdD-electrolysis as a technique for exploring LENR may have been a blind canyon.  Something to explore, yes, but nevertheless not leading anywhere."

Discovering a robust reaction in the gas phase will be more significant than micro-accurate calorimetry in the liquid phase.

At the risk of alienating PdD-in-electrolysis proponents, there is a ring of truth in Peter's observations.  Why has there been this focus on electrolytic current when Zeolite charged with Palladium produces excess heat on exposure to Deuterium gas - no applied current present whatsoever?

My conclusionPdD is NOT a good teacher for LENR, on the contrary. Please use facts to destroy this statement.


1) Test in progress using fuel recipe of E-Cat patent by Brian Albiston

2) From Greg Goble
The Arthur D. Little LENR patent application and related works...

3) Also from Greg Goble LENR Fuel Production Patents Toyota Cold Fusion Transmutation and U.S. Naval Research Laboratories

4)The Urutskoev -Filippov paper in Russian:

5)The Urutskoev -Filippov paper in Italian: "LENR does not exist, there are new nuclear reactions

6)Introduction to ECE Theory of Myron Evans

7) The theory of just about everything working on it

8)Proposal for E-Cat Replication Jeff Morriss 

9) Triangle Business Journal: Industrial Heat to move into new lab space into Cary- North Carolina

10)About muons in LENR

11) A nice Russian paper about LENR 
Why I have decided to do LENR

I hope to find time tomorrow to translate it and to offer it to you as Sunday lecture.


The work of Leonid Urutskoev and D.V. Filippov on exploding titanium foils are formative to my understanding of the LENR reaction. One point that greatly impressed me seen in these experiments was the detection of the LENR reaction far from the plasma channel produced by the exploding foil. I call this feature of the reaction “action at a distance”. In these exploding foil experiments, fission of uranium was detected in a chamber in the test device that was physically separated from the location of the plasma channel. From Holmlid, we now know that muons and mesons can be produced by the LENR reaction, these subatomic particles can travel over a considerable distance to initiate muon catalyzed fission.

The LENR reaction has a gigantic range of action from nanoscale energy production in biological transformations to the formation of transuranic elements of the most heavy kind at the high energy range of the reaction. 

This wide range of transformation of elements confuses most LENR theorists. It is difficult to envision how transuranic elements tha usually form in the trillion degree environment inside supernova can be produced here on earth in a bucket of water. 

Most of the LENR old guard believe that LeClare is mentally unbalanced for claiming that his cavitation based reaction can produce the heaviest transuranic elements that exist. Holmlid also does not understand that his laser based reaction which produce temperatures up to as much as 500 million kelvin is a LENR reaction.

But transformation of elements can occur all the way up to the quark soup level of nuclear processes being as energetic as any nuclear processes to be found in the universe. The more energy that is fed into the LENR transformation process, the more energetic is the resulting nuclear products that will result. 

At the very high end of the LENR reaction scale, a scale that befuddles our understanding, the scale at which transuranic elements form, the question that is begging to be answered: what force can encompass multiple atoms together with all their associated electron clouds so that they can be combined together to produce an ultra heavy atom. The answer is magnetism; nano magnetism, asymmetric magnetism, strong optical magnetism and Fano resonances in asymmetric plasmonic metamolecules, magnetism as intense as any to be found anywhere in the universe.


Like so much in LENR engineering, the key to success in LENR is the preparation of the surface of the substrate, Piantelli's nickel bars, Mizono electrodes, Rossi's nickel nanopowder, co-deposition of palladium hydride, all owe their success in achieving the LENR reaction to the proper preparation of the surface of the metal lattice. 

In the early day of F&P, it was not apparent that surface preparation was the key to unleashing the LENR reaction in the wet palladium environment. This step to properly prepare the surface of the palladium lattice was revealed in the co-disposition process. 

Yes, now that this method is known, it is all so easy. But it took a long time to learn what to do to get the LENR reaction to appear.

Frédéric Henry-Couannier is almost all the way toward correct thinking about the fundamental causation of LENR. Micro lightning balls (mlb), is the fundamental cause of LENR. But these electromagnetic solitons have already been discovered in nanoplasmonics. They are called Dark mode surface plasmon polaritons (SPP) and are actually acoustic black holes. Most of the time than are produced by and affixed to the metal lattice and because they are stationary, they cannot reach their maximum power potential. But when they are freed from the lattice, they can grow in strength to a huge extent. This is true for both water based and plasma based environments in which they are also formed.

For example, in a meltdown of a Ni/H reactor, the SPP becomes detached from the lactic and grows strong in a plasma. Like any vortex that can move; many of these solitons might combine together to grow in intensity. Ken Shoulders termed these structures produced in the plasma of an electric arc EV.(or large electrons). Declare produces these objects in cavitation and has seen them punch holes in his walls and exit his lab to punch holes in the trees outside his lab. In the Proton 21 experiment, the solitons were found to decompose material far from the site of their creation. Declare has seen a SPP eat through 2 meters of copper.

And yet the same EMF vortex mechanism can be found inside microorganisms. Like any black hole, there are two mechanisms of reaction projection involved: a beam of magnetism the emits from one pole of the soliton. This magnetic beam is the high energy interface. Then there is the low energy projection of multi particle entanglement. This mechanism (a worm hole) provides for teleportation of energy to and from the site of the transformation. 

I suspect that the a theory (Dark Gravity) will explain how these EMF black holes interact with matter. But not only gravity can produce black holes, EMF can do it too. Any wave form that forms a boundary condition can do it, even water.

For an explanation of acoustic black holes see the following video:

Prof. Daniele Faccio: "Black Holes, With A Twist" - Inaugural Lecture

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  1. Regarding the use of palladium in LENR...

    The chances are better than even that Rossi is using palladium in his new E-Cat-X reactor since he says that that reactor is covered by his patent. Mizono is another LENR experimenter that uses both nickel and palladium in the gas phase.

    The decision to use palladium over nickel in LENR is based on cost and physical characteristics. Most will use nickel because it is cheaper unless Rossi can show some new behavior that makes the cost of palladium worth that new behavior.