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Conclusive facts are inseparable from inconclusive except by a head that already understands and knows. (Thomas Carlyle)

The problem start when there are more heads able to use this functions, or are just thinking so.


In the in-Family dispute regarding if PdD electrolytic wet should be nominated as General Guide of Development for the entire LENR field, or, for the future's sake please NOT! (as I think it) has arrived to a stage when everything was told and apparently nothing has changed. 
Actually Ed Storms and I have agreed about essential points-as "we have to speak about the several different phenomena separately" we must avoid to mix things, that causes confusion. It is not very relevant that our list of immiscible things are not the same. Plus it is weekend so my opponent friends and I are in a temporary Zugzwang 
situation (this is from chess, 'compulsion to move'- however I think we will not move till Monday evening. Re what LENR can learn from chess I will ask the new readers to take a look to this old writing of mine:


Replication tests in progress:
Me 356
we wish them success that is undeniable proof of massive excess heat.

1) Live experiment by Me356 using Rossi patent recipe

2) What is LENR, Anyway?
Posted By Roger Stritmatter on October 10, 2015

3) E-Cat, le réacteur à fusion froide en phase de test

4) OPEN POWER- Ugo Abundo Hydrobeatron Newsletter for October 2015
A lot to study and see here!


6) Моя реализация LERN (E-CAT HT, дополняется по мере накопления опытного материала)

7) Andrea Rossi says something and I confess I like what he says here
October 10th, 2015 at 10:19 PM

Lyn Neabendroth:
Second update: now it’s 11.10 p.m. of Saturday Oct 10 and I just returned in the plant from the New World Symphony theater of Miami , where I was among the public who listened the concert ” The Russian Musical Soul”, which was a concert in three parts: the first two parts were “The Fox” and “The Wedding” of Igor Stravinsky, the third part was the “Concert N. 1”, also entitled “The Winter Dreams” of Piotr Ilych Tchaikovsky. After 8 months 16 hours per day inside the plant has been a deep solace to listen these masterpieces. Stravinski’s music is a sort of LENR: it breaks the usual schemes of music and tends to inspire a critical “strangement” in the listener, or at least this is the effect it made on me; Tchaikovsky, in a nutshell, is the soul of the Russian People. This is also why I love the movie “The Concert”.
Great afternoon. Now I retake my shift in the plant, that is going “in harmony” with me.Tomorrow we start up the remade E-Cat X.
Warm Regards,

8) Bay Area Cold Fusion LENR I have tried to start communicating with them

9) Thanks to Ron Kita who has informed me about this Patent Application

Publication typeApplication
Application numberUS 14/439,005
PCT numberPCT/EP2013/072027
Publication dateSep 17, 2015
Filing dateOct 22, 2013
Priority dateOct 31, 2012
Also published asEP2923082A1WO2014067810A1
InventorsJean-Francois Geneste
Original AssigneeEuropean Aeronautic Defence And Space Company Eads France
Export CitationBiBTeXEndNoteRefMan
Propulsion device for transmitting momentum
US 20150260168 A1

A propulsion device for exerting a propulsive force on a vehicle generates an impulse of momentum by a piston of non-zero mass, an acceleration produced by a force acting on a structure of the vehicle and the braking produced in isolation inside the propulsion device without any force being applied to the vehicle. The piston moves inside a cross-shaped cavity from a reference position to an end of a cylindrical part of the cavity where it is stopped by a gas that it compresses adiabatically. The cross-shaped cavity is rotated by a quarter turn before the piston is released to return to the reference position. The propulsion device can comprise two cross-shaped cavities rotating in opposite directions.

It is a future application of LENR

10) The correct link to Greg Goble's important writing abot Reginal B. Little:

11) World Bank official on managing the Carbon Bubble
Shift from fossil fuels risks popping 'carbon bubble': World Bank:


Freed polariton soliton

and he writes:

Do Dark Gravity Theories Predict Opera Superluminal Neutrinos and LENR Phenomena? 

F Henry-Couannier will talk about the stuff I covered in my resent post(magnetic monopoles, and EVOs) I do not think he got to the black hole level yet.

You will get many posts from me after the presentation to set this guy on the right road. He is close, but does not have the details right yet.

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